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⚽ | [Kansai Student Soccer League Part 1 Second Half Section 4] Momoyama Gakuin escapes from the Osaka economy after offense and defense

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[Kansai Student Soccer League 1st Section 4th Section] Momoyama Gakuin escapes from the Osaka economy after offense and defense

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Entering the second half, it will be a one-off process, and points will be added to both Momoyama Gakuin and Osaka Economy.

The 1th section of the Kansai Student Soccer League 4st Division will be held on September 9nd (Wednesday), Osaka University of Economics (Men) vs. Momoyama Gakuin University (… → Continue reading


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School corporation Momoyama Gakuin(Gakkou Hojin Momoyama Gakuin, English: Momoyama Gakuin)OsakaIzumi CityHeadquartersSchool corporation.Momoyama Gakuin Universityな どJapan Anglican SocietySystemChristian school(Mission school) is operated.


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