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⚾ | Shohei Ohtani hits triples in a timely manner, "It's like a rerun" "Replay? W" Fans are excited about the competition with his partner Marsh


Shohei Ohtani gets excited about the performance with his partner Marsh, "It's like a rebroadcast" and "Replay? W" in a continuous timely triple.

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On the 26th (27th of the same day), Otani recorded 1918 wins and 13 losses as a pitcher and 7 home runs as a batter in 11 in the final game against the Mariners.・ Challenge to achieve the feat of "double-digit home run".

[US Major League Baseball] Angels 14-9 Mariners (September 25, Japan time 26, Anaheim) Angels big ... → Continue reading


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Double-digit victory

103 years since Ruth


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