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⚾ | [MLB] 2023 Ball Feast Held in Seattle It's been 2001 years since 22 when rookie Ichiro participated

Photo Mr. Ichiro who participated in the All-Star held in Seattle in 2001 [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] 2023 Ball Feast Held in Seattle It's been 2001 years since 22 when rookie Ichiro participated

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In addition, it has been decided that next year 2022 will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which was the venue of last year, which was canceled due to the corona disaster.

Held in Los Angeles in 2022 and Philadelphia in 2026 MLB Organization 16th (17th Japan time), 2 ... → Continue reading


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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium(Dodger Stadium) IsAmerica OfCaliforniaLos AngelesIt is inBaseball field.


MLB OfLos Angeles DodgersHome stadium.again,1962 から1965 UntilLos Angeles AngelsWas also home.

Once the ownerPeter O'Malley"To get fans to the ball park, make the stadium a fun and beautiful place, a place where men want to take their girlfriends," he said.There are many fun productions as the word says, and the entire stadium is well cleaned.Moreover, due to California's warm climate, there are very few rain cancellations.For this reason, it is known as the "Dodgers Eternal Home."

Field features

It has become rare in MLB since the 1990sSymmetricalStadium (currentlyNational leagueOnly in the home of).

outfield,Foul groundIs relatively wide and has been described as a pitcher's advantage from the beginning[2][3]..After narrowing the foul ground with the field renovation work at Dodger Stadium, this tendency weakened and it became a state that it worked to the batter's advantage to some extent.[4], Still described as pitcher advantage[5][6].

The sunny day game is due to the dry air and warmth of the day in Los Angeles.Night gameThe hit ball is slightly longer than the ball (the ball jumps under the day game with the roof open during the day game at the openable covered stadium except for the closed stadium with a roof, or at the stadium without the openable roof. The one tends to grow longer than during the night game), but in the night game, the temperature difference between day and night in Los Angeles is large, so depending on the day(I.e.May be able to get in.When such a weather condition comes, the ball becomes heavy due to the humidity in the air, and the ball becomes slow.In addition, the wind blowing from the midfielder to the home plate also helped push the ball back.Home runTends to be difficult to come out[5].

Equipment, attractions, production

  • For sale at this stadiumHot dog"The World famous Dodger Dog" is one of the most popular hot dogs sold at many American baseball stadiums and one of Dodger Stadium's specialties as the world's most famous hot dog. It is counted in.
  • Most spectators come by car, but it's Los Angeles' main public transport.LA MetroHowever, only during events such as baseballUnion StationThere is a free shuttle bus from.

Major events



  • March 1963, 3-Professional Boxing WorldFeatherweightChampionship match[7](Champion:Davey Moore[United States] vs Challenger:Sugar Ramosキ ュ ー バ]) The defeated Moore died suddenly two days later due to the damage of the match.
  • October 1987, 9- PopeJohn Paul IIGave a mass.
  • August 2018, 8-A foul ball hits the head of a 25-year-old woman. Died of acute intracranial hemorrhage 79 days later[8].


注 釈


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