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⚽ | "The sound of trainees ..." Former Matsumoto Yamaga FW Hiroyuki Takasaki reports on the current situation!Independent from Vietnam 1st division ...

Photo Hiroyuki Takasaki Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

"The sound of trainees ..." Former Matsumoto Yamaga FW Hiroyuki Takasaki reports on the current situation!Independent from Vietnam 1st division ...

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In addition, Ventforet Kofu has accumulated up to 18 points by winning the J2 League Round 30 match against Omiya Ardija held on the 54th of this month, and is approaching the second place Jubilo Iwata in the J1 league promotion range by 2 points. ..

FW Hiroyuki Takasaki (35), who has played for Meiji Yasuda Life J-League Matsumoto Yamaga and FC Gifu, was sick at the end of last month ... → Continue reading

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J1 league promotion

Ventforet Kofu

Ventforet Kofu(Ventforet Kofu,Ventforet Kofu) IsJapan OfKofu City,NirasakiCentered onYamanashiHometown in all prefectures[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) is a professional football club.


1999 Join the J League[1]..The team name is French "Vent (wind)"When"Forêt (Hayashi)With a coined word[1],Sengoku periodOf the military commanderShingen TakedaFlag of ""Fulin VolcanoIs based on[1]..There is also a J League club with a parent company[Note 1] On the other hand, Ventforet does not have a specific parent company and is supported by small sponsors such as a local Yamanashi company.When joining the J-League, the home town is "30 municipalities centered on Kofu City and Nirasaki City" ("Great Heisei mergerAfter that, it was 13 municipalities), but from July 2005, it became "all prefectures in Yamanashi prefecture centered on Kofu city and Nirasaki city".[1].

The official shop isKofu Central Shopping DistrictThere is "Machinaka Vanforet Plaza" in the corner of "Kasugamori"[1], Home game ticket sales, club supporter membership reception, and goods sales.Also,Okajima Department StoreThere is also a corner on the 6th floor where goods are sold.[1].

Home stadiumJIT Recycled Ink StadiumIs[1](Detail is#StadiumSee).About the practice areaVentforet Kofu practice areachecking ...

The mascotKai dogWith the motif[1]Van(2006 May 6Than),Foret-chan(2009 May 3From)[1].

Until 2014, there was no team-specific anthem, and the official J-League anthem was used at the time of admission. Originally from Yamanashi, Japan since 2015RemioromenWas the vocal ofRyota FujimakiIt has been decided to use the production anthem[2].



1965 Expanded the Tsurujo clubKofu Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1].1972 ThanJSL part 2,1992 ThanJapan Football LeagueEntered the.1995 ToVentforet KofuChanged the team name to[1].. Became an operating corporation in February 1997Vanforet Yamanashi Sports ClubEstablished.1998 Approved to join the J-League in 1999J League Division 2(J2) Participation has been decided.

1999-2005 (J2)


License issue[Note 2] I was in command until thenYuji TsukadaInstead ofSusumu KatsumataIs appointed as director[Note 3] did.In the league match, he had not won the opening 10 games, and was the lowest performer.In addition, although efforts were made to reduce costs such as labor cost control, advertising revenue fell sharply due to the number of uniform sponsors falling to zero, and due to the influence of lack of interest and sluggish teams, the audience fell into the red for the third consecutive year. It was.


S-class leader licenseTsukada who acquired the is returned to the director.The league match ended at the bottom for the second consecutive year, and in Section 2SendaiAt the end of the victory of the battle, in Section 33Niigata6 unwinned games including 19 and 26 consecutive losses until the match is won (Later) Was recorded.Also, the number of visitors isUrawaExcluding the games, there were only the opening games with more than 3,000 players, and there were five games with less than 1,000 players.There were 5 registered athletes, 24 of whom were amateur trainers, and 6 of them were physical trainers due to a shortage of athletes due to a shortage of players due to a mid-career withdrawal from a professional contract.Michihiro TsurutaI had no choice but to conclude a professional contract in a hurry (Tsuruta retired again only this season).

The management crisis problem was discovered just before the end of the previous season, and the survival of the team would be jeopardized.


Conditionally as a result of survival movement etc.2001 Is decided to participate in the warHidefumi KaminagaBecame the manager of the strengthening department[Note 4] Then in BrazilSE PalmeirasIn partnership with the directorLuis dos Hayes GonzalvesAnd 5 Brazilian players will be provided free of charge.The opening of the season was just before the promotion to J1 due to the delay in the arrival of Brazilian players including Hayes.SendaiAlthough he won at home, he was the lowest performer for the third consecutive year.In addition, 3 goals were the most goals in the J-League.On the management side3 survival conditionsIn addition to achieving all of the above, a single-year surplus was recorded for the first time in the third year of J's entry, and it was decided that the team would survive the following year.In addition, he was enrolled from the Kofu club era from this year and played as a civil servant J Leaguer.Daisuke IshiharaIs retired.From the following year, all players will have only professional contracts.


Canceled the partnership with Palmeiras andShimizu S-PulseFormed a partnership with (Separately posted).Also to the directorTakeshi OkiIs appointed.Ken Fujita,Kuranuki Kazuki,Katsuya Ishihara,Jun MizukoshiHe finished 12th out of 7 teams.In addition, the team's first match against C-Osaka on September 9 was full at the Kose Stadium (capacity of 21 at that time).Also, of the illusionistPrincess TenkoSponsored the event, and the words "PRINCESS TENKO" were printed on the back.Individuals become J-League uniform sponsorsHidetoshi Nakata(Shonan) AndNorika Fujiwara(Yokohama FC), But Tenko supports Kofu by performing illusions in home games and appearing on TV programs wearing Kofu uniforms.The sponsorship contract with Tenko continued until 2003.


Oki retired as director (later appointed as director of Shimizu)Tokyo VFormer directorHidenori MatsunagaIs appointed as the successor director.Matsunaga inherited the play style of last season.To Kazuki Kuranuki, Katsuya Ishihara, MizukoshiYokohama FMPlayed inDaisuke TonoikeThe midfield was stable, and in June, the former Japan national teamTakashi OguraJoins Fujita or this yearShonanTransferred fromDaisuke SudoThe team power is improved by two-top.As a result, in the final section, such as winning the first season after entering J2 and winning from all teamsFukuokaAlthough it was overtaken by, it came in 5th place.


Matsunaga system second year.SotoikeHiroshimaWhile transferring to, for the first time in 6 yearsBaronIs back.Kokura orKotaro Yamazaki2 tops function and mass-produce points from the opening.The team situation is good, such as being in 2nd place at one point, and returning to 3rd place in the previous term.May 7Baron leaves the group (after thatKashimaAlthough he was transferred to the team, he remained in the fight for promotion until the third course, but when Fujita and Ishihara left for a long time due to injury, the team stalled.In the 3th course, he finished the season in 4th place with only 2 wins.


Oki returns to the coach.OmiyaTransferred fromFWValleyThis season, he is active in scoring 2 points, which is the second highest in the J2 scoring rank. Although it was not the second place or higher that was automatically promoted to J21,SendaiI passed the season and finished the season in 3rd place.J1・J2 replacement gameoakJ1 promotion was decided after winning consecutively.

2006-2007 (J1)


The second year of the Oki system.Former Japan national team in the first year of promotion with a limited budgetKentaro HayashiAnd JFL Best ElevenJun UrunoReturned to the team for the first time in 6 yearsGakuya Horii, Played in Sapporo etc.BijuAnd so on. J1 first matchShimizuLost to, but the third race in which the running soccer that was accepted in J2 began to function(I.e.The first J1 victory in the battle is in the volleyball and mid-gameTakehara MobaraBy their successYokohama FM,Kashima,G OsakaAlthough he won, he finished 18th out of 15 teams.In addition, 7th placeNagoyaThe difference in points between them was 6 (the difference in points from 9th place Yokohama FM was 3).


The third year of the Oki system.Valley goes to Gamba Osaka, Kazuki Kuranuki京都What,Alair Veranopolis ECRCWhile transferring to BrazilColicheba FCTo FWア ル ベ ル トFC TokyoTo DFTatsuya MasushimaWas acquired by a loan transfer.Oki's new tactic "Crows" did not work well, and he suffered four consecutive losses at the opening and escaped from the residual battle with three consecutive wins in April, but he continued to lose consecutively from around May and became a judge in Section 4. Kentaro Hayashi, who had not participated in the match with Takehito Shigehara who was dissatisfied, caused trouble and was suspended.[Note 5]..In the second half of the seasonToshiaki HajiRadon ChitchiSudo, who won both FWs and became the top scorer of the Nabisco Cup, tried to regain the second half of the game, but lost to Kashiwa 33-1 in Round 2 and was relegated to J2 (final ranking was 17th).Director Oki retired after the season ended.

2008-2010 (J2)


Head coachTakayoshi YasumaIs appointed as a director.While Takehito Shigehara, Tatsuya Masushima, Daisuke Sudo, etc. have each transferred, in terms of reinforcementJogimar,Atsushi MioReturns,Maeda MasafumiWas acquired by rental transfer.In the league match, he has not won 5 games since the opening, and after 21 games in the first half, he has only 5 wins and is in 11th place. In JulyThurlesMaranyonAcquired two Brazilian FWs for a limited time.Rapid growthYohei OnishiHowever, the weakness of the game that he could not beat the upper team did not improve until the end, and the final ranking was 7th.In October, former Omiya directorSaku Sakuma General managerWas appointed to.


The second year of the Yasuma system.A large amount of main FW team was released, and instead, it was transferred to a complete transfer of MaranyonKim Swim,Hiroshi MoritaAcquired each FW.The defense team is GKKota Ogi, DFダ ニ エ ルI got two people by rental transfer.In the league match, the first course was returned in 2th place, and from Gifu in June.Atsushi KatagiriIn addition, he was enrolled in Hiroshima and scored 9 points.GaubonBoth FWs were acquired by complete transfer.In the league match, they finally competed with Shonan for 3rd place, but lost in a direct confrontation and ended the season in 1th place with one point difference from Shonan.

In order to develop young human resources who are sluggish this yearYamanashi Gakuin UniversityTo form a partnership with the players and to interact with each other[3].


Director Yasuma retired and was the head coach the previous yearKazuo UchidaIs appointed as a director.Kentaro Hayashi and GKKensaku AbeRetired and joined the team with Hiroshi Morita for many yearsSugiyama ArataWhile leaving the group, from Yokohama FM (enrolled in Tosu the previous year)Halfner Mike, Former KyotoPaulinhoWas acquired by a complete transfer.Due to a sudden change in tactics just before the opening, the first four races were 4 win, 1 draw and 1 losses, but after that the attacking team began to function and when they moved up to 2nd place in Section 13, they maintained their position.He won the match against Tochigi SC in Section 2 and decided to return to J34 for the first time in four years. In the J4 season, he finished second, higher than 1, when he was promoted last time.In addition, Mike Havenaar scored 2 points and won the team's first J2005 top scorer.

2011 (J1)

The contract with Director Uchida was terminated for comprehensive reasons such as "lack of experience in how to fight in J1", with the aim of strengthening defense.Toshiya MiuraBecame a director who has been invited to the outside since Oki.Ken Fujita,Michitaka Akimoto, Maranyon (rental transfer), etc. have left the group, while both former Japan national team midfielders from ShimizuTeruetsu ItoAnd DFDaisuke IchikawaIt was acquired mainly by veteran players such as.However, it was originally taken by Miura in Kofu, which is centered on aggressive pass soccer.Zone defenseThe defensive tactics consisting of this did not work at all, and Miura was dismissed in July after losing consecutive losses and conceding a large number of goals.[Note 6].. GM Sakuma takes over as the successor manager.Mike Havenaar, Paulinho, Atsushi Katagiri,Atsushi IzawaThe team was rebuilt centering on these, and in July, the former SapporoDavi, Former IwataKim Jin KyuAcquired.Although Mike Havenaar mass-produced points, he was defeated by Omiya in the final round and was demoted.

After the season ended, Mike Havenaar criticized the team-building policy such as the release of Ken Fujita and Michitaka Akimoto and the invitation of former coach Miura.[4]Sakuma said there was a problem with the quality of the reinforced players[5]..Mike Havenaar will be the club's first in AugustRepresentation from JapanElected to October 10th2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHe scored two goals in the match and became the club's first scorer in the A national team match.

2012 (J2)

Team slogan:MOVE -Challenge from the origin-

Sakuma returns to GM and is formerFC TokyoDirector'sFukuhiro JoBecame the director.Halfner Mike,Paulinho,Daniel,Daisuke IchikawaFW while the main players left the groupHiroyuki Takasaki, DFGohei Morita, DFKensuke FukudaHave joined. Win the opening round for the first time in the 14th year (Later) Then Davi, who joined in the middle of last season but ended up with no points, mass-produced points from the opening round.On the wayDaviJofuku gradually adopted it, but it started to function, and former Gamba Osaka and Shimizu were in the middle of the season.FernandinhoWhen the team joins, the team regains their tone and wins the Round 26 Home Tokyo V match and jumps to the top position for the first time in the team's history.After that, he never surrendered the lead position, and Section 1ShonanBy drawing in the match, he was promoted to J3 for the third time, and also won the match against Fukuoka in Section 1 39-3, deciding to win J2.This is the first time for Ventforet Kofu to win a "national league match" including the Kofu club era.Section 2 Home After losing against Chiba, Section 18 AwayMitoFrom victory in the match to the final round away against Kyoto, 2 undefeated matches will be the J24 record (Later) Ended the season.

2013-2017 (J1)

Team slogan:MOVE -Provincial Challenge-

The second year of the castle fortune system.

Davi,Fernandinho,Hiroyuki Takasaki,Nagasato Genki,Atsushi KatagiriWhile they left the group, Japanese playersTsuchiya MasaoNaoaki Aoyama,Aki MizunoComplete transfer acquisition, alsoNaoyoshi HanyuKazuki HiramotoWas acquired by rental.On the other hand, foreigner reinforcement "has not reached the point of acquiring foreign strikers with decisive power" (GM Sakuma)[6] As you sayLenny,UgoAlthough he contracted with an unknown number of players, Lenny remained the only one left since last year before the opening.DouglasWas canceled by April and Ugo was canceled by July.In addition, the former acquired in March on behalf of LennyParaguay representative OfOrtigosaHowever, it did not match the team policy and was canceled in June during the suspension period and foreigners were replaced one after another, and during the suspension period GM explained to the site about the team situation where the policy was not decided.[7]..From the middle of the season, we switched to acquiring foreign players with J-League experience, and in MayIwata OfMarquinhos Parana, Former Iwata in JulyGilsinhoEarned again(I.e.からPatrickWas rented and transferred.

From the opening to the 10th round, it was 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, but due to the repeated replacement of foreigners mentioned above and the extreme lack of scoring ability, after the defeat of the 11th round Shimizu match.Confederations CupHe suffered eight consecutive losses, and at the end of Section 8, he fell to 18th place in the relegation zone.However, after the 16th round, Patrick and Gilsinho joined and the newly adopted 19-back system by Yamamoto, Sasaki and Aoyama helped to stabilize the defense, resulting in a recovery of 3 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses, and finally 3th place Shonan. He finished the season in 16th place with 12 points, and remained in J15 since 2006.Nabisco Cup lost in the qualifying league.The Emperor's Cup lost to Hiroshima in the penalty shootout in the quarterfinals and became the best 1 team record in Thailand.

Team slogan:Leap-Provincial Challenge-

The second year of the castle fortune system.

Yoshifumi KashiwaTo Hiroshima, Teruyoshi ItoNaganoTransferred to.In addition, Patrick left the group, Kazuki Hiramoto, Naotake Hanyu,Kohei KawadaThe rental contract with is terminated.As a new forceShohei Abe,CristianoAnd during the seasonTakuma AbeKirino[Note 7] Was reinforced.

During the camp before the opening, the whole Yamanashi prefecture26 heavy snowfallAttacked, and the practice field in the prefecture became unusable, and the opening game had to be transferred to the national stadium.Still, due to the success of Kohei Morita, who was re-contracted as FW and adherence.Brazil World CupPreviously it was located in the remaining area, but the heavy snowfall mentioned aboveTrademark rights issueDue to the impact of the payment due to the settlement, the camp had to be shortened due to the interruption during the World Cup period, and after resuming, 15 races were not won (22 minutes 8 losses) from the 5th to 3nd sections and it fell to the relegation zone.However, in September, when he won the match against Tosu in Section 9 for the first time in nine games, he recovered to 23 wins, 9 draws and 29 losses until Section 2, and when he won the match against Kawasaki in Section 3 and escaped from the relegation zone, C continued. Also won in Osaka and Hiroshima.At the end of Section 2, J30 remained, and the final ranking was 32th, the highest ever, due to the sluggish growth of other teams competing for remaining.Although he won the Nabisco Cup three times, he lost in the qualifying league.The Emperor's Cup lost to J1's Kitakyushu in the final 13 in a penalty shootout for the second consecutive year.

Team slogan:On earth-Provincial Challenge-

The team's first J1 consecutive third season.Jofuku retired from the previous year.Yasuhiro HiguchiWas appointed as the new director[8].

Cristiano's rental transfer to Kashiwa ReysolSho Sasaki, Koki Mizuno, Naoaki Aoyama transferred.Kirino and Marquinhos Parana also left the group, and the mainstays changed significantly.Former Tokushima as a new forceAdrianoAnd Motourawa / NagasakiHiroshi NodaIn addition, Kohei Kawata, who had returned to Gamba Osaka last year, was completely transferred.

However, before the seasonJibauBut right after the openingEnriqueAlso left the group.In addition, the new tactics by Director Higuchi did not work and fell into a slump from the opening, 11 wins and 2 losses at the end of Section 9, and not only the goal but also the goal fell to the bottom of the league, so Director Higuchi resigned on May 5. did.Instead, GM Sakuma took over as coach, regained Marquinhos Parana in April, and Valley returned for the first time in nine years in May.Adriano and Noda left the team in the middle of the season, but after returning to the tactics adopted by Jofuku until last year, they escaped from the relegation zone with 13 wins and 4 draws and returned to the 5st stage in 9th place. In the 4nd stage, he was 2th without falling into the relegation zone, and the overall ranking was 1th, deciding to remain in J12 for the third consecutive year.The Nabisco Cup lost the qualifying without winning, and the Emperor's Cup lost to Kashiwa in the final 2.

Team slogan:All-out-Provincial Challenge-

It was reported that Sakuma would retire after the end of the previous season, but he will remain in office for the second year of the Sakuma system.In addition to the director and GM, Sakuma has been appointed as vice president, so he has been assigned three additional positions.

Shohei Abe, Takuma Abe,Kota OgiThe main groupYuki Horigome,Junya Ito,Shimoda HokutoYoung people transferred.Valley and Marquinhos Parana have also left the team, and there will be a series of withdrawals.Cristiano returns from Kashiwa.Other former KashimaJewton(The contract was canceled in January and the contract was canceled in February), YuanAustralia representative OfBilly Celeski,Nilson,Chuka,Yusuke Tanaka,Seiji KurokiAcquired the main force of other teams.

Although he took the lead in J1 for the first time after winning the opening round, his ranking was sluggish due to a series of player injuries. It ended in. Former Kashiwa before the opening of the 6nd stageDuduReinforced, and Marquinhos Parana for the third time,DaviMade a second comeback.With this reinforcement, Nilson and Chuka have been canceled due to the foreigner quota.The remnants were carried over to the final round, and the remnants were decided to be 2th in the 2nd stage and 13th in the annual ranking.However, 14 points per year are the lowest ever in the remaining years (less than 31 in 2011 when they were demoted), 33 wins per year are the lowest number of J7 wins in line with the relegation in 2007, and the number of points is 1, which is the third worst in the league. The number of goals conceded was 32, an increase of 3 from the previous year, and the league's worst second place tie.

The Nabisco Cup has been eliminated from the qualifying league for four consecutive years, and the Emperor's Cup has been defeated by J4 Oita in the first match.

Team slogan:Evolution-Provincial Challenge-

J1 5th consecutive season.Sakuma retired from the director (GM and vice president continued to cast), and succeeded him in Kashiwa and Niigata.Tatsuma YoshidaWas appointed[9]

Sho Inagaki HiroshimaTransfer toKensuke Fukuda(NagasakiTransfer to),Yoshino Shunmitsu,Gohei Morita(GunmaTransfer to),Naoya Shibamura,Masaki Watanabe(Yokohama FCTransfer to),OkayamaWas rented toTaisuke Akiyoshi,Davi,Billy Celeski,Marquinhos ParanaResigned due to the expiration of the contract.The new force isSendaiからWilson,YamaguchiからShimakawa Toshiro,MitoからAkihiro Hyodo,Minero, USAからEder LimaEarned,ガ ブ リ エ ルJoined by rental transfer, 3 university graduates newly joined,Koki WakasugiReturned from the rental transfer destination, and last year京都Transferred toYuki HorigomeHas returned with a complete transfer for the first time in two years.

In March immediately after the opening千葉からShohei AbeReturned for the first time in about a year, and the originalAustralian national team OfOliver BozanicEarned in AugustJunior BarrosGabriel was deregistered due to the foreigner quota, and was formerly in August.G Osaka OfrinseJunior Barros, who joined for two months due to the foreigner quota, was deregistered, and in SeptemberBillyWilson was deregistered due to the foreigner quota.

The defense, which was an issue for the previous year, was selected on behalf of Kawada.Oka University studentAlthough it was improved by the success of the team, Wilson's illness and the recovery of Dudu who was injured in the previous year were not good, so the lack of scoring ability was not improved, and he lost to teams such as Niigata, Hiroshima and Shimizu who are fighting for residuals in a row. There were many.Although the scoring ability improved due to the success of the rinse who joined in the middle, this time he suffered a reverse defeat at the important point, and although he defeated Vegalta Sendai in the final round, Shimizu in 15th place also won, so J2 relegation was decided. did.

In addition, Katsuya Ishihara, who has been playing since 2001, retired from active duty at the end of this season.


Team slogan:Completion-Provincial Challenge-

It will be the first time in 6 seasons to fight in J2, and Director Yoshida will continue to throw.In front of the head coachOmiya ArdijaDirector'sAkira ItoInvited.Other than Ishihara mentioned aboveTakuma Tsuda,Kazunari Hosaka,Tsuchiya MasaoVeterans such as (rental transfer to Kyoto from the middle of the season) left the group due to the expiration of the contract one after another.Also,Seiji Kuroki NagasakiWhat,Akihiro Hyodo ShimizuTransferred to (returned to the club where they were once enrolled),Ryo NiisatoAlsoIwataTransferred toDuduOf J2FukuokaTransferred to rental.On the other hand, Rinse and Kohei Kawata, who were offered by the J1 team, remained.Niigata(2017YamaguchiPlay)Kazuki Kozuka,Niigata SからTakuya Akiyama,oakからMasato Yuzawa,ToyamaからRyo Kubota,ShonanからGenieWith a complete transfer,SapporoFrom former Japan national team FWKinen EnglishObtained by rental.The player registration was canceled due to an injury the previous year.Junior BarrosRe-contracted with.

The season opened with the goal of 90 points, but after 11 races, it was sluggish at 2th place with 5 wins, 4 draws and 16 losses, let alone returning to J1 in one year.J3 leagueEven demotion falls into the field of view.The club confirmed Yoshida's continued throwing after the end of Section 10, but canceled the contract on April 11 after the end of Section 4.[10]Was a former director of YamaguchiNobuhiro UenoIs appointed as the director, but Section 40Mito Holy HookLost 2-0, and there was no return to J1 in one year.The league match was sluggish,Levin Cup,Emperor's cupBoth have the best 8 results.After the season, Ueno retired due to the expiration of the contract.

Team slogan:Get hot

Head coach to the new coachAkira ItoWas promoted internally, and the head coach was a former coachKazuo UchidaReturned for the first time in 8 years.Shohei Abe,Ryo Kubota,Takayuki Seto,Ferrugem,Diego,rinseLeaves the group.I was subscribed for a limited timeRyo TakanoReturned to Yokohama M,Kohei ShimizuTransferred to Hiroshima.MoreoverKazuki KozukaShimakawa ToshiroTo Oita,Takuya AkiyamaTo TokushimaRyohei MichibuchiTo Sendai,Yuki HorigomeTransferred to Chiba.For new playersRiku Nakayama(← Tokai University Sagami High School),Jumma MiyazakiTwo players (← Yamanashi Gakuin High School) joined the team.In the stove leagueDudu(← Fukuoka) has returned from a loan transfer,Kinen EnglishRemains after a complete transfer.Former J1 top scorer from TokushimaPeter UtakaFrom OmiyaYokotani Shigeru, From Kawasaki FTakeoka Yuto, From NagoyaKenta Uchida, From KanazawaTatsuji KoyanagiKoichi Sato, From YS YokohamaKyosuke GotoWas acquired and the contract had expired the previous yearYusuke TanakaAnd re-contract.In summerEstorilFrom (Portugal)Alano,GunmaからHayato KoizumiJoined with a loan transfer.Goto transferred to Gunma for a limited time in place of Koizumi, andJunior Barros(→ Gifu),Keita Irumagawa(→ →Nagano) Also transferred for a limited time.

Although the opening game is drawn, the team succeeded in starting dash with no loss in the opening 9 games until the match against Mito in the 8th round, and at one point they took the lead, but in the summer they suffered two consecutive losses and fell out of the playoff zone, but were injured. With the success of Kinen, who returned to the battlefield from the beginning, he took points from rivals in the promotion battle such as Yamagata, Tokushima, and Kyoto, and became an updraft.And the 2th section that we met at homeAvispa FukuokaWin the battle and emerge within the playoffs.As a result, the team showed a fierce charge of 10 wins, 6 draws and 3 loss in the final 1 games, and finished in 5th place.J1 entry playoffsAdvanced to.

In the first playoff round, he played against Tokushima, who was in 1th place. Although it ended in a 4-1 draw, he was eliminated due to tournament regulations and missed the promotion to J1.In addition, only for this yearYu MatsuhashiShohei OguraRetired from active duty.

The Emperor's Cup has advanced to the Top 2 for the second consecutive year.

Team slogan:AGGRESSIVE

The second year of the Ito system.Shibuya HirokiReturned to head coach for the first time in 8 yearsKazuo UchidaWas reassigned to a coach.As mentioned aboveYu MatsuhashiShohei Ogura(Both retired),Eder Lima,Yokotani Shigeru,Takeoka Yuto,Koichi Sato,Yusuke TanakaIn addition to the veteran player leaving the group due to the expiration of the contractYuta KoideKazuhiro SatoTo Oita,Peter UtakaYutaka SonedaTo Kyoto,Masato YuzawaTo FukuokaKota Mori YamaguchiTransferred to.In reinforcementRyotaro Nakamura(← Chuo University),Daiki NakashioBahos (← Gifu) and Iruma River (← Nagano) have returned from a loan transfer with two new college graduates (← Rissho University).Joined midway in the summer of the previous yearHayato KoizumiJoined with a complete transfer, from Yokohama MIzumi SawaFrom OkayamaShohei TakedaFrom OmiyaRiku YamadaFrom Tosu with a loan transferFujita Yuto, From FC TokyoHideyuki Nozawa, From FukuokaRiki Matsuda,Figuerense FCFrom former Omiyaラ フ ァ エ ルAcquired.Including the mainstay, the players have been significantly replaced and the players have been rejuvenated.

New CoronavirusThe league match was suspended for four months after the opening match due to the spread of the infection.Also, during the suspension period, he participated in practice at the camp.Halfner MikeReturned for the first time in eight years, and in the summer transfer window, former TochigiMendesWon.After the resumption, due to changes in the regulations of the tournament, there was no demotion, the playoffs were canceled, and the promotion was narrowed down to two teams.In addition, only the top two teams in the league participated in the Emperor's Cup from J2.The itinerary has also changed, and an overcrowded schedule has been set up, in which five consecutive battles in the middle two days last for six months, making it an unprecedented season.In order to adjust the condition of the players and reduce the fatigue of consecutive battles when fighting overcrowded schedules, the team as a whole will develop a total war by actively adopting turnovers and giving younger players more opportunities to participate, but the final result is 2th. ..Although the number of defeats (2 losses) is the fourth lowest in the league, the number of draws in the league is the highest due to the conspicuous loss of points such as the goal at the end of the game and the small number of reverse wins from behind. Record (2 divisions). The difference in points between Nagasaki and Nagasaki was 5 (Nagasaki 6, Kofu 4).

As mentioned above, the Emperor's Cup did not participate.

In addition, Fujita retired from active duty for this year only.

Team slogan:Unite for the Next

The third year of the Ito system.U-3 coach to coachKatsutomo OshibaWas appointed,Kazuo UchidaBecame U-18 coach.Mendes remains for foreign players,Dudu, Rafael, and Bajos have left the group.Willian LiraIs a complete transfer,Paulo BayaJoined with a loan transfer.For Japanese playersKinen English,Yuki Hashizume(→ Retirement),Keita Irumagawa,Kyosuke Goto,Oka University student,Halfner MikeLeft the group when the contract expired.Shohei Takeda(→ Kyoto),Yuta Imazu(→ Hiroshima),Shusuke Ota(→ Machida),Daiki Nakashio(→ Yokohama FC),Riki Matsuda(→ C Osaka),Kenta Uchida(→ Ehime) and the main force also leaked one after another.For new playersHidehiro Sugai(← Meiji University),Motoki HasegawaMasahiro Sekiguchi(← Hosei University),Riku Nozawa(← Industrial efficiency is high),Yoshiki ToriumiFive university graduates from (← Toin University of Yokohama) joined the team.From Hiroshima for reinforcementTaketo NozudaWhen you join with a loan transferIzumi SawaRiku YamadaRemains after a complete transfer.From OitaSanheiji, From EhimeKoki AritaFrom ShimizuKanai Mitsufumi, From GifuFumitaka Kitatani, From NaganoNiki UrakamiWas won.

In the regulation, the playoffs will not be held as in last year, and the promotion limit remains at 2, but with the demotion from J1 to 4 teams, the demotion limit for J2 has expanded to 4.In addition, it was scheduled to be held the previous yearTokyo 2020 OlympicsWith the holding of, it was decided to suspend the league match during the tournament.

The team had a big wave of ups and downs from the opening, and succeeded in starting dash with no loss in 4 races from the opening, but in Section 5Machida ZelviaAfter losing to, it stagnated with no win in 4 races.In May, when the difference in points with the promotion zone was widened, it showed a good fight with 5 wins and 4 draws, but in June it was sluggish again with only 2 win.In July, before the Olympics were suspended, all three races were won, but in August after the suspension, four races were not won (6 losses and 1 draws).Participated in the Emperor's Cup from the second round,Hokushinetsu League 1st Division OfFukui United FCLost to.

During the suspension periodRiku Nakayama ToyamaToTraining-type transfer with deadlineHowever, only half a year after Kanai joinedRyukyuTransferred to. In September he was playing in Kofu in 9Hiroyuki TakasakiParticipated in the practice, and it was announced that he would join on October 10st.


Each record

19 consecutive losses (26 unwinned)

In 2000, Kofu continued to lose in a row after winning the 4th round against Sendai (Kose, 1-0), and the 33rd round against Niigata (XNUMX-XNUMX).Niigata City Land, 1-0) was far from winning 26 races[Note 8]..Of these, only the match against Tosu in Section 11 was drawn, and the remaining 25 matches were all lost, so the consecutive defeat count at that time was "25 consecutive losses"Met.After that, "Consecutive wins and consecutive losses do not have a draw.[11]Was revised to the rule, and since this was also applied to past records, now "6 division is inserted after 1 consecutive losses."19 consecutive losses". Although it has decreased to 19 consecutive losses, this record is 2 consecutive losses recorded by Kyoto in 1996 not only for J17 but also for the entire J League.[Note 9] It is a record that exceeds.In addition, since the 4th section was held on March 3th and the 30rd section was held on September 33th, it means that we were far from winning for five and a half months.

After that, Sagan Tosu broke the unwinning record in 2003 (28 games in the season alone, continuing until 30 games until he won Kofu the following year).[Note 10] However, the record of consecutive losses is still unbroken.

Score during unwinning (record of consecutive losses)
5Urawa (Komaba) 1-3 ●19Mito (Hitachinaka) 0-2 ●
6Oita (Oze) 1-3 ●20Shonan (Oze) 1-2 ●
7Yamagata (Tsuruoka) 2-4 ●21Omiya (Omiya) 0-1 ●
8Mito (Nirasaki Central) 0-3 ●22Tosu (Oze) 0-1 ●
9Shonan (ShonanHiratsuka) 0-3 ●23Sendai (Oze) 1-2 ●
10Omiya (Oze) 1-2 ●24Urawa (Komaba) 0-3 ●
11Tosu (Tosu) 1-1 △25Oita (Oze) 2-3 ●
13Sapporo(By thickness) 1-2 ●26Yamagata (Yamagata City Land) 1-4 ●
14Niigata (Ose) 1-3 ●27Mito (North foot) 0-1 ●
15Sendai (Sendai) 1-3 ●28Shonan (Hiratsuka) 2-4 ●
16Urawa (Oze) 0-3 ●29Omiya (Oze) 1-2 ● Extension
17Oita (Saiki City Land) 0-2 ●30Tosu (Tosu) 0-3 ●
18Yamagata (Oze) 1-4 ●32Sapporo (Oze) 0-2 ●

24 games in a row undefeated

Kofu in 2012 did not lose 18 games from the end of the 0th round against Chiba (Chugin Stadium, 2-24) until the end of the season.[Note 11]..The record so far is 2010 consecutive undefeated games recorded by Kashiwa in 19, and Kofu will exceed this record by 5 games.The undefeated record is 16 wins and 8 draws, 12 of which are 1 point wins.In addition, the three games of Sections 32, 35, and 36 were very strong in close competition, with a come-from-behind victory in the second half loss time.

As mentioned above, since the record of 19 consecutive losses is held, Kofu has both the record of consecutive losses and the record of undefeated in J2.

Undefeated score
19Mito (K's Star) 3-1 ○31Yokohama FC (Central Bank Star) 2-1 ○
20Toyama (Nakagin Sta) 4-1 ○32Oita (Daigin Dome) 2-1 ○
21Okayama(Kansta) 1-1 △33Okayama (Chugin Stadium) 1-0 ○
22Gifu (Central Bank Star) 0-0 △34Tottori (Chugin Stadium) 1-1 △
23Machida (Machida City Land) 1-0 ○35Kitakyushu (Honjo) 3-2 ○
24Matsumoto (Chugin Stadium) 2-1 ○36Tochigi SC (Grista) 2-1 ○
25Chiba (Fukuari) 1-0 ○37Tokushima (Central Bank Star) 3-2 ○
26Tokyo V (Central Bank Star) 3-1 ○38Shonan (Central Bank Star) 2-2 △
27Kusatsu (Shoda Star) 2-1 ○39Fukuoka(Revester) 3-2 ○
28Mito (Central Bank Star) 1-0 ○40Ehime (Ninsta) 0-0 △
29Toyama (Toyama) 1-1 △41Kumamoto (Central Bank Star) 2-0 ○
30Yamagata (Central Bank Star) 0-0 △42Kyoto(Saikyogoku) 0-0 △

Record of the opening round

Since entering the J-League in 1999, I haven't won the opening round until 2011Jinxwas there.The first race of entryOmiya ArdijaBattle (Nirasaki Central, 1-2) Since then, they have lost four consecutive games in the opening round, and their first points are in 4.Sagan TosuIt is a battle (Oze, 1-1). By 2011, he had 5 minutes and 8 losses, and as of 2011, he was the only record among the 2009 teams that entered the J-League before 36 (the other unwinned was 2010). EntryGiravanz KitakyushuAnd entered in 2011Gainale Tottorionly).In addition, the second victory and the home opening game victory were finally achieved in 2, the 11th year (Section 2009).FC GifuBattle (Nagara River, 1-0), Section 3Consadole Sapporo(Oze, 2-1)) In many cases, things don't go up at the beginning of the season.

In the opening round of 14, which is the 2012th year of entryTochigi SCIn the match (Central Bank Star), he won 2-1 and his first victory after entering J, and at the same time, the unwinning record stopped at 13.In addition, in J1, the 2016 opening roundVISSEL KOBEBattle (Noesta) 2-0, and has won his first victory in the seventh season.

Record of the opening game after entering the J-League
1999J2Nirasaki CentralKofu1 2Omiya
2000KoseKofu0 3Sapporo
2001Power(I.e.3 1Kofu
2002Mitsuzawa ballYokohama FC3 2Kofu
2003KoseKofu1 1TosuFirst points in the opening round
2004Sapporo DSapporo2 2Kofu
2005KoseKofu2 2Sapporo
2006J1KoseKofu0 2Shimizu
2007Nissan SuYokohama FM1 0Kofu
2008J2KoseKofu1 1Gifu
2009Peach starOkayama1 1Kofu
2010RevesterFukuoka3 1Kofu
2011J1Nakagin StaKofu0 1Iwata
2012J2Nakagin StaKofu2 1Tochigi SCFirst victory in the opening round
2013J1Your StarSendai1 1KofuJ1 opening round first points
2014NationalKofu0 4Kashima
2015E studioHiroshima2 0Kofu
2016NoestaKobe0 2KofuFirst victory in the J1 opening round
2017Suita SG Osaka1 1Kofu
2018J2NACKOmiya2 1Kofu

Team record

Most scored match

Div.H & AScoreMatch dayOpponent
J1HOME4 3Section 2007 of 5 (April 4th)VISSEL KOBE
4 3Section 2011 of 23 (April 7th)Gamba Osaka
Away4 0Section 2011 of 29 (April 10th)Cerezo Osaka
J2HOME6 1Section 2004 of 19 (April 6th)Yokohama FC
6 0Section 2009 of 23 (April 6th)Avispa Fukuoka
6 0Section 2010 of 33 (April 11th)Giravanz Kitakyushu
6 2Section 2018 of 16 (April 5th)Oita Trinita
Away5 12003 J2 Section 6 (April 4)Yokohama FC

Most goals scored

Div.H & AScoreMatch dayOpponent
J1HOME1 6Section 2007 of 14 (April 6th)Jubilo Iwata
Away1 5Section 2006 of 17 (April 8th)Nagoya Grampus Eight
0 5Section 2007 of 29 (April 10th)Gamba Osaka
1 5Section 2013 of 12 (April 5th)Sanfrecce Hiroshima
J2HOME3 5Section 1999 of 25 (April 9th)FC Tokyo
1 5Section 2001 of 26 (April 8th)Sagan Tosu
Away1 6Section 1999 of 4 (April 4th)Albirex Niigata
0 6Section 1999 of 9 (April 5th)Consadole Sapporo

Most consecutive win record

J1 league match
3 consecutive wins (2007 Section 7 (April 4) to Section 21 (October 9))
J2 league match
6 consecutive wins (2012 Section 23 (April 7) to Section 8 (October 28))

Record of most consecutive losses

J1 league match
8 consecutive losses (Section 2013 (May 11) to Section 5 (July 11), 18)
J2 league match
19 consecutive losses (Section 2000 (May 13) to Section 5 (July 18), 32)

Personal records

Most participants in total

The total is league match and cup match (Emperor's cup,J League Cup)only.Preseason match, Retirement games, practice games, etc. are omitted.

  • total
507 matches- Japanese flag Katsuya Ishihara (First appearance April 2001, 4 vs. Yokohama FC match)
  • League match
467 matches- Japanese flag Katsuya Ishihara

Top of the game

J1 and J2 league matches only.TaiziIs a registered player as of the start of 2021.The record is at the end of the 2015 season.

orderPlayer nameNumber of games playedEnrollment periodRemarks
1Katsuya Ishihara (Japanese flag Japan467 match2001 2017List of One Club Man
2Hideomi Yamamoto(Japanese flag Japan436 match2003
3Ken Fujita (Japanese flag Japan354 match2001 2010
4Kazuki Kuranuki (Japanese flag Japan246 match2000 2006
5Yosuke Ikehata (Japanese flag Japan218 match2002 2010
6Arata Sugiyama (Japanese flag Japan217 match2003 2009
7Kota Ogi (Japanese flag Japan188 match2009 2015Most GK.
8Takuma Tsuda (Takuma TsudaJapanese flag Japan179 match2003 2017In 2008, he was enrolled in Ehime until the middle of the season.
9Masaru Matsuhashi (Japanese flag Japan160 match2009 2019
10Kensaku Abe (Japanese flag Japan155 match2003 2009In 2005, he was enrolled in Kobe until the middle of the season.
  • Teruetsu Ito(Japanese flag Japan) (J-League total 555 games played, of which 1 J517 League gamesMasatake NarasakiSecond place in history.Participated in 2 games in Kofu)
  • Kenji Nakata(Japanese flag Japan) (List of One Club Man. 2 league games in J146, 228 games including old JFL)

Most total score

  • 43 points- Brazilian flag Valley (First appearance: March 2005, 3 vs. Sapporo match)

Most consecutive score games

  • 5 match
    • Brazilian flag Valley (2005 J2 Section 11 (May 5) to Section 7 (June 15))
    • Brazilian flag Davi (2012 J2 Section 35 (September 9) to Section 23 (October 39))

Highest score in the season

J1 league match
17 points- Japanese flag Halfner Mike (2011)
J2 league match
32 points- Brazilian flag Davi (2012)

Highest total team score

As of the end of the 2014 season.The number of points is only for league games.

orderPlayer nameScoreEnrollment periodRemarks
1Valley (Brazilian flag Brazil43 points2005 2006
Excluding 7 points in the qualification match
2Ken Fujita (Japanese flag Japan41 points2001 2010
3Mike Havenaar (Japanese flag Japan37 points2010 2011
Maranhão (Brazilian flag Brazil37 points2008 2010
5Davi (Brazilian flag Brazil33 points2011 2012

Team scorer by year

年度leagueTeam scorerScore (number of games)Remarks
1999J2Katsutomo Oshiba (Japanese flag Japan
Gakuya Horii (Japanese flag Japan
7 points (36 games)
2000Kim Hwang Jung (Republic of Korea flag South Korea5 points (40 games)
2001Keisuke Ota (Japanese flag Japan11 points (44 games)
2002Tomoyoshi Tsurumi (Japanese flag Japan
Yoshitaka Kageyama (Japanese flag Japan
8 points (44 games)
2003Takafumi Ogura (Japanese flag Japan10 points (44 games)
2004Baron (Brazilian flag Brazil14 points (34 games)Transferred to Kashima in the middle of the season
2005Valley (Brazilian flag Brazil21 points (44 games)2nd place in league score
2006J1Valley (Brazilian flag Brazil14 points (34 games)
2007Takehito Shigehara (Japanese flag Japan6 points (34 games)
2008J2Maranhão (Brazilian flag Brazil9 points (42 games)
2009Maranhão (Brazilian flag Brazil19 points (51 games)
2010Mike Havenaar (Japanese flag Japan20 points (36 games)League scorer
2011J1Mike Havenaar (Japanese flag Japan17 points (34 games)2nd place in league score
2012J2Davi (Brazilian flag Brazil32 points (42 games)League scorer
2013J1Ugo (Brazilian flag Brazil
Patrick (Brazilian flag Brazil
5 points (34 games)Leave the group in the middle of the season
Join from the middle of the season
2014Cristiano (Brazilian flag Brazil
Kohei Morita (Japanese flag Japan
5 points (34 games)
2015Valley (Brazilian flag Brazil8 points (34 games)Join from the middle of the season
2016Cristiano (Brazilian flag Brazil7 points (34 games)Transferred to Kashiwa in the middle of the season
2017rinse(Brazilian flag Brazil6 points (34 games)Join from the middle of the season

hat trick

ScoreNameAchievement dateOpponent
J1No achiever
Relegation6 pointsBrazilian flag ValleyDecember 2005, 12 (Round 10)oak
J24 pointsBrazilian flag BaronMay 2004, 5 (Section 2)Mito
3 pointsBrazilian flagGiordinhoMay 2002, 10 (Section 19)Fukuoka
Japanese flagKotaro YamazakiMay 2004, 6 (Section 23)Yokohama FC
Brazilian flagValleyMay 2005, 5 (Section 28)Tokushima
Brazilian flagMaranyonMay 2010, 4 (Section 29)Sapporo
Japanese flagHalfner MikeMay 2010, 11 (Section 7)Kitakyushu
Cup match3 pointsJapanese flagDaisuke SudoJuly 2007, 7 (Quarterfinal Round 7)(I.e.

Memorial goal

Number of goalsNameAchievement dateOpponent
J22500Brazilian flagGiordinhoNovember 2002, 11 (J10 Round 2)Tosu
3500Brazilian flagBaronNovember 2004, 6 (J26 Round 2)京都
8000Japanese flagYohei OnishiNovember 2009, 10 (J4 Round 2)Tokyo V


Team titles and individual titles are listed only for league and cup games.

Team title

By individual

Other awards


Home stadiumJIT Recycled Ink StadiumIs.The past home game holding stadium is "This item"checking.

Heavy snow that hit Yamanashi prefecture two weeks before the opening round of the 2014 seasonByYamanashi Prefecture Kose Sports Park Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceIt was judged that it would be difficult to remove snow from the athletics stadium and use it for games because it was used as a base for[12], In Section 2 of February 21, the same yearKashima AntlersThe venue of the battle was changed to the national stadium[13],

Yamanashi Prefectural Comprehensive Stadium Concept

Currently used as a home stadiumYamanashi Kose Sports Park Athletic FieldAs an alternative stadium, on April 2014, 4, four ball game groups including Ventforet Yamanashi Sports Club petitioned Yamanashi Prefecture for the construction of a comprehensive ball game field and started signing activities.[14]..On September 9, the same year, officials from four organizations submitted 12 signatures to Yamanashi Prefecture.[15].

In December 2016, from the review committee for the construction of the ball game field, "Yamanashi Prefecture Kose Sports ParkA report was submitted to the effect that two locations, "Around" and "Linear Station (Otsumachi, Kofu City)," would be candidates.[16].

On July 2017, 7, Yamanashi Prefecture announced that it has decided to construct the third parking lot on the south side of Kose Sports Park in Yamanashi Prefecture.[17].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tagtagtag
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)Yellowish greenYellowish greenYellowish green
GK (2nd)"Red""Red""Red"
GK (3rd)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
2007-2008 back
clavicleJapan Network ServiceNNS
Japan Network Service
2019-2019 is shown on the left
Upper backYamanashi Central BankYamanashi Central Bank2017-2015-2016 sleeves
Lower backKoikeKoike2016-
sleeveMedicine sun roadOf meds
Sun road
Front of pantsMaruai〇Love
Back of pantsYamanashi Nichinichi ShimbunYamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun2021-

The history of uniform supply

Uniform design

  • In the Kofu club eraMr. Takeda OfAkazonaeIt was all red in the image of, but since becoming Ventforet, the home is blue and the away is white.
  • After entering the J-League, the supplier became Elene, and the home uniform was blue and partly white.
  • Since 2003, when it became a derelva, the red color, which was the keynote of the Kofu club era, has been added.Other suppliers change their design every two years, but only during the Delerva era, the design changes every year.
  • From 2007, when it became Umbro, the color became close to light blue, and there were many blue parts except for some parts such as sleeves that were red or white.
  • From 2011, when it became Mizuno, the blue color became darker again, and the red stripes became a vertical → horizontal → diagonal from upper left to lower right → diamond pattern every two years.
  • Commemorative uniforms may be worn in several summer home games.
    • 2015: Maps of each municipality in Yamanashi prefecture are studded
    • 2016: Scene behind the goal and starry sky
    • 2017: Illustration of grapes in purple
    • 2018: Yamanashi specialty crystal
    • 2019: Image of the season slogan "Atsukunare", Shingen-ko's "helmet", and Takeda's "Akazonae"[18]

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2007 - 2008
2009 - 2010
2011 2012
2013 - 2014
2015 - 2016
2017 - 2018
2019 - 2020
2021 -
FP 2nd
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2007 - 2008
2009 - 2010
2011 - 2012
2013 - 2014
2015 - 2016
2017 - 2018
2019 - 2020
2021 -
FP Other

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1997TOSHIBABefore ban-Before banTOKYO DOME-Before banUMBRO
1999--nr (ennerre)
2000- /
YBS Group
Takeda disinfection
2005Shingen Foods
2006NIPROTokyo Electronpal * system
2007NIPROFeverTokyo ElectronUMBRO
2009FeverTokyo ElectronJit Jit-
2012Tokyo Electron Yamanashi
2013Aera HomeAERA HOME
2015Yamanashi Central Bank- /
PH maintenance
2016KoikePH maintenance
2017Yamanashi Central Bank- /
Naito House
2018-Of meds
Sun road
Japan Network Service
Jit Jit
Japan Network Service
2021Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun


The Ventforet Kofu Academy has teams in three generations, U-18 (2 types), U-15 (3 types), and U-12 (4 types), under direct control, and is affiliated with one other team. ..The main practice area isMinami AlpsHatta riverbed ground in.

Under the J-League club license system, it is the A-grade standard (the standard required to enter the J-League) to establish teams in the four generations of U-18, U-15, U-12, and U-10. ..However, U-4 and U-12 can be replaced by regularly holding soccer schools, and the U-10 generation is in Kofu City (northern / southern), Minami-Alps City, etc.Yamanashi,Sai Katsura TownThe standard is cleared by holding a soccer school at.

Ventforet Kofu U-18

Established in 2, two years after the top team entered the J-League[Note 12].. Until 12, before U-2009 was established, it was the name of "Ventforet Kofu Youth".

In 2007, he won the prefectural league and entered the Prince League Kanto 2nd Division, but was demoted to the prefectural league in one year. He won the entry deciding match in 1 and entered the Prince League Kanto in 2014 and 2015,2016.Club youth championshipAlthough he could not break the barrier of Kanto qualifying, he participated in the national tournament for the first time in 2010.Furthermore, in 2013, he broke through the qualifying league and advanced to the final tournament. 2015Premier WEST OfVISSEL KOBE U-18Has defeated and advanced to the best 8.

FromVentforet Kofu Player List #Academy graduateschecking ...

年度AffiliationRankingmatchPointsWinDefeatMinuteU-18 ChampionshipJ Youth CupRemarks
2008Prince Kanto2 part12 bit94141Kanto qualifying defeatQualifying G defeatedLeague match (A part) 6th
11th and 12th place deciding match defeated
2009Yamanashi Prefecture A PartWin618621Kanto qualifying defeatQualifying G defeatedEntry decision battle defeated
2010Yamanashi Prefecture A Part3 bit918621Qualifying G defeatedQualifying G defeated
2011Yamanashi Prefecture A Part3 bit918531Kanto qualifying defeatQualifying G defeated
2012Yamanashi A LeagueWin14391310Kanto qualifying defeatQualifying G defeatedEntry decision battle defeated
2013Yamanashi Prefecture 1st Division2 bit18461521Best 16Qualifying G defeated
2014Yamanashi Prefecture 1st DivisionWin18461521Best 16Best 16Entry decision battle win
2015Prince Kanto9 bit1817495Best 8Eliminated the second round
2016Prince Kanto10 bit7181134Qualifying G defeatedEliminated the second round
2017Yamanashi Prefecture 1st Division3 bit18391116Qualifying G defeatedEliminated the second round
2018Yamanashi Prefecture 1st DivisionWin18451530Qualifying G defeatedEliminated the second roundEntry decision battle defeated

"Yamanashi Prefecture A Part" and "Yamanashi Prefecture A League" are equivalent to the first division of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Ventforet Kofu U-15

Established in 1999, the first year of J-League entry. Until 12, before U-2009 was established, it was the name of "Ventforet Kofu Junior Youth".

2010Kanto Department 24 bit119430
20113 bit239722Development cupWin
20123 bit22471552
201310 bit22257114
201410 bit22192713
20154 bit18351075
20166 bit2233976
201710 bit22215116
201810 bit22246610

Ventforet Kofu U-12

For U-12, we did not form a team until 2009, but for the purpose of raising the overall level2010 Was formed in[19].

The U-12 generation is also trained at the soccer school mentioned above, but the U-12 team is selected by holding a separate selection meeting.Also,スペインWe give priority to guidance such as inviting leaders from[19]..Therefore, even if it was just formed, he participated in the national tournament in 2016.Danone Nations Cup in JAPANThen it is a victory.

At "U-12 Junior Soccer World Challenge 2016"Manchester City FC,FC BarcelonaI'm playing against U-12 (drawing from Manchester City, losing to Barcelona).It is also a world competitionDanone Nations CupThen, if you pass the qualifying block in 1st place,France,アルゼンチン,スペイン(Sevilla FC(U-12 team) and other powerful nations, and advanced to the final.In the finalGermany(Borussia DortmundU-12 team) Although he lost to the opponent in the penalty shootout, he is fighting well against the world-class strong team.

年度Danone Cup JAPANChibilympicsU-12 ChampionshipOther tournamentsRemarks
2011National qualifying L defeatedKanto tournament defeatedLost the prefecture qualifying
2012National qualifying L defeatedKanto tournament defeatedLost the prefecture qualifying
2013Best 83 bitBest 8
2014Best 16Kanto tournament defeatedNationwide second defeat
20153 bitKanto tournament defeatedLost the prefecture qualifying
2016WinKanto tournament defeatedBest 8Danone Nations Cup 2nd
2017National qualifying L defeatedKanto tournament defeatedLost the prefecture qualifying 
20183 bitKanto tournament defeatedBest 16 
2019WinKanto tournament defeated


In 2010HokutoConcluded a business alliance with the U-15 and U-12 soccer teams "Yatsugatake Grande Football Club" in Japan, and has been active as "Ventforet Yatsugatake" since 2011. The business alliance was dissolved in 2017, and the team name is also "Grande Amazing Academy".

Camping ground

2001Spring:Japanese flagIbarakiKashima-gunHasaki Town[Note 13]Hasaki Soccer Park
2002Spring:Japanese flagShizuokaShimizu[Note 14]Shimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagShizuokaSusono CityTokinosumika Sports Center
2005Spring:Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagMiyazakiWest cityShimizudai Comprehensive Park Multipurpose Plaza
Summer: Republic of Korea flagSeoul-Suwonな どSuwon WC StadiumSubground etc.
2007Spring:Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagMiyazakiHigashimori prefectureAya TownAya Teruha Cultural Park Soccer Field
Summer: Republic of Korea flagSeoul, Suwon City, etc.Suwon WC Stadium Subground, etc.
2008Spring:Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Teruha Cultural Park Soccer Field
2009Spring:Guam flag GuamLeopalace Resort
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Teruha Cultural Park Soccer Field
2010Spring:Japanese flagWakayamaWakayama CityKizoiji Athletic Park Athletic Field
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureCycling terminal athletics stadium
2011Spring:Japanese flagWakayama City, Wakayama PrefectureKizoiji Athletic Park Athletic Field
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureCycling terminal athletics stadium
2012Spring:Japanese flagWakayama City, Wakayama PrefectureKizoiji Athletic Park Athletic Field
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Town Odazume Multipurpose Stadium
2013Spring:Japanese flagSusono City, Shizuoka PrefectureTokinosumika Sports Center
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Town Odazume Multipurpose Stadium
Summer: Japanese flagYamanashiFujiyoshidaNorth foot park athletics stadium
2014Spring:Japanese flagSusono City, Shizuoka PrefectureTokinosumika Sports Center
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Town Odazume Multipurpose Stadium
Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu Hebitsuka Sports Ground[Note 15]
Summer: Japanese flagSusono City, Shizuoka PrefectureTokinosumika Sports Center
2015Spring:Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Town Odazume Multipurpose Stadium
2016Spring:Japanese flagShimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka PrefectureShimizu National Training Center
Japanese flagAya Town, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki PrefectureAya Town Odazume Multipurpose Stadium


Match broadcast by local media

  • NHK Kofu Broadcasting Station(Prefectural areaGeneral TV) --Some of them will be broadcast mutually with the local station of the other team, or will be broadcast away by the Kofu station alone.
  • Yamanashi broadcasting(YBS TV, YBS Radio) --Radio is about one game a yearShizuoka broadcastingThere is a case where SBS radio is used ("Mt. Fuji Derby").In addition, the special program "SSS ~ XNUMXS ~" may be used to convey breaking news of away games.Even in a general live broadcast, you may get into the away and make your own.TV is basically a home game,SKY PerfecTV!He was also in charge of video production and live commentary.
  • UTYTV Yamanashi ――About one game a year.In the past"From Utti!』In the time zonePrime timeHas been broadcast live (only in the second half).
  • NNS Kofu CATV --Mainly home games.
  • FM Kofu"Ventforet Kofu live broadcast" --The number of broadcasts is about the same for both home and away.

Other team information

  • tv set-radio
    • YBS TV "Yamanashi Spirits"Ventforet EX"
    • YBS TV "VENT Meshi!(Since 2016, "TV!』In-program corner)
    • YBS TV "YBS Wide News』Inside special feature corner etc. (mainly Monday and Friday)
    • YBS TV "Van TV"
    • "MOVE ~ Blue Eleven's Challenge !!" in YBS Radio ""
    • YBS Radio "Overhanging radio radio kicks"Ventforet Kofu"
    • "Hirumae Ventforet" in NHK Kofu ""
    • "Monday VF" in NHK Kofu "" (If Monday is a special organization such as a holiday, it may be "Tuesday ~" etc.)
    • NNS Kofu CATV station "" Wednesday corner
    • "Ventforet Kofu Information" in FM Kofu "Koma-chan's Friday-Genki Haratsu Friday-"
  • News (Chinese)-magazine
    • Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun Local paperAnd the largest shareholder.
    • Sports report sports newspaperIn principle, the only local "Yamanashi Hochi" is issued three times a week (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), and information on Ventforet Kofu is also handled.
    • Monthly Fanforet Official magazine published on the 2015th of every month until 25. In 2016, it was an irregular publication with an application system for applicants, but it is scheduled to be republished as a monthly magazine in 2017.
  • インターネット
    • Ventforet Kofu official website


The financial results of Ventforet Kofu are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationMorecostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Amount of money: million yen


注 釈
  1. ^ Example:Yokohama F. Marinos=Nissan Motor,Nagoya Grampus Eight=Toyota,Gamba Osaka=Panasonicな ど
  2. ^ Tsukada needed to supervise the J-League at that timeS-class leader licenseDid not have.
  3. ^ Tsukada was in effect taking command as general director.
  4. ^ He retired in March, just before the opening, because he was devoted to his own business.
  5. ^ Mobara was suspended for 7 games including the Nabisco Cup due to insults to the referee and damage to the equipment, and Hayashi was not participating, but was suspended for 2 games due to abusive words to the referee after the match.
  6. ^ This is the first time that the director has been dismissed in the middle of the season, including when he was in the Kofu club.
  7. ^ In the past two teams, the nationality was Brazil and it was registered as a regular foreigner, but after that, it acquired East Timor nationality, and this time it was registered as an Asian player.
  8. ^ The reason why the number of games does not match the section is that there were 2 teams in J11 at that time, and there was a break depending on the section.
  9. ^ However, until 1998, even in league gamesPK battleIs implemented, and in the case of Kyoto, it is a record when there was no draw.
  10. ^ Currently, he has not won 2010 games recorded by Giravanz Kitakyushu in 2011-35.
  11. ^ Since the first match of the 1 season, which was promoted to J2013, was also drawn, the team record is 25 matches.
  12. ^ Under the current J.League club license system, the license is not issued including J3 if it is determined that it is not established or expected to be established in the examination before entry, but there is a grace period at the beginning of 2 when J1999 was established. It was obligatory to establish a U-3 (18 types) team within 2 years of entry.
  13. ^ PresentKamisu City
  14. ^ PresentShizuoka CityShimizu Ward
  15. ^ The campsite was not planned at the beginning, but it was added in a hurry because it was not possible to practice at the main practice areas in the prefecture due to the heavy snowfall in 26.
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