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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani hits 2 games in a row with real dual wield, hits up to 6 times, 8 strikeouts, 4 hits, no runs

Shohei Ohtani, the Angels who hit the middle of the photo [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani hits 2 games in a row with real dual wield, hits up to 6 times, 8 strikeouts, 4 hits, no runs

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Including the Negro League, it will be the first MLB record in 1922 years since Bullet Rogan marked 14 wins and 15 home runs in 99.

Simultaneous pitching with "No. 2 pitcher" in the game against the home base Mariners ■ Angels Mariners (Japan time 27th, Anna ... → Continue reading


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Nigro League

Nigro League(Negro League baseball)The United States of AmericaExisted inbaseballleague.


Was done in the United StatesAfrican AmericanCentered onbaseballLeague match.It is a vague term that refers to a league match of professional baseball by African Americans, but in a narrow sense, the league management was relatively smooth.1920 から1948 Refers to the seven baseball leagues that existed between.


Amateur age

Historically, the first match between African-American baseball teams was1860 May 9ToNew JerseyHobokenTherefore, it is said that "Weeksville of New York" won the "Colored Union Club" 11-0.afterwardsCivil WarMainly in the late 1860sEast coastThe movement to establish African-American baseball teams has increased, and baseball teams have been formed in each city. Late 1860sPhiladelphiaThe person who was running the "Pythians" in the area at that timeNational Baseball Players AssociationIn some cases, the association did not resolve to participate, although it applied for membership in (NABBP).

The era of professionalization

In the 1870s, some players began to sign professional contracts.Became the first African-American professional baseball player to appear in the minor international league in 1878.MassachusettsI played an active part in the baseball team.Major LeagueThen,1884 ToToledo Blue StockingsEnrolled inMoses Fleetwood Walker,Weldy WalkerBrothers are said to be "the first major African-American leaguers," but recent studies have shown that five years earlier.1879 ToProvidence GraysParticipated fromWilliam Edward WhiteIs said to be the first African-American player to play in Major League Baseball.

1885 Isニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBabylon Black Panthers, a team of hotel employees, was renamed the Cuban Giants and became the first professional baseball team of African Americans.In the same yearFloridaThe Southern League of Baseballists, a league of 10 African-American teams, was created, but it only survived for a year due to operational issues.After that, in 1, a league consisting of nine teams called the "National Colored Baseball League" was organized, but it was short-lived.

In the same late 1880s, Chicago White StockingsCap ansonHowever, the trend of excluding colored players from major leagues and minor leagues has intensified, such as refusing exhibition games with teams with colored players, and African American players will be from major and minor leagues by around 1900. It has disappeared.

The era of professional tour teams

At the same time, the aforementioned Cuban Giants succeeded in performing as a non-league tour professional team in the 1890s.ChicagoIn, professional teams such as the Chicago Unions and the Pagefence Giants were formed, and following the success of the Cuban Giants, they began to tour mainly in the Midwestern United States. In the 20th century, professional baseball by African Americans will be seen in New York and Philadelphia.On the other hand, it was formed in the 19th centuryキ ュ ー バBaseball league1900 By allowing African-American players to participate inCristobal Torriente,Jose MendesPlayers who go back and forth between the continental United States and Cuba, as represented by the above, will appear, and mutual exchange will be born. The African-American team, which was active in the 1910s, also had colored players from other regions, such as Cubans and Asians.JL WilkinsonEstablished by "All NationsThere is also a record that Japanese players also belonged to and played at that time.

Establishment of 2 league system

An influential person who founded and owned the Chicago American Giants in 1911Lube FosterIs in the United StatesWorld War IThe confusion caused by participation in the war has subsided1920 ,May 2Meeting with other baseball team owners in Kansas City for two days, advocating a baseball organization by African Americans, by eight teams mainly in the northwestern United StatesNegroid National LeagueIs launched. Three years later, in 3, the owners of Hildale Daisy's played a central role, mainly in the eastern United States.Eastern Colored LeagueIs launched.Both leagues have also been hosting the Negro League's "World Series" since 1924.Cool Papa Bell,Martin Digo,Willie WellsStar players such as are also being produced.However, the two-league system of the 1920s is confused as Foster and Bolden suffer from overwork and withdraw from management.Great DepressionIn 1928, the Eastern Colored League collapsed, and the Negroid National League also collapsed in 1931.

League heyday

After that, the fire of the Negro League continued, following the reorganization of the second Negro National League in 1933.1937 The Negroid American League was formed in Japan, and a two-league system was established again.The second Nigro National League was run, advocating the holding of an "all-star game" in the Nigro League, and an all-star game in the East-West competition format has also begun to be played.In this eraSatchel Page,Josh GibsonMany star players have appeared, and the Negro League has reached its heyday.

Integration with Major League Baseball

1945 Was the owner of the Dodgers at the timeBrunch RickyWill have African-American players belong to the minor team under the Dodgers.afterwards,1947 ToJackie robinsonBecame a major leaguer and made a big success, so other major league baseball teams began to pull out Negro league players.1948 The Negroid National League is disbanded, and the Negroid American League is also1960 I couldn't stand and disappeared.afterwards1964 ToCivil Rights ActHas been enforced, and racial discrimination under the law in the United States has been banned, and players of colored races continue to play an active part in the major leagues, and it is now an unthinkable situation such as majors only for white people. There is.

About the record

Japan time2020 On December 12, the Major League Baseball organization commented that "the level of the Negro League is equivalent to the level of the majors at that time," and the total record of the Negro League became a major total record, and about playing in the league at this time. 17 players will be certified as major leaguers respectively[1][2][3].

League that was active

19st century
  • Southern League of Base Ballists (Southern League of Base Ballists)1885
  • National Colored Base Ball League (National Colored Base Ball League)1887
20st century
  • Negro National League (1920st) (Negro National League) (1931-XNUMX)
  • Eastern Colored League (1923-1928),1926 1927 Fighted for the "World Series" with the Negroid National League
  • American Negro League (1929)
  • East-West League (1932)
  • The Negroid Southern League (1932) was treated as a minor league from 1920 to the 1940s, but in 1932 it was treated as a "major" for only one year in collaboration with the Negroid National League.
  • Negro National League (Second) (1933-1948)
  • Negro American League (1937-1960)

Black players who played an active part in the Negro League and Major League Baseball


MissouriKansas CityHas the Negro League Museum.  


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