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🇯🇵 | Sumo history's most prominent yokozuna Hakuho decided to retire


Retired from the decision of Hakuho, the most popular yokozuna in the history of sumo

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In recent years, the number of other holidays has increased.

[Kyodo News, September 9, Den] 27th, Toru, a Japanese sumo wrestler, retired from the 27th generation of the 45th Yokozuna Hakuho.Hakuho is 69 years old, his real name is Hakuho Sho, his birth is Mongolia, and his name is Miyagino stable.36 wins in his career, 1187 wins in Makuuchi, etc.Hakuho Cause Right knee injury, etc.In July of this year, due to the fact that Nagoya was in charge of the situation, there were 1093 other victorious champions, Toru, but Yuu's right knee, slow recovery, and other problems. 7th Cohesive Autumn Saijiya Cause All manned infections in the room are closed.Hakuho is the first Ryosuke in the 6 spring event.Others 藉 藉 聒 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 臂 荇 升 升 升 升After the 7 summer event, there are 15 other yokozuna, 26 months old yokozuna, and the longest reigning time for the 2001th event. In 2006, the second-ever 2007-field winning streak in the history of the founding. Joined Hakuho in September 22. Japanese nationality, acquired and retired.In recent years, the number of other holidays has increased. (End) → Continue reading

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