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🏊 | <All in all> "Japan's No. XNUMX" report Tsuneki Kobayashi (XNUMXrd year in Itoigawa) Swimming men's XNUMXm freestyle championship, XNUMX ...

Photo Kobayashi (second from right) who visited the city hall and reported the victory in all-round swimming.

<All in all> "Japan's No. XNUMX" report Tsuneki Kobayashi (XNUMXrd year in Itoigawa) Swimming men's XNUMXm freestyle championship, XNUMX ...

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He recalled, "I thought I liked swimming, and it was just the right time," while being restricted by the corona, and expanded my dream to become an Olympic athlete in the future.

Men participated in the swimming competition of the National Junior High School Athletic Meet (all middle) held from August XNUMXth to XNUMXth at Chiba International Swimming Center. → Continue reading

 Joetsu Times

We publish the daily newspaper "Joetsu Times" in the areas of Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and the daily newspaper "Itoigawa Times" in the area of ​​Itoigawa City.
Based on the concept of "local cheering party", the editorial policy is "to support and stimulate the vitality of the area", and the first aspect to be seen in the morning is the citizens (administration) who are doing their best, moving topics, and soothing hearts. It is composed of photographs, etc., and we try to create a page suitable for the start of a refreshing day.

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Olympic athlete

Olympic athleteWhat is (Olympic adenoma)?OlympicIn many cases, it is a player who participates inModern olympic(Summer olympic,Winter Olympics) Refers to the player who participated. (OriginallyOlympia (Olympia)Also called "Olipian" (meaning a person) (note that in this usageInternational Olympic Committee(IOC) permits the use of the Olympic nameParalympic,Special OlympicsandDeaflympicsFor example, Paralympic athletes are also called "Paralympic").

Unless otherwise noted, the followingJapanDescribe the case in.

Selection criteria

It is often set by the associations and federations of each competition, but the selection criteria differ depending on the competition.In general, the top prizewinners of the national and international representative player selection competitions are selected.

Ambiguous selection criteria can be controversial.2000 Sydney Olympicsof timeChiba tin(æ°´ æ³³) Case and2004 Athens Olympicsof timeNaoko Takahashi(marathon) Case, and even2008 Beijing Olympicsof timeRyoko TaniThe case of is raised as the case corresponding to it.

Also, as an unusual example where participation was threatened, at the time of the Athens Olympics (2004)TaekwondoDue to the division of the groupYoriko OkamotoThere is also a case of.

Strengthening player

Of those selected as Olympic athletesJapan Olympic CommitteeThose who have been certified as training athletes can receive facilities such as health examinations, coaching, and training camps.

At the time of the tournament

Athletes formed a team and were set up locallyOlympic VillageStay in.Use a private bus to get to the stadium.

Course after the tournament

Some will return to the competition after the competition, while others will retire as athletes and work in other fields such as talent.Experience in the Olympics (especially gold medalist) will be well known, so it will be easier to work in other fields.

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