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⚾ | Taka, exhibiting Tokyo Olympics gold medal & uniform of 18 players including Yanagita from 4th FC members can view for free

Photo "BOSS E-ZO FUKUOKA" exhibits gold medal and SAMURAI JAPAN uniform [Photo: Yusuke Fukutani]

Hawk exhibits Tokyo Olympics gold medal & uniform of 18 players including Yanagita from 4th FC members can view for free

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If you are not a fan club member, you will need to pay an admission fee to the "Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum".

Softbank, where you can see the gold medals and uniforms of Yanagita, Senga, Kai, and Kurihara, will be based on PayPay from the 18th. → Continue reading


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Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum

Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum(Osada Haru Baseball Museum)Sadaharu Oh(OriginalProfessional baseball player-directed byCurrentFukuoka Softbank HawksLeave a footprint in honor of the achievements of the team's chairmanMemorial Hall (Museum).2010 May 7,FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-ku OfYahoo Auction! DomeIt opened inside (the site of the sports bar "The Big Life").It is operated by Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd.It was closed once due to the renovation of the dome, but2020 May 7,BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAOfficial name "Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan DReopened as[1].


National Honor AwardNo. 1 andHome runIn honor of the achievements such as the best record in the world, related products will be exhibited.Waseda Jitsugyo High School,Yomiuri Giants, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks,World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamEstablished for the purpose of communicating the wonders of baseball to children through Sadaharu Oh, who has various baseball achievements as a player and manager.We also hold baseball classes by alumni of baseball players several times a year.

In the halliPhoneGuided by, users can use the dedicated app (free)App StoreYou can download from and take advantage of the features.The iPhone is also available for rent to non-owners.

This museum also has an aspect as a "Hawks Memorial Hall", and when it won the number one spot in Japan in the 2011 season, a special exhibition was held in the museum.

Admission is 16 yen for adults (1,800 years old and over)[2], Children (10 to 15 years old) 900 yen[3]Free for children under 9 years old (accompanied by a guardian).

Facilities / contents

  • History zone
  • 89 Park

Exhibit cooperation companies

History / Schedule

  • 2010 May 2 --Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd. announced the outline of its establishment.
  • 2010 May 3 --At a press conference, the opening date was officially announced.
  • 2010 May 7 -Open.
  • 2018 May 11 --Temporarily closed due to the renovation of Yahoo! It was planned to move to a new building next to the Yahuoku Dome (at that time), which will open in 2020.
  • 2020 May 7 - BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAWithinSadaharu Oh Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan DReopened as.


Limited to the Fukuoka area, the followingtv setCMBroadcast (also distributed in the CM gallery on the SoftBank Mobile website[4]).

Softbank mobile(Similar to the HawksSoftbankJiro Shirato, a CM character of a group company) (a fictional family "Shirato family"Dad") is synonymous with the kingOne footShow off.Received an endorsement from the king himself, saying, "You are good."It is the content.


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