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⚾ | [University Baseball] Tokyo Big19 Baseball League to be postponed to 14th, changed from 18th in consideration of the influence of Typhoon No.XNUMX

Photo The opening of the Tokyo Big19 Baseball Autumn League match has been postponed to the XNUMXth [Photo: Yasushi Kobayashi]

[University baseball] Tokyo Big19 Baseball League postpones opening to 14th Changed from 18th in consideration of the influence of typhoon No. XNUMX

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On the 19th, Rikkyo University-Waseda University and Keio University-Todai will be held from 10 am as scheduled.

The two games scheduled for the 18th will be digested on the 2th. The Tokyo Big20 Baseball League will open on the 17th at the Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo on the 18th ... → Continue reading


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10:XNUMX am as scheduled


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