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🥋 | Mr. Kosei Inoue, who retired from the national team, took office as a new post for All Japan Judo Federation.

Photo Mr. Kosei Inoue

Mr. Kosei Inoue, who retired from the national team, took office as a new post for All Japan Judo Federation.

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In addition, as a gold medalist for the Sydney Olympics, he has been known and has an outstanding track record since he was active, and he was appointed as a "flag waving role".

On the 16th, the All Japan Judo Federation (All Japan Judo Federation) newly established the "Branding Strategy Promotion Special Committee" to promote competition ... → Continue reading

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2000 Sydney Olympics

2000 Sydney Olympics(2000 Sydney Olympics)2000 May 9からMay 10Up to 17 days,Australia OfSydneyHeld atOlympic Games.. TypicallySydney OlympicsIs calledSydney OlympicsIs abbreviated.

2000 eraFirst and20st centuryLastSummer olympicHits the,Southern hemisphereHeld in1956 Melbourne GamesIt has been 44 years since then.

Background to the tournament

The Sydney Olympics will be held1993 May 9Was decided to.In the final vote, I was dominant in 3st place three times in a rowChugoku OfBeijingWas selected as the venue for the first Olympic Games in the 45s, defeating by a close margin of 43 to 2000.this isThe United States of AmericaHuman rights groupsHuman Rights WatchIs said to have influenced the call of Chinese public opinion at that timeAnti-AmericanStimulated emotions[1].

2000 Summer Olympic Games Venue Voting Results[2]
cityCountry1 th2 th3 th4 th
SydneyAustralian flag Australia30303745
北京市Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku32374043
ManchesterBritish flag The United Kingdom111311—
BerlinGerman flag Germany99——
IstanbulTurkish flag ãƒˆãƒ«ã‚³7———

Tournament mascot

  • Olly (Olly, ♂)- KookaburraIs the motif.Symbolizes the sky.His sociable, honest, enthusiastic and obedient personality reflects the cross-border friendship of the Olympics.Good at collecting information and communicating.The origin of the nameOlympic.
  • Sid (Syd, ♂)- platypusIs the motif.Energetic, lively and leader.I love swimming.A naturalist who burns to protect nature.The origin of the nameSydney.
  • Milly (Millie, ♀)- Short-beaked echidnaIs the motif.Symbolizes the land.She is an incarnation of Sydney's hope and optimism and a genius of new technology.My dream is to build a more peaceful world through sports.The origin of the nameMillennium.

ハ イ ラ イ ト

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of this tournament, which was held in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in about half a century, was held from 9:15 pm (Japan time, 7:5 pm) on September XNUMX.[Note 1].

At the beginning, Stockman appeared.After that, 13 years old at that time (Nikki WebsterStarringAustralian historyAn entertainment show depicting a big picture scroll was held.Players were admitted during the performance of the marching band.

Japanese teamIs "Rainbow-coloredAppeared wearing a "brilliant cloak", but in Europe and the United States, the rainbow color is oftenhomosexualIncluding "LGBT(Sexual minority) Symbol "(For details, see"Rainbow flagBecause it is seen as)Many locals were surprised that "all Japanese players are LGBT parties."[Source required].

In addition,Second North-South Summit MeetingHas just been implemented South Koreaとnorth korea Unification flagIn addition to the joint admission marchIndonesiaJust released from東 テ モ ー ルPlayersOlympic flagHe entered the venue at the end (just before the host country Australia) and received a big applause.Was kept secretTorch relay[Note 2]The final igniter is the indigenous peopleAboriginalFromKathy FreemanServed and expressed ethnic harmony[3]..The opening ceremony of the great success ended after 1:11 pm (9 pm Japan time), which was about an hour behind schedule.

Sydney Symphony OrchestraThe national anthem that was accompanied by was not actually played,Melbourne Symphony OrchestraIt became clear by August 2008, 8 that the recording tape etc. was being played by[4].

Tournament highlights

judoでRyoko TamuraWon the long-sought gold medal.In addition, in judo, two consecutive gold medalsTadahiro NomuraIncluding,Yasuo Inoue,Makoto TakimotoWon the gold medal.on the other hand,ShinoharaHowever, there was a problem that he became a silver medal due to a misjudgment by the referee in the final.

marathonThen,Naoko TakahashiWon the first gold medal in Japan's women's athletics (new Olympic record).The average audience rating of the women's marathon broadcast exceeded 40%, and it became a hot topic all over Japan.National Honor AwardWill be awarded.

baseballProfessional participation was accepted in, and the United States, South Korea, Australia, etc. participated as professional-dominated members.Japan was a mixed professional-amateur team with eight teams dispatched one by one because the professionals were not in line.Although Japan won the first league, they lost to Cuba in the semi-finals and to South Korea in the bronze medal match to finish in 8th place and missed the medal.

サ ッ カ ー ThePhilippe TroussierHas a high reputation as South Africa, Slovakia, and Brazil, as most of the members played for A and had good results in the tournaments of each age group. Won the bronze medal in 2nd place with 1 wins and 2 loss in the group league1968 Mexico City OlympicsSince then, he has advanced to the final tournament for the first time in 32 years.In the quarter-finals with the United States, even the penalty shootout was entangled, the fourth personHidetoshi NakataWas removed and was eliminated in the best eight.In addition, the broadcast of this game achieved the highest audience rating (8%) in all competitions.

BoyswrestlingIn the Greco-Roman style 130kg class,Luron GardnerIs in the finalAlexander karelinDefeated and won the gold medal.Karelin's record of undefeated international competitions since 1987 was cut off, and he did not win the Olympic Games for the fourth time in a row.

At the 1956 Melbourne OlympicsEquestrianIs due to the quarantine periodスウェーデン OfStockholmNot all competitions were held in Australia as they were held in Australia (reference).However, at the Sydney Olympic Games, quarantine was possible in two weeks due to advances in quarantine technology, so all competitions were held in Australia.This is the first time that all competitions have been held in Australia (and the Southern Hemisphere).

Closing session

IOCSamaranchAt the closing ceremony of the final Olympics during the president's term, the Olympic flagAthensIt was taken over by the mayor, and finally the chairman was in the language of his hometown.SpanishI said goodbye and said goodbye.Local soprano singer Yvonne KennyOlympic hymnsWhile singingOlympic flagThe torch sang "We'll Be One", the torch gradually diminished, and finally the jet that passed low over the torch (F-111 fighter-bomber) Ignite the fuel dumped backwards and deliver the fire with the effect of making the torch fly into the sky.The dancer choreographedBallroom dancingShowed off.

It is said that this tournament was a success of 25000 volunteers, and the activity was praised by Chairman Samaranch at the closing ceremony, and a parade in which volunteers played the leading role was held at a later date.At that time, the volunteers were given the title of Honorary Citizen of Sydney.

Music used at the closing ceremony

Competition and itinerary

Competition name / date1314151617181920212223242526272829301
Opening and closing ceremony<br>•<br>•
water polo<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
synchronized swimming<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
サ ッ カ ー<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
ボ ー ト<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Weight lifting<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Bicycle competition<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Table tennis<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
soft ball<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Modern five types<br>•<br>•

Number of medals won in each country / region

orderCountry / RegionFriSilvercoppermeter
1The United States of America The United States of America38243294
2ロシア ロシア32282888
3Chugoku Chugoku28161559
4Australia Australia(Host country)16251758
5Germany Germany13172656
6France France13141138
7イタリア イタリア1381334
Netherlands Netherlands129425
9キ ュ ー バ キ ュ ー バ1111729
10The United Kingdom The United Kingdom1110728

Main medalist

Competition venue


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注 釈

  1. ^ Originally there is SydneyNew South WalesThen, from the last Sunday in OctoberDaylight saving timeEnter (DST), butThis year, Tong, host country capitalCanberraincludingAustralian Capital TerritoryAnd adjacentVictoria, And usually enter daylight savings time from the first Sunday of OctoberTasmaniaThe three states were in daylight savings time from the last Sunday of August, specially for the Olympics.Normally, the time difference between Sydney and Japan at this time is one hour, which is why it was two hours at this time.In addition, some soccer games were playedAdelaideHaveSouth AustraliaSo, I didn't take this measure and switched to daylight saving time on the last Sunday of October as usual, so the time difference with Sydney was one and a half hours during the period.
  2. ^ In addition, the torch relay of this tournamentGreat Barrier ReefThe first underwater torch relay in history was held in.


  1. ^ Keys, Barbara (2018). "Harnessing Human Rights to the Olympic Games: Human Rights Watch and the 1993'Stop Beijing' Campaign". Journal of Contemporary History. 53 (2): 415–438. Doi: 10.1177 / 0022009416667791.
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Recognition(Chimeido) is社会Awareness of the person/thing in the. Used in various fields.

tv set-News (Chinese)-magazineな どMass mediaIt is often known by media reports, and the way it reacts is varied, from pros to cons, mixed views of both.age,Occupation,RegionIt is often the case that there are differences in name recognition and reaction depending on the situation. For example,Nippon KeidanrenComparing the names of the chairman and male idol singer, the former is superior to middle-aged and older male office workers, and the latter is superior to female elementary and junior high school students.

Popularity in commerce

Commercial, IeAdvance Your CareerIn this case, the name recognition is one of the indispensable factors, and the increase in name recognition isbrandDirectly to the trust and sales record. Therefore, manufacturers and retailers are actively promoting television to increase the visibility of their products.CM,Insert leafletSuch asAds, Advertise.Cosmetics,ToiletryDepending on the product type, most of the product costAds,PropagandaSome are included in expenses (for example,ShiseidoShampoo,TsubakiAccounted for about 50 billion yen as the initial advertising cost).

In the industry, market products that have gained popularityNBIt's called (national brand), and it's easy to connect directly to the rise of the name recognition of the company that owns it. However, it is called for products that dominate the market share in the genre and category, not the products of major companies = NB (for example,Taisho PharmaceuticalIn the drink marketLipovitan DCan be called NB,Analgesic and anti-inflammatory agentThe Menhula series cannot be called NB. In this case, it is in the middle of the pharmaceutical industry,Salon passHave a brandHisamitsu PharmaceuticalWill be the top of NB).

forPBThere is also a (private brand), which means that a major or specialty company wants to secure a further market, or wants to enter a new market, or a product with a low profile in the small and medium-sized manufacturing industry is designated as a distribution retailer or a corporate group. As a result, the retail side expects a higher profit rate and sells it as recommended. In this case, the manufacturer will minimize advertising and advertising costs, but the retailer will play a part. For products with similar personalitiesSBThere is also a (store brand).

In addition, as a management strategy aiming at name recognitionOEMIn most cases, well-known companies borrow the special technological and development capabilities of SMEs to open and expand the market and to sell high-value-added products. In this case, not the product but the name of the company that manufactures the product or the sales company is important. Also, for small and medium-sized enterprises, there is an advantage that large companies can be expected to secure a certain manufacturing track record as a customer, so there is no need to record advertising and advertising expenses, and that amount can be reduced in development costs and unit costs. Can be included.

As an indirect name recognition strategy, sports team management (especially amateur sports and professional baseball where the company name can be used as a team name), social activities (Bell mark movement, Greening movement, etc.),Naming rightsBusiness etc. are also included. Other,ReviewsEtc. have an influence that cannot be overlooked in the name recognition strategy.

However, the general name recognition and the common sense in the industry do not always match, and the low name recognition often does not necessarily deteriorate the quality. In general, the name recognition is usually information that is agitated by the media such as advertising activities and commercials, and the sales force influences the name recognition. For this reason, although it is a major player in the industry, it is not uncommon for it to depend on the OEM of a well-known company due to its low name recognition. On the other hand, even if the general name recognition is low, there are many cases in which consumers who are familiar with the hand can become brands (Game,ComputerPeripherals industry etc.). In addition, there are many companies in the industry where even mid-sized companies are supported by strong supporters who trust in quality (Interior,CosmeticsIndustry etc.).

Primary industry and name recognition

Primary industryThen.Uji tea,Uonuma Koshihikari,Seki mackerelThere are many cases in which the products are sold in the market by crowning the production areas. This is because the well-known production areas are traded at a higher price, are more easily evaluated in the retail market, and sell well to consumers. In addition, the famous production areas have originally had suitable climates and soils for the production of the products, and since we are aiming for stable quality through thorough quality control, "there is no doubt that they are here."WholesalerBy gaining a certain level of trust, etc., it will be traded at a high price. In the case of marine products, even if they are caught in the same sea area, the difference in landing fishing port often causes a difference in the transaction value, but this is also related to the difference in brand development that provides stable quality. ing. Examples include Seki mackerel, Oma tuna, Shimonoseki puffer fish,San'in,Hokuriku region OfSnow craband so on.

Therefore, even if it is produced in another production area, there is no end to production area disguise, in which purchasers and the like disguise the production area. However, this name recognition varies greatly depending on the region.Yoshiba SenbaIn the example, it is the same luxury cowSaga beefTheTajima beef,Mita beefThere has been a case of falsely selling. That is,Kansai areaThis is because Tajima and Mita beef are well known, and Saga beef is generally not well known. In addition, even if harvested in another production area, if it is taken to a famous production area and manufactured as a processed product, the product of that production area can be named. For example,Wakayama OfMinabe TownAndTanabe City TheJapan OfSalted plumAlthough it is a production area, the number of plum fruits that are many times the yield of neighboring plum forestsKishuIt is on the market as dried plums. In addition, processed goods are not obligated to indicate their origin, so there are many cases where cheap imported goods are used. In the case of Miwa somen noodles, until around 2000Miwa Somen7% of these were from Shimabara. It was customary that the Shimabara side also traded at higher prices for those who passed through three wheels rather than developing their own brands. In livestock production, because the production area can be moved, pups are raised in well-known production areas and later transferred to neighboring production areas, where offspring are bred and branded (eg,Iwate OfMaesawa beefIs sending adult cattle all over the country).

Name recognition in political activities

electionIn particular, it is an element that is especially emphasized,ground,SignboardOf the bagThree vansIt is said that it will be difficult to win if you don't have the same. The signboard among these is the name recognition, and the bagFinancial powerRefers to.

MediabyElection situation breaking newsThen, it is said that “A candidate has a low name recognition and struggles”, but it does not have to be high name recognition. Make extreme claims far beyond the norms of politicians or societies in which scandal allegations are widely reportedFoam candidateIn the case of, the fact that it has a high name recognition in the negative sense does not attract attention because it is suitable for a politician, so a high name recognition does not lead to winning in the election.


People with high profile areAcquaintanceWill be known by an unidentified opponent, and more than a lesser-known personPoliciesShould be considered constrained (so-calledFamous tax).Wide showThe presence of is an example, and if entertainers and celebrities have the same level of privacy as ordinary people, a wide show cannot exist. AlsoRakugo performer OfYanagiya small"I'm okay onceSobaI said, ``I want to eat a lot of noodles.'' That).

2000 After that, as a method to easily check the name recognition,インターネットSearch ProductsThe number of hits in.

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