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⚽ | [Tokyo University Soccer League Match 4th Section 6] It will start soon!Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology vs Nihon Bunka University

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[Tokyo University Soccer League Match 4th Section 6] It will start soon!Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology vs Nihon Bunka University

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After this, from 9:25 on 10/45, the match between Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Men's) vs. Nihon Bunka University (Men's) will be held.

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Section 6 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Tokyo University Soccer League

Tokyo University Soccer LeagueWhat is (Tokyo University Soccer League)?TokyoUniversities registered with the Football Association (Class 1 Student Division)サ ッ カ ーIt is a soccer league by the club.

As of 2020YamanashiIt is carried out jointly with the registration of the Football Association.


The Tokyo University Soccer League consists of 1 to 4 divisions (2020)

  • 1st division (10 schools) 2nd round round robin
  • 2st division (10 schools) 2nd round round robin
  • 3rd division (10 schools) Round-robin round-robin until 2, divided into A and B blocks
  • 4rd division (10 schools) Round-robin round-robin until 1, divided into A and B blocks

The top two schools in the first division enter the Kanto University Soccer League second division (Kanto University Soccer Tournament) Has the right to participate.

Past record

1 part

Times年度Win2 bit3 bit4 bit5 bit6 bit7 bit8 bit9 bit10 bit
372004Japan physical educationTakushokuWasedaOrientalKoreaKokugakuinStandingNihon University, College of Literature
382005StandingSeijoNihon University, College of LiteratureKoreaTeikyoKokugakuinMusashiMeiji Gakuin
392006KoreaOrientalMusashiKokugakuinSeikeiNihon University, College of LiteratureRikkyoGakuinSeijoMeiji Gakuin
402007OrientalKoreaSeikeiJapanStandingTamagawaMusashiKokugakuinNihon University, College of LiteratureTokyo economy
412008JapanSeikeiRikkyoStandingMusashiTamagawaGakuinKokugakuinMeiji GakuinTeikyo
422009KokugakuinStandingJapanRikkyoTokyo economyAsiaGakuinTamagawaMusashiNihon University, College of Literature
432010JapanStandingTeikyoTokyoRikkyoAsiaTokyo economyTamagawaSeikeiGakuin
442011TokyoYamanashi AcademyAsiaTokyo agricultureMeiji GakuinRikkyoTamagawaStandingTeikyoTokyo economy
452012Meiji GakuinTokyo agricultureRikkyoStandingKokugakuinYamanashi AcademyTokyoSeikeiDaito cultureTamagawa
462013Yamanashi AcademyJapanTokyo economyAsiaStandingMeiji GakuinKokugakuinTokyoRikkyoTeikyo
472014KoreaKokugakuinMeiji GakuinYamanashi AcademyStandingAsiaSeikeiDaito cultureTokyoTokyo economy
482015Meiji GakuinTokyo agricultureStandingYamanashi AcademyRikkyoDaito cultureAsiaKokugakuinGakuinSeikei
492016Tokyo economyStandingJapanRikkyoYamanashi AcademyDaito cultureKokugakuinTeikyoAsiaTokyo
502017Meiji GakuinRikkyoDaito cultureTokyo economyYamanashi AcademySeikeiKokugakuinMusashiHitotsubashiTeikyo
512018Meiji GakuinJapanYamanashi AcademyKokugakuinSophiaDaito cultureTokyo economyGakuinKoreaSeikei
522019Yamanashi AcademyMeiji GakuinTokyo agricultureKokugakuinDaito cultureTeikyoTokyo economyGakuinTokyoSophia
532020Yamanashi AcademyTokyo GakugeiKokugakuinTokyo agricultureKoreaTokyo economySeikeiGakuinDaito cultureTeikyo

2 part

Times年度Win2 bit3 bit4 bit5 bit6 bit7 bit8 bit9 bit10 bit
372004TeikyoMusashiSeijoMeiji GakuinSeikeiGakuinTokyo economy
382005GakuinSeikeiRikkyoTokyoTokyo, the capitalTokyo University of ScienceTokyo economyYamanashi
392006Tokyo economyTamagawaTokyoHitotsubashiNihon UniversitySophiaYamanashiTokyo, the capitalCherry treeTokyo University of Science
402007RikkyoGakuinMeiji GakuinSeijoTokyoSophiaJapanese creaturesSokaHitotsubashiNihon University
412008Nihon University, College of LiteratureTokyo economySophiaTokyoSeijoCherry treeYamanashiNihon UniversitySokaYamanashi Academy
422009TeikyoTokyoMeiji GakuinSeijoSophiaTokyo, the capitalYamanashiCherry treeNihon UniversityTokyo foreign language
432010Yamanashi AcademyMeiji GakuinNihon University, College of LiteratureMusashiSeijoDaito cultureYamanashiSophiaTokyo, the capitalCherry tree
442011Daito cultureSeikeiSeijoSokaSophiaMusashiNihon University, College of LiteratureNihon UniversityGakuinYamanashi
452012Tokyo economyTeikyoSophiaNihon University, College of LiteratureTokyo, the capitalMusashiHitotsubashiNihon UniversitySokaSeijo
462013SeikeiDaito cultureMusashiHitotsubashiSophiaTamagawaGakuinNihon University, College of LiteratureTokyo, the capitalNihon University
472014GakuinRikkyoMusashiTamagawaSokaTeikyoSeijoHitotsubashiNihon University, College of LiteratureSophia
482015Tokyo economyTeikyoTokyoMusashiHitotsubashiNihon UniversityTamagawaSeijoSokaTokyo, the capital
492016SeikeiHitotsubashiMusashiSophiaTamagawaGakuinSeijoNihon UniversityTokyo University of ScienceYamanashi
502017SophiaGakuinAsiaTamagawaSeijoTokyoTokyo, the capitalTokyo Institute of TechnologyNihon UniversityNihon University
512018TokyoTeikyoAsiaSeijoHitotsubashiTokyo, the capitalTamagawaMusashiYamanashiTokyo University of Science
522019KoreaSeikeiAsiaHitotsubashiTamagawaMusashiSeijoTokyo, the capitalNihon UniversityNihon University, College of Literature
532020AsiaTokyoSophiaTamagawaMusashiHitotsubashiSeijoTokyo University of ScienceTokyo MetropolitanTokyo Institute of Technology


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