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⚾ | Yakult Yasutaka Shiomi is a director crying Yancha kid [Se V battle three-way keyman identity and reputation]

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Yakult Yasutaka Shiomi is a director crying Yancha kid [Se V fight three-way keyman identity and reputation]

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Takao Kuwamoto (currently Tokyo University of Agriculture coach), who was the director at Buso High School, also says.

[Se V Conflict Three-way Keyman Feature and Reputation] Yasutaka Shiomi (Yakult / Outfielder, 28 years old, XNUMXth year) ◇◇◇◇… → Continue reading

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Tokyo University of Agriculture coach

Takao Kuwamoto

Takao Kuwamoto(Kuwamoto Takao,1970 May 3 -) isAdult baseballFormer player, baseball coach.In the working ageMitsubishi Fuso KawasakiBelongs.


Kanagawawhere one is from.In junior high schoolBoys leagueBelongs to Sagamihara White Eagles.Buso High SchoolHe played an active part as a third baseman, and was attracting attention from professionals as a slugger, such as hitting a home run with five at-bats in a row.After graduating from high schoolMitsubishi Motors KawasakiJoined the company.As an infielder of a colleagueYoshihiko Kajiyama,Yasuyuki SaigoHe played an active part as a core player of the team together with them.

1996 Atlanta OlympicsThen.Representation from JapanContributed to winning the silver medal. He retired from active duty only in 1999, and was instructing the younger generation as a coach from the following 2000, but he left the company due to the suspension of Mitsubishi Fuso Kawasaki only in 2008.

The following year, from 2009, he was the director of his alma mater, Buso High School, but it was announced that he would retire at the end of 2014.

Since 2018Tokyo University of AgricultureCoach.


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