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🏉 | Starting in all games in women's sevens rugby Wakaba Hara from Niigata City “The possibilities are endless” Yale to children


Wakaba Hara from Niigata City starts in all games with sevens women's rugby "The possibilities are endless" Yale to children

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I visited a local rugby school that I attended when I was in elementary school and sent an ale to the children saying, "The possibilities are endless."

Wakaba Hara from Niigata City, who started all games in the women's sevens rugby.Local rugby that I used to go to when I was in elementary school ... → Continue reading

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Rugby school

Rugby school(Rugby School) was founded in 1 during the time of Queen Elizabeth I of the British royal family.EnglandThe highest peak inPublic schoolOne of the (prestigious private schools).


From 13 to 18 years oldBoarding school(Boarding school), one of the nine top UK schools called "The Nine".Eaton SchoolAlong with, graduatesOxford University,Cambridge University,Russell GroupIt is known as the most difficult school to go to a university in Japan.It has an innovative school spirit and was coeducated in 1976.Capacity is 850, almost all studentsHarry potterI live in a dormitory called a house as depicted in. The vast 200-hectare campus is home to schools, 14 rugby fields, 6 horseback riding and polo fields, and more sports facilities, theaters, churches, mock parliaments, science centers, foreign language centers, and design. & There are facilities such as technology center and art center.Annual tuition is £ 35,000 for boarders[1].

In 1823, the schoolRugby footballIt is also famous for being the birthplace of ball games.The situation is that of the Rugby World Cup held in the UK in 2015.Opening videoIt is visualized in.


Queen Elizabeth I of EnglandLawrence Sheriff, who grew up to be a wealthy merchant, founded Rugby School in 1567.Initially, it was a free elementary school that taught young people in rugby and the neighboring village of Braunsover. In the latter half of the 17th century, it tried to develop into a boarding school for wealthy children who wanted to be educated, but it didn't work and stayed at a school for nearby children.

1823 at this schoolWilliam webb ellisThe boy misunderstood the rules of football and held the ball with both hands and brought it to the other side of the end line.rugbyThere is an anecdote that the sport was born.However, there were no set rules for rugby football at the time, and it was controversial whether this anecdote was true, as it was agreed before the match whether it was okay to carry the ball in hand. ..Ellis attended school from 1816 to 1825,Oxford UniversityAfter graduation, he has become a priest.

Also, as a prominent graduate, he is a mathematician and said, "Alice in Wonderland(Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1865)Lewis Carroll(Lewis Carroll, 1832-1898) was enrolled from 1845 to 1850.Second World WarBritish Prime Minister at the beginning of the warNeville Chamberlain(Arthur Neville Chamberlain, 1869-1940) also studied at Rugby School.

From 1828 to 1842, he was said to be one of Britain's greatest educators of the 19th century.Thomas ArnoldServed as the principal.He transformed Rugby School into a model school for the British school system.Its holistic educational principles vividly portrayed the life of a British boarding school.Thomas HughesThe novel "Tom Brown's school life(1857), became world-famous with the ideal of a "Christian gentleman." It is said that "Tom Brown's Schoollife" was a school novel modeled after a boarding school and later became the prototype of Harry Potter.

From 1976, the system changed to a co-educational system.

In 1967, we celebrated the 400th anniversary of our founding.Queen Elizabeth I of EnglandSaid His Royal Highness Philip for an official visit to the school.

In 2017, the school's first overseas international school,Rugby School ThailandWas opened.

The school's Japanese sister school,Rugby School JapanHas been announced as a plan to open in 2023.

Dormitory (house)

Public schoolRugby School was the first to start the "house system" of the company, and due to the success of this system,Eaton School,Harrow SchoolIt has penetrated into other private schools such as, and is unique to England.Boarding schoolIt became the style of.

There are 15 dormitories at Rugby School. The women's dormitory is mistressed, and the men's dormitory is cared for by a dormitory manager called a house master.Each dormitory has a coat of arms and dormitory color.

Women's dormitory

  • Dean-Founded in 1978.The first women's dormitory with beautiful Art Deco architecture.
  • Rupert Brooke-Founded in 1988.Close to both sports centers and music schools.
  • Bradley-Founded in 1992.Located in the center of the school, it was renovated in 2013.
  • Tudor-Founded in 2002. Private rooms will be given after the second year.
  • Griffin-Founded in 2003.The smallest dormitory with the largest garden.
  • Stanley (for senior students) --Founded in 1992.Victorian red brick and eclectic 1950s architecture.
  • Southfield (for students) --Founded in 1993.Victorian building.

Men's dormitory

  • School House-Founded in 1750.The building when Rugby School moved to its current location.The principal also lives in this building. (Until 2019, the head of the current rugby school group lived.) The trademark is the pirate flag.
  • Cotton-Founded in 1836.There is a wooden teacher's room and a large backyard.The trademark is a cotton plant.
  • Kilbracken-Founded in 1841.The backyard is a place for barbecues and games.On the other side of the sheriff.The reason for the trademark anchor is still a mystery.
  • Schoolfield-Founded in 1852.The first dormitory owned by the school.The trademark is a gold vessel.
  • Michelle-Founded in 1882.There is a quiet and fruitful orchard.The trademark is the tip of a western halberd.
  • Sheriff-Founded in 1930.There is a large and attractive courtyard.The trademark is a balance.
  • White Row-Founded in 1936.The largest in the men's dormitory.The trademark is a silver star.

The trademark is a red lion.

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