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🏓 | [T League] Okayama Rivets and Ace Morizono struggle but can't decorate their home two consecutive games with white stars


[T-League] Okayama Rivets and Ace Morizono struggle but cannot decorate their home two consecutive games with white stars

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Although the team lost, ace Masataka Morizono (Okayama Rivets) struggled to win two singles.

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Morizono Masataka

Morizono Masataka(Morizo ​​no Masataka,1995 May 4 -) isJapanThe boyTable tennisAthletes and actors.TokyoNishitokyoI'm from Graduated from Meiji University. Height 160 cm[1], Weight 50kg[1]. Blood type is A type. Left shakebackbackDrive type.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 21st.RankIs 7 steps.BobsonBelongs.T League TheOkayama RibbetsBelongs. My sister is a table tennis playerMorizono Misaki, CousinMizuki MoriIs[4][5].


Own parents run until elementary schoolMitaka ClubBelong to. afterwards,Aomori Yamada Junior High School/Aomori Yamada High School,Meiji UniversityGraduated from.BobsonBelongs.T LeagueThen.Okayama RibbetsBelongs.

In 2013, won the Japan Men's Junior Men's Singles.

2014 yearsAll Japan ChampionshipIn the men's doubles, he is a junior of the same Aomori Yamada High School.Kohei SanbePair with and in the finalJun Mizutani-Seiya KishikawaPlay against the pair and win.Won the second pair of high school students in history.In 2, the following year, he also participated in a pair with Kohei Sambe, and in the final, he played against Jun Mizutani and Seiya Kishikawa, who had the same face for two consecutive years, and won. Achieved two consecutive victories.

From July 2015th to 7th, 6, he won the 13th Universiade Summer Games Men's Singles held in Gwangju, South Korea and won the first Japanese gold medal in the Universiade table tennis singles event.

Made in Lisbon, PortugalITTF World Tour Grand FinalIn Men's DoublesYuya OshimaTeamed up with the Japanese pair to win the Grand Final Men's Doubles for the first time since the first tournament in 1996.

As of 2017Bundes LeagueIn the first half, the result was not good, but in the second half, he won 10 consecutive victories and left the top result in the league.[6][7].. July2017 Summer UniversiadeIn singles, he achieved the second straight victory following the previous tournament, and also won the doubles with Oshima, and was active as a runner-up in the group. At the All Japan Student Championship in October, the world junior representative of the previous year in singlesYuki Matsuyama, Of the same year's World ChampionshipsKenzo Tazoe, All Japan Championship 2ndKazuhiro YoshimuraDefeated and won the third victory for the first time in two years.

2019 year 3 month,2019 World Championship Budapest Tournament OfFinal selection for Japan National TeamWon the first singles representative right.In the singles, he lost in the third round, in the doubles, he lost in the second round with Yuya Oshima, and in the mixed doubles, he lost in the quarterfinals with Mima Ito. December,2020 World Championship Busan OfFinal selection for Japan National TeamAnd won the representative right.

November 2019, 11 Appointed as Nishitokyo City PR Goodwill Ambassador.


While working as a professional table tennis playerFPC Co., Ltd.Has been launched and serves as the president and representative director.[8]

When I was 11,Kobukuroof"Wings named youOf the songpromotion videoIs appearing with my father in[9].

Play style

From the Chiquita Receive, stick to the front team and attack with two hand drives with fast RBI. It features a soft hip joint and quick footwork. Because he is left-handed, he is good at doubles and often teams up with Oshima.


  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships Cadet Division Men's singles championship under 13 years old
  • All Japan Hopes Champion
  • World Junior Circuit Group/Cadet runner up
  • Japan-China Friendship Table Tennis Tournament Men's Doubles Best 8
  • East Asia Grand Prix Hopes XNUMXnd Place (Japanese Men's A Team)
  • All Japan Table Tennis Championships Cadet Men's Doubles Winner, Men's Singles Best 8
  • National Junior High School Tournament Men's Singles XNUMXnd Place, Men's Team XNUMXst Place
  • Australia Junior Open Cadet Men's Singles Winner, Junior Men's Singles 3rd, Junior Men's Doubles 3rd, Junior Men's Team 3rd
  • ITTF World Tour Poland Open Men's Doubles Winner (Yuya Oshima Pair)
  • ITTF World Tour Germany Open Men's Doubles Winner (Yuya Oshima Pair)
  • ITTF World Tour Grand Final Men's Doubles XNUMXnd Place (Yuya Oshima Pair)
  • 29All Japan Table Tennis Championships Mixed doubles victory (Mima Ito pair)
  • ITTF Challenge Thailand Open Men's Singles Runner-up
  • ITTF World Tour China Open Mixed Doubles Runner-up (Mima Ito Pair)
  • ITTF World Tour Grand Final Men's Doubles 3rd (Yuya OshimaPair), mixed doubles 3rd place (Mito Itopair)

T league results

YearsTeamUniform numberEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeatEventNumber of matchesvictorydefeat
2018 19Okayama Ribbets#45single7 match6 wins1 losses Doubles21 match16 wins5 losses
2019 20Okayama Ribbets#45single16 match6 wins10 losses Doubles17 match8 wins9 losses
2020 21Okayama Ribbets#45single12 match7 wins5 losses Doubles17 match7 wins10 losses



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