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⚾ | [University Baseball] Major university students who did not submit a notification of aspiration even for the captain of Japan's No. 2 Keidai and the two crowns of Tohto

Photo Keidai Fukui Shogo (left) and Kokugakuin University Yamamoto Dante Musashi [Photo: Yasushi Kobayashi, Tomoyo Nakatogawa]

[University baseball] Major university students who did not submit a notification of aspiration even for the captain of Japan's No. 2 Keidai and the two crowns of Tohto

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During the Saitama / Hanasaki Tokuei High School era, he won the summer Koshien with pitcher Tatsuya Shimizu and Aiya Nishikawa outfielder Seibu.

In the Toto League, Yamamoto Dante Musashi, who won the second crown in the spring, and Shogo Fukui, the captain of Keio University, did not submit, and the 2 "Professional Baseball Aspirations Notification" ... → Continue reading


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Tatsuya Shimizu

Hanasaki Tokuei High School

Location of Hanasaki Tokuei High School (within Saitama Prefecture)
Hanasaki Tokuei High School

Hanasaki Tokuei High School(Hanasaki Toku Haruko Tougakko)SaitamaKazo CityIn HanasakiSato Sakae AcademyOperated bygeneral courseAnd a food education practice departmentCoeducation OfPrivate high school..Known as "(Hanasaki) Tokuharu".

1982 (Showa57) Opened.The nearest station isTobu Isesaki Line OfHanasaki Station..About 1800 students are enrolled[1].Club activitiesWe are striving to achieve both higher education guidance.

With the goal of forming a person who can be used when going out into societyDiscipline,courtesyWe provide education with an emphasis on.

Athletic field-Soccer field・Indoor greenhouse pool ・Boxing dojo ・Computer room ・General ground ・Satellite classroomAnd so on.


Source of this section[2]

  • 1981 --School construction plan approved by Saitama Prefecture Private School Council
  • 1982 --Opened and appointed Teruko Sato as the first principal
  • 1983 -Planetarium opened
  • 1984 -Food department opened
  • 1985 -Meditation forest completion / support song established
  • 1987 -5th anniversary commemorative ceremony and school song memorial production
  • 1991 -10th anniversary ceremony held
  • 1993 -Completion of Sato Sakae Memorial Hall
  • 1994 --Sports Center (2nd Gymnasium) Indoor heated pool building / boxing gym completed
  • 2002 -Completion of library, Japanese food practice room, coffee bun workshop, satellite classroom, AO room
  • 2003 --Completion of new school building (advanced school building)
  • 2004 -Completion of Teruko Sato Memorial Stadium General Stadium
  • 2005 --Takashi Sato appointed as the second principal
  • 2006 -25th anniversary ceremony held
  • 2007
    • June 6-Tetsuo Matsui appointed as the third principal
    • November 11-26th principalEitaro SatoInauguration
  • 2008 -To the 5th principalKoji SatoInauguration
  • 2009 --Morio Sakamaki appointed as the 6th principal
  • 2013 --Kiyoki Kobayashi appointed as the 7th principal
  • 2014 -Changed food department to food education practice department
  • 2015 --Designated as a super food education school project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • 2016 --Kazuo Tanaka appointed as the 8th principal
  • 2017 - The 99rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipWin

Origin of school name

Since it is located in Hanasaki, Kazo City, it is named after "Hanasaki", and because it is operated by Sato Sakae Gakuen, it is affiliated with it.Saitama Sakae,EidongThere is a common theory that "Sakae" is taken as a letter and "Tokuei" is read as "Haru" and "Hanasaki Tokuharu" is used, but originally, each student "VirtueIt means to stack "" and make each "flower" bloom.[Source required].

school song

Lyrics by Teruko Sato and composition by Akio Kaneda

There are lyrics up to No. 4, and each No. 1 is a school song with the theme of spring, summer, autumn and winter.At school, it is sung in the morning assembly of the whole school, but depending on the season, it may be sung with the first lyrics (Spring Hanasaki Tokuei High School ...), the second (summer) and the third (autumn) lyrics.

Installation course

  • general course
    • α (alpha) course
      • α Mathematics selection class... National public-privateAiming to pass the active career at a medical and dental pharmacology university such as.
      • Alpha special selection class... the most difficultNational public-private(WasedaReasonAim to pass the active duty to etc.).
      • α Bunri Selection Class... National Public University,G-MARCHAim to pass the active duty to such. From the second year, it is divided into humanities and sciences.
    • AD (advanced) course
      • AD selection advancement class: Aiming to pass the active duty at a national public university and a difficult private school (G-MARCH). From the second year, it is divided into humanities and science.
      • AD Special Advancement Class... Nitto Komasen-Seikei University-Seijo University-Dokkyo University-Kokugakuin University-Musashi UniversityAim to From the second year, it is divided into humanities and sciences.
      • AD Comprehensive Advancement Class... Famous private universities, affiliated universities, specialized universities,Vocational schoolAim to go to school. From the second year, it will be divided into academic (music/art), information, and health and physical education.
  • Food education practice department... Upon graduationCooksIt is possible to obtain a qualification.

Extracurricular activities

boxingClub/Swimming Club (Women's water polo)Women's baseballDepartment/karateClubs are regulars of national competitions.baseballThe department also welcomed director 8th yearHitoshi InagakiBecame a strong school in Saitama prefecture.After Inagaki's deathTakashi IwaiBecame the director,2001 Summer GamesFirst appearance in Koshien.Spring 2003Then in the best eight, in the quarterfinalsTokuei Hanasaki vs. Toyo Ohimeji Extension 15 times draw rematchIs known for.2015 Summer GamesThen the best 12 in Saitama for the first time in 8 years,2017 Summer GamesThen advance to the final[3](For the first time in 24 years in Saitama prefecture)[4]) And in the finalKoryo High SchoolBroke the title and became the first Saitama prefecture to win the Koshien Summer Championship[5]..Manga Research DepartmentManga Koshien1999 2003 Has won the runner-up.The brass band has won seeds and is advancing to the prefectural and western Kanto competitions every year.

Path status

About 7% of graduatesUniversity-Junior collegeTo about 2%Vocational schoolGo on to[6]..Employment is less than 1%.


Several years from the beginning of school
Gray blazer, yellow tie (commonly known as Takuan), dark blue trousers and skirt.
Until 2001
Tie or ribbon (skirt is dark blue and green tartan check).This tie / ribbon has become a uniform that you can choose from red, blue, and green to wear.
After 2002

Made a major model change and changed to a dark blue blazer (dark blue trousers and plaid skirt).The tie and ribbon have been changed to a style that you can choose your favorite color from red and blue and wear it.

Prominent graduates

サ ッ カ ー


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注 釈

  1. ^ In 2015, the number of members became 0, and it is virtually abandoned. The baseball club is supported mainly by some baseball team members.


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