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⛳ | To "Twins 2 consecutive races V" Akiai Iwai leads alone 2nd place Ama Nagashima Hanane follows

Photo This week is my sister's turn?Ai Iwai Twins took the lead (Photo: Keita Ueyama)

Akiai Iwai leads to "Twins 2 consecutive races V", followed by Ama Nagashima Hanane in 2nd place

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Yukari Nishiyama and Aya Ogura from Okayama prefecture are in 2nd and 7th place in Thailand.

<Sanyo Shimbun Ladies Cup First Day ◇ 18th ◇ Tojigaoka Marine Hills GC (Okayama Prefecture) ◇ 6367 yards par 7… → Continue reading

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Okayama Prefecture

Nishiyama Yukari

Yukari Nishiyama(Yukari Nishiyama,1982 May 6 -) isKanagawaNative girlProfessional golfer.. AffiliationAmada.


2000 ,high school(Kanagawa Prefectural Fujisawa Nishi High School) After graduation Asagiri Country Club (Shizuoka) Joined the company as a trainee and started playing golf.

2008 , Passed the protest.

2013 , "Lasink Ningineer / RKB Ladies" (step-up tour) won the first professional title. He also won the "Sanyo Shimbun Ladies Cup" and won two step-up tours.

2014 , Entered the top 6 in 10 races, ranked 43rd in the annual prize money ranking, and won the first seed right in the 7th year of the pro.

2015 , MasterNobuo SerizawaTheCaddyWelcomed tomeiji cupso,Suzuki AiAfter the playoffs, he won the tour for the first time.Obtained seed rights for the second consecutive year in the 26th place in the annual prize money ranking.

2016 , Even though he did not win, he entered the top 9 in 10 races, ranked 16th in the annual prize money ranking, and won the seed right for the third consecutive year.

2017 ,KKT Cup Vantellin Ladies Openso,Ueda MomokoAfter the playoffs, he won his second tour total.

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