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🚴 | Can I buy it soon?5 overseas electric kickboards that are easier to move than a bicycle


Can you buy it soon?5 overseas electric kickboards that are easier to move than a bicycle

If you write the contents roughly
Electric kickboards that are becoming more common in the city through share services such as LUUP in Japan.

Electric kickboards that are becoming more common in Japan.Currently, it is treated as a motorized bicycle, but the classification will change in the future ... → Continue reading


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Kick scooter

Kick scooter(Japanese English kickskater) OrKick scooter(English: kick scooter) Means with a handle that kicks the groundvehicleIs the general term for.


Many kick skatersBicycleYou can ride with a feeling similar toRoller skates,skateboardBecause it is easier to handle thanleisureIn addition to its intended use, it is also used as a convenient means of transportation in place of a bicycle in parks, etc., which is used as a sport.

originallyscooter (Scooter)Scoot It was called (Scoot),2000 eraSince the time when the market expanded with the advent of folding scootersKick scooterHas come to be used.Kick boardIt is often called by the name, but this is a product of K2 company (Kick board) Is a registered trademark, so caution is required.[1][2]. AlsoKick scooterAlthough it is sometimes said that this is also confused with the product of the same name of JD, it was established to contribute to the spread of "kick scooter".Japan Kick Scooter AssociationThen, as a general term, "Kick scooter "Insist on using[2].

Kick skaters with motors and internal combustion enginesMotorized bicycleorAutomobileBe treated[3](#Legal treatment in Japanreference).


1817 , A two-wheeled vehicle that kicks the ground with both feetDandy horse"ButGermanyInvented in.19st centuryIn the second halfRoller skatesAppeared, and it is said that there was also a scooter made from that part.1914 ,AmericaI installed the engine on a two-wheeled scooter(English edition)Has appeared.

1974 ,JapanPedal propulsion type three-wheel scooter "Roller through GOGO"HondaDeveloped and popularized by children.

1990 eraLater, in Switzerland, Wim Ouboter developed a small folding scooter, founded Micro Mobility Systems and launched it in Europe.The same thing was sold under the name of Razor in Japan and the United States and became popular[4]..In addition, Taiwan's JD Corporation, co-founder of Razor USA[5]Started selling as JD Bug in-house, and the product is also sold in Japan under the JD Razor brand from JD Japan in Osaka.[6].

1999 When folding scooters came to Japan around that time, they became popular among young people in urban areas as a convenient means of transportation that could be brought in when using the railroad, and became popular with children.Along with that, some insane users have come out, and some facilities have clearly stated that they are prohibited from using it.

Accident etc.

2000 In February, a user who collided with a pedestrian on a sidewalk in Tokyo in November of the previous yearSerious negligence injury crimeでDocument inspectionDone[7]In July of the same year, a fatal accident occurred in Kanagawa due to a fall.[8].

Also, on October 2014, 10Consumer Affairs AgencyAnnounced that 9 cases of infants and children up to 2010 years old using a kick scooter and injured due to falls have occurred since 22, and one fatal accident has also occurred. Are[9].

While electric kick scooters are becoming more popular due to their high convenience, it has been reported that accidents and traffic violations are occurring one after another. In June 2021, electric kick scooters were operated without a license in Tokyo. Then, ignore the red light and enter the intersection.A woman (who also has a broken bone) suspected of colliding with a taxi and causing minor injuries to a male passenger's headAct on Punishment for Acts that Cause Death or Injury to People by Driving a Car(Car driving death and injury punishment law) On suspicion of violation etc.Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeIt was reported in August of the same year that the policy of sending documents was decided.[10]..In Fukuoka Prefecture, a total of 2021 traffic violations have been confirmed by July 7.The most common sidewalk traffic (18 cases) was that the offender said, "I didn't have a helmet and I was scared and walked on the sidewalk."[11].


Folding type (polyurethane wheel mounting type)

1990 eraA motorcycle scooter that appeared in the second half and became mainstream after that.Aluminum alloyThe total weight is limited to about 3 kg, and it can be folded into a small size and carried around.pavementSimilar to roller skating, assuming driving only on the roadPolyurethaneMadeWheel(Wheel)[12]have.Early wheels were 98mm in diameter[13], 200mm products have appeared as the diameter has increased, and some of them are air.タ イ ヤThere are also products equipped with.Rear wheelFender (mudguard)Also serves as a brake, and decelerates by stepping on this and suppressing the rotation of the rear wheels.

Skate parkEtcStuntI do(English edition)AlsoWestern,OceaniaIn 2008 and 2009, a full-scale stunt scooter that abolished the folding mechanism was released.[14].

Pneumatic tire mounting type

About 12 inches, which has been used before the foldable typeBicycle tiresとRim brakeTwo-wheeled scooter equipped with.When distinguishing from the above-mentioned polyurethane wheel wearing typePneumatic scooter (Pneumatic scooter),Big scooter It is called (Big scooter) etc.Although it has decreased with the advent of the cheaper and easier foldable type, there is demand in fields where ride quality and stability are important.

In EuropeFoot bike Other than the race using a large thing called (Footbike)[15], Powered by dogs(English edition)There are also manufacturers specializing in pneumatics.

BMXIn America where1980 eraScooter incorporating elements of freestyle BMX was released by each BMX maker in the latter half[16]..These distinguish them from traditional scootersScootCalled, as its snow versionSnowscootWas born.Even folding scooters are often called scoots in the stunt world.

Three-wheel type, four-wheel type

deckGrab the handle fixed to the ride "Kick board","Skater, "Stickboard", etc.In addition to being more stable than the two-wheel type, it has the advantages of being self-supporting and being able to ride with one hand.

For toddlers

Mainly for infants aged 3-5 years who are not yet able to ride a bicycleTricycleWind thing.steelIn a frame made ofPlasticMany products have a made exterior.In addition to this, a three-wheel type (front two-wheel) that claims to foster a sense of balance is on sale.


Attach the motor to the front wheel of a normal folding scooterMotorized scooterOther products[17], Personally madeJet engineThere is even an example of installing[18].

In addition, in Japan's Road Traffic Law, the electric kick scooter isscootersorAutomobileWill be treated as (#Legal treatment in Japanreference)

Legal treatment in Japan


According to Article 76, Paragraph 4, Item 3 of the Road Traffic Act, "Playing ball games, roller skating, or similar acts on roads with frequent traffic. ] Is regulated with penalties.This article does not specify a vehicle or playset and is subject to regulation if it is "roller skating or similar".There is no clear standard for this "frequent", but it is generally understood that there is a traffic volume that may cause a danger of traffic with other pedestrians and vehicles.[19].

A kick scooter without powerRoad Transport Vehicle ActAbovenon-motorized vehicleare categorized.Also, because it does not have pedals that transmit force, etc.BicycleNot classified as[2]. However,Road Traffic LawThen, for products that are "not designed for the purpose of transporting people" and "not recognized as for the purpose of moving according to social conventions", they are considered to be playsets rather than light vehicles, and "frequent traffic".道路There is also an interpretation that the use in[2].

As mentioned above, the legal treatment is not clarified, and in the manufacture and sale of kick scooters, "Public roadPlease refrain from using it in "."[20]..Since the design differs depending on the model, such as the presence or absence of a brake, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer or retailer for use on public roads.[2].


Kick scooters with electric motors and internal combustion engines are legally subject to both the Road Traffic Act and the Road Transport Vehicle Act.Motorized bicycleorAutomobileBe treated[3]..Therefore, if you drive a kick scooter with an electric motor or internal combustion engine that does not comply with various regulatory laws and regulations as it is on a public road, you are legally driving a motorized bicycle or a car, and if it is left as it is, you will be punished by various laws and regulations. Will be.It is obliged to wear a helmet, equipped with mirrors, etc. to comply with the safety standards of the law.

Kick scooter that can run on public roads

As of 2019, with brand names such as Palway and AirwheelSafety standards for road vehiclesProducts that meet the requirements are now on sale.Some products have a maximum speed of about 30km / h, while others have a maximum speed of less than 20km / h.If the maximum speed is less than 20km / h,Safety standards for road vehiclesThe application of is slightly relaxed.

Commercially available products have the following characteristics.

  • Although structurally a kick scooter, it has a sufficiently rigid body frame.It is driven by a battery such as lithium ion.Equipped with pneumatic small inch tires.
  • Equipped with steps to put both feet on the left and right sides of the frame.Ride in a standing position on the vehicle body.
  • The handle part has a foldable structure.brake,Horn, Headlights, rear reflectors, number lights.Turn signal, Taillights, and brake lights.
    • According to safety standards, there must be two brakes.If the maximum speed is less than 2km / h, the standard is relaxed and no taillights, brake lights, turn signals, or speedometers are required.[21]However, for safety reasons such as at night, it is desirable to equip tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

From March 2019 in Saitama PrefectureUrawamisono StationA shared electric scooter business is being conducted experimentally in the surrounding area.[22][23]..This skater is equipped with tires with a diameter of about 20 cm, and the lever near the right grip is the accelerator and the lever near the left grip is the brake.Push down each lever to accelerate and brake.Since there are no blinkers or brake lights, a manual signal is obligatory.[22]

By law, the bicycle is a motorized bicycle, so the following obligations are imposed.

In addition,Automotive Damages Protection ActBased onPersonal injuryAgainstRestitution for DamagesFor everyFaultless liabilityIs applied.Therefore,Voluntary car insuranceIt is desirable to join in accordance with.

Special electric kick scooter based on the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Law

2021 (Reiwa 3nd year) April 4,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryUsing the "new business special system" based on the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Law, approved the sharing service plan of electric kick skaters as a demonstration experiment on public roads in some areas for specific businesses. ..In this demonstration experiment, an electric kick scooter rented by a certified business operator (hereinafter referred to as "Special electric kick scooterCalled. ), Different driving conditions from the conventional one are applied.The following are the main driving conditions (bold letters are different driving conditions).[25][26][27][28]

This driving condition applies only to the special electric kick scooter.Not applicable for uncertified businesses or privately owned electric kick scootersIt should be noted that

There are roads, etc. that are not subject to special exceptions even within the target area of ​​the demonstration experiment.[25][26]..In order to pass through such a section / area, it is necessary to get off from the special electric kick scooter and walk while pushing.[28].

Target area[25]Is as shown below.


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