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⛳ | Nasa Hataoka is a hole-in-one for 2 consecutive days!The 5th time in the history of the US women's tour, "No way to enter"

Photo Nasa Hataoka achieves great achievement (Photo: Getty Images)

Nasa Hataoka is a hole-in-one for two consecutive days!The 2th time in the history of the US women's tour, "No way to enter"

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The place that won the US tour for the first time is still a power spot for Hataoka.

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First victory on US tour

Power spot

Power spot(power spot) Means special "" scattered around the earth.Place"[1].Energy spot,Qi fieldAlso say.


In the book "Power Spots in the World: A Journey to Healing and Self-Recovery", power spots have water that is said to heal people, rocks that are said to speak to people, or faults that generate magnetic force. It is explained that there is[2].

In Europe and AmericaVortex, Vortex, there is a concept of a place where vortexes erupt.SednaAre famous.

Hiroshi Aramata"The power spot is the power of the earth (spirit) Can be thought of as a place full of people. "[3]Although the word power spot is new in the first place, he points out that there have been attempts to gain the power of the earth from long ago.[3]..Aramata is "in Japan"Kumano SanzanExplain that "in the pilgrimage" is a very old case[3]..Aramata is originally toughTrainingIt was an epoch-making thing that you can get the power that you can get only by doing the above, just by visiting the place, regardless of your status and gender.[3]However, the legend was used because it was not possible to gather people without any promotion.[3].. As wellIse ShrineVisit "Ise IseriHowever, he explained that he advertised that "the power that only the trainees can get can be obtained regardless of gender or status."[3].

In All About, places that have come to be called power spots and spiritual spots are originallyReligious FaithIn the place ofWorship of natureIt is said that there were many places where[4]..Such places are traditionallySacred placeAndSacred placeIt was called by a name such as sacred place.

theologyFrom a typical point of viewMircea EliadeOf the beliefs in nature, mountains and rocks are the cosmic axes that connect the heavens, the ground, and the underground, and the earth and water aredeadregenerationIt is a symbol of and is the basis of secular life and supports itView of the worldAnalyzed to be an important part of[5].. (→#history)

Aramata said, "At the power spot, I'm on the ground.spiritIt is important to feel[3]..However, there are many criticisms about the power spot (described later). →#Critique


Hiroshi Aramata points out that there have been attempts to gain the power of the earth from long ago.[3].. The places that have come to be called power spots and spiritual spots in All about are originallyReligious FaithIn the place ofWorship of natureWas explained that it was the place where[6].

Worship of natureIn addition to wind, lightning, clouds, etc.(I.e.-The earth-river-(I.e.Etc. are also subject to worship[7]..This is especially true for farming people when it comes to ground fields.[8]..The mountain is considered a sacred placeSpiritOften regarded as a habitat or at the same time a country of the dead[9].. in JapanMount Fuji,Mt. Hikosan,HakusanMountains with beautiful shapes such as, mountains that are considered to rain (rainfall mountains), unique shapesSpa・ Mountains where ponds are recognized have been worshiped since ancient times and even today.[10](Mountain worship).river,(I.e.Sacred view is especially in North Americaイ ン デ ィ ア ンSeen in the tribes ofWater godIs said to be the place to liveLegend,mythThere are many[11].

In Japan, after 1975,SuperpowerTo callMasuaki KiyotaUsed the word "power spot" as "a place to take in the energy of the earth", and the word has spread since the early 1990s.[12].

In the 2000s, people became more interested in feng shui and spiritualism for the masses.AlsoShrineBuddhist templeAnd so onPilgrimage to sacred placesThere was a boom.Hiroyuki EharaCalls shrines and temples "spiritual sanctuaries."[13].

In August 2010, at YOMIURI ONLINE, "As a place where you can get special power, shrines and mountains called" power spots "are gaining popularity all over Japan. Was said. On September 8, 2010, the program "Kumamoto no Kaze, Mystery of the Earth and the Sky, Kumamoto Power Spot Daikikou" was broadcast on NHK Hi-Vision.[14].

Purpose of going to the power spot

Aramata says that what you feel at the power spot varies from person to person.[3]..Through the nature thereHealingHe states that each person feels differently, whether he or she seeks or is motivated.[3].

Various explanations

There are various explanations about power spots.


Yoshiaki KobayashiIs the first TV program on the subject of "Super Power of the Earth"KazeSaid he used the word power spot[15]. Yuchiku RinoPower spot every 20 yearsspiritThe flow changes and the location changes, but the shrines and temples have a special construction method that keeps them in mind for a long time.[16]..He also said that shrines are overwhelmingly regarded as power spots and there are few temples, but the power of temples is inferior because people's worries and sorrows gather.[17] .Yoshiaki KobayashiIt is,DowntownIs also a power spot, and it is the result of people gathering because of the power.[18].Ryuji MidoIs "(in Feng Shui)Dragon holeThe power spots that "supernatural powers and people doing qigong" say are different. "[19].

Explanation using scientific terms

GeomagnetismIt is often the case that the geomagnetism of a power spot is measured in a portable manner, assuming that the stronger the location, the stronger the power.[20].

Shigemi SasakiArgued that a state of "zero magnetic field" occurs where the geomagnetisms cancel each other out, and that energy from the "five-dimensional universe" is brought there.[21].InaOn the official website of "The famous discovery of zero magnetic field in Hubei Province, China"Qigong master ByMinpaku PassZero magnetic field was discovered. "[22].."When faults collide, electromagnetic waves are emitted into the atmosphere, and exposure to them brings energy from the" dark system "world."[23].

In addition,Satsuki Narasaki[24][25]Is "Electrostatic Three Laws"[26]In the soilpotentialIt is assumed that the land itself has power due to the difference, and that there are "Iyashirochi (Yamorichi)" with positive energy and "Kegarechi (Kigarechi)" with negative energy, and even if it is injured, it is in the soil. Described that if charcoal is buried in the soil, it can be converted into energy.[27]..This is laterYukio FunaiInherited and insisted[28]..Yukio Funai argues that when you are in "Iyashirochi", your muscles become softer, so you can tell if you are Iyashirochi by bending forward.[29]..This theory is directly incorporated into the explanation of power spots in the book "Suikinkutsu sounds, power spots in your room".[30].

World power spot

SednaBecomes Page BryantPsychicIs powerWhirlpool"Blowing out like"VortexThere is a place called[31]It presents a view of the sacred place of spiritualists and is visited by many tourists.

Hiroshi Aramata is said to be the power spot in the worldNational park,world HeritageExplain that there are many places where[3]..Aramata is a recommended global power spotGuiana Highlands, PhilippinesBohol island OfChocolate Hills,JapaneseFossa Magna(Central structure line)[3].

Japan's power spot

A reporter from the Yomiuri Shimbun said,Mount Fuji,Ise Shrine, Kyoto PrefectureMt. KuramaIt is very popular. "

Ono is (Tsukiji HonganjiEtc.)Chuta ItoExplained that the buildings designed by are attracting attention as a new power spot[3].


Criticism of unbelievable visits

Hiroyuki EharaWhile keeping in mind the heating of the boomboomRide onBuddhaWithout awe for "Stamp Rally"Like" criticized the act of visiting power spots[33].

2010 year 8 month 20 dayYomiuri Shimbun The reporter of YOMIURI ONLINEIzumoLocated in Sada TownSusa Shrine OfPriesthood"I think there are 1 worshipers who used to be 2 a year until a few years ago," he said. "I'm crazy about shooting Osugi with my mobile camera.torii,Main hallPasses through.Shrine TheVisitI'm about to do it, "he said.

Mainichi NewspapersThe reporter said that the number of worshipers is increasing from the existing religious community.occultSome voices are worried that it may lead to faith.[34]..The reporterMt. KuramaA curator at the museum said, "At first I was confused, but there are many forms of worship. It's in front of the main hall.Mt. HieiThere is a reason to calm down.Religious FaithIt ’s good that more people are looking at the world ofpowerIt's not just about getting people, but being kind to people, etc.Buddha's heartI want you to be aware of it. "[34].

Criticism from the Shinto side

Shinto shrineIn his editorial, he does not intend to deny the recent "power spot boom" from the roots, butShrineThe main goal of the indoctrination activity is not just the profane belief in merits and the proclamation of a specific shrine, but "the rise of the wider sacred power and the exaltation of the sacred virtues."[35]In response to the rumor that a person involved in a religious facility asks a well-known expert to introduce his facility as a power spot, he said that it is "related to the qualities of the religious person himself." Criticized. "We should refrain from the attitude of jumping into fashion unnecessarily." "We want you to strictly refrain from acts that easily destroy traditions in order to create a topic."[36].

Also, in the editorial, the Shinto shrine is called a "power spot" because it is necessary to explain the importance of worship in front of the shrine, the origin of the shrine, and the virtues to those who come to the shrine in search of "power." It is the responsibility of the shrine people to provide information to consider whether this is suitable for the shrine, and to think about how to eliminate the "power spot" that disdains the traditional beliefs of the shrine. Says there is[36].

Even in the editorial of the Shinto shrine newsletter dated November 23, 11, the power spot boom is said to be "a case where the shrine is affected and may lead to deviation from the true appearance", and it remains unrelated to the original belief of the shrine. Concerns have been expressed that the faith will be completed only in a new form that is driven by the flow.[37].

Other criticisms

Yoshihiko OtsukiIs April 2010BlogIn nature, there are rare places and special times, such as places where infrasound (sound waves) are generated or concentrated, andElectromagnetic waveHe wrote that he commented on a TV program that there are places where he can easily concentrate.[38]..In addition, Otsuki said that the power spot on the blog is a mess for no reason, and the purpose isTourismAnd gathering people and getting involved in itMake moneyProbably[38]..In addition, Otsuki posted on the same blog in October 2010.Japan Broadcasting CorporationCriticized Power Spot on Show[39].


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