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⚾ | White Sox wins with one offensive victory in 13 years


White Sox wins with one offensive wins district championship for the first time in 13 years

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The White Sox opened the scoring with Tim Anderson's No. 15 batter arch for the first time.

[White Sox XNUMX-XNUMX Indians] (Doubleheader XNUMXst game, XNUMX innings system) @ Progressive F ... → Continue reading


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No. 15 top batter arch

Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox(English: Chicago White Sox, Abbreviation:CWS/CHW) IsMajor league baseball(Hereinafter, MLB)American leagueMiddle districtThe professional baseball team to which he belongs. Is basedIllinoisChicagoIt is inGuaranteed Rate Field.. Commonly known as "Shy socks (CHISOX) ”.


American leagueAn old baseball team that has existed since before its foundation.World seriesBoasts three wins, six league wins, and five district wins. 3Black socks caseSince then, I have been away from the world championship for a long time, but in 2005 I won the world championship for the first time in 88 years.

LikewiseChicagoBased inCubsHowever, in terms of popularity, the water has been greatly opened.The Cubs are particularly popular in the northern part of Chicago (North Side) and the White Sox in the southern part of Chicago (South Side).Around the basePolish AmericanDue to the large number of land, there is a tendency to prefer Polish American players.

Home baseGuaranteed Rate Field Home runSince it was a stadium where it was easy to hit, until then it was easy to rely on long hits, but in 2004Ozzy GuillenGive detailed instructions after assuming the position of directorSmall baseballSwitched to a team policy with the advocacy of.

For Japanese players, since 2004Shingo TakatsuJoinedSeattle Mariners OfIchiro,New York Yankees OfHideki MatsuiThe confrontation with Lat was noted. White Sox appointed Takatsu as a stopper, and Takatsu also met the expectation. In 2005Shigeru IguchiJoined the team and contributed to the team's first World Series victory in 2 years as the second batter. From 88Kousuke FukudomeJoined.

1990 year 7 month 11 dayMilwaukee BrewersIn the battle, they wore a reprint uniform from 1917 and played against each other. Since it was unexpectedly popular, other teams have adopted it since then and reproduced it every year.uniformThe match has started to take place. recently,Japanese professional baseballThe team is mainlyExchange battleA reprint uniform is adopted mainly.

Barack ObamaThe former president has declared himself a fan of White Sox.

Baseball history

Established baseball team

Enrolled in the Western League, which was the predecessor of the American LeagueSaint PaulThe team that was based in Chicago is the source of today's Chicago White Sox.1900 The Western League, which was a minor leagueAmerican leagueIn addition, the franchise that was in St. Paul at the time was moved to Chicago with the permission of the National League, and the team was named Chicago White Stockings. This is the beginning of today's Chicago White Sox.

HomeChicagoThe move to the National League required permission because the American League was still a minor league in 1900 and was not yet recognized as a major league.And White Stockings, who moved to Chicago in 1900, won the American League.Today, this year's victory is not included in the number of major league championships as it was in the minor league era.The origin of the team name is already in ChicagoNational leagueChicago Orphans (currently:Chicago Cubs) Exists, which is likened to what this team used to call White Stockings.

And1901 The American League has announced that it will be promoted to Major League Baseball in opposition to the National League.The first owner of White Stockings was St. Louis Browns (now:St. Louis Cardinals) And helped create the American LeagueCharles ComiskeyServed. Until last year I was pitching with OrphansClark GriffithTheConcurrent playerGriffith himself was promoted to the major league for the first year with 24 wins.1903 To win the league title.Also, from around this time, local newspapersChicago TribuneHowever, the name White Sox became popular when it came to be abbreviated as White Sox on paper.

Hitless wonders

1906 Will be inducted into the Hall of Fame laterEd WalshBegins,Doc White,Nick AltlockWith a strong pitcher team, he won the league with a batting average of .230.World seriesThen, it was Chicago confrontation with Cubs of the same base. The Cubs of the year boasted the MLB record of 116 wins, with the expectation that the Cubs would dominate. However, when the series started, Altrock was the first race, Walsh suppressed the Cubs in the third race, and was the ace of the Cubs in the sixth race.Mordecai BrownThe White Sox became the first world champion with 4 wins and 2 losses. The White Sox of this year, who continued to win without being struck, said at the timeHitless wondersIt was so nicknamed.

After that, the team moved away from the championship for a while,1908 WalshJack ChessbroThe team remained in 41rd place, although they scored 2 wins in the second season in MLB history, following the 40 wins in the season.1910 Is a new homeComiskey ParkIs open.1912 ToEddie SecotEarned,1915 ToEddie CollinsDuring the seasonJoe JacksonWon.Perhaps because of these reinforcements, the team gradually moved up in rank,1917 Won the league title for the third time with an overwhelming record of 100 wins and 54 losses.World seriesThen,John McGrawThe New York Giants (currently:San Francisco Giants). He beat the Giants with 4 wins and 2 losses and became the second world champion.

Black socks case

1918 Will be sluggish at 6th place, but the next1919 Won the league title for the fourth time with 88 wins and 52 losses.However, contrary to the good results of such a team, dissatisfaction with the low salary system was smoldering within the team.It is said that the owner, Comiskey, was reluctant to even wash the player's uniforms, and all the players' uniforms were darkened, and the White Sox at that time said, "Black socksWas nicknamed." Chicago gamblers who knew this situationCincinnati RedsWithWorld seriesBefore, he approached the White Sox players with a match-fix. I was a first basemanChick GandillIt was said that he got on this story first, and then seven players including Seacott and Jackson joined the matchfix.

In the end, the series won 3-5, but Reds won it. .. One year laterGrand juryThe players in question gave testimony and were acquitted once due to the amount of circumstances, but it was founded on this occasion.commissionerAs a result, eight people, including the above players, have been permanently banished from MLB.The players who were permanently banished are called "Unlucky Eights", and the boys of the fansJoe JacksonAsked "Say it ain't so, Joe(Say it Ain'To So, Joe; Say it's a lie, Joe) "has become a symbol of this incident.However, there is a view that the anecdote about this boy is a creation.

1919 In the "Black Sox Scandal" that occurred in Japan, eight permanent exile players including the above players were released, and the slump has continued since then. In the 8sBabe RuthEarnedNew York Yankees[1]Became the reign of the League, and White Sox was hidden behind it. Except in the latter half of the 1930s, it is rare that the winning rate exceeds 5%, and the Red Sox and Philadelphia Athletics (now:Auckland Athletics) And continued the bottom battle. Meanwhile, 260 wins in totalTed LionsThe highest batting average of .388 as a shortstopLuke UplingThere was also a great player such as, but it was not related to the victory until the 1950s. Commonly knownBlack Sox Curse.

Go-Go Socks

1951 ToCleveland IndiansからMinnie MinosoAcquired.Became the first Black Sox player.Minnie played an active part as an outfielder of fast-paced skill,1964 He retired from active duty in 1973, but returned to MLB twice in 53 (1980 years old) and 58 (2 years old), and was the second player in MLB history to play an active role across five age groups ("2 Decade Player"). ") Known as. From Athletics in 5Nelly foxEarned,1956 ToLouis AparisioMade their major debut and formed one of the best two-game combination in the league.Then, with baseball that emphasizes solid defense and mobility by them, they gradually come to the top battle.1957 ToAl LopezBecame the director.1959 Aparicio steals 56 basesStealing kingThe maneuverability of his own has exploded, and the pitcher's 39-year-oldEarly WinWith 22 winsSai Young AwardIt was a season in which pitching got intertwined. Eventually, he won the league title for the first time in 94 years with 60 wins and 40 losses,World seriesThen regretfullyLos Angeles DodgersThe breakthrough of White Sox this year wasGo-Go SocksIt was called "Go-Go Sox" and made the White Sox fan go wild.

Sluggish popularity

After that, although the battle for the top ranks continued, it was difficult to reach the league championship.1964 Yankees,Baltimore OriolesHowever, the Yankees were behind the game by one game.also,1967 Also lost in the battle for victory by the four teams.By this time, as a measure to overcome the decrease in the number of spectators1968 ToMilwaukee OfMilwaukee County StadiumIt will be held in 9 games, attracting 3 people, which is one-third of the annual number of spectators.American League West AreaThe next day after becoming a member1969 Also played 11 games and mobilized 20 people.I noticed this laterBud selig Seattle PilotsAcquired and relocated to Milwaukee, currentMilwaukee BrewersHas been founded.1975 The White Sox itselfSeattlePlanned to move toBill BeckAcquired the team, which was canceled.Beck bought the team once in 1959 and had been the owner for three years, trying to bring back the crowd in a variety of ways.1976 から1980 In the meantime, the team wore a uniform with a large collar and even played in "shorts" from July to August.[2]However, this was unpopular with the players and did not last long.1979 From the middle of the seasonTony LaroussaBecame the director.1981 From the Red SoxCarlton FiskEarned,Lamar Hoyt,Harold BainesWith the rise of young players such as1983 Won the first district victory.but,League championship decision seriesThen he lost to the Orioles and did not win the league.After that, the team was sluggish again and1990 The season with a winning percentage of less than 5% continued.

The appearance of the big heart

1990, "Big Heart"Frank thomasMakes a major debut, and the team also rises from the bottom of the previous year to second place.

1991 In the new Comiskey Park (now:Guaranteed Rate Field) Is open.

1993 With a batting average of .317, 41 home runs and 128 RBIsMVPEarned,Jack McDowellWon the Cy Young Award with 22 wins. With the success of these two people, we won the second district victory, but in the league championship decision seriesToronto Blue JaysI lost with 2 wins and 4 losses.

1994 Was newly created inAmerican League Central DistrictAnd ended the season at the top of the district,1994-1995 MLB strikeThe League Championship Series was not held by the team, so it did not win the World Series.

1997 ToAlbert BellAnd formed a hard-armed combination by Thomas and Bell. He recorded 2 home runs and 143 RBIs in two years, and was very feared by other teams, but in the end the combination was resolved in only two seasons.

1999 On behalf of the sluggish ThomasCincinnati RedsTransferred fromPaul ConercoUngrownMagrio Ordonez,Carlos LeeSuch young people are emerging. But this yearCleveland IndiansThe team ran alone at the top of the district, and despite being second, the winning percentage was less than 2%, and the Indians were behind by 5 games.

2000 Thomas revived with a batting average of .328, 43 home runs and 143 RBIs.Silver Slugger AwardComeback awardAward. With the success of Thomas and Ordonez, he won the third regional championship. However, in the league championship seriesSeattle MarinersI suffered three consecutive losses.after that,2002 から2004 UntilMinnesota TwinsWas blocked from winning the championship, and settled in second place for the third consecutive year.2003 ToEsteban RoizaBroke, ERA 2.90, 21 wins, 9 losses, 207 strikeoutsMost strikeoutWon the title. In the middle of the 2004 season, the Roisa and the YankeesJose ContrerasTrade. Also,Yakult SwallowsからShingo TakatsuHas been transferred and is playing an active role as a holding pitcher.

88-year crown

2005 Became a director from the previous yearOzzy GuillenUnderGermain die,Shigeru Iguchi,Scott PodocedonicNew players such as became the key man, and instead of relying on one shot so far, it was decided to aim for a baseball with a "small baseball" advocacy. As a result, the number of home runs and the number of points were lower than the previous year, but the maneuverability and defensive power improved dramatically. In the pitchersJohn Garland,Mark BurleyShowed 18 wins and 16 wins as the left and right ace respectively, and the contrares also met the expectation with 15 wins. Team defense rateUS Cellular FieldIt was the first time to put it in the 3-point range since it moved to.In the season, he ran alone from the beginning of the season, and although he was caught up by the Indians at the end of the season, he won the district championship for the fourth time without surrendering the lead.In the Division Series, he won the Red Sox, the winning team in the World Series the previous year, for the third consecutive time.In the following league championship seriesLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimWas defeated with 4 wins and 1 loss, and won the league title for the sixth time. And after 6 yearsWorld seriesWhen you participate inHouston Astros(2012 Up to the National League) with four consecutive victories, since 4After 88 years, Achieved the long-sought World Series victory.This will make the Red SoxBambino's Curse(The first victory in 86 years), the curse of the White Sox and the Black Sox, and the long-standing major jinx can be solved for 2 years in a row.Chicago Cubs OfBilly Goat's CurseHowever, this curse was also solved by the league title in 2016).

Stagnation and rebuilding period

By the end of 2005, Thomas, who had supported the team for many years, left the team, instead of the Phillies.Jim TomiTo win. Expected to win the World Series for the second year in a row, but the batting team met that expectation, with 2 die, 44 tomi,Paul Conerco35 pieces,Joe CreedyHe hit 30 and recorded 236 home runs, the most in the league. Die and creedySilver Slugger Award, TomiComeback awardHas been earned. Due to their success, they were fighting for the top position throughout the season, but they stalled at the end. The Twins took the championship and finished the season in 3rd place.

2007 Due to the breakdowns and malfunctions of the main players, he will play the bottom battle throughout the season.The pitchers will be on April 4thMark BurleyThere is only one ballPerfect matchAtNo hit no runFrom July 7th to August 12th,Bobby JenksThere were a lot of good things, such as achieving the MLB Thailand record of 41 consecutive outs. However, the sickness of the batting team was serious, and although the home run was 2 in 190nd place in the league, the batting average for the team was .246, the lowest in the league. In the end, he finished in 24th place, 4 games behind the top Indians, and with 72 wins and 90 losses, he won the win rate of 8% for the first time in 5 years.

2008 It is,Orlando Cabrera,Carlos Quentin,キ ュ ー バExiled fromAlexei RamirezAnd the like, and the thickness has increased. Quentin, in particular, became a talented flower, recording 36 home runs and 100 RBIs. Strong hitters such as Dai and Tomi are still alive, recording 235 home runs for the team, the most in both leagues. Also, the pitchersGavin Floyd,John DunksHe left a stable record centered on two young players. Mid-seasonKen Griffey Jr.Is a shock transfer,Sammy SosaHe hit a total of 6 home runs in 609th place in Thailand. In the season, they eventually came to the same position as the Twins, and had a one-game playoff. When Dunks showed good run without a goal eight times, Tomi released a solo home run, which was the final goal, and defeated it, deciding the region's first victory in three years. However, in the division series, it won the first district victory from the bottom of the previous year's district and gained momentumTampa Bay RaysWas defeated with 1 win and 3 losses.

2010 era

2010 OfMLB draftIn the first roundChris SaleNominate.The sale made its major debut on August 8th.

2013 OfMLB draftIn the first roundTim AndersonWas nominated.Exiled from Cuba on October 10th offJose AbreuWas won.

2014 Abreil made his major debut in the opening round on March 3st.MLB draftIn the first roundCarlos RodonWas nominated.This year Abreil was active and won the Rookie of the Year award.

2015 Rodon made his major debut on April 4st.

2016 Anderson made his major debut on June 6.As a new director in October offRick RenteriaWas inaugurated. From the Red Sox in a trade with the sale on December 12thIoan MoncadaWon. On December 12thAdam EatonFrom the Nationals in a trade withLucas Giorito,Reinaldo Lopez,DunningWas won.

2017 Exiled from Cuba on May 5Louis RobertoWas won.

2019 Was a prospect on March 3th of the opening roundEloy JimenezMade a major debut.In the end, Abreil won the home run and Anderson won the top batter.Became FA from Brewers on November 11st offYasmani GrandalWon. It was FA from Braves on December 12thDallas KaikelWas won.

2020 era

2020 TheImpact of COVID-19Roberto, who was a prospect in the opening round, made his major debut during the shortened season of 60 games. On August 8ndJermin MercedesMade a major debut. On August 8th, prospective Dunning made his major debut.In the end, he decided to advance to the playoffs for the first time since winning the 19 World Series.Roberto won the Gold Glove Award and Jimenez won the Silver Slugger Award.In addition, director Renteria has resigned. Inducted into the Hall of Fame on October 2006Tony LaroussaBecame the director. It was the first time in 10 seasons to return to the site. From the Rangers on December 12th in a trade with DunningLance LynnWon. Exiled from Cuba on 12 DecemberYoelqui CespedesWon.

2021 Was FA from Athletics before the start of the seasonLiam HendricksWon. In April, Mercedes played an active part, recording 4 consecutive at-bat hits, and in AprilRookie of the MonthWon[3].. Originally a fielder in the 5th inning with a large lead of 18-15 in the Twins match on May 4th.Willians AstudilloMercedes recorded a home run fromUnwritten ruleDirector Larusa criticized Mercedes for his anachronistic belief that it was against Mercedes, and was criticized from all sides.[4].. In MayMLB Austin Luther GameLynn, Rodon, Hendrix, and Anderson were elected.In the second half of the game, Mercedes, who was criticized for violating the unwritten law on July 7, fell into a slump and was demoted to a minor.[5]OwnInstagramAnnounced retirement from active duty[6]However, there was a turmoil such as withdrawing the next day.[7].. With the Yankees on August 8th(English editionWas held for the first time, and the official MLB game was held in Iowa for the first time in MLB history.Abreu of the White Sox recorded the first home run of the MLB official game at Iowa[8]The White Sox won the game with Anderson's walk-off home run[9].. Abreil won the August Player of the Month from the team on September 9nd[10].. Won the district championship for the first time in 9 years since 23 against the Indians on September 2008[11].

Player Directory

Active player/Director/Coach

Chicago White Sox roaster
40 people roasterDirector/Coach/Other





directed by


60-day disabled list

* Outside active roaster

2021 10 month 13 day update  ---History 
From the official website (English):Active roaster, 40 people roaster, coach, Player transfer and breakdown information, Expected order

Roaster list

Hall of Fame

Permanent number

  • In addition to this, "6" has not been officially announced as a permanent missing number, but it is intentionally missing.This number was given to the batter coach who was enrolled from 1982 to 1983.Charley Lau.
Lau has long been known as a batter coachKansas City RoyalsEnrolled inGeorge BrettIt is known for training many of the players who played a strong role in the 1970s and 80s.
After leaving the RoyalsNew York YankeesAfter working in the same position, he was appointed to the same position in the White Sox from 1982.Here, the power hitter who was sluggish at that timeGreg Luzinski,Carlton FiskIn addition, each of the medium-range gun types has been revived, and the medium-range gun type that has just been promoted to major league baseball.Harold BainesAnd power hittersRon KittleAnd so on.
But,Malignant tumorHe left the group in the 1983 season to concentrate on his treatment.However, he died at the young age of 1984 in March 3, which was not worth the treatment.
A student of Lau, who served as a batter coach from 1989 to 1995 after Lau's death, also known as a famous batter coach.Walt LinacNo one wears a uniform number "6" except that he wore it "in honor of the respected Lau"[12]In mourning Lau's achievements (including other teams) and his death, he is treated the same as a retirement number.[13].

Past Japanese players

Affiliated minor team

ClassesOUR TEAMParticipating LeaguePartnershipHeadquarters
AAACharlotte Knights
Charlotte Knights
International league
International League
1999 United States flagNorth carolinaシ ャ ー ロ ッ ト
BB & T Ball Park
AABirmingham Barons
Birmingham Barons
Southern League
Southern League
1986 United States flagAlabamaHoover
Winston-Salem Dash
Carolina League
Carolina League
1997 United States flagNorth carolinaWinston Salem
Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
South Atlantic League
South Atlantic League
2001 United States flagNorth carolinaKanapolis
Great Falls Voyagers
Pioneer League
Pioneer League
2003 United States flagMontanaGreat falls

Arizona League White Sox
Arizona League
Arizona League
2014 United States flagArizonaGlendale

Dominican Summer League White Sox
Dominican summer league
Dominican Summer League
1989 Dominican Republic flagEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu


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