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⚽ | Hiroki Sakai's goal for the first time in 9 years in VAR judgment! "I wanted to be happy if possible"


Hiroki Sakai, VAR judgment, "first time in 9 years" goal! "I wanted to be happy if possible"

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About that, Hiroki Sakai said, "I wanted to be happy if possible.

The match between FC Tokyo and Urawa Reds in the J-League Round 25 on the 30th was 1-2.Immediately after the start of the match ... → Continue reading


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Hiroki Sakai

Hiroki Sakai(Sakai Hiroki,1990 May 4 -) isNagano[2]andChiba[3]From (depending on profile)soccer player.J1 league-Urawa RedsBelongs.Representation from Japan.


Until becoming a professional

Born in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture[4].. The name "Hiroki" was named after the letter "Tree" from his father.[4].. At an early ageChibaKashiwaMoved to and started playing football under the influence of two older brothers, and joined the local club team in the third grade of elementary school.[5].. Back thenforwardWas serving[5].

When I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, I took part in practice once,Kashiwa ReysolBegan playing as a trainee in the subordinate organization of Kashiwa Reysol U-2003 in 15 when he entered junior high school[5].

Tatsuma YoshidaUnder the guidance of Sakai,Kudo Sojin,Kohei Higa,Masato Yamazaki,Kousuke Taketomi,Ren Sengoku,Ibusuki Hiroshi,Shimakawa Toshiro,Maki HatadaKashiwa Reysol Youth who produced a total of 9 professional playersGolden ageAs a member of[6], Right at the beginningSide half, Left from the third year of middle schoolSide backIn charge of[5].. YoshidaDefense lineFor players who come into the space because of the good timing to go out to the backcrossI saw Sakai's talent that had a unique sense of matching, and I dared not to touch the offense side,positioningI gave guidance mainly to[6][7].

In 2006, promoted to Kashiwa Reysol U-18.same year,U-16 Japan National TeamWas elected toFranceExperienced an expedition[8].

In 3, the third year of high school, the top team with HigaType 2 registered playerBecame[9], There was no official game entry. As a player of Kashiwa Reysol U-18,The 32nd Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) TournamentIn addition to the runner-up at the Villarreal International Youth Tournament,Liverpool,Ajax,CelticDefeated a powerful player and shined in 3rd place[10].

Kashiwa Reysol era

In 2009, promoted to the top team with Kudo, Higa, Yamazaki, Taketomi and Sengoku[Note 1].. With Taketomi in June of the same yearSao Paulo State Championship1 copyMOZIMIRIN ECStudied abroad to[11].. Right side back at Modimirin,Center backAs a player and gained a lot of experience, especially in the field of defense[12][13], Even after returning to Japan in November, official battle participation will not come true,J2I got into the remorse of being demoted.

2010, J2 Section 11Ventforet KofuParticipated in the official game in the first battle J2 Section 32Mito Holy HookRecorded the first official score in the match. Mainly as a back upper when there is no regular[12][14]Participated in 9 league games and clubs in 1 yearJ1Returned to.

In 2011, J2 Section 1 was triggered by deciding 7 assists in a practice match played as a right side back.Omiya ArdijaStart in the battle[14].. Until then, he was considered a center back player,[14]On the right sideLeandro DominguezWhen a strong combination is formed and it is established regularly, a big break is made at once. May of the same year,U-22 Japan National TeamWas first elected to[15]In NovemberRepresentative AWas first elected to[16].. Eventually, he participated in 27 league games and achieved the J1 victory in the first year of promotion, the first in the history of the J League.J League Best Eleven,J League Best Young Player AwardWas awarded simultaneously.2011 FIFA Club World CupBut he played in all four games,Santos FCRecord points in the battle. Of the directorMulici LamarhoIn addition to being praised by[17],FIFAOn the official websiteIbarata HaruoWas introduced with "Kashiwa's proud young star"[18].

In 2012, due to the success of the previous year, on the official FIFA websiteThiago Alcantara,Julian DraxlerIt was taken up as "2012 young players to watch in 13" together with[19],Borussia DortmundAlthough it was a battle for acquisition offers from 7 or 8 overseas clubs,[20][21]Germany was most eager to winBundesliga OfHannover 96Decided to move to[21].. Round 1 of J16 which became the last game in KashiwaGamba OsakaClose the battle with a 6-2 victory[22]Went to Germany[23].

Hannover era

Transferred to Hannover 2012 on July 7, 1 with a transfer fee of approximately 100 million euros (1 million yen)[24].. 3 year contract term, plus 1 year option[24].. Joined the club immediately after joining the clubLondon OlympicsThen the first matchスペインLeft ankle in battlesprain[25].. After missing two games in the first league, he returned to the starting members from the final tournament.[26], Won the best four, but missed the medal.

2012-13 season,UEFA Europa LeagueQualifying Playoffs Round 2Syronsk WroclawFirst transfer to the official game after being transferred in the game. Bundesliga Section 4HoffenheimHe made his first appearance in the Bundesliga in the battle. In addition to being unable to participate in the pre-season camp due to participation in the London Olympics, he also suffered from the speed of Bundesliga's playing speed and adaptation to team tactics that differed greatly from the Kashiwa era.[27]Despite being unable to play in the match, the number of opportunities increased in the latter half of the season, starting with the right-side half, Section 33.LeverkusenRecorded the first Bundesliga assist in the battle[28].

2013-14 season,Steve ChelndoroAfter the opening of the car, he secured a fixed position on the right side back from the opening. Section 11Werder BremenThe Bundesliga scored the first goal by sinking an intense non-rotating shot from the distance of about 30 meters in front of the goal in the battle.[29].. During the winter liga breakTransfer with time limitJoined withCzech national team Of(English editionRight, without giving up positionkneeAlthough he continued to participate while having tendonitis[30], I rested after the remaining part of the team was confirmed.

2014-15 season, Although it was going around for a while, he returned to the starting team at the end of the season and showed his presence.

2015-16 season,Hannover 96ToYamaguchi fireflyWith the addition of, the number of representatives from Japan has increased to three.Sakai himself participated in 3 games.第26節のSection 31IngolstadtI scored points in the battle,[31], The team was demoted[32]..He left Hannover this season due to the expiration of his contract.

Marseille era

August 2016, 6,France-League Ann OfOlympic marseilleThe complete transfer to was announced[33].. This time in ScotlandCeltic FCAnd the DutchAjax AmsterdamThere was an offer from Japan, but the representative from JapanVahid Haril HosicHaving received advice from the director, he chose Marseille[34].. Held on October 8Toulouse FCWe made a full debut at the opening game with[35].. February 2017, 2, Section 12FC NantesRecorded the first assist in the battle. The 1-2016 season, which was the first year of transfer, is GKIoan PreExcept for the field players, he participated in 35 games (3012 minutes in total) with the most participation time, and played an active part as a regular player.[36].. Combining on the right sideFlorian TovanSaid, "It's not embarrassing to say that you had a good season thanks to Sakai."Rudi GarciaThe director praised the performance of this season[37].

August 2017, 8,Dijon FCOIn the match, he entered the starting lineup starting from the opening season for the second consecutive year, and announced on September 2 that he had extended his contract with Marseille until 9. April 29, 2021,UEFA Europa LeagueQuarterfinal 2nd legRB LeipzigHe contributed to the team's 14th EL best 4 in 4 years, scoring a valuable additional point that was the first score after moving to Marseille at the end of the battle. However, section 23 on April 34 of the same yearLOSC reel metropoleDamaged medial collateral ligament in battle, forced to leave for 3 weeks[38].

May 2019, 5, League Ann Round 18Toulouse FCScored the league's first goal in the battle[39].. Selected as an annual club MVP by fans after the season[40].

On May 2021, 5, it was announced on SNS that he would leave Marseille, who had spent five years.[41].

Urawa Reds era

August 2021, 6,J1 league OfUrawa RedsThe complete transfer to was announced[42].. It will be the first play in nine years in the J League. August 9, Section 8Sagan TosuPlayed for the first time after transferring to Shintenchi in the battle[43].

Representation from Japan

August 2012, 5,Giraffe challenge cup-アゼルバイジャンIn battleInternational A MatchFirst appearance[1].. After that I will serve as the same right side backAtsuto UchidaWhile sharing the opportunity to participate[44][45],2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying,FIFA Confederations Cup 2013And so on. International friendly match held on November 2013, 11ベルギーGood at battleCross ballからYouichiro KakitaniThe first goal ofassistAnd contributed to the 3-2 victory[46][47].2014 FIFA Brazil World CupWas selected as a member of[48], There was no opportunity to participate in this tournament.

2018 year 6 month,Russian World CupSelected as a member, the first roundコロンビアWon the World Cup for the first time. In this tournament, he fully participated in all four races and contributed to the team's best 4[49].. Buddha's successLequipThe paper has elected Sakai among the seven “foreign players who are active in League Ann on a daily basis and have a record in the World Cup”,セネガルOf warYusuf SabariI rate the matchup with[50].

August 2018, 11,Oita Bank DomeOf the Kirin Challenge Cup held inベネズエラIn the match, he scored his first goal in 49 Japanese national team appearances.

Play style

Speedy and dynamicOverlapAnd a sharp high speed released from the right footcrossHas a characteristicSide back[7].. After moving to France, I sometimes play center back[51].2011 FIFA Club World CupPlay inFIFAOn the official website "Japanese versionDaniel Euves'[18], Italian paperGazzetta dello SportFrom the "right side versionNagatoWas compared to[52].

Side backHas a good physical structure and does not give in to intense physical contact with foreign players[7].. High physical ability,Kashiwa ReysolA physical coach of the timesCarlos Alberto Pimenteu"Agility, power, speed, endurance are all close to perfection. Any physical coach will want to work with such a player."[21].. Former Japanese coachHalil hodzic"It's a man of flexibility and amenity, and it's a perfect player." "Has a monster-class physical," in an interview with French media Le Phocéen.[51].

In April 2020, selected by the British media as the 4th best representative of Japan in the 21st century, he went to France after gaining the highest level of experience in Germany. Was done[53].

High speed cross

FastCross ballIs often spoken of as his pronoun[54].. A teammate in the youth eraKudo Sojin"Sakai had been kicking that cross since junior youth," he testifies.[7].

When raising the high-speed cross, the person himself says, "I think it's more like putting it in a space than matching it with a person", and rubs the side of the ball with the inside of the right foot and spins it inside.[54].. Opponent to spinning ballsGoalkeeperDraw a curve trajectory so that you can escape from it, and fall rapidly in front of the goal[55].

Also, the motion of the right leg swinging out is small, and you can kick it if you bring it in your own space even before you dodge the opponent you face, so it is also difficult to receive blocks[55][56].


Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2012 13Hanover4Bundes Part 1130-10140
2013 14261-20281
2014 15270-20290
2015 16261-20281
FranceLeague matchF. League CupFrench cupTotal period
2016 17Marseille2League Ann3502030400
2017 183302010360
2018 192711000281
2019 202101030250
2020 21290-20310
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyBundes Part 1922-70992
FranceLeague Ann145160901601
  • No participation as a Type 2008 registered player in 2

Other official games

International competition individual results FIFA
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
AACLClub world cup
2012 13Hanover420-
2017 18Marseille2141-
2020 21-

Other international official games

Participation history


ク ラ ブ

Kashiwa Reysol


Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 68 games 1 points (2012 -)[1]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.October 2018th, 11Japan,OitaVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ△ 1-1Giraffe challenge cup2018


注 釈

  1. ^ As of 6, six people from youth have been promoted to the top team, the most in club history.


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