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⚾ | [MLB] Perez ranks top 46 in the league, alongside Guerrero Jr., 2 behind Shohei Ohtani, the most catcher in history

Photo No. 46 Salvador Perez of the Royals who hit a home run [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Perez ranks top 46 in the league, alongside Guerrero Jr., 2 behind Shohei Ohtani, the most catcher in history

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However, this season's Perez has also been appointed as a designated hitter (DH), and not all home runs have been appointed as catchers.

Over 1970 home runs on the bench in 45, the most home runs of the season as a catcher ■ Indians-Royals (Japan time ... → Continue reading


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Nominated batter

Nominated batter(Dr.British: designated hitter) IsUS Major League Official Rules,Japanese official baseball rulesBased on (5.11) etc.,baseballWhen attacking inpitcheron behalfAt-batA player who specializes in attacks.DH(DH, English nameAn abbreviation for initials).

soft ballAs a player specializing in batting instead of any fielder in the gameNominated player(DP; designated playerIs abbreviated), and the designated player can be applied to players in any defensive position.[Note 1] Is. On the other hand, DH is not allowed to replace a pitcher other than a pitcher.


Designated hitters (hereinafter referred to as DH) do not take up any defense, and share the offense and defense with the pitcher by acting for the batting that the pitcher should be responsible for.When announcing members before the start of the game, other than the pitcherfielderThe batting order is determined together with. The starting DH isStarting pitcherAgainst at least onceAt-batComplete (HitorFour dead balls-faux pasBy etc.runnerMust be or be out). However, if the starting pitcher of the opposing team is replaced before the DH batting order comes, this obligation is removed.

The team does not necessarily have to appoint DH.However, if you do not appoint, you cannot appoint DH from the middle of the match.It is also possible to change the members by canceling the DH during the match and leaving only 9 defensive players.At this time as well, DH cannot be appointed again.

Major league baseball(Hereinafter referred to as MLB)American league,Japanese professional baseball(Hereinafter NPB)Pacific League,KoreanKorean Baseball Committee,Taiwan'sChinese Occupational Sticks League, CubaSerie Nacional de BaisbolProfessional baseball league,Shikoku Island League plus-Baseball Challenge LeagueIndependent leagues such asAdult baseball,JapaneseCollege baseballIt has been adopted in leagues (excluding some federations-described later) and in the "Fresh League" of the Japanese junior high school hard type, and is often adopted in international games, but otherYouth baseball-high school baseballHas not been adopted in.

DH does not require defensive power, and is often appointed for the purpose of specializing in batting, such as players who have excellent batting skills but have difficulty in defensive ability, and foreign players who are expected to hit exclusively from long hitting power. ..So contact, power,Selected eyeA total package includingBattingThe destructive power to bear the central axis is essential. As a specific example, one season in MLB is 1Home runOPSIf you can consistently clear both of .900, it will be regarded as first class[1]..In addition, it is often appointed for the purpose of reducing physical exhaustion by defensive placement of athletes whose defensive strength is weakened due to injury or veteran athletes who have anxiety about their legs.Especially in MLB, there are often cases where a player who is usually on the defensive is appointed as a DH for the purpose of avoiding fatigue of regular players and reducing the burden on slightly injured players.In addition, a player who is good at creating a rhythm of hitting by entering the turn at bat after defensively may dislike the appointment as a DH.For this reason, Japanese players who have been appointed as designated hitters for many years in their active lives at NPBHiromitsu Kadota,Takeshi Yamazaki,Kazuhiko IshimineThere are only a few examples[Note 2].

There is also an argument that fixing to DH will shorten the player's life.For example, at the time of active duty (MLB)Hideki MatsuiWhen renewing the contractYomiuri ShimbunArticle[2]"There are also transfers that emphasize the lifespan of athletes, because DH alone will reduce the sharpness of the body."On the other hand, Matsui himself later commented as a merit of the DH system, "Personally, thanks to DH, the player's life has been extended. That is no doubt."[3]



1972 Was too lowAmerican leagueIn the (A League), 12 out of 9 teams had a yearly audience mobilization of less than 100 million[4].. To eliminate thisAuckland AthleticsWas the owner ofCharlie O. FinleyThe idea of1973 First in the league, the DH system was adopted[4][5].. The first DH to stand at batNew York YankeesWas[4].

In MLB after the establishment of the DH systemPaul Moriter,Edgar Martinez,David OrtiseDH star players also appeared[4].. In 2004, when Martinez, who had been active as DH for many years, retired, the League honored this and awarded him the best-designated batter of the year.Edgar Martinez AwardDecided to rename[4](But in 2010, MartinezAmerican Baseball Hall of FameOnly 36.2% of baseball reporters voted when they became eligible[4]). At the MLB Special Committee convened in January of the same year,MLB All-Star GameA league,National leagueIt has been decided to adopt the DH system regardless of the location of the (Na League)[4]..stillWorld seriesThen.1976 Was first adopted by1985 After the method of dividing into the year of adopting all games and the year of not adopting all games every other year,1986 It has been adopted in more games at the home of the American League national team.As a DHWorld Series MVPIs Molitor's first time, but since it is treated as a third baseman, MVP by DH in full time isHideki MatsuiIs the first time.

2020 Even in the National LeagueNew coronavirus infectionAs a countermeasure, the DH system was introduced (2021 Returned without DH again).

Done on September 2021, 7MLB All-Star GameThen, in the fan vote, it was ranked 1st in the designated hitter category of the American League, and in the inter-player vote, it was ranked 5th in the starting pitcher category.Two-sword styleWas electedOtani Xiangping(Los Angeles Angels) Is applied, and while being appointed as a starting pitcher, he also started in the batting order treated as "No. 1 DH" as a batter.[6](Shohei Otani will be described later).


Initially,Hankyu Braves OfYasuhiro TakaiMarked a lot of home runs with a hit,1974 ToMainichi NewspapersIt was discussed in the wake of an American reporter's column saying, "It's a waste to have that many players, and Japan should introduce a designated hitter system in imitation of the United States."Pacific LeagueIn reference to the success of the League1975 Adopted from[7].. The first DH in Japan to stand at batNippon Ham Fighters OfToshizo SakamotoMet[7].. First year of recruitment is league averagebatting average(.247 → .254) and the total number of pitchers (197 → 302) improved, respectively, and succeeded in shortening the average match time by 5 minutes, but it did not lead to an increase in popularity.[7].

Japan Championship SeriesThen.1985 Was first adopted byHanshin Tigers OfSumio HirotaBecame the first SE League player to stand at bat as DH[7].. At this time, a system is adopted in which every year it is adopted every year and the year when all matches are not adopted.1986 Was adopted without adoption[7].. After that, the rules were revised to continue to be adopted every year in the Pa League baseball world,1987 More used in home-based matches of the Pa League national team[7].2020 Will be adopted in all games for the first time in 1985 years since 35 as a special measure to accompany the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

All star gamesThen.1983 Was first adopted byCentral LeaguePaused after one year as the pitcher stood at bat and showed protest to the end[7].. After that, the SE League softened its attitude1990 Since then, both leagues have been adopted only in the headquarters of the teams that belong to the Pacific League, and have been adopted in all games since 1993.[7].

2005 Started onSep-pa Exchange BattleAccording to the example of the Japanese series, this system has been adopted only from the beginning in the games sponsored by the teams belonging to the Pa League. Note that2014 For, the match was held by the Se League team using a designated hitter, while the Pacific League team was sponsored by adopting a different system from the 9-member system that does not apply the designated hitter (Details later).

Open battleIn 1975, the first year of the introduction, the designated batter system could only be used in competition between teams belonging to the Pa League. However, from the second year of 2, it can be used regardless of the opponent if it is a match held by the team that belongs to the Pa League.In addition, from 1976, both directors will be able to use it even before the match held by the team that belongs to the Se League. With this agreement, the designated batter system can be used regardless of the opponent (even if the teams in the SE League are playing against each other).

In the official game of the farm (second army), in the Eastern League, it was adopted only in home games of teams in which one army belongs to the Pa League until 2008, but from 2009 it will be adopted in all games of all teams. It became so. In addition, since 2013, in the Western League, in addition to the home games of teams in which one army belongs to the Pa League, it has also been adopted in the home games of the Hanshin Tigers. As a result, after 2013Chunichi DragonsHiroshima Toyo CarpThe designated batter system has been adopted in all games except the home game.

In the army education league of the second army, it is adopted even when the teams of the SE leagues compete as in the open game.

In Japanese baseball, when displaying participating players on the scoreboard,Defense numberHowever, in a match where a designated batter is appointed, the pitcher is1"not"PMay be displayed. In addition, a stadium that uses a panel-type scoreboard (2004 previousMiyagi StadiumIn (Others), the number of players in the player member table can only be 9; therefore, the name and display of the pitcher may be changed to the player of the designated batter when attacking, and the name of the pitcher when defending.Korakuen Stadium,Heiwadai baseball fieldThere was also a pattern to display the pitcher's name at the place where the team name is displayed.

Shoichi KanedaIn 1975 when the DH system was adoptedLotte Orions"I didn't like it when the DH system was adopted in 1975. The change of pitcher is a nice thing to do. How to use a substitute hit when the turn order of the pitcher is around. It was good, but the DH system loses its character."[8].

Japanese amateur baseball

JapaneseStudent baseballThen,All Japan University Baseball ChampionshipHas adopted the DH system since 1992. In response to this, from the fall of 1994Toto University Baseball FederationAdopted by. Since then most federations have adopted it,Tokyo Roku University Baseball FederationKansai Student Baseball FederationHas not been adopted in. AlsoMeiji Shrine Baseball TournamentHas not been adopted in.Adult baseballThen.Adult Baseball Japan ChampionshipAll Japan Club Baseball ChampionshipSince 1988, respectivelyCity competition baseball tournamentHas adopted the DH system since 1989.

Held for 1991 consecutive years from 7All Japan Amateur Baseball Championship MatchBut it was introduced.

Japanese high school baseballThen,National Athletic Meet High School Baseball Competition,Selected High School Baseball Tournament,National High School Baseball ChampionshipAnd not adopted in all of its qualifying.However, at that timeYokohama High School3 yearsDaisuke MatsuzakaAt the Koshien Stadium on September 18, 1998, when he celebrated his 9th birthday.3th AAA Asian Baseball ChampionshipIn the final match, the DH system was adopted, and the second attackRepresentation from Japan TheMeitoku Gijuku High School3 yearsShiro TeramotoIs the starting lineup with the 7th DHTaiwan representative TheZhang MagazineStarted in the 5th DH.

International competition

1984 yearsLos Angeles OlympicsOpen competitionSince the adoption of baseball as2008 Beijing OlympicsThe DH system was adopted until the baseball game was abolished in[7].Asia series,World Baseball Classic(WBC) andWBSC Premier 12,World University Baseball Championship,Universiade baseball competition,Asian Professional Baseball ChampionshipSince 1986US-Japan University Baseball ChampionshipIt has been adopted in many international baseball tournaments.

DH system regulation

There are rules such as the baseball rules (5.11).

Identification of designated batter

The designated batter must be selected and listed on the batting order handed to the ball referee before the start of the match (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(1)).

The designated batter's position is fixed in the batting order table and cannot be changed even if there is a player change (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(7)). Only athletes who are not in defence by replacing DH as a substitute or substitute can only become designated hitters during the match.

Note that the pitcher in the rules and the pitcher in the player registration are not related. A pitcher-registered player can act as a fielder or DH, just as a fielder-registered player can act as a pitcher.

  • Done on September 2013, 10Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesversusOrix BuffaloesIn the 23th round of Rakuten's attack in the 7rd round, Rakuten was the first baseman's designated batter.Andrew JonesToSubstituteAs a pitcher registrationHiroyuki Fukuyama(The pitcher of Rakuten who has finished throwing the table 7 times isKimitoAnd not Fukuyama). Fukuyama took over the role of a designated hitter because he was a substitute for Jones, and remained a designated hitter until the end of the match, and never pitched as a pitcher. The turn at bat did not come around[9].
  • Where it changedChunichi DragonsHas put a pitcher-registered player other than the pitcher who pitches in DH in order to make the pitcher stand at bat in the open game[10].

Designated batters listed in the batting order

Designated hitters listed in the batting order table (= starting pitchers) must complete the turn at bat at least once, but can be replaced if the starting pitcher of the opponent team leaves the board (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (2)). ).

If you have not designated a designated batter before the match

Designated hitters are not obligatory even in games with a DH system, but if they are not nominated before the game, they cannot be used in that game (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (3)). ..

However, as mentioned above, not using DH from the beginning in a game with a DH system cannot avoid a one-sided disadvantage, so it cannot occur unless there are special circumstances other than the open battle. I didn't use DH from the start of the game in the official game in order to let pitchers experience bats as a measure for the Japanese series.Digestive matchDid not use DH withSeibu LionsFor example, pitcher registration but also hitting powerOtani XiangpingDid not use DH in the starting pitcher gameHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThere is an example.

Seibu Lions
In 1987, 1990, 1992, and 1998, he started the pitcher as No. 1 in four games, one game each year after the league title was decided. The pitcher who stood at bat was 4Hisanobu Watanabe[Note 3], 1990Kimiyasu Kudo-Tomoo Watanabe, 1992 is Hisanobu WatanabeTetsuya Shiozaki-Takehiro Ishii, 1998Fumiya NishiguchiTotal of 7 people. In the game on October 1992, 10, Hisashi Watanabe hit the front left hit.
Otani Xiangping
Otani had a lot of experience starting as a pitcher since 2013 when he joined Nippon Ham, except for a game that started as a pitcher, but until 2015, he was at bat as a pitcher.Sep-pa Exchange BattleIt was limited to games without DH system. But vs. May 2016, 5Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHe started as a No. 6 pitcher in the battle and stood at bat while pitching for the first time in a game with a DH system. After that, in the official game of the year, there were a total of 7 cases where Otani did not use DH in the starting pitcher game. In this case, unlike the case of Seibu, we do not use DH in anticipation of Otani's own striking power, so the batting order will vary depending on the game,Fukuoka Softbank HawksHe is the first player in the game to start as a pitcher, and is the first player in the history of professional baseball to hit the first batter home run for the first time as a player registered on the table once. 1 is October 1Orix BuffaloesOnly one match of the match, the first in the Pacific League after introducing the designated batter system, and after the two league system on October 1, 2Fumio FujimuraSince then, he has started with the 4th pitcher.

When making a substitute player a designated hitter

When you give a designated hitter or substitute runner to the designated hitter, the form will be different from other substitutions. Normally, when a substitute strike or substitute run is issued, the position is also treated as a substitute strike or substitute run, and even if the same defending position as the replaced player is to be defended, a change declaration must be made at the end of the inning. However, the designated batter becomes the designated batter at the time of substitution, and it is not necessary to report at the end of inning. It is up to the competition group/team to decide whether the notation on the scoreboard will be a substitute hit or a substitute run or a designated hitter according to the rules.

Substitute for designated batter

If a substitute hitter is used instead of the designated hitter, the substitute hitter becomes the designated hitter, and the designated hitter who has once withdrawn cannot participate in the match again (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(4)).

1982 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kintetsu BuffaloesversusHankyu Braves(I.e.
Directed by HankyuToshiharu UedaCan't read Kintetsu's starting pitcher for this match (actually left arm pitcherSuzuki revelationPitched to the designated batterNorihiko YamaokiTheReconnaissance personnelAs a right-handed batter when the batting order turns off the mountain onceKenichiro KawamuraI tried to send him as a substitute. However, due to the above rules, no change in batter was allowed, and Yamaoki was forced to stand in the bat (as in Yamaoki, strikeout).
1998 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Orix Blue WaveversusFukuoka Daiei Hawks(I.e.
It was originally announced as a designated batter of ORIXTroy NeilComplained of severe abdominal pain shortly before the start of the match.However, since it was after the members were announced, the change was not allowed due to the above rules, and Neil had to stand at bat with poor physical condition.When Neil hit a home run in the first at bat, he ran to the home at full speed and went straight to the bathroom without a high five.Neil was eventually replaced by a pinch hitter at the next at bat.
2011 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Orix BuffaloesversusHiroshima Toyo Carp(I.e.
HiroshimaKenjiro NomuraThe manager pitches to the starting batterTakeshi ImamuraWas appointed as a reconnaissance employee, and when exchanging the member table,Akada OkadaI noticed it only after being pointed out by the director. Due to the above rules, no substitute hits are allowed, so Imamura stands in the first at-bat in the second inning,Sacrifice buntWas successful. In the next batTakuro IshiiWas issued as a substitute[11].

As mentioned above, the designated hitter who participated in the starting lineup cannot be replaced unless the starting pitcher of the opponent is replaced, unless one turn at bat is completed.However, if the player is sent off due to an injury, a pinch hitter is allowed as a special case.

2010 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Chiba Lotte MarinesversusSaitama Seibu Lions(I.e.
As Lotte's designated batterKazuya FukuuraEntered the first at bat,Self-ballInjured and sent off.Kobe TakkoWas appointed as a substitute and struck a home run.

Substitute for designated batter

When a substitute runner is used instead of the designated batter, the substitute runner will succeed the designated batter. A designated batter cannot be used as a substitute (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(6)).

When the designated hitter is on the defensive

Designated hitters can also be defensive.When the designated hitter is in the defensive position, the role of the designated hitter is extinguished thereafter (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (12)). When the DH disappears and the pitcher enters the batting order table, the batting order of the defender who retired from the pitcher is taken over in principle.However, if two or more players are replaced at the same time (including the retired defender), the batting order of the new defensive player will be specified by the manager (any batting order may be incorporated) (Baseball Rule 2 (a). )(Five) ).

1991 May 5, Kintetsu Buffaloes vs. Orix Blue Wave
Appointed in ORIX's 5th DHKazuhiko IshimineToTomoji IizukaWas issued as a substitute runner and Iizuka became a DH.I pitched from the back to get Iizuka on the defensiveDon SurzyRetiredKazuhiro SatoI took over the batting order No. 6.Shurji, who entered the turn at bat in the 11th inning after entering the extra time, hit the final home run.It was the first home run hit by a Pacific League pitcher after the introduction of the designated hitter system.
2014 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Saitama Seibu LionsversusHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(I.e.
Number 10 in the 4th attackleftOf Nippon Ham who participated inSho NakataWas injured in his left ankle while running and needed to change players, but Nippon Ham was running out of reserves at that time.Hideki KuriyamaThe director is a designated hitterKenji SugitaniTo defend the left field, and pitcher to No. 4 in Nakata's batting order.Hirotoshi MasuiI put it in. In addition, Masui stood in the bat at base with two deaths in the 11th inning table and retired.[12].

When the designated batter becomes a pitcher

The above-mentioned designated hitter's defense includes the case where the designated hitter is a pitcher.In other words, the designated hitter can also pitch for relief as a pitcher.

1995 May 5, Seibu Lions vs. Orix Blue Wave
Seibu, who had a large lead of 8-2 at the time of the second death in the 0th inning, was in 9th and DH as part of the fan service.Orestes DestradeWas pitched as a pitcher. Destrade allowed 1 hit, 2 walks, and 1 dropped without even dying.
2016 October 10, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters v Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Climax series Final Stage Round 5)
日本ハムの大谷翔平はこの試合に3番・DHとして先発出場していたが、7-4と3点リードで迎えた9回表にDHを解除し、5番手投手としてマウンドに上がった。大谷は自己の日本記録(164km/h)をさらに更新する165km/hの球速を3度記録するなど、この回を三者凡退に抑えてチームは勝利し、1勝のアドバンテージを含む対戦成績を4勝2敗として日本シリーズ進出を決めた。大谷はポストシーズンも含めて自身初のsaveHowever, it was the first case in the history of professional baseball that the player who started as a fielder made a save, including the postseason.

When the pitcher who is pitching moves to another defensive position

If the pitcher who is pitching moves to a defensive position other than the pitcher, the role of the designated hitter will disappear after that (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (8)), so the former pitcher and the newly pitched pitcher will enter the batting order table. It will be.In this case, at least two people will retreat to the bench, so the manager can specify the batting order of the former pitcher and the new pitcher according to the above rules (Baseball Rules 2 (a) (5.11)).

2013 July 7, All-Star Game Round 19
Shohei Otani, who pitched as the third-place pitcher in the Par League, threw an inning as a pitcher in the 3th inning and then moved from the 5th in the defensive position.Left handBecause it was changed toFirst baseman OfLee Dae-hoEntered the batting order of No. XNUMX instead of, and participated in DHAndrew JonesPitcher in batting order of No. XNUMX instead ofKikuchi Yusei(Sho Nakata, who was the fourth left fielder, turned to first baseman).

When a player in another defensive position becomes a pitcher

If a player in another defensive position becomes a pitcher, the role of the designated hitter will disappear thereafter (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (14)).

August 2013, 8, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters v Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
Nippon Ham's starter Shohei Otani, who started in the 5th right-handed man, changed his defense position to a pitcher in the 8th inning, so he took the right-handed man instead of Otani.Shogo AkadaWas participating in DHMichel AbreuInstead, he entered the batting order of No. 3. In addition, the back of the 8th inning has no batting order for Otani, and the 9th inning isKeisuke TanimotoIs pitched, and in No. 5Hiroshi IiyamaAs Otani retired, Otani was never placed at bat as a pitcher in this match.

When a pinch hitter / pinch runner becomes a pitcher

If a pinch hitter (including a pinch runner) becomes a pitcher as it is, the role of the designated hitter will disappear after that (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (9)).

When the pitcher on the pitch replaces the designated hitter as a pinch hitter or a pinch runner

If the pitcher on the pitch replaces the designated hitter as a pinch hitter or a pinch runner, the role of the designated hitter disappears thereafter.The pitcher can only hit or become a runner on behalf of the designated hitter (Baseball Rules 5.11 (a) (10)).

Other provisions

A player attempting to play on behalf of a designated batter does not have to notify the designated batter until the turn comes (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(13)).

Designated batters, except serving as catchers,bull-penCannot sit (Baseball Rule 5.11(a)(15)).

Adoption of DH system


In the american league1973 More adopted.In the national league2019 Was not adopted until[5][13],2020 ToNew coronavirus infectionIt was adopted as a special measure affected by.2021 National League will not adopt the DH system[14].


In the Pacific League1975 More adopted[13]..Not adopted in the Central League[13].

Handling of continuous full-winning appearance records

In NPB, even if only the designated batter participates, it will be continuous fullinningThe entry record will be treated as a continuation, but the MLB is of the opinion that the designated batter does not allow consecutive full-winning appearances.

Hanshin Tigers OfTomonori Kanemoto The2006 In 4 monthCal RipkenIt surpassed the world record (MLB record) of 903 consecutive full-winning appearances held by the company and had set a new record after that, but because he had a breakdown, he usually played Kanemoto in the Pa-League sponsored match of the Sep-pa exchange game. Instead of the leftist, it was considered to be appointed by a designated hitter (in 2005, there is no designated batter in the exchange game). At that time, the MLB did not have an official opinion on the continuous full-winning appearances including the designated batter, so the Hanshin team contacted the MLB and the above opinion was issued.

In fact, Kanamoto was never appointed as a designated hitter in the exchange game until 2009,Yokohama Bay StarsThe difference between the views of NPB and MLB was not a particular issue because the consecutive full-inning appearances were interrupted due to being out of the starting lineup in the battle, and Kanamoto's 1492 consecutive full-inning appearances did not occur in the same year.Guinness World RecordsCertified by. From the time the record was cut to his retirement, Kanemoto played as a designated hitter in most of the Pacific League-sponsored matches.

Japan Championship Series

Adopted biennial since 1985, adopted DH system in 1987 league gamesJapan Championship SeriesIn the (Japan Series), the DH system is not adopted in the games hosted by the Central League teams, so the Pacific League pitchers must stand at bat and the type of players who are supposed to use DH. The Pacific League team is required to make further preparations in terms of how to utilize it (whether to specialize in pinch hitter or to use it for unfamiliar defense).2020 Japan SeriesAs a special measure for the spread of the new coronavirus, it was adopted in all games for the first time in 1985 years since 35.

  • Seibu Lions The1990 Japan SeriesWith the main gun DHOrestes DestradeThe first defense was used as a starter, and Destrade in response to this was respectively in the first and second games with defenseHiroki Makihara-Masaki SaitoHe hit the final homeruns from both aces and hit the finals in all four games, becoming a series MVP.
  • On the other hand,1997 Japan SeriesSeibu at is the main DH with two crowns in the teamDomingo MartinezWas lost in the Yakult-sponsored match (3rd to 5th rounds), losing 3 consecutive games, with 1 win and 4 losses with a poor hit. Yakult pitcherShingo TakatsuIt was in contrast to the decisive timeliness in the third round.

Sep-pa Exchange Battle

2005 Started fromSep-pa Exchange BattleIn the Pacific League, the DH system is adopted only for games at the base of the Pacific League.Since the Central League headquarters does not have a DH system, Pacific League pitchers are also obliged to stand at bat.In addition, tactics are how to incorporate players who are usually appointed as DH into the defense, how to handle pitchers who rarely enter the turn at bat, and who the Central League team appoints as a designated hitter. It becomes a big factor of.

2014 In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the exchange match, the SE and PA leagues have adopted a designated batter system in the match hosted by the SE league in this year's exchange game, and do not use the designated batter system in the league match And the reverse method[15].

After the introduction of the DH system, hits by pitcher-only players in DH system-regulated games

Otani Xiangping(Nippon Ham) is also a fielder and is not covered here.

Pitcher who entered the bat at DH cancellation during the game
1975 May 6Koji OtaKintetsuNippon HamRight fly
1975 May 8Koichiro Sasaki南海Pacific ClubSangoro election (1 RBI)
1976 May 6Yataro OishiHankyuPacific ClubFlight
1978 May 4Hisashi YamadaHankyuNippon HamStrikeout
1978 May 8Kuramochi AkiraCrown lighterNippon HamFour balls
1981 May 8Hisashi YamadaHankyuNippon HamYugoro
1982 May 8Miyamoto ShiroHankyuKintetsuLeft flying
1982 May 9Mitsuo InabaHankyu南海Nigoro
1982 May 10Hisashi YamadaHankyu南海Nigoro
1983 May 6Tomohiko KinoshitaHankyuNippon HamFutaba
1986 May 4Yoshinori SatoHankyu南海Nigoro
1989 May 6Tsutomu SakaiOryxSeibuStrikeout
1990 May 9Norihiko YamaokiOryxNippon HamFour balls
1991 May 5Don SurzyOryxKintetsuLeft home run (1 RBI)
1992 May 5Kiyokawa EijiKintetsuFukuoka DaieiStrikeout
1998 May 9Takehiro HashimotoSeibuOryxStrikeout
2000 May 8Akifumi OtsukaOsaka KintetsuChiba LotteOne liner
2001 May 9Jeremy PowellOsaka KintetsuChiba LotteSan'an
2004 May 6Kiyoshi ToyotaSeibuNippon HamStrikeout
2014 May 8Hirotoshi MasuiHokkaido Nippon-HamSaitama SeibuNigoro
Pitcher standing at bat without using DH in the game
1987 May 10Hisanobu WatanabeSeibuLotteOne goro
1990 May 10Kimiyasu KudoSeibuKintetsuFour balls
Tomoo WatanabeThree Goro
1992 May 10Hisanobu WatanabeSeibuNippon HamSa left
Tetsuya ShiozakiStrikeout
Takehiro IshiiStrikeout
1998 May 10Fumiya Nishiguchi(2 bats)SeibuChiba LotteStrikeout (with two at-bats)
Pitcher who played as a substitute hit
1975 May 9Hisashi YamadaHankyuNippon HamInvestment
1976 May 7Masanori MurakamiNippon Ham南海Strikeout
1976 May 7Masanori MurakamiNippon HamLotteOne liner
2000 May 8Daisuke MatsuzakaSeibuOryxNakayasu (2 RBI)
Pitcher who participated as DH
1982 May 8Norihiko YamaokiHankyuKintetsuStrikeout
2011 May 5Takeshi ImamuraHiroshima ToyoOryxSacrifice

Informal match

Open battleCan be used in all games, and the rules are strictly applied. On the other hand, it is used flexibly in the red and white game and practice games. There are also games where it is possible to have two designated batters or to hire them halfway.

  • Done on September 2020, 6Yokohama DeNA BaystarsversusYomiuri GiantsIn the practice game of DeNA, DeNA is the starting pitcher in the back of the fifth inning.Harukadai HamaguchiAs a substitute forYasushi KusumotoHowever, he was unable to defend the 6th inning and remained in the batting line as 9th DH. This was approved by the agreement of both directors on the premise of a practice match. The giants also made similar appointments in the next day's game, with both teams playing in the remaining games.

Matches between teams with or without DH adoption

When a team that belongs to an organization that uses the DH system and a team that belongs to a group that does not do so, often adopt the DH system only for the former sponsored match, but it is related to the host There is an increasing number of cases where the DH system is adopted instead.

Evaluation of DH system

The pitchers adopted by professionals have a history of playing a core role in blows in high school, but after joining the pros,Otani XiangpingMost of the time, except when he also serves as a fielder, he concentrates on pitchers. In order to preserve the physical strength necessary for pitching, do not swing the bat in the bat, and in order to avoid dead balls, he may be instructed by the pitcher coach to stand away from the home base.

With the introduction of the DH system, it is no longer necessary to incorporate pitchers in which batting power cannot be expected into the batting order, making it possible to form a continuous and aggressive batting order.

At the same time, it became possible to add a fielder, who has a high hitting power but is difficult to defend, as a DH member to the starting team. As a result, it became possible to extend the batting average of the fielder as much as the pitcher could not stand at bat.

Also for pitchers, when they continue to make good pitchesHittingThere is no longer a case where a person is sent and replaced. It also makes it possible for the pitcher to rest while the ally attacks, as the pitcher no longer needs to prepare and stand. Furthermore,Self-ball,Dead ball, Due to cold shoulders, sliding, and base angle when runningsprainIt is also a preferable system for pitchers because it has the effect of preventing breakdowns and exhaustion of physical strength that may occur from the roles of batters and runners.

The biggest criticism of this system is that it distorts the original baseball form of "hit, protect, run."[4].

In Japan, when the Pacific League decided to introduce it, the Se League announced the reasons for not adopting designated batters in nine articles (including the reasons listed above). It is still the official view of the SE League and is also posted on the official website.[16].. As a special case only in the 2014 Se-Pac exchange game, the first designated batter system has been adopted in the official game sponsored by the Se-League. Apply 9 people system).

The DH system is an option that is advantageous only (it is also possible to stand the pitcher at bat without using DH), and the rule does not force you to use it. However, it is disadvantageous for your team to not use it while your opponent team uses the DH system.Open battleExcept for (except for the S-league team often not using DH at the end of the schedule in preparation for the official game).

In NPB in recent years, the basic usage method is either to “fix one specific foreign player for fixed use” or “use multiple players as designated hitters in combination” (so-called “DH rotation”). It is almost impossible to "fix and use one specific Japanese player"[Note 4].. One of the reasons for the decrease in "DH fixed appointment system" in NPB is to use DH appointment as a means when it is necessary to appoint a player who has a failure but can contribute only by the hitting surface.[17]..Also, in 2014, there was an opportunity to set up a forum for discussion on the theme of "Should we introduce the DH system in the Central League?" In "Number Web".[18].

"DH rotation" has been used in MLB for the purpose of occasionally removing even the regular players from the starting field as a measure for overcrowding schedule, but in recent years, for the purpose of resting without fixing a specific player to a designated hitter. Some regular players have infiltrated for the purpose of turning designated batters.[19].New York YankeesServed as a directorJoe GirardiSaid, "I look at the players on that day and decide who is going to be DH. It's also an important job for me to always be in a fresh condition."Starting rotationUnlike, the order is not strictly specified. It has been pointed out that the DH rotation system has excellent cost performance, and it is becoming the center of MLB.[19].. As a result, the number of teams that employ batters specialized in batting has decreased, and the evaluation of players with excellent batting but with defensive problems has tended to decline sharply.Home runIsChris CarterWhen he became a free agent, he was forced to sign a contract at a low price of $ 1 million a year after prolonged contract negotiations.

Discussion on introduction to the Central League

Since 2005, when the Interleague Play was introduced, the difference in strength between the Central League and the Pacific League has become apparent.In particular, Japan's number one team has been the Pacific League team for eight consecutive years since the Giants in 2012 until 2020.Also, in the interleague game, the Central League won only twice out of 8 times in 16 and 2009, and the voices of OBs and commentators pointed out that the lack of a DH system is disadvantageous for these. There are many.

GiantsTatsunori HaraThe director also lost to Softbank2019 Japan SeriesLater, he mentioned the need for DH. As of November 2020, there have been no noticeable movements yet.

GiantsJuichi YamaguchiThe owner proposes a provisional DH (designated hitter) system introduction plan for the 2021 season at the Central League board of directors.[20]After all, I was sent off.


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注 釈

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