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⚾ | Giants win 2.5 goals in 2 innings behind the leader by 7 games, Gunkel miscalculates Hanshin

Photo Giant Tatsunori Hara [Photo: Yushi Arakawa]

Giants win 2.5 goals in 2 innings, 7 games behind the leader, Gunkel miscalculates Hanshin

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Gunkel, the starting pitcher, concentrated on 2 hits and 7 home runs in the 2nd inning, resulting in a large number of 7 runs.

Hanshin's Gunkel KOs twice with a large number of 7 goals ■ Giants 2-8 Hanshin (1th, Koshien) Giants are on the 19th, enemy land, Koshi ... → Continue reading


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Massive 7 runs

7 hits 2 home base


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