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⛳ | <Intermediate breaking news> Reina Ishikawa rises to the top position, with Kabayashi Takeyama by 2 and Airi Saito by 4 to the second half.

Photo Airi Saito (photo) and others entered the final back nine while continuing to fight for the top position (photo: Yoshihiro Iwamoto)

<Interim breaking news> Reina Ishikawa rises to the top position alone Kabayashi Takeyama is 2 behind, Airi Saito and others are 4 behind to the second half

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Chirei Iwai, who won his first professional victory two races ago, Airi Saito, Marika Komiya, and Rii Iwahashi, who are aiming to win the championship since the 4 regular tour "Daikin Orchid Ladies", are in total 4 under and 2th place Thailand. I'm wearing it.

<Chugoku Shimbun Chupy Ladies Cup Last Day ◇ 25th ◇ Geinan Country Club (Hiroshima) ◇ 6530 yards… → Continue reading

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