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⚾ | "Give back to Fukushima in the future" Both baseball and softball managers Thoughts on Fukushima, the starting point for winning gold medals


"Give back to Fukushima in the future" Thoughts on Fukushima, the starting point for winning gold medals for both baseball and softball managers

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The opening game of baseball was also at Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium.

Baseball and softball held in Fukushima at the Tokyo Olympics.Fukushima Azuma, the starting point for winning the gold medal ... → Continue reading

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Fukushima Prefectural Azuma Stadium

Fukushima Azuma Sports Park > Fukushima Prefectural Azuma Stadium

Fukushima Prefectural Azuma Stadium(Fukushima Kenei Azuma Kyujo)FukushimaFukushima OfFukushima Azuma Sports ParkInBaseball field..The facility is owned by Fukushima Prefecture and is owned by the Fukushima City Park and Greenery Association.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


1986 Completed in September.At that time, it was the largest baseball stadium in the six prefectures of the Tohoku region.

same yearMay 9The 18st inauguration ceremony was held from the same day to the 41thEmperor's Gift Cup All Japan Softball Baseball TournamentIt was dropped.The first match isNitto spinningFukushima factory vs.Matsushita Electric WorksNitto Boseki won 2-0 in Yokkaichi A.The victory of the tournamentTottori Sanyo Electricwas.

Next day1987 FromProfessional baseballIt has begun to be used in official games.The first game is the same yearMay 5-10 days OfHankyu BravesversusLotte OrionsTwo consecutive battles.Lotte won 2-9 on the 6th of the first day and ended in a draw 0-2 the next day.

After that, additional lighting equipment that was not available when the stadium was completed was installed.Night gameCan be held.The scoreboard score display is an early model from the beginning.LEDHowever, it was difficult to see because the pixels were coarse and the illuminance was low, and it was unpopular with the audience, so it was renovated to a magnetic reversal type in the 2000 season.

Nowadays, official professional baseball games are held several times a year.high school baseball-Adult baseballIt is widely used.

In addition, due to the deterioration of the equipment over time, Fukushima Prefecture is planning to repair it, and the scoreboard became an LED system in the spring of 2013 (Heisei 25).[1]..In addition, the stadium was decontaminated from December 2013 to December 12, so it was off limits.[2]In addition, the count display has been improved from SBO to BSO.

From 2015,Baseball Challenge LeagueFukushima Hopes, who joined the Fukushima Hopes, was holding an official game. The number of official games in 2015 was 5,Iwaki Green StadiumAlthough it was second only to the second place, it held one district championship game and was one of the main stadiums. In 2, 1 games were played, which was the second highest in the team following the previous year (the highest).Koriyama general sports ground Kaiseiyama baseball field15 games).However, the operating company has changed and the team name has changed.Fukushima Red HopesIt will not be held after 2019.

At the International Olympic Committee Board of Directors, March 20172020 Summer OlympicsApproved to be a sub-venue for baseball and softball competitions[3].

In September 2019, artificial turf was laid on the ground.The outfield fence has a thicker shock absorber from the conventional 9 cm to 8 cm to prevent injuries to athletes.In consideration of safety, the outfield seats, which were on the slope, have been renovated into 14 to 700 steps with both wings that can be watched by about 5 people.The total project cost including additional works is about 7 billion yen, and the sports promotion lottery subsidy (subsidy rate 13/4) is utilized.[4].

For non-baseball events, the Fukushima Art Project on August 2011, 8Project FUKUSHIMA!It also became the venue for the music event "Festival FUKUSHIMA!"[5].

Main episode

Scoreboard breakdown accident

2005 May 4Held inTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesversusHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersDuring the first round of the game, there was a happening where the scoreboard broke down.

During the attack of Nippon-Ham in the 3rd inning, the magnetic reversal type score display and the signal light type count display (SBO lamp) could not be displayed.After that, although the count display was restored, the score display remained uncontrollable, so the stadium staff suddenly went up to the roof of the scoreboard building and posted the inning score by hand on white paper.The game was extended 10 times, and Nippon Ham won 5-4.It was found that the cause of the failure was that a part of the board of the equipment was burnt out due to a trouble in the scoreboard control unit.

また2009 May 7, Rakuten vs.Chiba Lotte MarinesThe scoreboard broke down during the 9th round. In the 2nd inning, all the inning score and count displays disappeared and it stopped working, and in the 3rd inning, the score was displayed incorrectly.This is because the breaker was cut off because a heavy-duty cooking utensil was used when preparing a light meal in the player waiting room.The match continued during the breakdown, and measures were taken to announce the ball count and score progress in the venue announcement.Lotte is the first matchNaotaka TakeharaHe overwhelmed him from beginning to end by scoring 5 points with a full-base home run, and won 10-4.

The official Rakuten-sponsored game in Fukushima Prefecture will be held at the stadium until the 2009 season.IwakiLocated inIwaki Green StadiumIt was mainly held at 2 stadiums,2010 From the season, a large-scale renovation project was completed in the spring of the same year.Koriyama OfKoriyama general sports ground Kaiseiyama baseball fieldSince the same year, no official games have been held at both stadiums mentioned above.However,2011 May 5One match against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham scheduled in KoriyamaGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe event was canceled due to the response to the event, and the venue wasKleenex Stadium Miyagi(Refer to the item of the stadium for details).

Giants sponsored game for the first time in 16 years

2006 May 6,Yomiuri GiantsThe third round against Orix was held.It was the first time in 3 years since 1990 that the giant held an official game hosted by the Azuma Stadium.The stand was full (16 visitors), but the giant, who was in a bad condition due to consecutive losses, lacked vigor in offense and defense, and Orix won the game 19,442-5.2008 Giants vs. Orix was also held, at which time the Giants won.

Yakult vs Giants

2009 May 7,Tokyo Yakult SwallowsThe 9th round against the Giants was held.Yakult holds a giant battle in a rural area by the owner companyYakultIt was the first time since then.This card is nextMay 7Home ofMeiji Jingu StadiumIt was an irregular two consecutive battles with, but this was initiallyAkita Prefectural Baseball StadiumAlthough it was planned to be held at (Komachi Stadium), there was no coordination on the part of the local side, and it was unavoidable to set up an irregular schedule.The game is a giant starterShun HigashinoRecorded the first professional shutout, and the giant won 4-0.

2011 May 7The 15th round of Yakult vs. Giants was also held.The match isAoki NobuchikaHits No. 1 home run and throws Yakult's starting lineupMuranaka KyoheiShowed a good throw to decorate the first complete game with a professional, and Yakult won 2-0.In the same year, two games were held at the Kaiseizan Stadium mentioned above, sponsored by the Giants in June, and in the end, the same card was held in Fukushima Prefecture for a total of three games in the same season.

Tokyo Yakult vs. Giants 2015th round on Tuesday, August 8, 418:20It was held at the start.The card will be held for the fourth time at this stadium, but the Tokyo Yakult-sponsored match against the Giants will be held for the first time in four years.[6]

On Wednesday, June 2017, 6, the 28th round of Tokyo Yakult vs. Giants will be the same as last time.18:20It was held at the start.The card will be held for the fourth time at this stadium, but the Tokyo Yakult-sponsored match against the Giants will be held for the first time in four years.

Giants sponsored game for the first time in 5 years

Giants vs. Yakult was held on Wednesday, July 2013, 7.This is the first time the Giants have sponsored this card.The match was won by the giant 10-6.The number of visitors was 2.

Equipment outline

  • Both wings: 100m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Inner and outer fields: Artificial turf for baseball (MizunoMS Craft Baseball Turf, MizunoSekisui ResinJoint development of the company)
  • Scoreboard: Full-color LED system (simple freeboard)[1]
  • Lighting equipment: 6 units (maximum illuminance: 2800Lx between captures)
  • Capacity: 30,000 (Infield: 14,390, Outfield: 15,610)
  • Stand: Infield: All seats separate seats, Outfield: Full lawn


Since it became the venue for the baseball and softball competitions of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 (Reiwa 3), a name plate with a monument and a battle card will be installed near the entrance in front of the stadium.[7].


Konami Digital EntertainmentSmartphone gameProfessional baseball spirits A2020 May 6The stadium will be added in an in-game update from.Also released on July 7th of the same yeareBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2020But the data of the stadium is recorded.

Other facilities in the sports park

Directions and Parking


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