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⚾ | [High School Baseball] 18th round 4 games on the 2th will be postponed to the 19th due to a typhoon Autumn Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament

Photo Thirty Four Hodogaya Stadium

[High school baseball] 18 games in the 4th round on the 2th are postponed to the 19th due to a typhoon Autumn Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament

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Two games of Fujisawa Seiryu-Yokohama Hayato and Nihon University Fujisawa-Nihon University were held at Thirty Four Hodogaya Stadium on the 19th, and two quarterfinals were organized at the same stadium and Yamato Stadium on the 2th.

Kanagawa Prefectural Takano Ren was scheduled for the autumn prefectural tournament on the 17th due to the approach of typhoon No. 14 (sponsored by Kanagawa Shimbun etc ... → Continue reading

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Kanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya Park Hardball Baseball Field

Kanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya Park Hardball Baseball Field(Kanagawa baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball)Kanagawa横 浜 市Hodogaya Ward OfKanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya ParkInBaseball fieldAnd simply "Hodogaya StadiumIt is also called by the common name.Kanagawa Prefecture manages the operation.

Facility naming rightsBy (naming rights)2015 May 4Nicknamed fromThirty Four Hodogaya Stadium(Thirty-four baseball)Later).


1949 Opening.Mainly since the openinghigh school baseball,Adult baseballWithin the prefectureAmateur baseballUsed in official games.High school baseball summer prefectural tournamentIs held at this Hodogaya Stadium until the quarter-finals (until 2005, from 2006 onwards, the games after the quarter-finalsYokohama Stadium(Done in), localTVK TVIn addition to being the main stadium, the spring (currently Yokohama Stadium after the semi-finals) and autumn tournaments were also the stage until the finals.

1950 as well as the 1951 6 games in total in both yearsProfessional baseballThere is a record that the official game was held.1951 May 9ToJNR SwallowsversusOsaka TigersIt is said that the game was held at the last time of the official professional baseball game at the moment.[1].

1970 After being renovated to1996 The stand was completely renovated and night game lighting was installed at the same time.Behind the outfield standCherry BlossomsTrees are planted.

2019 Infield and outfield repair work was carried out in the fall.

2020 ThanBaseball Challenge LeagueJoined (Route in BC League)Kanagawa Future DreamsIs holding one official game[2].

Facility naming rights

"Naming Rights Partner System" in Kanagawa Prefecture[3]By the stadiumNaming rightsWhen we recruitedKanagawa ShimbunGet this.2010 May 4With a 5 year contract, "Hodogaya / Kanagawa Shimbun Stadium”(Hogaya / Kanagawa Shinbun Stadium) was nicknamed,2015 It continued until March.

When the prefecture recruited new naming rights holders due to the expiration of the contract period with the Kanagawa Shimbun,Sagamihara CityGreen DistrictHeadquartered in, engaged in housing construction, real estate, etc., but acquired this. 2015May 4With a 5 year contract, "Thirty Four Hodogaya StadiumWas changed to the nickname.Thirty FourSagamihara City Sagamihara StadiumThis is the second acquisition of naming rights following.

Main episode

  • Baseball manga "DocabenBecause the location of Meikun High School was set in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Hodogaya Stadium before the renovation is often drawn.
  • There are many strong schools nationwide, and because of the actual main stadium in Kanagawa prefecture, where high school baseball is popular, some cards were packed up, and TV monitors were set up outside the stadium to watch the game. There is a similar description in "Dokaben".
  • In the 1970s it was in the city centerYokohama Park Peace Baseball StadiumAs the (commonly known as Heiwa Stadium) became obsolete, the Hodogaya Stadium held the opening and closing ceremonies of the high school baseball Kanagawa tournament and the games after the semi-finals (until 1975). The Peace Stadium was rebuilt in 1978 and is nowYokohama StadiumSince then, Yokohama Stadium has become the main stadium.Since then, the opening ceremony was held only once in 1979 at Hodogaya Stadium. In 2021,Tokyo OlympicsTo use Yokohama Stadium (postponed from 2020)The 103rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThe Kanagawa tournament final will be held.
  • Sentimental bus(2000 Dissolution) hit song "Sunny Day SundayHodogaya Stadium was used for the jacket picture.
  • A shop operated by the park was set up in front of the stadium, but it closed at the end of May 2020.

Equipment outline

RC construction(partSteel frame) 3 stories

  • Both wings: 95m, Mid-size: 120m
  • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural grass
  • Scoreboard: full colorLEDCeremony (Opening-1993 is a panel type, 1996-2008 is a magnetic reversal type, 2009-2017 is a 3-color LED lightning display type, 2018 is a full-color LED lightning display type.)
  • Capacity: 14,817 (9371 infield seats, 28 disabled seats (for wheelchairs), 5,418 outfield seats)
  • Lighting equipment: 6 units


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外部 リンク

Nihon University Fujisawa High School/Junior High School

Nihon University Fujisawa High School / Fujisawa Junior High School(Nihon University Fujisawa Kotougakko / Fujisawa Chugakko)KanagawaFujisawaIn KameinoprivateJunior high school-high school.

Nihon University OfAffiliated schoolAnd the universityFaculty of Bioresource ScienceIt is annexed to.Known as "Hito"(Nichifuji),"Nihondai Fujisawa"Such.


Club activities are active, and he has participated in national competitions (baseball club, soccer club, etc.). 1990Selected high school baseballIn 1995, he made his first appearance in the game and broke through the first match.Koshien in the summerTo participate inSenbatsu of the yearThe winning schoolKanonji centralGoodbye won. In 1998SelectionParticipated and exYakult OfShohei TateyamaAnd advanced to the best four. Also in 4SelectionParticipation.Soccer club too29 high school overallSecond place.Swimming club also 2018 and 2019High school overallThe girl won the championship.

The school building was newly built in 2001 and is fully equipped with air conditioning.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the school's opening, in April 2009, Nihon University Fujisawa Junior High School was added.

The use of the new junior high school building began in September 2012. A track called NF ground and a ground that doubles as artificial turf have been created and are used in soccer and rugby tournaments.


(The main source of the history section is the official website[1]

  • 1949 (Showa24) --Established as Nihon University Agricultural and Forestry High School.
  • 1950 --Changed the school name to Nihon University Fujisawa High School and changed to a regular high school.
  • 1951 --Nihon University Yokosuka High School[2]Annexed.
  • 1961 --Established Department of Industrial Chemistry.
  • 1962 --Installation of electrical department.
  • 1981 --Abolition of Department of Industrial Science and Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • 2009 (Heisei21) --Established Nihon University Fujisawa Junior High School.


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外部 リンク


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