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⚾ | National High School Baseball Championship 《Third Round》 Kwansei Gakuin Overcomes Maebashi Higashi 3-14 9

Photo Kwansei Gakuin-Maebashi Higashi 9th inning Kwansei Gakuin No death 3st, XNUMXrd base, Yamada XNUMX runs to win = Takasaki Jonan

National High School Baseball Championship 《Third Round》 Kwansei Gakuin Overcomes Maebashi Higashi 3-14 9

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On the 25th, two quarter-finals will be held at Ogura Clutch Stadium (Kiryu Stadium).

On the 74rd, the 23th Autumn Kanto District Tournament Prefectural Qualifier for high school baseball was held at 4 stadiums in the prefecture, including Takasaki Jonan, and 3 games were played in the 8rd round. → Continue reading

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Kiryu Baseball Field

Kiryu Baseball Field(Kiryukyujo) isGunmaKiryu OfKiryu City Athletic ParkInBaseball field.

The high school baseball tournament in Gunma Prefecture is held at Takasaki Jonan Baseball Stadium in spring and in summer.Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball FieldThe game is centered around Kiryu Baseball Field, but the autumn tournament is centered around Kiryu Baseball Field. Also,Baseball Challenge League OfGunma Diamond PegasusAlso holds several games a year (not held from 2011 to 2015, but resumed use from 2016[1]). Even after resuming, it was one game a year until 2018[2][3], 2019 increased to 3 games[4].. There was no event in 2020.

Renovation work was carried out in 2014. Specifically, it will be the first stadium-style baseball stadium in Japan.Light emitting diodeWe aim to attract nationwide tournaments such as professional baseball by installing 6 lighting equipment for night games that support (LED) and expanding the ground to those that meet the standards for holding professional baseball with both wings 100 m and mid-sized 122 m. Designed[5][6][7][8].

Completed in March 2015 as originally planned, as a commemorative project on April 3Saitama Seibu Lions 2 ArmyTokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Army OfEastern LeagueOfficial game was held[9].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNaming rightsby"Ogura Clutch・ StadiumIs used (contract is 3 years)[10].


  • 1969 (44)7 Opening.
  • March 2015 Completed renovation work.


  • Both wings: 100m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural grass
  • score board:Lightning type(LED
  • Lighting equipment: 6 LED lights
  • Capacity: 15,050 (Infield: Bench seats: 9,195, Outfield: Lawn seats: 5,855) 
  • Ancillary facilities: 4 sides of Kiryu Baseball Field (for softball and softball).
    • The A and B courts are grass, and the C and D courts (for softball only) are soil.

Achievements of professional baseball

Central LeagueOfficial game

1974 May 8 Ocean Whales1 3Hiroshima Toyo Carp Audience: 8,000

Eastern LeagueOfficial game

2015 May 4 Saitama Seibu Lions 5 10Tokyo Yakult Swallows Audience: 3,513


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