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🏀 | [B League] Yuta Tabuse vs. Kei Igarashi's 1-year-old oldest confrontation for B41's first "North Kanto Derby"

Kei Igarashi (photographed by SPREAD editorial department)

[B League] Yuta Tabuse vs. Kei Igarashi's 1-year-old oldest confrontation for B41's first "North Kanto Derby"

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On the other hand, Tabuse immediately said, "Igarashi, please do it seriously." Tsukkomi, in the same grade, there was also an exchange by turning the (!?) Pass, which is unique to point guards.

The B-League will finally start its sixth season on the 30th. Gunma Kure for the first time as B6 on October 10st ... → Continue reading


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Point guard

Point guard (Panointed Guard; PG) IsbasketballThe name of the position.The position name is "1".


The "point" of the point guard is not the score but the trackTurnout Means (points) and of the teamCommand towerPlay the role of.Therefore, the point guard is usually the most dexterous player on the team.Depending on the team tactics, a big player may serve,セ ン タ ー,Power forwardUnlike, tallness is not required.Agility, basketball regardless of physiqueIQ[Avoid ambiguity]It is the same that leadership is required.NBAThe minimum height player is 160 cmMuggsy BoguesHowever, Borgs was known as a well-known point guard who demonstrated leadership.

Required ability

Excellent at offensedribbleThe technique is used to reliably carry the ball to the enemy team, accurately grasp the situation of the defense team and allies from a broad perspective, and score allies.assistMust.It is the most demanding position for shot selection, as it requires shot power that attracts the opponent's defense by deciding the shot by himself when necessary and is advantageous in assisting.The defense must also be aggressive,SteelJudgment and agility are also required.Both offense and defense require the ability to maintain or change the rhythm of the game and make the game, and because of that role, it is also called a "coach on the court", and many players turn into coaches after retiring.

Point guards usually do not participate in the rebound and move to a position where they can easily receive an outlet pass from the player who took the rebound.When switching from offense to defense, it becomes a safety and stops or delays the enemy's haste.In game make-up, it is important not only to instruct tactics, but also to make a positive voice when the rhythm is bad and to energize the team.

Play style

The style of the team is determined by the style of the point guard.Ideally all-round,NBAEven so, there are players who mainly attack and players who mainly make games with assist and defense.Teams centered on offensive point guards are often assisted by Postman centers and shooting guards.Point guards, who are good at assisting, often have the skills to master large players such as pick and roll.There are also control-type point guards, and there are also point guards that control the team by speaking out and giving instructions as the spiritual pillar of the team.In order to do so, you must always be calm and able to see the surroundings, such as stable ball carrying and instructions, and sometimes scoring yourself.

Lebron jamesHowever, there are also cases where the player first experiences a point guard and grows into an all-rounder.

Successive point guards

NBAThen there are outstanding point guards for various generations.

John StocktonIs 15,806assist, 3,265SteelBoth are number one in history[1].Karl MaloneWith pick and rollUtah JazzBuilt the strongest era and showed a splendid play[2].

Second place in the number of assistsJason KiddHas recorded 12,091 assists and 2,684 steals.In later yearsDark NowitzkiLeadDallas MavericksI won the championship for the first time.

Second place in the number of assistsSteve NashHas recorded 10,335 assists.I haven't won the championship,Phoenix SunsThe 7-second offense is a player who has swept the league and won two season MVPs in his thirties.

The player with the most wins in the top 10 assistsMagic JohnsonAnd has won the championship five times. Since Johnson, who was the assist king in 5, the team of the player who won the assist king has not become a champion.In recent years, there has been a tendency for teams that are trying to improve the overall ball movement to win the championship without concentrating assists on point guards. 1987San Antonio SpursAs symbolized by, all positions can be the starting point (point).Swing man,Point forwardSupporting the rise of multiple positions such as[3][4].



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