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⛳ | Big brother Takumi Kanaya Keita Nakajima's Ama V "It wasn't strange to win at any time"

Photo Takumi Kanaya (left) congratulates Keita Nakajima for winning the amateur team (photo is from the national team era) (Photo: ALBA)

Big brother Takumi Kanaya "It wasn't strange to win at any time" to Keita Nakajima's Ama V

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Nakajima won the 2018 Asian Games as a high school student.

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Individual victory

Asian Games

Asian Games(I want to go to Asia,Asian GamesorAsiad) IsSecond World Warrear,IndiaStarted by the proposal ofAsiaFor countriesGeneral competition.Asian Olympic Council"Asia version" because it is sponsored by (OCA)OlympicIt is also said.Asian GamesSometimes called.


Basically, sports similar to the Olympics are played, butSoft tennis(Soft tennis),Go,Shangchi(Chinese Xiangqi),Kabaddi,Sepak Takraw,karate[1]There are also unique competitions that are not found in the Olympic Games, such as those that reflect the regional characteristics of Asia.

Most host countriesThailandSo, all over the past 4 times, the capitalBangkokIt is open in.USSRAfter the collapseCentral AsiaCountries are also participating in Asian competitions and the scale is expanding.judo,badmintonIn addition to competitions in which Asian players are originally strong,People's Republic of ChinaPlayer strengthening,Middle EastNationalAfricafromImmigrationDue to factors such as the participation of athletes, the level of competition such as swimming and athletics has improved, and it has developed into a world record level competition.

In team sports, it may also serve as an Asian qualifier to compete for the next year's Olympic qualification, and even in individual sports, it is said to be an important outpost for the Summer Olympics selection, where athletes from the same country concentrate on the next year.


1950 era

From 1913 to 1934,Japan,フィリピン, Was held in three countries in ChinaFar East Championships(The Far eastern Championship games), in 1934India OfNew DelhiHeld atWest Asian GamesIs the source.

Second World WarIn 1947, after the end ofUKThere was a meeting of 13 Asian countries in Asia, and they agreed to hold a general competition in Asia, and in July 1948.London OlympicsInIndia,フィリピン,Korea(Before division),Republic of China,Ceylon,BurmaAgain resolved to hold an Asian multi-sport event in New Delhi, India. In February 1949Asian Games Federation(AGF) was founded.This holding resolution is from IndiaIOCIt is said that Guru Dutt Sondhi, who was a member of the committee, took the lead.

When AGF was establishedIndia,アフガニスタン,Burma,Pakistan,フィリピンWas scheduled to hold the first tournament in 1950, but the facility maintenance and equipment procurement were not in time, and the following year1951 In IndiaNew DelhiThe first was held in.Since then, it has basically been held in the middle of the Summer Olympics.

The 1958rd convention held in May 5 was in 3.Tokyo OlympicsIt will be held in Tokyo during the bid activity, and in May prior to the tournamentInternational Olympic Committee General AssemblyWill be held in Tokyo and will be a valuable opportunity to show the IOC the ability to hold international competitions.


However, after the 4th Congress, he was often influenced by global political issues.1962 In 8 monthIndonesia-JakartaIndonesian government at the 4th convention held inSoekarnoPresidentialParent,parentIslamDepending on the intentions of each countryTaiwan(Republic of China)Whenイ ス ラ エ ルRefused to participate. IOC,International Athletics Federation(IAAF),International Weightlifting Federation(IWF) has stated that the 4th Asian Games will not be recognized as official competitions, and the Japanese team participated in all but the canceled weightlifting competitions.Juichi TsushimaThe chairman of the Japan Sports Association took responsibility and resigned.Next time1963 IOC resolved to suspend Indonesia's qualification (suspension of participation in the Olympics) in response to thisArab countriesTwelve countries suggest Tokyo Olympic boycott, Indonesia opposes IOC in November of the same yearEmerging country competition(GANEFO) was held before the Tokyo Olympics, and it became a source of division in the international sports world.[2].

The 1970th tournament in 6 South KoreaSeoulIt was scheduled to be held in January 1968north koreaSpecial Forces invasion of Seoul (Blue tile stand attack attempt case) Has occurred, and Korea has returned the event.Suddenly, it was held in Bangkok, the venue of the previous tournament.

The 1974th tournament in 7(I.e.-TehranHowever, problems such as the refusal to play against Israel by the People's Republic of China and North Korea, which participated for the first time on behalf of Arab countries, Pakistan, and Taiwan, arose.Also in IranIran revolutionBefore and in this tournament(I.e.Was also participating.

The 1978th convention in 8 refused Israel's participation due to security problems, in responseInternational Athletics Federation(IAAF) countered by stating that athletes participating in the Asian Games will not participate in the IAAF-sponsored tournament.Moreover1982 Israel was also denied entry into India at the 9th Congress (New Delhi).This Israeli issue was addressed at the AGF conference held shortly after the 9th Congress.Asian Olympic CouncilSince the establishment of (OCA) was resolved to exclude Israel and the subsequent Asian Games were sponsored by OCA, it was decided to exclude Israel from the Asian sports world.


From 1986, in addition to the previous Summer GamesAsian Winter GamesWas held, and the 1st and 2nd Winter GamesSapporoSo, the 5th Winter Games will be held in February 2003AomoriIt was done in.Furthermore, in response to the increase in the number of sports competitions, since 2005, we have focused on indoor competitions.Asia Indoor GamesWas also started.Competitions such as skiing were held.

Doha 2006The record number of 39 competitions was held, but due to concerns about the ever-growing scale of the competition, several competitions were started at the Asian Indoor Games and in 2008.Asia Beach GamesSort to2010 Guangzhou TournamentFrom then on, the number of competitions was reduced to 35.andbodybuildingWill move to Asian Beach Games (Bodybuilding #Bodybuilding competitions at Asian competitionsSee),Martial arts Tai Chi[3],Dance sports,Dragon boat,cricket,GoIn the end, 2010 competitions, the largest number in history, were held at the 42 Games.

2014 Incheon TournamentIt was announced that this will be reduced to 36 competitions, among the competitions held in the 2010 competition.soft ball,Roller sports,チ ェ ス,ビ リ ヤ ー ド, Dance sports, and dragon boats were excluded.Initially consideredBowlingCricket was also an exclusion candidate, but remained.After that, softball was treated as one game with baseball and escaped exclusion, and softball became a tennis event.

At the OCA General Assembly held on July 2009, 7, it was decided to delay the 3th Congress by one year and hold it in 18. OCA General Assembly in November 1 (Macau) To host the 2019th tournament in 18Hanoi(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHowever, on April 2014, 4, the Vietnamese government announced that it would decline to hold the tournament due to financial difficulties.[4].. April 2014,Jakarta(Indonesia) Has been decided as the host city to replace Hanoi, and the host year has been advanced by one year to 2018.

Since the 2020s

The 19th tournament will be held in 2022 in ChinaHangzhouScheduled to be held in ChinaAlibaba groupIn partnership withe sportsHas been announced to be an official medal event[5]..About the 20th convention (2026)Aichi-Nagoya cityIt will be co-sponsored by (Japan).The 21st Convention (2030) and the 22nd Convention (2034) will be held consecutively in West Asia.

Successive tournaments

The following is from the Summer Games.Except for the summer gamesAsian Winter Games,Asia Indoor Games,Asia Beach GamesSee section such as.

TimesDateHost cityHost countryParticipating countries and regionsNumber of participating playersNumber of competitions
1March 1951-3, 4New DelhiIndian flag India114896
2March 1954-5, 1ManilaFlag of the Philippines (navy blue) .svgフィリピン1812418
31958 year 5 month 24 day to 6 month 1 dayTokyoJapanese flag Japan20169213
41962 year 8 month 24 day to 9 month 4 dayJakartaIndonesian flag Indonesia17152714
5March 1966-12, 9BangkokKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand18194514
6March 1970-12, 9BangkokKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand18180213
7March 1974-9, 1TehranFlag of the Iranian Empire (I.e.25267216
8March 1978-12, 9BangkokKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand27287619
91982 year 11 month 19 day to 12 month 4 dayNew DelhiIndian flag India33463520
101986 year 9 month 20 day to 10 month 5 daySeoulRepublic of Korea flag South Korea27478625
111990 year 9 month 22 day to 10 month 7 dayBeijingFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku37612227
12March 1994-10, 2HiroshimaJapanese flag Japan42682834
13March 1998-12, 6BangkokKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand41978036
142002 year 9 month 29 day to 10 month 14 dayBusanRepublic of Korea flag South Korea44976738
15March 2006-12, 1DohaQatar flag Qatar45952039
16March 2010-11, 12GuangzhouFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku44970442
172014 year 9 month 19 day to 10 month 4 dayIncheonRepublic of Korea flag South Korea45950136
182018 year 8 month 18 day to 9 month 2 dayJakarta/PalembangIndonesian flag Indonesia451130040
19March 2022-9, 10HangzhouFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku---
202026 year 9 month 19 day to 10 month 4 dayAichi-NagoyaJapanese flag Japan---
212030 DohaQatar flag Qatar---
222034 RiyadhSaudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia---

* The 18th tournament is originally scheduled to be held in 2019, and the venue will beHanoi( Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu), But the Vietnamese government declined the right to hold the tournament in April 2014.[4].. September 2014 Jakarta (Indonesian flag Indonesia) Has been decided as the host city to replace Hanoi, and the host year has been advanced by one year to 2018.

MVP Award

Since the 1998 Bangkok tournament, Samsung Electronics has sponsoredMVPHas been elected.Prize money will be given to the winners.Successive winners are as follows.

YearsPlayer nameCompetitionnote
1998Japanese flag Koji Itoland[6]
2002Japanese flag Kousuke KitajimaSwimming[6]
2006Republic of Korea flag Park Tae-hwanSwimming[7]
2010Flag of the People's Republic of China Lin Danbadminton[8]
2014Japanese flag Kosuke HaginoSwimming[6][9]
2018Japanese flag Rikako IkeSwimming[10]

Conducted competition

  • Kuromaru official event
  • d Public event (exhibition)[11]

Sports in the same field are grouped in the same color.
  ウ ォ ー タ ー ス ポ ー ツ -  baseball -  basketball -  ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム -  Canoe -  Bicycle competition -  Gymnastics -  Roller sports -  rugby -  volleyball

Competition / type20st century21st centuryRemarks
swimming·Artistic swimmingSynchronized swimming pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
水 泳-DiveDiving pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
swimming·Open water swimmingOpen water swimming pictogram.svg<br>•
swimming·SwimmingSwimming pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
swimming·water poloWater polo pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
archeryArchery pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•1962 is a public event
AthleticsAthletics pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
badmintonBadminton pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
baseballsoft ball-baseballBaseball pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•1990 is a public event
baseballsoft ball-soft ballSoftball pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
3x3 basketball3x3 basketball pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
basketballBasketball pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
bridgeContract bridge pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
チ ェ スChess pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•
GoGo (game) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
Shangchi(Chinese Xiangqi)Xiangqi pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
bodybuildingBodybuilding pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
BowlingBowling pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
boxingBoxing pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Canoe poloCanoe polo pictogram.svgd2018 is a public event
Canoe·slalomCanoeing (slalom) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Canoe・ SprintCanoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
cricketCricket pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•
ビ リ ヤ ー ドCue sports pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Bicycle-BMXCycling (BMX) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Bicycle-Mountain bikeCycling (mountain biking) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Bicycle-Road raceCycling (road) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Bicycle-Track raceCycling (track) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Dance sportsDancesport pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•1998 is a public event
Dragon boatDragon boat pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•
EquestrianEquestrian Vaulting pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
e sportsElectronic sports pictogram.svgd<br>•2018 is a public event
fencingFencing pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
hockeyField hockey pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
サ ッ カ ーFootball pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
GolfGolf pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
gymnastics-GymnasticsGymnastics (artistic) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
gymnastics-Rhythmic gymnasticsGymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
gymnastics-trampolineGymnastics (trampoline) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
handballHandball pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Water motorcycleJet Ski pictogram.svg<br>•
judoJudo pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•1958 is a public event
Jiu JitsuJujitsu pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
KabaddiKabaddi pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
karateKarate pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
CrushKurash pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
Modern pentathlonModern pentathlon pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
GlidingParagliding pictogram.svg<br>•
Punchak SilatPencak silat pictogram.svg<br>•
Roller sports-Roller figureArtistic roller skating pictogram.svg<br>•
Roller sports-Roller speedInline speed skating pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•
Roller sports-skateboardSkateboarding pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
Rowing boatRowing pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
7-person rugbyRugby sevens pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
rugbyRugby union pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
SailingSailing pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
SamboSambo pictogram.svg<br>•
Sepak TakrawSepaktakraw pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
shootingShooting pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Soft tennisSoft tennis pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•1990 is a public event
Sports climbingSport climbing pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•
squashSquash pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Table tennisTable tennis pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
TaekwondoTaekwondo pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
TennisTennis pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
triathlonTriathlon pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
volleyball-Beach volleyballVolleyball (beach) pictogram.svgd<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•1994 is a public event
volleyball-6-person volleyballVolleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
WeightliftingWeightlifting pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
wrestlingWrestling pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Martial arts Tai ChiWushu pictogram.svg<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•<br>•
Muay ThaiMuay Thai pictogram.svgd1998 is a public event
Competition / type51545862667074788286909498020610141822Remarks
20st century21st century


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