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⚾ | SAMURAI JAPAN Gold Medal Exhibition Tokyo Olympics First time in baseball Fukuoka City


SAMURAI JAPAN Gold Medal Exhibition Tokyo Olympics First time in baseball Fukuoka City

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The gold medal and uniform will be on display until October 4th at the Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum on the 10th floor of Ezo Fukuoka.

SAMURAI JAPAN won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics baseball.The precious medal and four Hawks players ... → Continue reading

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Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum

Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum(Osada Haru Baseball Museum)Sadaharu Oh(OriginalProfessional baseball player-directed byCurrentFukuoka Softbank HawksLeave a footprint in honor of the achievements of the team's chairmanMemorial Hall (Museum).2010 May 7,FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-ku OfYahoo Auction! DomeIt opened inside (the site of the sports bar "The Big Life").It is operated by Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd.It was closed once due to the renovation of the dome, but2020 May 7,BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAOfficial name "Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan DReopened as[1].


National Honor AwardNo. 1 andHome runIn honor of the achievements such as the best record in the world, related products will be exhibited.Waseda Jitsugyo High School,Yomiuri Giants, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks,World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamEstablished for the purpose of communicating the wonders of baseball to children through Sadaharu Oh, who has various baseball achievements as a player and manager.We also hold baseball classes by alumni of baseball players several times a year.

In the halliPhoneGuided by, users can use the dedicated app (free)App StoreYou can download from and take advantage of the features.The iPhone is also available for rent to non-owners.

This museum also has an aspect as a "Hawks Memorial Hall", and when it won the number one spot in Japan in the 2011 season, a special exhibition was held in the museum.

Admission is 16 yen for adults (1,800 years old and over)[2], Children (10 to 15 years old) 900 yen[3]Free for children under 9 years old (accompanied by a guardian).

Facilities / contents

  • History zone
  • 89 Park

Exhibit cooperation companies

History / Schedule

  • 2010 May 2 --Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd. announced the outline of its establishment.
  • 2010 May 3 --At a press conference, the opening date was officially announced.
  • 2010 May 7 -Open.
  • 2018 May 11 --Temporarily closed due to the renovation of Yahoo! It was planned to move to a new building next to the Yahuoku Dome (at that time), which will open in 2020.
  • 2020 May 7 - BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAWithinSadaharu Oh Baseball Museum Supported by Lipovitan DReopened as.


Limited to the Fukuoka area, the followingtv setCMBroadcast (also distributed in the CM gallery on the SoftBank Mobile website[4]).

Softbank mobile(Similar to the HawksSoftbankJiro Shirato, a CM character of a group company) (a fictional family "Shirato family"Dad") is synonymous with the kingOne footShow off.Received an endorsement from the king himself, saying, "You are good."It is the content.


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gold medal

gold medalWhat is (kind medal)?FriMade ininsignia/ Emblem[1][2][3]Or goldPlatingInsignia/emblem[1][2][3].CompetitionAnd competition (Contest)ofWinTo the personRecognition, And many moreCommemorativeIt is often given for[3].

EnglishThen "gold medal"Good[4][Note 1],JapaneseBut thisSound recording officialForeign words"Gold medalIs valid[2].Chinese language(ChineseAnd Japanese)gold medal(Japanese sound: Kinpai,pinyin : jīnpái<Din pie>)”[Note 2].

The second meaning is the first meaningOlympicFrom the place of awarding to the winner,SportsTo be number one in a competition[3].


Gold medal as a sports medal

OriginallyFriIt is made of disc and has a disk shape.victorySymbolizelaurelHas been given a pattern such asMedalIs called like this.In addition, a ring is attached to the upper part of the main body.firstA wide string or ribbon is passed through to hang it.Also,Metaphor"Victory" "WinIs also used as a meaning. In group sportsChampionship flag,TrophyEtc. are given to the team, but a gold medal is given to each player.

Modern olympic gold medal

Modern olympicIngold medalIt is,Olympic medalsKind of. It is a medal awarded to the person who has achieved the highest grade. In social valueFri-Silver-copperThe first place award is represented in gold, as is the order and gold is the highest.

Until the 2003 editionOlympic charterIn “purity 92.5% or moreSilver(Sterling SilverOr britannia silver) medal surface with 6g or more goldPlatingWhat was done”[5](In other words, it must be vermeil) (Rule 70, Bylaw 2-2). This is to ensure that there is no economic disadvantage depending on the host country.[6]. However, this statement has been deleted from the 2004 version of the Charter, leaving only the statement that the medal and diploma form must be submitted to the IOC for approval in advance (Rule 59). There is.

1912 HeldStockholm OlympicsUntil then, he had adopted a pure gold medal.

The design of the medal differs depending on the competition.1998 Nagano OlympicsThen in partlacquerA paint was used.2006 Turin OlympicsThen the shape isdonutThe shapes were different in form. However,Summer olympicFor the back side of2004 Athens OlympicsThe standard is unified with the opportunity, and the goddess of victoryNike ReliefIt was fixed to what was given as. This changeGreece International Olympic Committee (IOC) request.

Modern olympic gold medal

Gold medal of other sports competitions

Bite a gold medal

chew a gold medal

The player who wins the gold medal bites the medal that he holds.OrShow and chewgestureTo doperformanceThere is[7]. It has been around since the late 20th century[7]..The US CNNTV (electronic version) pointed out that the medal-biting gesture was "a symbolic sight of a player full of joy," and introduced an analysis by experts as "an effort to satisfy the media."[8]..There is no term for this act,JapaneseThen "Bite a gold medalOrNothing"Or"Gold medalThe fireThat".Fluctuation of expressionThere is also a word form that abbreviates "gold".English(*De facto internationalcommon language) Then, "chew a gold medal(Meaning: bite a gold medal)" is commonly used.

world's first

There are various opinions about who performed the performance of biting a gold medal, but the most influential of them is1988 Seoul Olympicstime,Swimming200 meters for menFreestyleWonAustraliaRepresentative player Duncan John Armstrong (en), that person[7]. Although the details of the reason are unknown, one theory is that "I tried to check whether the gold medal is made of real gold"[7].. After that, gold medalists from various countries and regions came to do this, and it became a spectacle that was widely caught by people all over the world through news and magazine articles.

Japan's first

JapanThen,1996 Atlanta Olympics OfjudoBecame a men's 71kg class gold medalistKenzo NakamuraHowever, it is held immediately after the award ceremony, and among those based on reliable information, this is "Japan andJapaneseIs considered the first performance as[7].インターネットAbove, for a long time, he became a gold medalist in the men's 2 kg class that took place two days after Nakamura's match.Tadahiro NomuraWas considered the first in Japan and the first in Japan[7]Nomura himself denied this, "NakamuraSeniorWas imitated."[7].. Also, since Nakamura's performance can be confirmed from sports photos taken at the time, Nakamura is the first person to the best of Nomura's knowledge.[7].. In the story of the person concerned about Nakamura's photograph published in the sports paper, Nakamura's performance wasカ メ ラ マ ンWas in response to the request of[7].. That person thinks that Nakamura had no idea to "bite a medal."[7].. like thisHistory(A statementIt seems that it started from Nakamura, but while Nomura became a young hope without a name before the game, the world's attention gathered, but only Nomura's performance was taken up, so it was ``Tadahiro Nomura. It is thought that the misunderstanding that "was the first in Japan" was born.

Organizing Committee Unique Tweets

Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing CommitteeThen, a joke posted in English on Twitter saying "I can't eat medals" along with a picture of a player chewing a medal at the awards ceremony became a hot topic on the Internet and overseas media.The Organizing Committee said, "I would like to convey this as an official opinion. I cannot eat medals!", Along with a number of posts introducing the activities of the players.He introduced that the medals are made of recycled metal, and wrote with pictograms, "You can't use medals ... but I'm sure everyone will bite."In response, more than 2000 likes have been added, and Western media have also reported this message.In response to the response, the Organizing Committee wrote a joke on Twitter again, saying, "Can any of the Olympic athletes tell me the taste of the medal?"[9].


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注 釈

  1. ^ In English, that first sense. The second meaning isGeographyField ofRefers to the "gold medal" where[4](* Separate section "Gold Medal (Royal Geographical Society)"checking).
  2. ^ In Chinese, that first sense.


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