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🚴 | Bicycle traffic safety class at Hinokage Junior High School Miyazaki Prefecture


Bicycle traffic safety class at Hinokage Junior High School Miyazaki Prefecture

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In addition, while asking the students questions, he taught them precautions to avoid accidents, such as passing the bicycle on the left side and paying attention to the difference in the inner ring of the truck.

At a junior high school in Hinokage Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, a professional stuntman reproduces a bicycle traffic accident and experiences the fear of the accident ... → Continue reading

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Inner ring difference

Inner ring difference(Nairinsa) is a four-wheeled vehicle or moreWheelVehicles withcurveThe difference between the radius of the arc drawn by the front and rear wheels on the center of rotation (= inner ring) when turning.It also refers to a phenomenon in which such a difference occurs.


Have 4 or more wheelsAutomobileIs generally on two front wheelsRudder angleGive and turn the curve.At this time, the radius of the arc drawn by the rear wheels is smaller than that of the arc drawn by the front wheels due to the rotational movement.Wheels on the center of rotation (Inner ring), The rear inner ring moves inside the curve more than the front inner ring.This is a phenomenon generally known as inner ring difference.Part ofSpecial carWhen steering with the rear wheels as in the above, the rear wheels turn outside rather than the front wheels, which is also called the inner wheel difference.

A difference in radius also appears on the opposite side of the center of rotation (outer ring), which isOuter ring differenceIt is called (Gairinsa).The inner ring difference is larger than the outer ring difference.

The inner ring difference becomes relatively large when the turning radius is made small, and the difference between the inner rings becomes relatively large.WheelbaseIt is known that the longer (distance between the axles of the front and rear wheels), the larger the distance.

Accident caused by inner ring difference

Passenger cars andTrackGenerally adopts front wheel steering, but since the driver steers at a position close to the front wheels, he tends to turn a curve based on the radius of gyration of the front wheels.However, since the rear wheels rotate inward, it is possible that something that was avoided at the position of the front wheels will inevitably collide at the position of the rear wheels.Alternatively, if there is a drainage ditch inside the curve, unexpected derailment may occur.

Especially at intersections, when turning left (countries with left-hand traffic such as Japan and the United Kingdom) or when turning right (countries with right-hand traffic), you are on the sidewalk or on the sidewalk.Pedestrian,non-motorized vehicle,MotorcycleThe rear wheels or their surroundings collide with each other.Entrainment accidentOften happens.especially,trailer,Articulated busSince the difference between the inner wheels is larger than that of a normal vehicle, care must be taken when entering the inside when turning.


Various countermeasures have been proposed for the problems caused by the inner ring difference, in addition to the workarounds by the driver's conscious operation.

  • How to delay the timing of operating the steering.If the steering is operated when the front wheels approach the intersection, the rear wheels will come into contact with the inner ones due to the difference between the inner wheels.Therefore, this is avoided by operating the steering after the front wheels have passed the intersection to some extent.
  • Side mirror.The driver steers while checking the inside of the rear to prevent contact between the rear wheels and people / objects.
  • Direction indicator..Mainly by blinking the light, it notifies the surrounding pedestrians of the turn,Interpersonal accidentTo help prevent.
  • In addition to blinking the turn signal, a buzzer and synthetic voice are used to notify surrounding pedestrians of a right or left turn.
  • Safety window (safety window).By opening and closing the window glass of the passenger seat side door of the truck sideways and providing a safety window at the bottom, visibility when turning left from the driver's seat is ensured.
  • Enlarged front door glass of the bus. Until the 1970s, the front door of the bus only had a glass window, but after the 1980s, the front door itself was covered with glass with a window frame, improving visibility.
  • Four-wheel steering..Opposite-phase four-wheel steering has the effect of reducing the difference between the inner wheels.However, due to cost and weight issues, few cars are used.
  • Pedestrian education.Although the cause of accidents involving people is mainly on the automobile side, it is possible to prevent personal accidents by actively taking self-defense measures on the pedestrian side.Examples include not standing on the edge of the sidewalk and staying away from the vehicle trying to turn.The above-mentioned turn signals are also considered to have a function of assisting such self-defense measures for pedestrians.

Wrong measures

As a erroneous measure, operate the steering in the opposite direction to the direction you want to turn in advance, which is called "swinging", create a gap between the vehicle and the inside of the curve (increase the turning radius), and then start turning left or right. There is a driver.this isRoad Traffic Law"When making a left turn, the vehicle should approach the left edge of the road as much as possible from the front and follow the left edge of the road as much as possible.slow downIt is an illegal way of passing, which is contrary to the stipulation that "it must be done", and it is also very dangerous because it may cause an accident involving the inside of the vehicle.In addition, if a pedestrian is found on the way and the vehicle is temporarily stopped, the road may be greatly blocked and the smoothness of traffic may be impaired, and there is also a risk of contact or collision with a vehicle passing in the lane to the right.

Since it is stipulated as "as much as possible", it is unavoidable if you can not pass by this method, such as when entering a narrow alley by a large truck or bus, but turn left or right on a normal road with a normal car or a light car. There are also drivers who use this method.At intersections with traffic lights, there is enough space for large trucks and buses to turn left while keeping them all the way to the left, so there are not many situations where large trucks and buses have to turn left or right in this way, let alone.Passenger car,MinivanThere should be almost no body size.Therefore, when turning left, it is necessary to decelerate to a speed that allows the vehicle to travel along the left edge before entering.

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