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🥋 | [Photo Feature] Ryo Kiyuna, who won the high school championship, and the powerful Super Rinpei who won the national polity


[Photo Feature] Ryo Kiyuna, who won the high school championship, and the powerful Super Rinpei who won the national polity

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From precious photos from high school, we have compiled photos of Ryukyu Shimpo, such as the powerful Super Rinpei shown in the National Athletic Meet and two shots with his teacher, Tsuguo Sakumoto.

Ryo Kiyuna is a promising candidate for the gold medal in the men's karate form of the Tokyo Olympics.I showed it in the National Athletic Meet final from a precious photo from my high school days ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Ryukyu Shimpo

Ryukyu Shimpo(Ryukyu Shinpo,English: Ryukyu Shimpo)OkinawaDaily publication centered onNews (Chinese).Ryukyu Shimposha Co., Ltd.Published by (Ryukyu Shimpo, English: The Ryukyu Shimpo).


A newspaper company named "Ryukyu Shimpo"1893 Established as the first newspaper company in Okinawa,1940 ToWartime integrationHas disappeared by.現在の「琉球新報」はThe current "Ryukyu Shimpo" is1951 "Uruma Shinpo" was restored and renamed, and it is a separate organization as a corporation.[2][3][Note 1][Note 2].

First Ryukyu Shimpo

The first "Ryukyu Shimpo" isShuriFromSho Jun,Takamine Chokyo,Ota AsashikiOldRyukyu KingdomFounded by the ruling class of.創刊目的First issue purpose[Note 3] As stated in the above, we aimed to "assimilate" Japan nationally.当時のに牛耳られた沖縄社会を沖縄県人の手に取り戻すためには、日本に「同化」する必要があると判断し、それが成功した結果、「支配階級の機関紙」といわれたIt was decided that it was necessary to "assimilate" to Japan in order to regain the Okinawan society that was dominated at that time, and as a result of that success, it was called the "ruling class bulletin".[4]..第4代知事XNUMXth GovernorNarahara ShigeruLed the Freedom and People's Rights Movement in OkinawaJahana NoboruRepressed[5]..社内の分裂も経ながら、3紙統合がなされた沖縄戦直前まで生き延びたのも、経営者が資産家であったこと、また県当局に妥協し、民権運動を弾圧するなど事大主義的な編集方針が幸いしたといわれるThe reason why he survived until just before the Battle of Okinawa, when the three papers were integrated, despite the division of the company, was that the owner was a wealthy man, and he compromised with the prefectural authorities and suppressed the civil rights movement. Is said to have been fortunate[6].

1940 OfNewspaper controlBy "Okinawa Asahi Shimbun""Okinawa daily reportTogether withOkinawa ShinpoWas integrated into.しかしながら、同紙はHowever, the paperBattle of OkinawaWith that, it became impossible to publish newspapers.1945 May 5It was discontinued in.

Second Ryukyu Shimpo

After the warUS Army in JapanIs its quasiEngine paper"Uruma Shinpo" (later renamed to "Uruma Shinpo") was newly launched.社長にはTo the presidentKiyoshi Shima,continueSenaga KamejiroとOkinawa People's Party(Japan Communist PartyThe network of contacts that overlapped with the predecessor of the Okinawa Prefectural Committee) continued.1952 ,San Francisco Peace TreatyTo celebrate the conclusion, the title was changed and the title of "Ryukyu Shimpo" was revived.There is no direct continuity with the first Ryukyu Shimpo.

1969 ToUnion OfstrikeDue to the influence of (Shunto), the newspaper was suspended for about two weeks.1979 ToKyusyu・沖縄地区初のカラー印刷を開始。・ Started color printing for the first time in the Okinawa area.更にFurthermore1981 It was the first major local newspaper in Japan to colorize major pages such as one page every day.

In the prefecture, rival paper "Okinawa TimesThe share is divided into two. In FY2005 / 3, newspaper subscriptions accounted for 38%, advertising revenues 37%, and others 25%.

Mascot characterRyu-chan.

The evening edition will be abolished from March 2009, and only the morning edition will be published.[7](Even before that1993 10The second Saturday was closed from the beginning.This is in response to the establishment of the two-day weekly system).The company announcement explained that the reason was "a long-term slump in advertising demand and an increase in newspaper production costs due to soaring materials such as paper and ink costs," and that news reports during the evening edition will use the Internet to strengthen the breaking news system. ..The abolition of the evening edition has become a nationwide trend regardless of whether it is a large letter or a local newspaper, and the Okinawa Times also abolished the evening edition at the same time.


Former Ryukyu Shimpo → Okinawa Shimpo

  • 1893 May 9 - OkinawaAs the first newspaper, the bi-daily newspaper "Ryukyu ShimpoIs issued.Sho Jun is the president and Asashiki Ota is in charge of editing.The office building is 123 Naha Nishimura.The page is 35.6 cm long and 28.5 cm wide and has 4 pages, published every other day. (The title is the same as the current paper, but the corporate entity is different)[8][9].
  • 1906 --It will be a daily newspaper.
  • 1914 May 4 --Count the paper age (number of issues) 5000[10].
  • 1915 May 6 --The newspaper text that matches the wording was used for the first time in Okinawa Prefecture in the article "The Story of an Airplane".
  • 1940
    • With Okinawa Prefectural OfficeJapan Folk Art Association OfSoetsu YanagiBetweenOkinawan dialectA controversy arose.沖縄県庁の「標準語励行」推進方針に対し、柳はIn response to the Okinawa Prefectural Government's "standard language enforcement" promotion policy, YanagiOkinawan(Ryukyu) Was pointed out and criticized, but Ryukyu Shimpo supported the Okinawa Prefectural Government and argued for "promotion of standard language".
    • May 12 --"Ryukyu Shimpo", "Ryukyu Shimpo", under the government guidance aimed at "one prefecture, one paper" nationwideOkinawa Mainichi Shimbun","Okinawa daily reportThe three newspapers of "" are integrated, and a new newspaper "Okinawa ShinpoWas issued[11].
  • 1945
    • May 3Started fromBattle of OkinawaDuring this period, the publication continued at the newspaper pit near the 32nd Army Headquarters pit in the basement of Shuri Castle.壕内の新聞発行は元「沖縄朝日新聞」記者らが中心となって発行を続けており、元「琉球新報」記者はすでにこの時点で制作に携わっていなかったFormer "Okinawa Asahi Shimbun" reporters continue to publish newspapers in the moat, and former "Ryukyu Shimpo" reporters were no longer involved in the production at this point.[12][Note 4][14].. same yearMay 5To32th ArmyWithdrew to the southern part of the main island of Okinawa, making it difficult to continue publishing newspapers and virtually ending the publication[11]..It became the only newspaper in the country that was discontinued due to the war.

Uruma Shimpo → Uruma Shimpo → Current Ryukyu Shimpo

  • 1945
    • May 7 --The US military government ordered the publication of a newspaper in the Ishikawa containment area in order to convey the objective facts of the war between Japan and the United States.戦前・戦時中に新聞を作っていた記者たちは除外され、戦争には非協力的だった社会主義者のReporters who made newspapers before and during the war were excluded, and socialists who were uncooperative in the warKiyoshi ShimaWas elected responsible[15][Note 5]..アメリカ軍の責任者は海軍大尉のウエイン・サトルスThe head of the U.S. military is Lieutenant Wayne Satorus[17][Note 6]..Straw half-paper, mimeograph 2 pages, the first issue is "Uruma Shinpo" from issue 2 without the newspaper name[Note 7]Was named[15][20]..当初の記事は全て軍政府提供で、アメリカ側から見た日米の戦況が伝えられ、8月15日付の第4号では「渇望の平和 愈々到来!」の見出しで日本政府のポツダム宣言受諾を報じているAll of the original articles were provided by the military government, and the war situation between Japan and the United States as seen from the US side was reported. Reporting[15]..日本の敗戦後はアメリカ軍政府から収容所住民への連絡事項や各収容地区の状況を伝える紙面に変わっていきAfter the defeat of Japan, the U.S. military government will change to a paper that informs the residents of the camp and the situation of each camp area.[15]The most interesting article at this time was "Looking for a relative", which introduced the names of orphans and the elderly in orphanages and elderly housing with care.[15]..米軍が戦前の新聞関係者による新聞発行を嫌ったため、新聞発行に経験がない素人によって発行されることとなったSince the U.S. military hated the publication of newspapers by prewar newspaper officials, it was decided to be published by an amateur who had no experience in publishing newspapers.[21][22][23]..そのため、戦時中に発行されていた「沖縄新報」や、戦前の「琉球新報」との人的つながりはTherefore, the human connection with the "Okinawa Shinpo" published during the war and the "Ryukyu Shimpo" before the warKiyoshi ShimaExcept for the editorial department, but the people in the technical department who dug up the type of the newspaper pit[24][25] However, it shows a substantial connection with the prewar Ryukyu Shimpo.
  • 1946
    • 4 - Shui IkemiyagiBecame the editor-in-chief.新聞記者としての職歴をもつ唯一の職員The only employee with a career as a newspaper reporter[26].
    • May 5 --The newspaper name "Uruma" has been changed from katakana to hiragana, switching from free to paid.[17]..米軍政府と沖縄民政府の機関紙に正式に指定Officially designated as the official newspaper of the U.S. military government and the Okinawa Civil Government[27].
  • 1949 February --Established Ryukyu Shimpo Co., Ltd. with the aim of republishing "Ryukyu Shimpo".
  • 1951 May 9 - San Francisco Peace TreatyWith the conclusion, "Ryukyu ShimpoRenamed to "".再び、琉球新報の名で発行され始めるAgain, it begins to be published under the name of Ryukyu Shimpo[2]..Yasukazu Matayoshi, who retired from the deputy governor of the Okinawa Civil Government and served as the president of "Ryukyu Shimpo" before the war, was backed by his obsession with the title and nostalgia.高良一が「琉球日報」という新聞を買い取り「琉球新報」と改題しようとするのをやめさせて、自らの新聞の題字に採用したHajime Takara bought a newspaper called "Ryukyu Shimpo" and stopped trying to change the title to "Ryukyu Shimpo" and adopted it as the title of his newspaper.[28]..At this time, Hideyoshi Ikemiya was dismissed.His successor, Matayoshi, was heavily used by the US military as a maintenance opinion number.Introduced external capital to make Uruma Shinpo a moderate newspaper.Furthermore, the title was changed to "Ryukyu Shimpo" to celebrate the signing of the peace treaty.社内には、支配階級や特権階級の権益を守ることにあけくれた「戦前の琉球新報」への郷愁によるものと受け止められたInside the company, it was perceived as a nostalgia for the "prewar Ryukyu Shimpo" that opened up to protect the interests of the ruling class and privileged class.[29].
  • 1955 May 3 - Evening paperBegins to be issued.
  • 1961 May 2 - Japan Newspaper AssociationJoined.
  • 1963 May 9 ――In order to create a sense of unity with the prewar Ryukyu Shimpo, President Masahiro Otomari said, "17 years after the reissue, we have reached the age of 5000." On September 9th, "15th Anniversary" (70th anniversary of Uruma Shinpo) was launched.
  • 1965 January --A new office building with 1 floors above ground and 2 floor below ground was completed and relocated to 8 in Shimoizumi-cho, Naha City.
  • 1966
    • May 4 --Proposed by Ryukyu Shimposha, "Noguchi GeraWas selected as a bird in Okinawa Prefecture.
    • May 12 --Co-sponsored by the Ryukyu government to advocate the Okinawa Prefecture Tree Selection Campaign, "Ryukyu pineIs selected as a prefectural tree.
  • 1968 May 2 --The morning edition of 1, which was issued on January 31st, was changed to 6815, which was issued on February 2st.[30]..Celebrate the 9th anniversary of the first issue of September 15th of this year (75rd anniversary of the first issue of Uruma Shinpo).
  • 1969 May 5 --A labor union strike broke out.May 6Newspaper publication has virtually stopped.
  • 1979
    • August-Installed the first ultra-high-speed multicolor offset newspaper printing press in the Kyushu / Okinawa area.
    • May 10 ――Posted multicolored news photos every day from the morning edition.
  • 1981
    • May 7 --The characters on the paper have been enlarged ahead of the rest of the country, and the conventional character arrangement format of 1 lines per line and 93 characters per line has been changed to 1 lines per line and 15 characters per line.
    • May 12 ――It will be the first morning and evening edition in Japan to be printed in color every day, and the weather map will be in color in the morning and evening edition.
  • 1983 May 9 --Established Ryukyu Shinpo Development Co., Ltd.
  • 1984 May 3 - NagoOpened the northern head office in.これにより今まで不可能だったThis was impossible until nowIe Island,Miyako Islands,Yaeyama,KumejimaIt has made possible same-day delivery of evening editions on remote islands.
  • 1985 May 4 --Published the weekly "Lequio".
  • 1990 May 7 --The company's sports newspaper "Shinpo Sponichi"issue(Sports NipponPartnership with newspaper company = de facto regional franchise agreement).
  • 1993
    • May 9 ――100 years since the first issue (48 years since the first issue of Uruma Shinpo).
    • May 10 --Abolished the evening edition on the second Saturday.
  • 1994 May 9 --Changed from vertical title to horizontal title.
  • 1996 May 5 --Website opened.
  • 1997 May 2 --Concluded an article exchange agreement with China Jihosha, which boasts the largest circulation in Taiwan.
  • 1999 May 11 --Completion of production center in Ameku, Naha City.
  • 2001 May 1 --As a New Year holiday1975 Since then, the newspaper dated the same day has been suspended, but the January 25 issue was published for the first time in 1 years this year (same for the Okinawa Times).
  • 2005
    • May 3 --Moved the head office to the current Ameku, Naha city.
    • May 4 --The first Ryukyu Shinpo Shimbun Museum in the prefecture is set up at the head office.
    • May 9 --Ryukyu Shimpo character "Ryu-chan" is born.
  • 2008 May 11 -"Nihon Keizai ShimbunStarted commissioned printing.The first local printing in Okinawa in a national newspaper.
  • 2009
    • May 3 --Abolished the evening edition.Moved to the morning edition independent paper.
    • May 10 - Okinawa TimesConcluded an "Agreement on Assistance in Publishing Newspapers in an Emergency" in the event of a disaster or system failure.
  • 2011 May 1 --First issue of the elementary and junior high school newspaper "Ryu PON".
  • 2015 May 12 --Ryukyu Shimpo Izumizaki Building has closed.同月末よりビルの取り壊しが開始され、跡地ではThe demolition of the building started from the end of the same month, and at the site2017 Construction of a new head office building scheduled to be completed in the fall[31][32].
  • 2018 May 5 -Moved the head office to the new head office building in Izumizaki, Naha City[33].
  • 2020 May 4 -Established "Okinawa Newspaper Database plus Nikkei Telecom" with Nikkei Inc. and Okinawa Times Inc. and integrated the databases of the three companies


Okinawa Timesthe same as,US-Japan Security Treaty,US Army in JapanIs critical of the military buildup of the Self-Defense Forces in Okinawa[34].

  • "Okinawa is a master of extortion and deception"US Department of StateWas dismissed byKevin K. MaherWas done by the U.S. Forces JapanGreat East Japan EarthquakeAt the time ofOperation TomodachiHe severely criticized the relief activity, which was called "the purpose of selling the name," because he allocated the newly dismissed Mare to the coordinator between Japan and the United States, and reported in detail the protests against Mare by the parliaments in various parts of the prefecture.[35][36][37][38][39][40][41].
  • Battle of Okinawa Ofdocumentary作家 OfMasatoshi UeharaSerialized by "When Opening Pandora's Box" (Start2007 May 5th)Kerama Islands OfCollective self-determination TheU.S. Army,Imperial Japanese ArmyNot a command byDefense CorpsIt was an instruction or instigation by a member. "[42], Not listed in "Company Policy"[42]..Uehara filed a lawsuit against the Ryukyu Shimpo in the Naha District Court.The first instance acknowledged the Ryukyu Shimpo's claim that "the manuscript of the Kerama edition is a double publication of what was previously written, and the final manuscript is a fresh reprint."2012 On November 11, Uehara's allegations were not accepted[43]..上原が控訴した2審ではIn the second trial that Uehara appealed[44],2013 On July 7, the Fukuoka High Court Naha Branch ordered Ryukyu Shimpo to pay 29 yen, and Uehara won the case in reverse.[45][46]..琉球新報は上告せず、上原の勝訴が確定したRyukyu Shimpo did not appeal, Uehara's victory was confirmed[47].
  • Great East Japan EarthquakeAfter that,Nuclear accidentEntangled inFutenma problemThere is a tone of argument against the base problem such as[48]..また、東京都が瓦礫を受け入れる事に反対の意見が殺到したことに対し「黙れと言えばいい」と発言したHe also said, "Shut up," in response to the flood of opposition to Tokyo's acceptance of rubble.Governor of Tokyo OfShintaro IshiharaCriticized[49].
  • In the 4-frame manga "", the Okinawa Prefectural Convention may be drawn (the day before the 2007 convention and the day before the 2010 convention).[50][51]. Also,2010 In June, it will be the experience of the author's motherBattle of OkinawaModeled on your experiencesCollective self-determinationThe content reminiscent of is sometimes drawn in a four-frame manga[52].
    In addition,2012 In June, entitled "Sound of Peace", in the pastKadena Air BaseCommander said[53], Criticizing the "sound of freedom" remark that represents the noise of U.S. military aircraft[54][55].

Award-winning news and serialization

  • 1968 --The Japan Congress of Journalists (JCJ) Encouragement Award for "Black Politics"
  • 1978 October 10-Received the Japan Newspaper Association Award for photo coverage of the Chinese fishing fleet's invasion of the Senkaku Islands
  • 1985 - Hiromori MaedomariReporter serialized "Children's Red Light-School Health Room is Now" Up Jiyoung Medical Article Award Special Award
  • 1987 --JCJ Encouragement Award by Editorial Bureau for "National Secret Law and Okinawa"
  • 1988 April 4-Reporter Katsutoshi Kuniyoshi wins the Agricultural Journalist Award for the serialization project "The Cutting Edge of Okinawa Agriculture"
  • 1996 --JCJ Encouragement Award at "Okinawa Opposition Base"
  • 1998 October 10-Received the Japan Newspaper Association Award for coverage of the campaign "Verification Elderly Day Care"
  • 2000 --JCJ Award for "Peace Museum Exhibition Change Problem"
  • 2003 --Peace Cooperative Journalist Fund Encouragement Award in "Residents Fighting Reportage Military Base" edited by Ryukyu Shimposha
  • 2004
    • August 8-Ministry of Foreign Affairs confidential document disclosure (US-Japan Status AgreementReceived the JCJ Grand Prize for reporting the campaign aiming to revise the SOFA
    • The JCJ Grand Prize is the serialization of the Status of Forces Agreement coverage group "Verification Status of Forces Agreement-The Source of Inequality"
    • Received the 4th Ishibashi Tanzan Memorial / Waseda Journalism Award for the same project
    • In the same projectNewspaper unionReceived the Special Award of the Journalism Award
  • 2005
    • September 9-The Battle of Okinawa 7 Years Plan "Okinawa Battle Newspaper" Receives Japan Newspaper Association Award
    • October 10-Won the 5th Ishibashi Tanzan Memorial / Waseda Journalism Award for the same project
  • 2010
    • Focusing on the series "The Whereabouts of the Curse"Futenma base relocation problemReceived the JCJ Award for reporting the campaign
    • Peace Cooperative Journalist Fund Encouragement Award for "A series of reports from Washington over the Futenma issue" by Correspondent Yonamine Michiyo Washington
  • 2011
    • January-Jointly won the 1th Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers' Journalist Award with Kochi Shimbun for "reports approaching the essence of the Futenma Air Station problem"
    • Received the 30th Pfizer Medical Article Award for Excellence in the series "Each stride-thinking about developmental support"
    • Peace Cooperative Journalist Fund Encouragement Award for "Structure of Strain: Base and Okinawa Economy"
  • 2012
    • January-Received the 1th Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers' Federation Journalist Award for "Report of inappropriate remarks by the director of the Okinawa Defense Bureau over the issue of the return and relocation of the U.S. military Futenma Air Station"
    • July-Received the 7th JCJ Award for "A series of reports on the issue of relocation of the U.S. military Futenma Air Station, including the Okinawa Defense Bureau's'Off Record'Rogue Scoop"
    • September-Eriko Tamaki's serialization "Living with Residents-Footprints of Medical Health for 9 Years" is the 39st "Pfizer Medical Article Award" Excellence Award[56]
    • December-The series "A series of reports against the deployment of the US Marine Corps Osprey" received the Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund (PCJF) Award Encouragement Award.[57]
  • 2013
    • "Sea of ​​Rings" jointly planned with San-in Chuo Shimpo won the Japan Newspaper Association Award[58]
  • 2019

False positive

  • February 2010, 11,Ginowan CityCandidates when reporting elections on Election Day paperAtsumi OsamuThe caption is added to the photo, "Mr. Osamu Ashitomi, who appeals for changes in the city administration by raising the municipal tax and freeing medical expenses up to the third grade of junior high school."Ajitomi's promise is to reduce the municipal tax, and the caption is exactly the opposite.安次富を支援する宜野湾市議会議員などの指摘を受けた琉球新報は、直ちに投票所に訂正とお詫びを掲示する手配をし、ホームページでは即日、紙面では翌3日に訂正記事を掲載したRyukyu Shimpo, which was pointed out by members of the Ginowan City Council who support Aji Tomi, immediately arranged to post corrections and apologies at the polling place, and posted the corrected articles on the same day on the homepage and on the 29th of the following day on paper.[60]..In the election, Aji Tomi won 21742 votes, but lost by 1856 votes to his opponent.
  • On page 11 of the morning edition of November 26, an article entitled "Toward Power Generation Eco-Engine Research with the Power of Magnets" was published, and a device that generates electricity by rotational movement by magnets was published.Okinawa National College of TechnologyWas developing.しかし、沖縄高専は、取材を受けた事は事実だが「発電を実現する」というコメントはしていないとこの記事を否定したHowever, Okinawa National College of Technology denied this article, saying that although it was true that it was interviewed, it did not comment that it would "realize power generation."[61]..This article has been deleted from the Ryukyu Shimpo site.
  • On January 2013, 1, a girl in the first grade of elementary school was posted for her grandfather in the reader's post.tobaccoThere was a letter to the editor saying that I bought.However, the child with this name was not enrolled in the elementary school to which this girl belonged, and the school contacted Ryukyu Shimpo. On February 2, Ryukyu Shimpo posted "Apology" as "a post by a third party that spoofed the school name and name, and the content was inappropriate."When a medical practitioner asked what the inappropriate content was, he refused, "I can't say more than what I wrote in the apology article."There is a suspicion in this post that "for my grandfather" is an advertisement that even elementary school students sell cigarettes.また、小学生が習っていないAlso, elementary school students are not learning漢字Was used[62].
  • February 2014, 2, new in Okinawa PrefectureJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceAs a deployment site ofIshigakiIt was reported that the final adjustments were being made at two locations, the Shinko district and the soccer park.[63]. But,Ministry of DefenseDenied that "there was no fact that the candidate site was identified and the final adjustment was made", and sent an application document with content certification to Ryukyu Shimpo, requesting corrections, and at the same time.Japan Newspaper AssociationAlso sent an offer document stating that "it lacks accuracy and fairness and demands proper coverage."[64]..石垣市では、自衛隊の誘致が最大争点となっている市長選が2月23日に告示されておりIn Ishigaki City, the mayoral election, in which the attraction of the Self-Defense Forces is the biggest issue, was announced on February XNUMX.[65],Goden OnoderaMinister of Defense"It is not appropriate for false reports to affect local elections. (The media) has freedom of the press, but it is a protest that it is not true."[66].Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense OfMinoru KiharaCriticizes "malicious false alarm"[67]..On February 2, the Ryukyu Shimpo side expressed the view that "the report is based on sufficient coverage and we cannot respond to requests for correction."記事の内容は「石垣市長選に関連づけておらず、特定の候補を利するものではない」と反論しているThe content of the article argues that "it is not related to the Mayor of Ishigaki election and does not benefit a specific candidate."[68]..なお、同様の内容はThe same contentOkinawa TimesThe Ministry of Defense has criticized the Okinawa Times report as false.しかし、沖縄タイムスが報じたのは2月24日と琉球新報より1日遅れであるため、抗議の対象は最初に報じた琉球新報社のみとしているHowever, the Okinawa Times reported on February XNUMX, one day later than the Ryukyu Shimpo, so the protests are limited to the first Ryukyu Shimpo.[69].. 2014å¹´3月19日、日本新聞協会は「加盟各社の個々の報道について指導・監督する団体ではなく、(抗議を)受け入れる立場にはない」と回答したOn March XNUMX, XNUMX, the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors replied, "We are not an organization that guides and supervises the individual reports of each member company, and we are not in a position to accept (protest)."[70]..The election of Mayor Ishigaki isSDFIt is said to show understanding to the deploymentYoshitaka NakayamaWon[71].

Serial comics

  • "" (Momo heart)
  • "Touji is a cartoonist" (Fukuhara Sanae)
  • "Hello, we are Genki" (Shunpei Uehara)

Broadcast program guide

* With broadcasting stations outside the prefectureStar channel(I used to post it),Radio NIKKEIIs not listed. Also,Open UniversityAlthough the program schedule is not posted on TV or radio, the channel number is introduced.However, as an inquiry, the URL address and telephone number are only listed. (Cable TVThen.Redelivery of stations outside the prefectureIs not done on a TV station basis, but from August 2019, affiliated companiesOkinawa Cable Network Kagoshima Yosuke TVReceived radio waves from Cape Hedo, which is the receiving point, and redistributed it with its own cable, and started some news and information programs on the self-organized channel "TV Nirai".[72][73].. By the way,KagoshimaThere are other TV stations in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa that can be received directly.Some stations can also receive some radio. )
■2011 May 10The final terrestrial TV was reorganized in ascending order of remote control key ID (same order as Okinawa Times).Previously, Okinawa TV was the first commercial broadcaster, including E-Tele / General, Okinawa TV Broadcasting, Ryukyu Broadcasting, and Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting.


  • TV section TheDaily Editing CenterIt is delivered from (Okinawa Times is also delivered from here).
  • From July 2011, 1,Kyodo News FounderA personal computer connected to the Internet using the electronic newspaper platform "News Oasis" built in collaboration withiPhoneOriPadLaunched "Ryukyu Shimpo Electronic Edition", a service that allows you to browse the page for a fee.Before that, when posting the latest news on the website earlier than the paper, I credited [Ryukyu Shimpo electronic version] at the end of the article, but it is not directly related to the paper distribution via the Internet. With the start of the service for the prefecture on June 2012, 6, the paper distribution service has been renamed to "Ryukyu Shimpo Electronic Newspaper".
  • In the Izumizaki BuildingYomiuri ShimbunNaha branch office,Sankei ShimbunNaha branch office,Mainichi NewspapersNaha branch office,Nippon TVNaha branch,Yaeyama Mainichi NewspaperNaha branch office,Miyako Mainichi NewspaperNaha branch office,Miyako ShimpoThe Naha branch office was occupied, but part of it has moved to the surrounding buildings due to the closure and demolition of the building at the end of 2015. (ちなみに(By the wayAsahi ShimbunWith Naha Directorate GeneralKyodo NewsThe Naha branch office is the Okinawa Times headquarters).
  • Great East Japan EarthquakeAfter the outbreak, an extra issue was issued on March 2011, 3, and 11, 12, and a special 14-page edition was issued during the evening edition for four days from the 15th to the 18th.


Ryukyu Shimposha Co., Ltd.

900-8525-1 Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture 10-3

Ryukyu Shimpo Tenku Building

  • 900 Ameku, Naha City, Okinawa 0005-905

Ryukyu Shinpo Development Co., Ltd.

  • 900-0001-2 Minatomachi, Naha City, Okinawa 16-1 (7th floor, Ryukyu Shinpo Development Building)

Shinpo Shipping Co., Ltd.

  • 900 Ameku, Naha City, Okinawa 0005-905

Okinawa Graph Co., Ltd.

  • 900-0001-2 Minatomachi, Naha City, Okinawa 16-1 (4th floor, Ryukyu Shinpo Development Building)

Branch / Branch

  • Northern branch office-〒905-0014 Okinawa PrefectureNagoMinato 3-1-1 XNUMXst floor
  • Chubu Branch-〒904-0014 Okinawa PrefectureOkinawa City25-6 Nakasone-cho
  • Miyako Branch-〒906-0012 Okinawa PrefectureMiyakojima CityHirara character Nishizato 393
  • Yaeyama Branch --〒907-0013 Okinawa PrefectureIshigaki6-19-XNUMX Hamasakicho
  • Tokyo branch-〒104-0061 TokyoChuo-kuGinza9-6-3 Sunshine Ginza Miharabashi Building XNUMXrd floor
  • Osaka branch office-〒530-0003 OsakaOsakaKitaDojima1-chome 2-4 Nakamuraya Building XNUMXth floor
  • Fukuoka branch office-〒810-0001 FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-kuTenjin8-30-8 Fukuoka Tenjin Dai-ichi Life Building XNUMXth floor

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注 釈

  1. ^ There are two "Ryukyu Shimpo" items, "Ryukyu Shimpo" written by Masahide Ota of "Okinawa Encyclopedia" (first published in 1893) and "Ryukyu Shimpo" written by Etsujiro Miyagi (first published in 1945, "Uruma Shinpo").
  2. ^ Tatsuhiro Higa, who served as the president, stated in his book "Okinawa Hamidashi Reduced Edition-Recollections of Newspaper People" that it was a reconstruction of the title, admitting that there was no continuity as a company.For example, he has revealed that he has used the expression "Ryukyu Shimpo 100th Anniversary" without using the term "Ryukyu Shimpo 100th Anniversary" at all.
  3. ^ Ryukyu Shimpo first issue purpose "To break the narrow customs and leave the local island nation to aim for national assimilation"
  4. ^ After the Battle of Okinawa began, the people involved in the publication of "Okinawa Shinpo" were Takamine Chokyo, Toyohira Yoshiaki, Gushiken Masaji, Maeda Munenobu, Makiko Tokuzo, Mt. Ooyama Kazuo, and Inamine Mori of the prewar "Okinawa Asahi Shimbun". Country, Masaki Nakamoto, Shunichi Shimabukuro[13].
  5. ^ Looking back on those days, Shimakiyo said, "Many Okinawans still believe in the reverse landing of the Japanese army and do not doubt the victory. Someone must someday tell the truth to the people who are so blind. It will not be. "[16].
  6. ^ Kiyoshi Shima's book says, "A Japanese-speaking lieutenant (university professor in anthropology, Mr. Satorus)."[18].
  7. ^ About the title "Uruma" Kiyoshi Shima, the godfather, said, "Why did you choose the title" Uruma "? Okinawa, Ryukyu, Asahi, Mainichi, etc. are the titles that were often used in the past. All in all, he was an accomplice who carried one of the warlords and invited the citizens of the prefecture into such a miserable state, and it should be called a war criminal newspaper. In the history of the island, when was the era of peace and freedom without being invaded by others? I wondered what the name of Okinawa was at that time, and scrutinized while meditating alone. I remember that the Omiya people at that time called the islands including Okinawa Uruma, which is rich in poetry and is peaceful, and I think it is suitable for the title of this newspaper. I decided to "Uruma Shinpo" in my heart, talked to Naokichi Kaneshiro about my proposal, and when I asked for his opinion, he agreed with me, so I decided on this. 」と自著で述べている"I wrote in my own book.[19].


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  • Kiyoshi Shima"Book of My Words and Actions, Okinawa Information Co., Ltd., 1970.

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