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⚽ | "Because there are Takefusa Kubo and Lee Kang-in ..." Director Mallorca explains to fans


"Because there are Takefusa Kubo and Lee Kang-in ..." Director Mallorca explains to fans

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It seems that home games will often kick off at 14:XNUMX on Sundays in line with the Asian market.

Majorca, to which Takefusa Kubo belongs, will face Villarreal in the fifth round of LaLiga.Kubo and Lee Gan-i on the team ... → Continue reading


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Home and away

Home and awayIs mainlyサ ッ カ ーIn sports such as, two teams eachhome townIt is a method of playing against each other twice in total. In a broad senseRound robinTournament.


The team that is based in the stadium to play against, or the team that hosts the match even if it is a completely unrelated stadium.Home teamFrom the standpoint of the organizer, the game is called a home game. On the other hand, the opponent team that plays against the home teamAway team, In Nippon Professional BaseballvisitorSay (visitor)[1], A game played from the standpoint of an away team is called an away game or a road game. Home and away is a battle system in which a home game and an away game are played one game at a time for a combination of two specific teams to play against each other.

J League etc.サ ッ カ ーThis is usually the method used in league games. In Japanese baseball, the expression "home (franchise) and visitor" is the official name, but recently, due to the influence of soccer, the term "away" is increasing in baseball.[Source required] .. In addition, the United StatesMajor LeagueIn, the expression "Away" is mainly used on official websites, news sites, TV broadcasts, etc., and the expression "Visitor" is rare.[2]. Also,Korean professional baseball,Taiwan professional baseballEven in English and local languages, the expression "away" is used, and if anything, the "visitor" notation is unique to Nippon Professional Baseball.

In this method, there are often two types of player uniforms, one for home use and the other for away (visitor). In baseball, the chest of home uniforms tends to contain the nickname of the team, and visitor uniforms tend to contain the company name of the team's parent company or the local name of the baseball team rather than the team's nickname.Japan Baseball OrganizationFor the uniforms of each team, see the section for each team).

In soccer, rugby, and basketball, uniforms are basically prepared in two patterns of colors, but this is mainly a measure against color fog. Therefore, even in away games, if the uniform (first uniform) used mainly at home does not match the color of the opponent's first uniform, wear the first uniform, or conversely, the first uniform is the opponent's first uniform or mainly away. The uniform used in (second uniform) If it is covered with both colors, the second uniform may be used at home as well.

The team based on the opposing stadium is treated as an away team because the stadium on which both teams are competing is based, or the stadium on which one team is based does not meet the regulations of the organizer. There is also a case of doing. In addition, home games may be held in neighboring areas due to reasons such as stadium renovation and political instability in home towns.

利 点

Hometown games are considered to be advantageous because the home team is more accustomed to the facilities and other environments and is less tired from moving. In addition, it is possible to receive the support of a relatively large number of local fans, and the resulting impact on judgment (Hometown Decision) Etc. are also considered to be factors that work in favor of the home team. This is especially true in international games. The home-and-away method is expected to equalize the advantages and disadvantages of such venues.

There are also reasons for the box office in professional sports, such as an increase in box office revenue due to the increase in the number of games through league games, and equalization of spectator mobilization by holding games in each hometown.


There is still the possibility of advantages and disadvantages depending on the order and timing of home games, and it is virtually impossible to equalize them. Especially when it is necessary to decide the victory or defeat by two games of home and away (example:Knockout tournament), Only the second game may be overtime, and the team that will play the home game later will have an advantage.[3].. Also, of professional baseballplay off,Japan series,NBA FinalThere is also a problem that the number of games must be odd when the victory or defeat is decided by the difference in the number of wins.

In addition, the support of hometown fans is sometimes excessive and can lead to security problems. In such cases, some sanctions may be imposed on the home team side of the match in which the problem occurred. In order to prevent problems, we may dare to play at stadiums that are unrelated to each other (mainly stadiums in other countries).

Compared to the case where the winner is decided in one game, the home-and-away method increases the distance traveled and the schedule, which is a financial and physical burden. Especially for amateurs such as students, the burden is heavy. At world-class competitions, the home-and-away method is rarely used due to travel travel issues.

If the brute force is an odd number, it may be difficult to balance the number of home games.

Japan Baseball OrganizationJurisdictionProfessional baseballThen,FranchiseThe system was introduced1952 After that,1997 -2000 2015 ,2016 TheSE League-Pacific LeagueIn both leagues2004 Was only in the Pacific League, and the number of round robin was odd (2015 in 2016/25, 27 in other cases), so except for the 2004 Pacific League, each match card has a year. Made it possible to hold one more home game each time (the number of H & As will be equal in two years).Also after 1Sep-pa Exchange BattleAlso, since they will be brute force with each other's league teams three times, the home and visitors will be replaced every year (also H & A will be completed in two years).

In addition,J LeagueEven inJ2 The2008 から2010 Until,J3Then.2014 2015 ,JFLAlso1999 Only brute force was adopted three times each, and one of the teams held two home games.

Futsal F LeagueAlso2007 From the first tournament of the degree, it was basically a round robin three times, and in principle, it was hit "once at home & away & central".2009 Since then, "Home & Away + Home or Away" has been strengthened, but several central events have been held ("2013 Regarding the degree2 season systemTherefore, it was basically home & away x 2, but one-third of the entire schedule was held centrally.2014 Since the degree was returned to the original one-season system, it was completely "H & A & C" (once each), but2015 Every time·2016 The degree has been returned to the 2009-2013 method).2017 From the degree, based on the complete "H & A & C" of round robin 3 times, the appearance of central holding is "complete central holding method that centrally holds 12 teams × 1 venue" and "6 teams intensive holding (6 teams each) It has come to be divided into "quasi-central holding method", which is divided into 2 venues and held intensively.

B LeagueIn the district exchange game, the teams of each other's conference and the round robin of the second round are exchanged between home and away every year (however, from the 2-1 season, each team's 2017 cards will be held home and away). The predecessor of the B LeagueNBLThen, only in 2015, which is the final year, it was changed to round robin in the 5th round due to the abolition of the East-West conference system, so one of the teams had one more home game. Furthermore, its predecessorJBLは6回戦総当たりとしていたが、1節につき2回ずつ行われていたため、片方のホームゲームが1節2試合多くなっていた。なお、2007年度から2008年度までの2シーズンは5回戦総当たりでうち1試合をリーグカード(リーグ主管)として中立地で開催した。また、JBL及びNBLと並立するbj leagueIn the exchange game between the East and West conferences, the teams of each other's conference and the round robin of the second round are exchanged every year between home and away.

The J-League (J2 and J3), F-League and JBL have a small number of teams, so this is from the perspective of securing schedules.

Alternative method

Considering the shortcomings of home and away, some or all of the games may be played in the following ways.

Intensive holdingthe way
Play all games at one venue.In soccer etc.Central methodIt may be called.
If the participating teams include the home team of the venue, it is a fairly unfair method, but it is often adopted from the viewpoint of shortening the schedule and securing facilities.As an example,Hanshin Koshien StadiumDone inSelected High School Baseball Tournament-National High School Baseball Championship,Higashiosaka Hanazono Rugby FieldDone inNational High School Rugby Football TournamentAnd so on. Also,OlympicSince almost all competitions are held in one city and its surroundings, it is considered to be a kind of intensive holding method.
Medium location held
Select a place other than the hometown of each participating team and play the match.One or both home and away matches, either as a first-round game that is not home and away, or in certain circumstances (such as when it is difficult to visit enemy territory due to interstate relations at international competitions) In some cases other than hometown (in the latter case, especially in international matches, "Third countryHoldingMay be called[4]).
2004 Of soccer held untilToyota cupWas once a home-and-away system, but was changed to a mid-location system due to security and schedule issues.Also, some sporting events (UEFA Champions League,NFLSuper bowlIn some tournaments, the home-and-away system (or one team's home match) is adopted until the semi-finals, and only the final match is played in a one-shot match system in a central location.In this case, the venue for the final match will be decided at an early stage, so in some cases the home ground of the team advancing to the final may become the venue.[5].
Even in the above F League, from the viewpoint of securing the game schedule, the round robin is basically an odd number of 3 times (2013 times only in 14-4), so in some sections all teams under the direct control of the league A central series of gatherings is organized.
Double central method
It is an intermediate method between the centralized method (central method) and home and away, and half of the league match schedule is held in one place and the other half is held in another place."One-end one-central methodAlso says.[Source required]
While home and away causes long-distance travel for all teams, centralized holding (central method) is used as a compromise when there are advantages and disadvantages to a specific team.
It may be adopted in the national soccer league match in the Asian region,Athens Olympics Men's Soccer Asia Final QualifierHas adopted this method with the agreement of the countries concerned for Group B, which is a combination of "Japan and the three Middle East countries (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon)" out of the three groups.[6].

Holding games outside of hometown

As a general rule, home-and-away games are usually held at stadiums within the team's hometown area, but they should be held outside the hometown area for the following reasons. There is.


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