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⚾ | Seibu Genda, who is preventing 19 points ... Is Pa's "GG Award" right?“Most promising candidate” predicted from data

Photo Seibu / Sosuke Genda [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Seibu Genda, who is preventing 19 points ... Is Pa's "GG Award" right?“Most Leading Candidate” Predicted from Data

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○ Outfielder
By position, Lotte's 35-year-old veteran Takashi Ogino topped the left with "5.8".

Whereabouts of the Golden Glove Award as seen from the comprehensive defensive index "UZR"?In both leagues, the battle for victory is entangled until the final stage ... → Continue reading


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Takashi Ogino

Takashi Ogino(Takashi Ogino,1985 May 10 -) isNaraTakaichi-gunAsuka VillageFromProfessional baseball player(Outfielder). Right-handed and right-handed.Chiba Lotte MarinesBelongs.


Before entering professional

Started baseball with "Asuka Fresh Juniors" when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school (1995).In junior high schoolRyuichi KajiHe was enrolled in Kashihara Condor.

Koriyama High SchoolThen, it became regular from the summer of the second year of high school (2), and in the summer of the third year (2002)Nara tournamentThen it ended in the runner-up.

Kwansei Gakuin University(For synchronizationHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters OfMiyanishi NaoFrom the fall of the first year of university (1)shortstopIn the spring of 4 (2007), he set a new league record for the first time in 17 years with 23 stolen bases (not broken even at the end of the 2020 autumn league).[2].. FinallyKansai Student LeagueHe has participated in 80 games in total, with 295 at bats, 98 hits, batting average of .332, 3 home runs, 35 RBIs, 47 stolen bases, and 5 best nine awards.

In 2008 immediately after graduationToyotaAt the same time as joining the companyOutfielderTurned to, and recorded 1 home runs in one game in the open game.3th of the same yearJapan ChampionshipHe participated as the third batter in the game and contributed to the team's consecutive victories with a batting average of .3 (slugging percentage of .409).Best nine members of societyReceived the outfielder category.However, in the summer of the second year of working life (2), the left kneeMeniscusHurts, but after returningBaseball against cityAttracted the attention of professional scouts.For teammates in the Toyota Motor era,Sho Aranami,Masato NakazawaLater, he became a colleague at LotteTomohisa OtaniThere is.

2009 Professional Baseball Draft ConferenceIs listed as a top nomination candidate from multiple teams[3],Chiba Lotte MarinesReceived the first place nomination alone. Contract on November 1 with a contract fee of 11 million yen plus a volume of 30 million yen and an annual salary of 1 million yen (estimated amount)Uniform number The4Has been decided.

Lotte era

2010 Appealing speed from the spring camp[4], Played the opening starting lineup of a new outfielder for the first time in 25 years in the team.Recorded 46 stolen bases in 25 games since the opening, against March 3Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIn the game, he played an active part such as hitting the first home run with a professional who will be the reversal final bullet.But on May 5stTokyo Yakult SwallowsTrying to steal two in the battleslidingI injured my right knee when I did.As a result of a detailed examination, the outside of the right knee was completely cured for 2 months.Meniscus damageWas diagnosed.He underwent partial meniscus surgery on the 26th of the same month, but did not return during the season.[5]..At the off contract renewal seatTsuyoshi NishiokaWas vacant due to the transfer ofshortstopRegarding the conversion to, "I have a desire to try it, so if I can protect it, I want to protect it," he left a positive comment.[6].

2011 Was registered as an infielder and participated in the starting lineup as the second short.But on May 2thTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHe complained of discomfort in his right knee during the war and was deregistered on the 17th. "It's completely different from last year's pain. I think it's okay if you take a break," he said.[7]Surgery on the 25th[8].All star gamesHe continued to make adjustments at a rapid pace aiming for a later return, but the recovery was not good and he underwent surgery on his right knee for the third time after joining the professional team on August 8.[9]..In addition, goods that imitated the destination signboards of railway vehicles were released this year.[10]..On the surface "Comfortable legsOn the back of "Ogino XNUMXnd base (stolen base)" is written "Limited express Ogino main base (via third base)".

2012 Is registered as an outfielder again[11], Ogino also declares "I want to do it with one outfield"[12]did.From the lessons of the previous year, prioritize complete healing over the opening[13], Even in the spring camp, I was out of the army and adjusted another menu.The opening will be held by the second army on April 4st.Eastern LeagueWill return to the actual battle for the first time in about a year. On June 1thFirst army player registrationWhen done[14], Same day pairHiroshima Toyo CarpIn the 10th round of the battleSubstituteAnd decided to steal two[15][Note 1]..The next day, the first hit of the season with the first starting lineup after returning[17].. Recorded a home run for the first time in two years in the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters on August 8.[18].. 8 in the match against Nippon-Ham on August 17faux pasRecorded[19], The registration of the 20st Army was canceled on the 10th of the same month.After adjusting the second army, return to the first army in the shortest XNUMX days.For the first time since joining the pro, the season ended without leaving due to injury.

2013 Although he missed the opening team due to back pain, he returned in early May and played 5 games with a batting average of .102 and 276 stolen bases (success rate of .26).

2014 On February 5Orix BuffaloesBattle (Kyocera Dome Osaka),Nishi YukiFor the first time in historyFirst ballRecorded a running home run[Note 2][20].. June 6 vsChunichi DragonsFracture of the left glenoid cavity when entering home plate in battle[21]..I just shook the rest of the season.

2015 Was only able to participate in 2 games due to injuries and other deregistrations, but for the first time in the postseason,Climax seriesHe also recorded a stolen base as his first hit.Left handAs 35 games,Medium-sizedAs a starting lineup in 34 games.

2016 Was injured on April 4th with the left internal oblique muscle detached and healed for 27 weeks.[22]On October 9stRight biceps femorisMeat separationSuffering from two breakdowns[23]..In the end, he only participated in 71 games, which was a reluctant season to reduce the chances of participation compared to the previous year, but he recorded 16 stolen bases (success rate .889) and has continued since the first year of joining the team. The record of consecutive double-digit stolen bases (1 consecutive years) was kept.Mainly as a record defense positionRight handHe was appointed as a starting lineup in 31 games, but he was also appointed as a starting lineup in 10 games as a center fielder.On December 12th, off-season, I gave my uniform number because "I wish I had zero injuries."0Changed to[24].

2017 Finished the season without injury for the first time since joining the pro.In the first half of the game, he suffered two relegations to the second army due to poor batting, but was promoted to the first army on August 1, and has since become a starting lineup. After demodulating with a monthly batting average of .2 in August, he recorded a monthly batting average of .8, stolen bases of 1, and OPS.8 in September and October, showing his success enough to be selected as a monthly MVP candidate.In the end, he participated in 299 games, with 9 hits (10 hits), home runs (346 hits) and stolen bases, which was the highest in Thailand (success rate .15).

2018 Has been established as "No. 1 center fielder" from the opening round. May 5st against Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium) To June 6th against the Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya Dome), Recorded 7 consecutive multi-hits, and maintained good performance.He was also selected as the first All-Star Game player on the recommendation of the director.But on July 7thSaitama Seibu LionsBattle (MetLife Dome) Fractured the proximal phalanx of the second finger of the right hand.The All-Star game was also declined and I could not return until the end of the season[25].

2019 Started using a 8-9 cm short bat, which was 76-77 cm shorter than the previous year, because "I want a feeling of grip end".[26]However, he suffered a batting average of .059 in the open game.[27], Opening starting lineup of high school graduate rookieKyodai FujiwaraI gave it to.However, from mid-April, if you return to the same 4 cm bat as the previous year and change to a style that holds the bat short, the hit will recover[28].. Established as "No. 1 center fielder" on May 5thFukuoka Softbank HawksBattle (ZOZO Marine Stadium) Recorded the 10th stolen base.With this, we achieved double-digit stolen base for 9 consecutive years from the 10th newcomer in history.[29]..In the teamSumio HirotaSecond person since[30].. April 6巨人Battle (Tokyo Dome) To the Orix match (Kyocera) on July 7th, recording 4 consecutive hits[31]In the first half of the game, the batting average of the Pacific League top is .330.In the previous year, he also participated in an All-Star game that he could not participate in due to an injury. In the Seibu match on August 8, we reached the first regular seat for professionals in the 12th year.[28].. In the Rakuten match (Tokyo Dome) on August 8, the 22th person in history achieved a total of 77 stolen bases.[32]..In the end, he participated in 125 games with a batting average of .315 (3rd in the league), 10 home runs, 28 stolen bases (4th), and OPS.842 (10th).35 doubles and 7 triples both ranked first in the league.In addition, he has recorded five home runs for the first batter.In terms of defense, Assistance 1 was 5rd in the league and only 8 error, leaving the league's top class results in all offense and defense.Golden Grab Award-Best nineWas awarded for the first time.It was a year of career high, with the best results as a professional in many items. On October 1st, the domestic acquisition on May 10stFAIt was announced that he would remain without exercising his rights, and left a comment saying, "I think I haven't been able to give back yet. I want to give back firmly from now on."[16].. On December 12, the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 25 million yen, an increase of 3,300 million.[33].

2020 Is the opening match with Softbank on June 6th (Fukuoka PayPay Dome) With "3rd left fielder".From the next 20th match, I had a broken bone in the practice match before the opening.Shuhei FukudaInstead, he continued to participate as "No. 1 center fielder". In the game against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Sapporo Dome) on July 7, he decided to steal the 14th and 21th bases of the season in the 10st game, and achieved double-digit stolen bases for 11 consecutive years from newcomers.[34].. 7 until he fell to 21 at bats in the Seibu match (MetLife) on July 4st.AltmanRecorded 26 consecutive games on base since the opening of the team's Thai record[35]However, his batting average was .330 and his on-base percentage was over 4%, and he maintained a good performance.As a result of visiting a hospital in Tokyo, he was diagnosed with "mild muscle damage to the right biceps femoris" and was canceled on the 22rd of the following day.[36]..Initially it was planned to return in 10 days[36], Even after returning to the actual battle in the second army on August 8, I felt uncomfortable with my right foot and left again without going up to the first army[37]..It was September 2, two months after the departure, that he finally joined the army.[35]..However, on October 1, about a week after returning,Katsuya Kakunaka,Hirooka FujiokaWith multiple leading playersNew coronavirusTurned out to be infected[38]..I was forced to leave again. Return to the army again on October 10[39]Then, in 16 games, he left a batting average of .305, 1 home run, and 4 RBIs, contributing to the team's first 13nd place in 2 years and CS participation for the first time in 4 years.It was reported that he was pondering the exercise of domestic FA rights during the off-season.[40]Was announced to remain on December 12th[41].. On December 12, it was announced that it had signed a two-year contract with an estimated annual salary of 21 million yen.[42].

2021 Participated in the opening game (Fukuoka PayPay Dome) with Softbank on March 3th with "No. 26 Left Fielder". June 1 In the game against Softbank (ZOZO Marine), he achieved double-digit stolen base for 6 consecutive years from the fourth player in history (first in Lotte baseball team) for the first time in 22 years.

Characteristics as a player


Ogino holds the bat extremely short[43]However, it also has punching power and shows a hit that flexibly responds to any course.[44].

Base run/defense

50 meters runningOgino says that the time is about 6 seconds, which is not so fast.[45], Fast to get on top speed[45].. Some scouts said, "If you run a 20-meter straight line, it's the best in Japan."[45]Despite being a right-handed batter, the time to reach first base is 3.57 seconds, which is one of the fastest in the pros.[43][46]..Taking advantage of that running ability, in the Rakuten game on April 2011, 4, from first base to second base in the situation of bases loaded without deathTouch upDecided[47].

Recorded double-digit stolen bases for 1 consecutive years from the first year of joining the team.The total stolen base success rate is among the players who have achieved a total of 11 stolen bases or more in NPB.Haruka NishikawaIt is the second highest number after .864, which is .2 (as of the end of the 842 season).[Note 3].

At the beginning of becoming a professionalslidingThere was a difficulty in the technique of, and slipping from the vicinity of the base caused a burden on the knee and led to a breakdown.[49].

To universityshortstopI was playing as a member of societyOutfielderTurned to.Mainly in the first year of professionalMedium-sizedHe was appointed in 2011, but in XNUMX he participated as a shortstop.OginoRight handIs the easiest to protect and it is easier to judge the hit ball[50]..Until I was in college, I was worried about throwing balls in the infield, but by turning to an outfielder, I think that I was able to take advantage of my strengths because there are scenes of long throws where I can swing my arms. I think that throwing a long ball like a back home from the outfield will grow the most, "Ogino said.[50].


The family consists of seven people: grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, and sister, and Koichi, an older brother who is four years older.Waseda University Race ClubOBMainichi Newspapers記者[51].

Married a general woman in October 2014 and held a wedding ceremony outside Japan in December of the same year.[52]..I have a son.

Lotte has the same surname until 2014Tadahiro OginoWas enrolled, so the nickname is "Takashi" and the scoreboard notation isTakashi Ogino, The back name isT.OGINO(Tadahiro remains "OGINO").However, the scoreboard notation and back name remain the same even after 2015 after Tadahiro left the group.In addition, the uniform number 2017 changed in 0 is the uniform number originally worn by Tadahiro.

Also joined Lotte in 2010Ikuhiro KiyotaI have known since college[53]..Also, after joining the team, they are of the same age and outfielders, so they are in contact with each other.[54].

My favorite food is "Katsudon"[55]..I also like shellfish.[56].

In the song that appeared from 2021,stormI use multiple songs from Arashi, but this is due to a request from my son who is an Arashi fan.[57].

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















2010Lotte46217175295792173172532131612242. 326. 383. 417. 800
20112310391142440028101413170161. 264. 320. 308. 628
2012611871651837501458133601105170. 224. 293. 273. 566
201310239733552921434124282631733209264. 275. 351. 370. 721
20144015514226371023601215150800141. 261. 300. 423. 723
20158230927942759229413185911604385. 269. 317. 337. 654
201671219192354811137021162901404253. 250. 314. 365. 679
201710339435653942215133242631012502446. 264. 315. 374. 689
2018783513175291153211825206931309256. 287. 330. 372. 703
20191255695087616035710239462810944008564. 315. 371. 470. 842
202053236203305917017910194612402232. 291. 370. 389. 759
NPB: 117843137276342777415121321063214220411041720614629834. 280. 338. 385. 723
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Defensive results by year

Every time












2010Lotte4699230. 971-
2011-233571614. 946
201254123331. 977-
2013101182621. 989-
20143966410. 986-
201582152712. 994-
201665112410. 991-
2017101183613. 995-
201878180724. 989-
2019125258812. 996-
20205196210. 990-
total7421451491613. 989233571614. 946
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league
  • Bold year TheGolden Grab AwardAward year



First record
Record of milestone
  • 200 stolen base: August 2019, 8, against Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 22st round (Tokyo Dome), 21 stolen bases in the bottom of the 7th (pitcher:Alan Bussenitz,catcher:Ota Hikaru) * 77th person in history
Other records
  • First batter running home run: May 2014, 5, vs.Orix Buffaloes7rd round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 1 timesNishi YukiFrom Saegoshi solo running home run * 8th person in history[58]
  • First batterFirst ballRunning home run: Same as above * First in history[58]
  • 2 games in a row First batter home run * 36th and 42nd in history. Achieved at 35 years and 11 months is the oldest in history[59]
    • October 2021, 10, Saitama Seibu Lions 6th round (ZOZO Marine Stadium), in the bottom of the 24stKeisuke HondaFrom left Koshi solo
    • October 2021, 10, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 7th round (ZOZO Marine Stadium), in the bottom of the 24stNorimotoFrom left Koshi solo
  • First batter home run four times in the season when the same pitcher starts: 4,Aki SasakiRecorded at the starting lineup * Third time in history[59]
  • Double-digit stolen base for 12 consecutive years since joining the pro * Fourth person in history, first in team history[60]
  • All star gamesParticipation: Once (2019 ,2021 ) * Although he was elected in 2018, he declined to participate.

Uniform number

  • 4(2010-2016)
  • 0(2017 -)

Appearance song

  • "U Don't Know (Remix)"Jay Z(2010)
  • "My ANSWER"SEAMO(2011-2012)
  • "GIRL"Motohiro Hata(2013, 2016)
  • "NEVER GIVE UP !!" FALCO & SHINO (2014) * 1 & 3 at bats and beyond
  • "You can cry"CHIHIRO(2014-2015) * After the second at bat
  • "Thinking about the wind" Yuki Tomiyama (2015)
  • "Under the Red Fruit Hajiketa Koi Sora"LG Monkees(March 2015 -)
  • "Clock strike"ONE OK ROCK (2017-2020)
  • "Cage" Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] (2020) * 2nd at bat and beyond


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