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Return to Onaiwu!Japan national team announces members of Saudi & Aussie match (2021/9/28)

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The Japan Football Association has announced the members for the World Cup Asian 10rd qualifying match against Saudi Arabia on October 7th and the match against Australia on October 3th.

The Japan Football Association will hold the World Cup Asian 10rd qualifying match against Saudi Arabia on October 7th, as well as 3 ... → Continue reading


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Japan Football Association

Japan Football Association(Japanese soccer today,English: Japan Football Association,JFA) IsJapanサ ッ カ ーControl and represent the worldNational FederationAs,サ ッ カ ーThe purpose is to promote and promote the competition and to contribute to the healthy development of the people's mind and body.

Japan Professional Soccer League(J League)Japan Football League(JFL),Japan Women's Professional Soccer League(WE League),Japan Women's Soccer League(Nadeshiko League) gamesEmperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship,Empress's Cup All Japan Women's ChampionshipHost an official soccer tournament such as.Professional-FlaxThe activities of are unified and managed.

From 2012 year 4 month 1 dayFoundationからPublic interest incorporated foundationMove toMinistry of educationCompletely independent from[1]..Details such as the merits of becoming a public interest incorporated foundation will be described later in the JFA financial details section.


As a high-ranking organization related to soccerInternational Football Federation(FIFA) andAsian Football Federation (AFC)Belong to each.Japan Football AssociationAsian Football Federation (AFC)Founded (1954 May 5) Being a member[2]Joined AFC in October of its founding year[3]..In addition, although it is not a higher-level organization, with the surrounding 7 associations2002 May 5ToEast Asian Football Federation(EAFF) was founded and is a member at the same time[4]..As one of the Olympic games or sportsInternational Olympic Committee(IOC)-Public Interest Incorporated FoundationJapan Olympic Committee(JOC) ・ Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Sports AssociationAlso belongs to.As subordinate organizations of the Japan Football Association, there are nine regions (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Kita Shinetsu, Tokai, Kansai, China, Shikoku, Kyushu) that divide Japan into blocks.PrefecturesIt has 46 prefectures (Hokkaido also serves as a regional association) soccer associations, and from the teams belonging to the first division (J1) of the J League, which is the top league in Japan, to amateur teams such as working people and student teams. Until then, they always belong to one of the prefectural soccer associations.

2002 January,Kawabuchi Saburo captain(The name of the JFA chairman who was called only by Kawabuchi during his tenure) After taking office, in order to strengthen the foundation of Japanese soccer, policies from early childhood such as "JFA Kids Program" and "JFA Family Futsal Festival"Women's footballAnnounced the "Captain's Mission" (later renamed to President's Mission).2005 May 1Announced the "JFA 2005 Declaration" to realize the JFA philosophy, in which the medium-term goal was "to be in the top 2015 in the world in 10" and the long-term goal was "by 2050".FIFA World CupWe have set the goal of "winning" (details will be described later in the JFA 2005 Declaration section).[5].

Japan national football teamDue to its popularity, it has received a huge amount of funds from sponsors, and as of the 2006 budget, it is a public interest incorporated foundation.Japan Olympic CommitteeIt reached 2 billion yen, more than double the amount of (JOC). In the 157 budget 12 years later,2018 Russia World CupRevenue from FIFA for the best 8 prize money of 1600 million dollars and the tournament reserve of 150 million dollars totaling 1750 million dollars (about 18 million yen) assuming the best 6700 advancement (= quarterfinal advancement)[6][7] を盛り込み、2018年度収入を前年度比約52億9000万円増の234億9001万1千円、支出を前年度比約50億9000万円増の236億4764万2千円と収入・支出の両方で過去最大額で計上している[8](実際は、日本代表はロシアW杯ベスト16の成績だったので、賞金1200万ドル(約13億3009万8000円)と大会準備金150万ドル(約1億6629万3000円)計1350万ドル(約14億9661万円)の収入)[7].Kirin Holdings(Kirin Beer,Kirin Beverage)When2007 4月からの8年間で推定総額120億円(年間15億円)でオフィシャルスポンサー契約を結んでいたが、2014年5月25日、JFAとキリングループが対等な関係で、サッカーの普及・促進に寄与していくという意志を込め、名称を従来の「オフィシャルスポンサー」から「オフィシャルパートナー」に変更した上で、2015年4月1日から2022年12月31日まで(7年9か月)契約を更新した[9][10]..other,ア デ ィ ダ スジャパンと2007年4月から向こう8年間で総額160億円(年間20億円)のオフィシャル(公式)サプライヤー契約を締結した。2014年11月5日に、2015年4月1日から2023年3月末までの8年間で契約金は1年30億円、8年合計240億円でボーナスや物品提供を含めると250億円超という契約更新で同意したと報じられた[11]..However, when it was actually renewed on April 2015, 4, the contract details were not disclosed.[10]..In addition, of advertising agenciesDentsuIn the next eight years from 2007, we signed an official sponsorship contract for broadcasting rights and marketing totaling 8 billion yen (240 billion yen per year). Updated on April 30, 2015, but the contract details are private[12][13]..In this way, the financial difficulties before professionalization have been resolved.[10](Details will be described later in the JFA Treasury Section).In addition, it should be notedEuropean Football Federation (UEFA)The budget scale of the soccer powerhouse in 2011 is more than 340 billion yen as of XNUMX.[14].

2006 May 6, Saburo Kawabuchi (JFA Chairman) said, "Contribution to the development of soccer in Japan and Asia.2002 FIFA World CupReceived the FIFA Order of Merit from FIFA in honor of "Success".This is the 6th generation from JFAShizuo FujitaThis is the second feat following the former chairman.The award isZicoFormer Japan national team coach1996 Has been awarded.

2012 May 1,2011 OfFIFA Baron d'OrInFIFA Fair Play AwardsWon[15][16].

Public interest corporation system reformIn September 2011,FoundationからPublic interest incorporated foundationApply for transition to[17], Became a public interest incorporated foundation from April 2012, 4, and accordinglyMinistry of educationCompletely independent from (until March 2012, 3)Ministry of educationIs the supervisory authority of the Japan Football Association, and it was necessary to deliver financial statements to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)[1](See below).

On May 2013, 5, at the FIFA Congress, all the soccer associations under its umbrella (30 as of 2018) were obliged to establish rules in accordance with the "FIFA Standard Rules" (contents such as holding a presidential election without fail).[18], Revised the regulations and came into effect on March 2015, 3[19].. The JFA's first JFA presidential election began on December 2015, 12, and acceptance of candidacy began. January 1, 2016 at the Extraordinary CouncilKojima TajimaWas elected and officially became the 3th JFA President after the first board meeting of the new system on March 27 of the same year.[20]..Also, in 2013, all 211 associations under FIFA (as of 2018) are in the FIFA Standards Code.Separation of three powers(Legislation (Council), Administration (Board), Judiciary (Discipline Committee / Arbitration Committee)) Since it was required to follow the principles of the judiciary (Discipline Committee, Arbitration Committee) on April 2014, 4 The Association, Appeals Committee) was completely independent of the JFA (see below).[21][22].

In May 2015, JFA announced JFA's Promise 5 in the JFA 2005 Declaration.[5] As a summary of "The world's top 10 organizations areAchievement, "The football family will have 500 million peopleAchievement(2015 as of 526) ”,“Representation from JapanTo be the top 10 team in the worldNot AchievedAnnounced[23]..Based on the issues raised in the summary, we have newly set "JFA Goal 2050" toward the realization of "JFA Promise 2030".[24](Details will be described later in the JFA 2005 Declaration section).

Background to establishment

1918 In (Taisho 7), Japan did not yet have an organization to control soccer (at that time, it was written as "kicking ball" = shukyu =), and the national tournament to decide the best in Japan had never been held.In January of this yearOsaka OfToyonakaMade inJapan Football Championship(A tournament only in the Kansai area. LaterNational High School Soccer ChampionshipIn February of the same year, in the Kanto area, "Kanto Kickball Daikai", in NagoyaOld high school"Tokai Kicking Ball Daikai" was held separately, and1918 It was held continuously after that.Charles Elliott at the "Kanto Soccer Tournament" held in TokyoBritish Empire(LaterUnited Kingdom) The ambassador also attended and told the pattern to his home country.[25]..these1918 A series ofOld school,Normal schoolandOld high schoolThe British Empire newspaper misunderstood that separate regional tournaments were held centered on Japan, saying, "The Football Association was established in Japan and the All Japan Championships have begun (the separate regional tournaments were mistaken for national tournament qualifying)." Reported[26].

Next day1919 , In addition to the report of Ambassador Charles Elliott, saw the newspaper articleEngland Football Association(FA) is from the Embassy of the British EmpireWilliam haigh(William Haigh) Secretary[27] Has proposed to donate the FA Cup to the winning team in Japan's national tournament. "We will donate a silver cup to celebrate the establishment of the Japan Kickball Association. Please give it to the winning team in Japan. We decided to donate a sterling silver cup (hereinafter sometimes abbreviated as silver cup) to Japan through the British Imperial Embassy, ​​and sent it to Japan by sea from London in January 1919 (at that time). Sea mail was common.Passenger planeHas entered Japan from Europe since 1952, and has been popularized since the 1960s). Over three months, the Silver Cup was delivered to the British Embassy[28].. FA was at that timeAustralia,New Zealand,South AfricaWe are giving silver cups of almost the same design to associations around the British Empire.[26].1902 (35th year of Meiji)Japan-UK AllianceSince its formation, Japan was an important ally of the British Empire at the time over supremacy in East Asia and the Pacific.In other words, the background to the donation of the Silver Cup is that Japan at that time was regarded as having an emphasis on the British Empire or being equivalent to a member state of the British Empire.

As of March 3, FA donated a silver cup to JapanTokyo Asahi ShimbunArticle,Tokyo Higher Normal School(LaterTokyo University of Education,University of Tsukuba)ofAlumni AssociationI was the head of the soccer clubTairei UchinoWill read and ponder the destination of the cup.

However, I couldn't come up with a good idea, and at that time, I was the principal of Tokyo Higher Normal School.Japan Sports AssociationA major figure in the prewar Japanese sports world who also served as chairman ofJigoro KanoI visited.And "At this time, hurry up and establishUchino receives a strict order from Kano.Uchino then became Secretary of the British Embassy William Haigh (who became the first supporting member of the Japan Football Association).[27] With the cooperation of each director of the Physical Education Association, we proceeded with the creation of rules and regulations and the appointment of officers.1921 March 9Dainippon Soccer AssociationFounded.Jigoro Kano was the first president of the association, and he was the chief director of the Japan Sports Association.Jikichi ImamuraWas inaugurated.Organization management, law of the game翻 訳And the creation of instruction books, etc. later1964 Tokyo OlympicsServed as the preparatory chairman ofSumioki NittaWent.

The silver cup is by Jigoro Kano1919 On March 3, I went directly to the British Embassy and received it from Ambassador Green to Japan, but for a while it was entrusted to the Japan Football Association, and after the establishment of the Japan Football Association, I will officially receive the Silver Cup. became[29]..The Silver Cup is the All Japan Championship (later) that started after the establishment of the association (September 1921, 9).Emperor's cup) Is now awarded to the winning team[30].

The silver cup that triggered the establishment of the Japan Football Association does not exist.Pacific WarWhen the war situation worsened, the Japanese government began to demand the people to contribute iron, copper, precious metals, etc. in order to carry out the war.Going back from this1942 In April, the Japan Sports Association to strengthen the wartime system.FoundationDainippon Athletic AssociationThe Dainippon Football Association became its subcommittee together with other sports organizations (the Dainippon Football Association became the kickball subcommittee) and was temporarily extinguished.1945 In January (Showa 20), the Dainippon Athletic Association decided to cooperate with the government's silver collection (silver donation), and offered the athletic association and the prize cups held by each subcommittee to the government.[31]..At that time, the silver cup is said to have disappeared, but the truth is unknown (only seven months after the dedication of silverware, JapanThe end of the war. afterwards,Ministry of InteriorThere is also a story that I saw a silver cup at a related government office)[26].

2011 March,Junji OguraJFA President (at that time)FAIn a meeting with FA President Bernstein (at that time), "The JFA was born with the FA-presented silver cup. However, the cup was lost during the war. If you allow it, make a copy of the cup and be young. I want to tell generations that war is not allowed. "Impressed by this story, FA President Bernstein (at that time) replied, "FA will make a new cup and donate it again."[30]..thus,2011 It was restored by FA in August and will be presented to the Japan Football Association again.[32], England on August 8, the same yearWembley StadiumThe presentation ceremony was held at[33], Handed over by Bernstein FA Chairman (at that time) to Kokura JFA Chairman (at that time)[30].


The following description is basically the history / history page of the official website of the Japan Football Association.[31] However, the events confirmed in books and materials are also added.


symbol mark

Drawn in the center of the symbol mark(I.e.It is,Japanese mythCome out onYatagarasuA Chinese classic that is equated with (Yatagarasu)Three-legged crowIs[38]..The flag depicting this is set as a symbol mark, the yellow of the flag represents fairness, the blue represents youth, and the spirit of the Japan Football Association, which is surrounded by the spirit of youth, is expressed.

This is Tokyo Higher Normal School (laterTokyo University of Education,University of Tsukuba)ofChinese literary personBased on the idea of ​​Tairei Uchino and others who contributed to the establishment of the Japan Football Association.彫刻家 OfJitsuzo HinagoWas designed by1931 Adopted by the Board of Directors on June 6[38].

In one theory, he introduced modern soccer to Japan for the first time.Kakunosuke NakamuraIn honor of (also a senior at Tokyo Higher Normal School in Tairei Uchino), the place of originNachi Katsuura TownIt is inKumano Nachi Taisha OfMessengerA design of Yatagarasu[38] It is also said that the official books published by the Japan Football Association have never mentioned the relationship with Nakamura.In addition, Hinako will be laterSino-Japanese warIn a periodChinese Medal of HonorIn charge of the design production of, initially adopted the three-legged Yatagarasu, but it has been changed to two-legged due to the opinion from the government bureau (Applicable itemreference).

Japan Football Association official website as of 2013[39] "It is a bird called the three-legged crow in the Chinese classic, and it symbolizes the sun, the god of the sun. The crow was familiar to me because I gave directions, "said" Ayumi of Japanese Soccer "(Kodansha, 1974)," 75 Year History of the Japan Football Association: Thank you.And to the future ”(Japan Football Association, 1996), etc. have the same description.[40].

This description order is1939 (Showa 14) "Kickball Vol. 6, No. 7" issued by the Japan Football Association in June[41] It has been done since that time.

Based on this symbol mark, the emblem of the representative of Japan is made, and the three-legged crowshieldIn the frame of the shape of, "JFA" is placed on the "yellow ground and orange vertical band" that represents the sun, and the wings are spread out to keep the soccer ball, "quickness" and "power". It is drawn as an expression of "strength"[42]..The design of the three-legged crow of the symbol mark emblem was slightly different, but in March 2016, this was unified, the symbol mark was changed to the same as the emblem, and the letters "JFA" were written vertically in green. Has been changed to dark blue / horizontal writing.

At one point, the uniforms of the club teams belonging to the association were allowed to wear an emblem based on Yatagarasu for the following season only for the winning teams in the following tournaments. (J League CupThere is no system for winning teams. )

Two crowns, the Emperor's Cup victory and the J1 league annual victory (ダ ブ ル) Will be marked with a star.The teams that have been achieved so far2000 -2007 OfKashima Antlers,2006 OfUrawa Red Diamonds,2014 OfGamba Osaka.

As of 2019, the champion mark is not the Yatagarasu mark.

In addition to the symbol mark, there are "Karappe" and "Karara" brothers as mascot characters that deformed Yatagarasu.[43]..This design isSusumu Matsushita.


1988-1991 (Kenzo Yokoyama1930, except for the intention of the Japanese national team coach, who adopted the national flag color red)Far Eastern Championship GamesSince then, the Japanese national team uniforms have adopted blue-based colors (since the 1970s, there have been times when white and blue have been adopted alternately).[26].. Since 1993, for each categoryア デ ィ ダ ス,ASICS,PumaThe products were made alternately, but since 1999 they have contracted with Adidas.

Successive Honorary Governor

  1. Norihito Takamado: March 1987, 62 (Showa 3)-November 11, 2002 (Heisei 14)[31]
  2. Princess Kenkyu: December 2003, 15 (Heisei 3)- [31]

Successive presidents

AlgebraNameTerm of officeEducational HistoryBiography
First generation  Jikichi Imamura1921 (Taisho 10)
-1933 (Showa 8)  
Faculty of Law, University of TokyoOkuraOfficials,RussiaVice Minister of Finance, President of Asia Forestry, Managing Director of Russo-Japanese War, General Affairs Director of Japan Sports Association
2 feeRyutaro Fukao1935
-1945 (Showa 20)
Hitotsubashi University Faculty of CommerceBaron,AristocratCongressman,Osaka Merchant MarineVice president,South Sea TakushokuPresident, Chairman of Toyo Denka Kogyo.
3 feeRyutaro Takahashi1947
-1954 (Showa 29)
Kyoto UniversityFaculty of EngineeringDainippon BeerPresident of Stock Company, Member of the House of Peers,House of CouncilorsCongressman,Minister of International Trade and Industry,Takahashi UnionsOwner
4 feeKen Nozu1955
-1976 (Showa 51)
Faculty of Medicine, University of TokyoDoctor, AFC Vice Chairman, FIFA Director,1974 FIFA World CupOrganizing Committee member
5 feeTomisaburo Hirai1976
-1987 (Showa 62)
Faculty of Law, University of TokyoUnder Secretary of Trade and Industry,Nippon SteelChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
6 feeShizuo Fujita1987
-1992 (Heisei 4)
Kyoto University of EducationFaculty of EducationRepresentative Director and President,Japan Athletic AssociationDirector,KyotoChairman of the Physical Education Association,Kyoto CityChairman of the Physical Education Association
7 feeHideo Shimada1992
-1994 (Heisei 6)
Tohoku UniversityFaculty of LawMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesExecutive vice-president,Japan Soccer LeagueChairman of the Council, Councilor of the Japan Sports Association, Councilor of the Japanese Olympic Committee
8 feeTakeshi Naganuma1994
-1998 (Heisei 10)
Chuo UniversityFaculty of LawRepresentation from JapanPlayer, Japan national team coach,2002 FIFA World CupJapan Bid Committee Vice Chairman, Japan Soccer League Standing Steering Committee Member, Managing Director, Vice Chairman, J League Director
9 feeShunichiro Okano1998
-2002 (Heisei 14)
Faculty of Literature, University of TokyoOkano EisenPresident and CEO, Japan National Team Player, Japan National Team Director, 2002 FIFA World Cup Bid Committee Executive Committee Chairman
10 feeKawabuchi Saburo2002
-2008 (Heisei 20)
Waseda University Faculty of CommerceFurukawa SangyoDirector, General Manager of Copper and Brass Products Department, Japan National Team Player, Japan National Team Director, J League First Chairman, Japan Basketball Association Chairman
11 feeInukai Motoaki2008
-2010 (Heisei 22)
Keio UniversityFaculty of CommerceMitsubishi MotorsManaging Executive Officer, President of Mitsubishi Motors Europe, Managing Director of J League,Urawa RedsThe president
12 feeJunji Ogura2010
-2012 (Heisei 24)
Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics Furukawa ElectricDirector, Accounting Manager,Furukawa Electric Soccer ClubDirector,East Asian Football FederationChairman, Director of Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Director of FIFA
13 feeKuniya Daini2012
-2016 (Heisei 28)
Keio University Faculty of LettersJapan national team player, Japan national team coach,Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesSupervision, Strengthening Committee Chairman, Technical Committee Chairman, Women's Committee Chairman, Managing Director, Vice Chairman
14 feeKojima Tajima2016
University of TsukubaPhysical education specialty groupRikkyo UniversityAssociate Professor, Japan National Team Player, U-15-19 Japan National Team Director, Technical Committee Chairman, Managing Director, Vice Chairman, AFC Director, FIFA Director,East Asian Football FederationPresident
  • JFA official website page of successive JFA presidents[44][45] Also for reference.

Chairman and organization


The JFA chairman is based on the Corporate Law, the Public Interest Commission, and the Maintenance Law.Representative DirectorIs. On behalf of the JFA, execute its business.Convene a board of directors to preside over as chairman, and to carry out what is stipulated in the detailed rules regarding the settlement and exclusive decision of cases (the duties of the chairman described in each agreement, etc.).For example, in the secretariat, the chairman appoints and dismisses the secretary general of the secretariat and other staff members based on the secretariat organization management rules.In addition, the "final decision" on the appointment and dismissal of the Japanese national team coach is made (the technical committee only recommends the Japanese national team coach, and the board of directors approves and decides). At least once every three months, the chairman is obliged to report to the board the status of the performance of his duties.[46].. Prior to 2014, the JFA president was selected through a procedure in which the board of directors approved the candidates recommended by the JFA officer selection committee and the council confirmed them.[18].. On May 2013, 5, the FIFA rules were amended at the FIFA Congress, and all the soccer associations under its umbrella (30 as of 2018) established rules in accordance with the "FIFA Standard Rules" (contents such as holding a presidential election without fail). Was obliged. On September 211, 2013, the FIFA Membership Association Committee revised the rules by election to 9 associations including Japan as "the associations whose rules do not comply with the FIFA standard rules and are scheduled to be elected president most recently". It was resolved that it should be.The revision of the regulations was not in time, and the re-election of JFA officers in March 2 was approved with the exception of the implementation under the rules at that time.[18]..After that, the regulations were revised and enforced on March 2015, 3.[19].. JFA's first JFA presidential election began on December 2015, 12, and at the extraordinary council meeting on January 1, 2016.Kojima TajimaWas elected and officially became the 3th JFA President after the first board meeting of the new system on March 27 of the same year.[20].

From March 2015, 3, JFA Presidents are eligible for those who meet the following two conditions. (29) For more than two years out of the last five years of the re-election period for officers, officers, staff, players, referees, and leaders of JFA, regional soccer associations, prefectural soccer associations, J-league, various federations, leagues, clubs, etc. , Others Being substantially active and contributing to the soccer world in a position recognized as having a close relationship with soccer, (2) Being under 1 years old at the time of taking office as chairman.Among those who meet these two conditions (however, there are exclusion provisions such as those who have been sentenced to imprisonment or more cannot become JFA presidents), December of the previous year of the year in which the president is selected (the year in which the president is selected) Candidates who ran for the extraordinary council meeting from 5st to December (held approximately two weeks after December 2st), those who had one or more votes in the board of directors by the extraordinary council meeting, and councilors Those who have been recommended by 2 or more people are "candidates for chairman".All of the candidates for chairman from these three routes were voted by the board of directors in January of the following year (year of selection of chairman), and one person who received the most votes, more than half of the attending councilors, was the "chairman. Become a "planned person" (if the number does not exceed half, re-vote except for the minimum number of votes, and then repeat the same procedure until more than half and one person appears).If there is only one candidate for chairman, he / she will be a “planned chairman” by a resolution of approval at the extraordinary council meeting in January of the year of selection of the chairman. The "planned chairman" (70 person) will be officially appointed as JFA chairman after being elected as a director at the regular council meeting after election and then elected as chairman at the board meeting held after that. To do[19]..Since the term of office of directors is two years, the term of office of chairman is also two years (reappointment is possible).[47]..Election activities, procedures, and prohibited acts at each stage of the presidential election (“Chairman's intention statement” → “Chairman candidate” → “Chairman candidate”) are also stipulated in detail.For details, please refer to the rules regarding the appointment of officers and the selection of chairpersons (enforced on March 2015, 3).[19] Guidelines for the selection of prospective chairpersons (enforced on March 2015, 3)[48] checking ...


To the Japan Football AssociationBoard of TrusteesBoard of directorsAnd completely independent of the JFAJudiciary (Discipline Committee, Arbitration Committee, Appeals Committee)There is.Board of directorsunderManaging Board, And below thatStanding Committee,Expert committee,Tournament Executive Committee,Special committee, There isBoard of TrusteesBoard of directorsJudiciaryThere is a common secretariat below the three[21][22][Note 1][47][49][50].

In 2013, all FIFA-affiliated football associations (2018 as of 211) are in the FIFA Standards Code.Separation of three powersSince it was required to follow the principles of (legislative (council), administration (council), judiciary (disciplinary committee / arbitration committee)), on April 2014, 4, the judicial body (disciplinary committee, arbitration committee) The Association, Appeals Committee) was completely independent of JFA, and JFA became the above organization (see JFA Organization Chart).[21][22].

Board of TrusteesIs a decision-making body (legislation) that makes decisions on important matters stipulated in the law and the articles of incorporation.The Board of Trustees appoints or dismisses directors and auditors and accounting auditors, appoints or dismisses chairs, vice-chairs and members of judicial bodies (discipline committee, arbitration committee and appeal committee), directors and auditors. Resolve important matters concerning the association, such as the amount of compensation, etc., approval of the balance sheet and income statement (net property increase / decrease statement), and amendment of the articles of incorporation.Of the members of the Board of TrusteesCouncilor(However, those under the age of 70 at the time of inauguration) will be paid the amount calculated in accordance with the standards set by the Board of Trustees within the range where the total amount for each year does not exceed 200 million yen.The term of office of the councilor is four years[47], JFA directors, auditors, staff, judicial organs or standing committee members cannot serve concurrently.Councilor(However, those under 70 years old at the time of inauguration) The maximum number of people is XNUMX or more and XNUMX or less.[47], As of March 2018, 3, it is composed of 25 people. In the case of 75 prefectural soccer associations, 47 members (one representative from each prefecture) are recommended as councilors from the current position of the chairman, vice chairman, or managing director of each prefecture association.further"J League","J1 clubCurrent 18 teams (1 for each club. (J1 club at the time of the regular council meeting to appoint councilors)", "Japan Football League","Japan Women's Soccer League","Japan Futsal Federation","Japan University Football Association","National Federation of Adult Soccer","National High School Athletic Federation","Japan Club Youth Soccer Federation","Japan Junior High School Athletic Federation","Japan Professional Soccer Players AssociationA total of 1 people are recommended to the councilors, one from each of these councilors' recommended member organizations (1 from the J18 club in total).[51].. As of March 2018, 3, a total of 25 people have been recommended, including 47 prefectural associations and 28 member groups recommended by councilors. Corporate lawas well as the Public Interest Certification LawMaintenance method[52] Based on the above, the recommended person is appointed as a councilor by the board of councilors.The chairman of the board of councilors is determined by mutual election of the councilors, and is elected from the councilors attending the council meeting each time the meeting is held. Until 2014, the Board of Trustees was an organization for appointing directors and auditors and an advisory body for important matters, and there were only 47 members in total, one from each of the 1 prefectural soccer associations.

Board of directorsIs the JFA's executive agency (administration). Discusses and decides on the supervision of JFA business execution and the execution of duties by directors, and the selection and dismissal of chairman, vice chairman, managing director and managing director.The board of directors meets every month in principle.An extraordinary board meeting will be held when necessary.In addition, as a meeting body to consider important business operation matters,Managing BoardIs placed.The Managing Board shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Managing Director.The chairman may have directors other than the managing director or other persons attend the managing board for each case.The Managing Board is held once a month in principle[47].

The board of directors is 23 or more and 30 or less, including FIFA directors with Japanese nationality, and the auditors are appointed by the board of councilors.The directors must include nine members recommended by the regional football association (one for each of the nine regions, a total of nine).As mentioned above, the Chairman (3 person), Vice Chairman (up to 9 people), Managing Director (9 person) and Managing Director (1 people) make up the Managing Board.The chairman is based on the Corporate Law, the Public Interest Commission, and the Maintenance Law.Representative DirectorThe vice chairman and managing director are said to be under the same law.The term of office of directors and auditors is two years,Accounting auditorThe term of office is one year,Retirement ageThere is.As a general rule, the chairman and vice-chairman must be under the age of 70 at the time of inauguration, and other officers must be under the age of 65 (except for FIFA directors).[47].

Traditionally, officers (those in positions such as directors and auditors) have been occupied by soccer-related personnel such as regional association staff and former players.However, in 2008 (Heisei 20), he was a former graduate of sports other than soccer.Rugby representative from JapanDirector'sSeiji Hirao, Active female professionalTennisAthlete'sKulm Date KimikoWas elected to the board for the first time.At that time, they were selected for the purpose of "aiming at the comprehensive development of sports centered on soccer," but in the end both of them retired in the first term.

other than this,Honorary officerCan be placed by a few people.Honorary officers shall be the Honorary President, Honorary Chairman, Advisors, Advisors and Counselors.Of these, advisors are divided into two categories: chief advisors and advisors.Honorary officers are resolved by the Board of Directors.Of these, the Honorary Chairman will be the chairman of the "Scheduled Chairman Selection Management Committee (abbreviation: Election Management Committee)" that manages and manages the selection of "planned chairman" during the JFA presidential election.The election management committee consists of an honorary chairman, three directors, three councilors, and two experts who are completely independent of the JFA.[48].

In proceeding with each business under the board of directorsStanding Committee,Expert committee,Tournament Executive Committee,Special committeeThere are four various committees[22]..The chairpersons and members of various committees are appointed by the chairman from among JFA officers, regional and prefectural soccer association officers, and those who have knowledge, experience and enthusiasm regarding JFA business, with the approval of the board of directors. ..The term is two years and can be reappointed.[53]..The Standing Committee consists of nine committees, one of which isTechnical Committee (former Strengthening Committee)Is.The technical committee recommends candidates for the Japanese national team, prepares a plan for organizing the Japanese national team, strengthens the Japanese national team, other matters related to the Japanese national team, trains and strengthens players, disseminates the youth age, technical guidance based on the strengthening policy, and training of leaders. , Was in charge of certification of videos, books, etc., recommendations, and other matters related to technical guidance.[53]..Since the work is diverse, the chairman of the committee will be in charge of strengthening and training Japanese soccer as a whole from March 2016, and the newly established national team director will strengthen the overall national team (mainly A representative). And U-3 Olympics representative) and support. From March 23, 2020, the committee chairmanKoji Sorimachi, National team director is the former chairman of the technical committeeTakashi SekizukaHas been inaugurated[54][55].2006 Germany World CupSince then, the Japan National Team has been recommended by the Technical Committee and approved and decided by the Board of Directors.[56]..After the Japanese national team coach is decided, we will support the Japanese national team coach and the Japanese national team.1998 France World CupDuring the time of the strengthening committee until around that time, the rules at that time had the authority to determine and evaluate (in some cases, change the director) the Japanese national team coach.[57].

Judiciary (Discipline Committee, Arbitration Committee, Appeals Committee)Is a judicial body concerning the various provisions of the JFA (judiciary). It became completely independent of the JFA on April 2014, 4.Of theseDiscipline CommitteeIs about to investigate, deliberate, and decide punishment for competitions and competitions among violations of JFA regulations.[58]. Arbitration CommitteeIs in the process of investigating, deliberating, and deciding punishment for violations of JFA regulations other than those related to competitions and competitions.However, regarding the J-League, the J-League rules[59] Follow.Also,dopingJapan Anti-Doping Discipline Panel on Disciplinary Actions for Prohibition Violations[60] Is decided[58].Appeals CommitteeArticle XNUMX of the Disciplinary Committee, Arbitration Committee or Judiciary Organization Operating Regulations[58] Regarding the punishment decided by the prefectural soccer associations, regional soccer associations, various federations, and the J-League disciplinary committees and arbitration committees (excluding the J-League arbitration committee) to which the disciplinary authority has been delegated , Based on the complaints from the parties, we are going to re-deliberate this and make a new decision.The judiciary (discipline committee, arbitration committee, appeal committee) all have a four-year term.[58].

Board of TrusteesBoard of directorsJudiciaryThere is a common secretariat below the three.The secretariat is divided into 17 departments including the International Department, Women's Department, National Team Department, Referee Department, Finance Department, Futsal Beach Soccer Department, etc.[22], The secretary general and other staff are assigned to each department, and their appointment and dismissal are carried out by the JFA president.[61]..There is no fixed term, but there is the same retirement age as a general company.

As of March 2021, 1, there are 21 councilors[62] There are 30 directors (including 1 chairman, 4 vice chairmen, 1 managing director, and 3 managing directors) and 3 auditors.[63][64]。司法機関の内、規律委員会は5名(委員長1名、委員4名)、裁定委員会は4名(委員長1名、委員3名)、不服申立委員会は5名(委員長1名、副委員長1名、委員3名)[65] Is.At the same time, there is one honorary president, one chief advisor, two advisors, two advisors, and 1 counselors.[66].

Honorary officer

Position Name
Honorary PresidentPrincess Takamado
Top adviserKuniya Daini
ConsultantKawabuchi Saburo,Junji Ogura
AdviserKazumi Daito,Akiko Mabuchi(Nadeshiko LeagueParticipant)
participateTakeshi Okada17 people

Board of Trustees

Position Name
Councilor (Prefectural Football Association)47 prefecture soccer associations, 1 person each, 47 representatives in total[62]
Councilor (Membership Recommended Membership)Yoshikazu NonomuraA total of 11 representatives from 28 member organizations recommended by the councilor (including a total of 1 J18 clubs)[62]

Board of directors

Position Name
PresidentKojima Tajima
Vice-presidentMurai Mitsuru(J League) ...Kikuko Okajima(WE League[63]
 managing directorKiyotaka Suhara
Managing Director(Kanto Football Association),Hiromi Hara(J League),Yoji Ikeda
Director21 people[63][64]

Discipline Committee

Position Name
ChairmanHajime Nakajima (Lawyer)[65]
委员(Attorney), (Former International Referee), (Yamaguchi Football Association Discipline Chairman), (J League Discipline Chairman)[65]

Arbitration Committee

Position Name
ChairmanToru Motobayashi (Lawyer)[65]
委员Hideo Yamada(lawyer),Hideo Iida(lawyer),Yuko Mitsuya(Japan Basketball AssociationPresident)[65]

Appeals Committee

Position Name
Chairman (Lawyer)[65]
Vice ChairmanYuji Yaso (Former J1 player, lawyer)[65]
委员Naohiro Ishikawa(Former J1 player), (Ehime Prefecture Soccer Association Discipline Committee Chairman), (Japan Athletics FederationManagement manager)[65]

Standing Committee

Expert committee Position Name
International CommissionChairmanKojima Tajima
Competition committeeChairman
Finance CommitteeChairmanKiyotaka Suhara
Technical committeeChairmanKoji Sorimachi[55]
Women's CommitteeChairman
Referee CommitteeChairman
Futsal committeeChairmanGo Kitazawa
Medical committeeChairman
Legal CommitteeChairman

Expert committee

Expert committee Position Name
Facility committeeChairman
Respect Fair Play CommitteeChairmanSachiko Yamagishi
Hall of Fame CommitteeChairmanKuniya Daini
Compliance CommitteeChairmanKiyotaka Suhara
Social Contribution CommitteeChairmanKatsuhiko Hibino
Athletes CommitteeChairmanKawaguchi Noukatsu

Tournament Executive Committee

Tournament Executive Committee Position Name
Emperor's Cup Executive CommitteeChairmanKiyotaka Suhara
National Athletic Meet Implementation CommitteeChairman

Special committee

Special committee Position Name
Future Vision CommitteeChairmanKojima Tajima
100th Anniversary Business CommitteeChairmanKiyotaka Suhara
Reconstruction Support CommitteeChairmanEiji Ueda

Activities as a new national stadium promotion group

8 people (no one in Japan as of 2019)StadiumAs a new construction plan for, once outside central TokyoUmeda North Yard Stadium ConceptThere was (Osaka), but the realization was stagnant.

Junji OguraHonorary Chairman of the Association in 2012New National Stadium International Design CompetitionHe has been deeply involved in the construction of the New National Theater, such as serving as a judge.bothNational Stadium Future Vision Experts MeetingWas a memberMoriThe former Prime Minister has a close relationship, such as attending a party to celebrate Honorary Chairman Ogura's honor (both).Waseda UniversityFrom)[67].

Honorary Chairman Ogura2012 At a meeting of experts in2018 Russia tournament with 9 people,2022 Qatar has a stadium plan of 86,200 people, and appealed for a capacity of 8 people.[68][Note 2].. In 2014, he said, "If a new national stadium is created, Japan may have a good match."World CupI've thought it was a trump card for the bid[69].2015 May 5th, review of New National plan is consideredJapan Sports Promotion CenterEven when he explained that "nothing has been decided yet", he said "don't lie" and "a major revision will lose international credibility" and asked to build as the current plan.[70]..On the other hand, the existingOita Sports Park General Stadium,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAs an example, he also mentioned the difficulty of growing turf in a retractable stadium.[71].

The former national stadium is a sacred place for soccer players, but unlike other sports players, the soccer industry and the soccer media continued to talk.[72].

Shinzo AbeBy the prime ministerZaha HadidJuly 7, after the withdrawal of the draftKuniya DainiThe president of the association has "8 people" and "movable seats to give a sense of presence", as well as a retractable roof that has been requested in the past.[74]Instead of "the roof that covers the audience seats"Toshiaki EndoDirectly appealed to the Olympic minister[75].

In the review of the plans of the New National Theater, the sports world was divided into light and dark.Due to the limited area problem, the installation of the permanent sub-track, which many athletes requested, was postponed.[76] On the other hand, the scale of 8 people requested by the Football Association was maintained.[77].. on the other hand,Makuhari MesseOf architects known forMakifumihikoAlso complained about the enlargement of the stadium[78]..There is also an opinion that the New National will specialize in athletics and that a separate soccer field should be built in the Gulf area.[79].Association sponsor[80] The Asahi Shimbun said that some experts who had expressed opposition to Zaha's proposal needed a permanent seat of 8 people considering the invitation to the World Cup.[81].

August 8th, former women's marathonNaoko TakahashiExchanged opinions with the Olympic and Paralympic Minister Endo, and Takahashi said, "If we can set a time (record) in 2020, it will surely remain and spread to the athletes, and after that the athletes want to hold the tournament on the ground in Tokyo. Request for permanent installation of stadiums and sub-tracks that are easy to record as "you should think"[82]..A group of architects who asked for a reconsideration of the plan also exchanged opinions with the minister in charge of Endo on the same day.Hidetoshi OhnoAsked to choose between track and field and soccer.Maki complained that it is difficult to guide evacuation due to disasters etc. with 8 people.[83].

It is said that the invitation to hold the Men's World Cup in Japan will be 19 years at the earliest, and it has been pointed out that the conditions for the size of the audience seats at that time may have changed.[84][85]..However, in consideration of the request of the Japan Football Association, the maintenance plan on August 8 was settled in a way that could accommodate 28 people by increasing the number of seats (the capacity at the Tokyo Olympics was 8).[86].

Financial content


"Public interest incorporated foundationThe Japan Football Association (hereinafter sometimes abbreviated as JFA or Association) promotes and promotes soccer and soccer culture in Japan.Representative AIt is an organization approved to be established to manage funds to be used for strengthening representatives of various representatives such as and representatives of each age group.Therefore, it is obligatory to disclose whether the funds are managed according to the purpose (Public Interest Certification Law Articles 21, 22, 39[87], JFA official website for JFA budget and financial results and their activities[88] It is open to the public in the newspaper and the bulletin.For the budget and financial statements of the association, please refer to the board report on the JFA official website (income statement until around 1992 (4)).Corresponds to the income statement of financial statements published annually by listed companies in financial statements[88]For all JFA activities such as Japan National Team, business plans and reports on the website[88] You can browse at.Furthermore, it was the supervisory authority of the Japan Football Association until the time of the foundation.Ministry of educationIf you go to, you can see all the financial statements up to the time of the association's foundation (until March 2012, 3).As of April 31, 2012, the Japan Football AssociationPublic interest incorporated foundationBecause it moved to, on the same dayMinistry of educationCompletely independent from (no need to deliver financial statements to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)[1]..As mentioned above, before JFA became a public interest incorporated foundation completely independent of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JFA was already self-supporting and did not include any national taxes. We have paid corporate tax, inhabitant tax and business tax on profitable business income such as "Sales of Japan national team goods" to the government, and we plan to pay a total of 2018 million yen in FY1300.[8].. As of 2010,Soccer lottery totoSince then, subsidies of about 3 million yen or less have been received, but this is only 2010% or less of JFA's total income in FY3 (Soccer lottery totoAll sales from the operatorIndependent administrative agencyJapan Sports Promotion CenterEnter, and a quarter of the profit excluding winning refunds and expenses from salesNational treasuryIt will be a payment, and three-quarters will be further distributed as a subsidy to each sports organization and local public organizations as sports promotion expenses)[89].. JFA budget and financial statements, their activities[88] For more information on the JFA official website[88] And published in the magazine.

JFA has been certified as a public interest due to the reform of the public interest corporation system by the Japanese government.Public interest incorporated foundationIt became.Public interest incorporated foundations need to spend at least 50% of their budget on charitable purposes.As in the past, JFA's business of "Japan National Team and other tournaments hosted by JFA" will be regarded as "soccer promotion activity" for public interest purposes and will be exempt from taxation.However, "Sales of Japan national team goods" is a profitable business and is taxed on profits. "Donations" are basically not taxed.JFA will be more likely to receive donations because the corporations and individuals who donated will receive an income deduction.In addition, taxes will be reduced on property that is recognized as property under the direct control of the association.Therefore, in the end, the taxes paid by the JFA will be local tax of 7 yen (minimum tax paid regardless of profit) and corporate tax on profitable business income such as sales of representative goods from Japan.However, if it is not certified as a public interest and is a general incorporated foundation, 30% of JFA's business will be taxed in principle, so the above tax incentives will not be received. , JFA's business was hindered[90]..If it is not recognized as a general incorporated foundation, there is no choice but to become a joint-stock company, but in that case, the same activities as the JFA at that time were impossible, and it is highly possible that it was eventually dissolved.In the case of a joint-stock company, tax incentives are not available and corporate tax of 30% is levied, so in order to generate annual JFA activity expenses (2011 JFA expenditure of 165 yen),JFA HouseEven if you let go of most of the total assets of about 140 billion yen (2011) including the above, and also eliminate unprofitable departments (eg women's soccer until 2010), the income earned in that department will also disappear. Therefore (donations have no merit to the other party, so they will be drastically reduced or none), so it is highly possible that JFA was finally dissolved.[91]..Currently (as of 2018), in addition to corporate tax on profitable business income such as "Japan representative goods sales", inhabitant tax and business tax are paid (in 2018, corporate tax, inhabitant tax, business tax total) Will pay 1300 million yen)[8].

Revenue breakdown and JFA official sponsor

Japan A representativeSince 2015, JFA official sponsors of various representatives such as, etc. and representatives of each age group will be "official (official) partners", "official (official) suppliers", "supporting companies", "apparel providers", "providers". There are 5 categories[10][28], There is a regulation that one industry is one company[92].. The logo of the JFA official sponsor company will be appealed on the pitch signboard of the Japan national team match, the training clothes and bibs of the Japanese national team players, and the JFA official website.In addition, it is possible to have the right to show a commercial image with a large-scale vision of the stadium and to use the portraits of the Japanese national team coach and Japanese national team players for marketing of each company.In addition, there are "marketing partners" who are involved in the broadcasting rights of JFA activities and marketing / promotion.[92].

The breakdown of JFA income (ordinary income) is roughly divided into "basic property management profit", "registration fee" paid by soccer, futsal, beach soccer players and teams and referees to JFA, and "business income", which is a major source of income. And "subsidies received" from FIFA, JOC, toto, etc.Japan Football Association Building (JFA House)There are five types of "miscellaneous income" such as the rental business (rental of vacant rooms).Of these, "business revenue" is "representative-related business revenue" such as TV broadcasting rights fees, ticket revenue, tournament bonuses from sponsors, tournament prizes, etc. for the Japan national team (A representative, men and women, all types of Japan from age group) (Representative), JFA-sponsored tournament / match sponsorship revenue, TV broadcasting right fee, ticket revenue, etc., "competition holding business revenue", sponsorship revenue, seminar participation fee, etc. , JFA NEWS and other "institutional newspaper revenue", "business-related revenue" that combines the official sponsor revenue of the above-mentioned Japan national team game, royalties revenue such as game software and goods sales, and certification fee revenue, etc. "Competition revenue" such as payments, "Social contribution business revenue" such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction support activities and the United Nations Global Compact,Japan Soccer Museum9 of "Museum management business revenue" of management business, online registration of players / teams (JFA Square, KICKOFF, etc.) and "Registration business revenue" of business related to maintenance / development of online system with regional / prefectural soccer associations Consists of[93][94].

JFA収入(経常収益)の内、最大の収入は、「事業関連収益」(日本代表戦の公式スポンサー収入とゲームソフト・グッズ販売等のロイヤリティ収入、検定料等収入)で、2017年(平成29年)度では95億5859万7374円で、収入(経常収益)の約49%を占めている。2番目が「代表関連事業収益」(年代別からA代表・男女・各種の全ての日本代表のTV放送権料、チケット収入、スポンサーからの大会ボーナス、大会賞金等)で、2017年度では23億4528万966円で約12%、3番目が「登録料」(サッカー、フットサル、ビーチサッカーの選手及びチーム及び審判)で、2017年度では20億6385万8600円で約10.6%、4番目が「競技会開催事業収益」(Emperor's cupや育成年代大会等の日本代表試合を除くJFA主催の大会・試合のスポンサー収入・TV放送権料・チケット収入等)で2017年度18億9332万7107円で約10%、5番目が「受け取り補助金等」で2017年度で14億3335万437円で約7%となっている。財政が苦しかった時代、JFAの重要な収入の柱だった「登録料」は、今は2017年度では20億6385万8600円で、3番目の収入源となっている[94].

Official sponsor

Official (official) partner
The official partner is the category of the top sponsors of all various Japanese national football teams and Japanese national football teams of all ages. As of 20191980 A long-time sponsor since (55)Kirin (company)(Kirin Beer,Kirin Beverage以下キリングループ)と2007年(平成19年)4月から8年間で推定総額120億円(年間15億円)で契約していた。2014年5月25日、JFAとキリングループが対等な関係で、サッカーの普及・促進に寄与していくという意志を込め、名称を従来の「オフィシャルスポンサー」から「オフィシャルパートナー」に変更した上で、2015年4月1日から2022年12月31日まで(7年9か月)契約を更新した[9][10].
Official (official) supplier
The official supplier is the category of the top sponsors of all the various Japanese national football teams that provide equipment such as uniforms and the Japanese national football teams of all ages.ア デ ィ ダ スIt had a contract with Japan for a total of 2007 billion yen (4 billion yen a year) for the next 8 years from April 160.[28] が、2014年11月5日に、2015年4月1日から2023年3月末までの8年間で契約金は1年30億円、8年合計240億円でボーナスや物品提供を含めると250億円超という契約更新で同意したと報じられた[11]..However, when it was actually renewed on April 2015, 4, the contract details were not announced.[10].
Supporting company
A supporting company is a category of sponsors who, by paying a sponsorship fee, have the right to display advertising signs and ticket campaigns in various Japan national team games, and the right to use for advertising and sales promotion activities such as the Japan national team emblem and mascot. Is.However, it applies only to games for which the Japan Football Association has full marketing rights, such as Japanese home games.[28]..When this category was first established, the number of companies was 5, but it was gradually increased, and as of April 2015, 4, the maximum number was 1 companies.At this time (as of March 10, 2018), the two undecided companies will be announced as soon as they are decided. Companies under contract as of 3 and companies with past contracts are as follows (the contract period in parentheses)[10].
Under contract

As of 2020

In addition, Japan Airlines announced on January 2010, 22 (Heisei 1).Corporate rehabilitation lawThe contract was threatened to continue due to the situation (bankruptcy) in which the application of the contract was applied to and accepted by the Tokyo District Court, but the contract was finally continued.[103][104].
MS & AD Insurance Group Holdings,Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.Continued from the times.
Asahi Shimbun has been a match sponsor for the Japan national team since April 2007, 4, and has been a match sponsor for the Japan national team in Japan, where the Japan Football Association has marketing rights. From April 1, 2015, it became a supporting company. It was.
FamilyMart in September 2016Uni Family Mart HoldingsWith the launch ofCircle K and ThanksPR is also carried out at stores.
Initially it was said to be a "contract until 2015"[106][107], The company name has disappeared from the press release when the contract between JFA and Audi Japan was signed in May 2011, and the banner has disappeared from the official website of the Japan national team as of June 5.No official announcement has been made regarding the cancellation of the contract.
Apparel provider
An apparel provider is a company that provides suits worn by the Japanese national team when traveling.
Under contract

As of 2020

2000 yearsDunhillThe contract has been ongoing since the times, and 2020 will be the 21st year.Japan national football teamU-23 soccer representative from JapanProviding a suit to.
Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's Soccer Team)Providing a suit to.
Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women's Soccer Team)Provided suits from the main brand "Untitled".
プ ロ バ イ ダ ー
A provider is a company that provides the products and services required by the Japanese national team.Other providers will be announced as soon as they are decided.
Under contract

As of 2020

Supporting the conditioning of Japanese national team players from the aspect of sleep by providing products such as bedding, custom-made pillows, and cushions.[115].
  • Hublot(December 2015, 10-February 1, 2016)
He supported the Japanese national team by providing the Hublot watch Japanese national team model "Big Bang Blue Victory".[116].
Marketing partner
A marketing partner is a company involved in broadcasting rights, marketing, promotion, etc. of JFA activities (mainly representatives of Japan).[92]..Even before Japan became a professional advertising agencyDentsuHas a contract with.Dentsu is about 2001 billion yen around 60 for TV broadcasting rights, etc. (total amount for multiple years is unknown)[117], From 2007 to 2015, the contract was for a total of 8 billion yen (240 billion yen for one year) for eight years.[28]..Subsequent contracts are not disclosed[12][13].. As of 2012, the broadcasting rights fee for Japan Men's Soccer National Team is 1 million yen per game.[118].. In addition,World Cup Asia Final QualifyingBecause JFA does not have broadcasting rights or marketing rights (that is, there is no broadcasting rights revenue for the World Cup Asian Final Qualifiers)World Cup Main TournamentJFA earnings in the previous year tend to decline[119].

Financial support and grants from supporters

General FoundationJapan Football Association
The Japan Football Association is a JFA-sanctioned organization that provides financial support for activities such as promoting soccer and strengthening the Japanese national team of the JFA and related organizations.
Japan Football Association1977 It was established in April 2013 and became a general incorporated foundation.The location isJapan Football Association Building (JFA House) 7th floor..It is operated by a total of 5 people, including 12 councilors and 17 officers (because it is a separate organization, it is operated by a different person from the JFA councilors and officers).Ikuo Matsumoto[120]..The membership system is an annual membership fee of 1 yen for individual members, an annual membership fee of 5 yen for family members, and an annual membership fee of 1 yen for corporate members, and the membership period is one year (January 3-5). March 1st. Mid-term subscription is from the time of subscription to December 1st), and the recruitment period is about November 1th of the previous year.BenefitsRepresentation from JapanFree admission to unreserved seats in domestic paid games sponsored by JFA, excluding domestic game priority paid sales and national games[121]..For details, see the Japan Football Association page on the JFA official website.[121] Ka Japan Football Association Official HP[120] See. As of the end of May 2012, there were 5 individual members and 4865 corporate members.The Japan Football Association has provided JFA with financial assistance of over 40 billion yen over the past 2012 years up to June 6, 6.[122], 2011 yearsRepresentation from Japan4000 million yen,Nadeshiko Japan1000 million yen,Japan Futsal National TeamAssisted 500 million yen[123].. In 2017, JFA,Nadeshiko League,JFL,Japan Futsal Federation,Japan Beach Soccer Federation,Japan Inclusive Football Federation,Fukushima(J VillageWe provided financial support for reconstruction donations)[121].
As of 2018, the fifth ratio of JFA ordinary income (about 5% at 2017 yen in FY14) is "subsidies received, etc." and "donations received reconstruction support". It is divided into two parts. "Subsidies received, etc." are FIFA andJapan Olympic Committee(JOC) andSoccer lottery totoIt is a subsidy from. FIFA is a FIFA Soccer Development Project (FIFA Goal Project from 1999 to 2015, FIFA Forward Program from May 2016, 5)FIFA #FIFA Soccer Development Project)), The grant is distributed to all FIFA member associations (2018 associations in 211) for financial support. JFA in 2009J VillageReceived a subsidy of US $ 40 (about 4000 million yen) from FIFA for the establishment of the JFA Medical Center in Japan (remaining maintenance cost about 3 million yen and operating and maintenance costs) Is paid by JFA)[124][125].. With the FIFA Forward ProgramTakamado Palace JFA U-18 Soccer Premier LeagueFIFA supports travel expenses for participating teams[126]. Also,Soccer lottery totoA subsidy of about 3 million yen or less will enter the JFA.


1993 (Heisei 5) Professionalization in JapanPreviously, the association has been around for many yearsdeficitIn the continuationBicycle operationMet. The financial scale of the latter half of the 1970s was less than 10 billion yen, and the income wasEmperor's cupIncome from holding competitions such as[117].Representation from JapanI couldn't pay for the overseas expedition, so I paid the travel agencyBillI used to do it in[28][117]..Naturally, there was no salary from the association, and the president and other officers of the association worked unpaid.Many of the association officers are amateur national leaguesJapan Soccer LeagueThe salary was paid by the company because he was seconded from his club.Therefore, the officers only worked for those who could afford it.[117]..In addition, the situation where the chairman and other members of the Japan Football Association (JFA) were unpaid continued even after becoming a professional player in Japan. Around 2001, the managing director under the vice chairman became paid (the chairman and vice chairman are unpaid).[117], July 2002, 7th year after professionalization, 9th generationKawabuchi SaburoThe chairman has begun to provide the JFA chairman with a salary of about 3000 million yen.In addition, as of 1969, the association had 5 to 6 employees, and the salary was only 1000 yen for age, and he also held other positions and earned a living from that income.[28]).

In 1976, the Japan Football Association (JFA), whose financial establishment was the supreme order, was the president of Nippon Steel.Tomisaburo HiraiWas appointed as the 5th chairman[127]..Chairman Hirai was busy with his main business as president, soTakeshi NaganumaThe managing director, as the actual leader, carried out various reforms.I was in the accounting department of Furukawa to facilitate the operation of the association.Junji OguraSelected[128], Started official supplier system,Descente,ASICS,PumaContracted with[129].1977 "Japan Football Association" formed in[130][131] With membership fee1978 Personal registration system (registration fee collection) started in Japan, box office revenue of international games,Japan Athletic AssociationfromSubsidyBrought to the establishment of a financial base[129].1977 (Showa 52) SeptemberPeleBecause of the retirement match ofPele,Beckenbauer, Kinarya and other world superstarsNew York CosmosCame to JapanFurukawa Electric(J League OfJeff Ichihara / ChibaPredecessor),Representation from Japan(The match with the Japan national teamKunimoto KamamotoRepresentation from JapanIt was also a retirement match.At that time, even in the match of the Japanese national team, it was broadcasted nationwide while there was almost no TV broadcast), and it gained popularity.[132]..At this time, the advertising agencyDentsuHas put a promotion for the game on a soft drink commercial, devised a new method that does not use advertising expenses, and named the series of games "Pele Goodbye Game in Japan", resulting in a crowd of 6 The national stadium became full for the first time and made a net profit of 5000 million yen.[127][133][134]..Since then, the Japan Football Association has escaped from the deficit.[127][135][136]..Since 1977, the association hasJ LeagueIt never went into the red until just before the inauguration, and the income just before the inauguration of the J League was about 40 billion yen.

It also started in 1978Japan CupWas in the red, so at that timeShibuya WardJinnan OfKishi Memorial GymnasiumNaganuma wondered, "Can I ask that (big) company for help?" However, I spoke directly to the company's president at that time.As a result, it became a crown sponsor, and the tournament1980 From the 3th competitionGiraffe cup footballWas renamed[137].. Or later,Kirin HoldingsContinues to be the official sponsor of the JFA.

1993 yearsJ LeagueAfter birth, the J-League improved competitiveness, whichRepresentation from JapanIt led to the strengthening, and by strengthening, the audience increased, the entrance fee income increased,Representation from JapanThe brand value of the war was born, which created a positive cycle of gathering sponsors and TV stations, resulting in a dramatic increase in income.For example, the J-League outpostJ League Yamazaki Nabisco Cupが行われた1992年(平成4年)度収入は約40億円(総資産は14億円程度)であったが、2002年(平成14年)度収入は約125億円と10年で3倍強に増え、2012年(平成24年)度収入は約165億円(総資産は140億円程度)と見込まれるなど、20年で4倍以上に増えた。収入が増えたことで、JFA事務局のある施設はグレードアップし、JFA職員の数も増えた。1992年当初、JFA事務局はShibuya WardJinnan OfKishi Memorial GymnasiumWe rented a room and had 15 JFA staff, but in 2012 the JFA secretariatJFA HouseIt is located in JFA's own building (moved in 2003) and has more than 200 JFA staff.[138].

2010 (22) The budget is about 14 billion yen, which is about 176 billion yen more than the previous year.South African World CupAssuming the best 4FIFAPrize money from (Best 4 prize money 1800 million dollars <about 16 billion yen>. All 32 participating countries receive participation salary for all 3 group league games is 800 million dollars <about 7 million yen>, which is also an expense received by all participating countries Is 100 million dollars (about 8837 yen))[139] Income of about 28 billion yen and expenditure of accommodation expenses of about 15 billion yen were recorded.In the case of losing the group league (in that case, the prize money received from FIFA is only the participation salary and expenses of all three group league games), the income was expected to be 3 billion yen and the expenditure was expected to be 11 million yen.[140]..In fact, in the 16th best of the South Africa World Cup, the total prizes and expenses received from FIFA were 900 million dollars, and the total income of the South Africa World Cup was about 11 billion yen, but the salaries and bonuses paid to the Japanese national team players at the South Africa World Cup ( The total amount (excluding the World Cup qualification bonus) is about 2 million yen.The total expenditure at the South African World Cup, which includes the operating costs of the pre-camp in Switzerland, the construction cost of the media center set up at the base camp, and the travel expenses of the association officials, is 5000 billion yen, which is the South African World Cup alone. Was in the red, and even in the 12 financial results, the Japan Football AssociationdeficitBecame[141][142].

2011 (23) The total income of business activities and investment activities was 165 yen, and the expenditure was 5227 yen, recording a surplus of about 165 million yen, which is the first surplus in two years. became.Great East Japan EarthquakeExpenditure increased due to reconstruction assistance,Nadeshiko JapanHeld from February 2012th to March 2th, 29Algarve CupBecause we were able to sell TV broadcasting rights for overseas expeditions in Japan, and our income increased thanks to donations to support reconstruction.SurplusIt became.Special accounts for reconstruction support after the earthquake are donations from individuals and sponsors.European Football Federation (UEFA)The total income including the donations from the disaster area was 3 million yen, which was used for the renovation of the football center in the disaster area and the base stadium of the disaster club.[143]..In the income and expenditure by department,2011 German Women's World CupBecause of the winning prize of 100 million dollars from FIFA (2011 yen at the rate of July 7, 11)Women's footballTurned positive for the first time[144].

From 2013, the business year was changed from March settlement to December settlement.[144].

In the 2014 budget2014 Brazil World CupRevenue from FIFA with a total of $ 8 million (about 8 million yen) with a best 1400 prize of 150 million dollars and a tournament reserve of 1550 million dollars[7][145] を盛り込み、収入約183億7300万円、支出約179億6100万円でと収入・支出共に当時の過去最大額で計上したが、2014年W杯はグループリーグ敗退で終了し、800万ドルと大会準備金150万ドル計950万ドル(約9億6919万円)の収入に留まった[145]..However, royalty income related to the World Cup increased significantly, and it was out of budget before the World Cup.Costa Rica match,Zambia, After the World CupJamaica match,Brazil matchCombined with the income of each of the four friendly matches, the income increased unexpectedly.further,U-22 Asian Cup (held in January 2014),Asian Games,AFC U-19 ChampionshipAs all the tournaments by age group ended up with unexpectedly poor results, expenses such as tournament bonuses for athletes (A men's representative World Cup, U-23 men's Asian tournament) and expedition expenses have dropped significantly. It was.In the end, the income was about 188 million yen and the expenditure was about 8000 million yen, and ironically, it was in the black of about 167 billion yen.[146].

日本代表はロシアワールドカップベスト16の成績だったので、ロシアワールドカップでのFIFAからの収入は、賞金1200万ドル(約13億3009万8000円)と大会準備金150万ドル(約1億6629万3000円)計1350万ドル(約14億9661万円)であった[7]。 2020年5月24日時点では、2018年度決算が正味財産ベースで収入が約234億円(予算比-0.6億円)、支出は224億円(予算比-12億円)で収支ともJFA史上最高額となっている(損益に該当する当期正味増減額は+9.8億円で予算比+11億円)[147].

Business (expenditure)

JFA's income mentioned above will be used for all JFA activities (Japan national team by age group, futsal, beach soccer national team, directors such as university selection, and other national team staff, and salary of A national team playerJapan national football team #after professionalization,Japan national football team #after professionalization 2See section)[142], Salaries of association officers and staff, domestic and overseas expedition expenses and accommodation expenses for each Japanese national team, representative-related projects, competitions from one type (no age limit) to the upbringing age,JFA AcademyTraining projects such as training of leaders and refereesJFA Kokoro ProjectGuidance and dissemination business, etc.)[141] Is covered (JFA is self-supporting). July 2018, 7,2020 Tokyo OlympicsTo participate inU-23 Japan(U-2018 Japan as of 21) DirectorMoriichiHowever, while concurrently serving as the Japan Olympics national team coach, he was promoted from the Russian World Cup Japan national team coach, and the annual salary of the Japanese national team coach is about 1 million yen.[148] Inaugurated with a 4-year contract[149](In addition, the annual salary at the time of taking office as the Tokyo Olympics men's national team coach was 4800 million yen.[150]).It is the person who concurrently serves as the Japan A national team coach and the Japan Olympics national team coachPhilippe TroussierThis is the second person after, and the first Japanese director.Also, the first foreign national team coachHans OftSince then, it is the first time that a Japanese director has been appointed when the New Japan National Team was established after the World Cup.[151].

As of 2012, about 1 million yen is required for the overseas expedition expenses of the Japanese national team for about one week.[152].. As of 2014, when the Japanese national team applies for a domestic friendly match, the participation salary paid by the JFA to the opponent country is 2 to 3 million yen in the powerful countries, as well as travel expenses (including airplane charges), accommodation expenses, etc. Will be borne by JFA.For example, 2014FIFA rank1 bitGermanyAnd FIFA rank 9th in the same yearSpainIf you call a country with a high FIFA ranking to Japan, it will cost more than the above.[153].

As mentioned earlier, assuming the best 2018 of the Russian World Cup in 8, the income was 234 yen and the expenditure was 9001 yen, which was the largest amount ever for both income and expenditure.[8]。実際は、日本代表はロシアW杯ベスト16の成績だったので、ロシアW杯でのFIFAからの収入は、賞金1200万ドル(約13億3009万8000円)と大会準備金150万ドル(約1億6629万3000円)計1350万ドル(約14億9661万円)であったが[7]Since the entrance fee income for the 97th and 98th Emperor's Cup finals was recorded, the income of the competition holding business increased compared to the budget, and further the operating expenses and expedition expenses related to the Japanese representative were reduced. As a result of our efforts, spending related to the Japan National Team was suppressed, and in fiscal 2, the income was about 2018 billion yen and the expenditure was 234 billion yen, the highest amount in JFA history.[147].

Charitable purposes business (soccer promotion business)
The following activities are tax-free because they are charitable purposes called "soccer promotion activities" (The description of the following projects is the JFA 2018 Business Plan)[154] based on).

Japan national team related business

2018 is2018 Russia World CupAnd training camp (47 days until the day after the final), friendly matches and 6 training camps (about 55 days)
Olympic GamesSometimes U-23 Japan.If the qualifying was one year ago, U-1 Japan at the time of qualifying. 22 isAFC U-23 Championship 2018And training camp (19 days until the day after the quarterfinals), 3 overseas expeditions to South America, Europe, etc. (39 days in total),2018 Asian GamesAnd training camp (22nd)
other,U-19 Japan, U-18 Japan and U-17 Japan (Now, even if there is no direct age-specific world tournament, an age-specific representative from Japan is formed every year),U-16 Japan, U-15 Japan, university selection by gender,Nadeshiko Japan, Japan Women's National Team by age group, Futsal, Beach Soccer Japan National Team, etc. In 2018, there are a total of 20 national team activities.

Competition holding business

J League,Nadeshiko League2018 in 20 such as F League and F League.
  • Domestic sponsorship tournaments such as national selection futsal tournaments
National municipal staff soccer championships, etc. 2018 in 11.
Japan high school selection European expedition, etc. 2018 in 8.

Guidance and dissemination business

  • Training of leaders and referees for S-class coach training courses, soccer promotion activities, international contributions and exchanges, facility development
Dispatch of various instructors / referee seminars and certified instructors / referee instructors to AFC member associations,JFA soccer facility maintenance subsidy projectFacility maintenance such as 2018 in 146.

Social contribution business

  • Social contribution projects such as JFA Kokoro projects
Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Activities, United Nations Global Compact, etc. FY2018 5.

Japan Football Museum management business

It makes it possible to look back on the history of the Japanese soccer world with valuable photographs and videos.Also on display are successive trophies, medals and uniforms.
Profitable business, etc.
The following activities are taxed on profitable business income because they are profitable businesses.

Rental business of self-owned buildings, etc.

Japan Football Association Building (JFA House)Rental business (rental of vacant rooms) and sales of representative goods from Japan.

Registration / online system related business

Registration of players / teams (JFA Square, KICKOFF, etc.)[155][156] And conduct business related to system maintenance and development with regional and prefectural soccer associations.

JFA 2005 Declaration

August 2005, 1,National StadiumHeld atThe 84th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipBefore the final match, JFA Chairman Saburo Kawabuchi (at that time) announced the "JFA 2005 Declaration". This is the goal set by the JFA to realize the Japan Football Association (JFA) philosophy of "creating a rich sports culture through soccer and contributing to the healthy development of people's mind and body and the development of society." It shows a vision of popularizing and strengthening football, contributing to international goodwill, a medium-term goal by 2015, and a long-term goal by 2050.[5].. "Captain's Mission" announced in October 2002 (later renamed President's Mission. "JFA Kids Program", "JFA Family Futsal Festival" and other policies from early childhood,Women's football(Reinforcement of) is part of that.In this JFA 2005 Declaration, as a medium-term goal by 2015 (JFA Promise 2015), JFA will become the world's top 2015 organizations by 10, and "the soccer family will be 500 million people" and "Representation from JapanWill be the top 10 team in the world ”[5].BoysTo achieve this goal2014 FIFA Brazil World CupAchieve a record of 8 (= quarter-final advancement) or higher, or leave a good result in the group league so that it will be in the top 16 teams among the 10 best teams.Same tournamentBy achieving good results in 2015, the following year XNUMXFIFA rankingIt was necessary to be in the top 10 in the FIFA World Cup, but he was eliminated from the group league at the Brazil World Cup and could not be in the top 10 in the FIFA rankings.In addition, it should be notedGirls (Nadeshiko Japan)It is,2011 FIFA Women's Germany World CupWin theFIFA Women RankingAs of June 2012, 6, it was ranked 1rd and has already achieved its long-term goal in terms of results.In addition, as long-term goals by 3 (JFA promise 2050), "the soccer family will be 2050 million people" and "FIFA World CupWas held in Japan and at that tournamentRepresentation from JapanWill achieve the two goals of "winning"[5].

In May 2015, the JFA announced that the JFA's Promise 5 would be summarized as follows:Achievement(Collecting information from eight perspectives: human resources, dissemination / registered population, facilities, competitions, competitiveness, financial base / marketing, domestic organization, and international strength and evaluating it compared to other countries) ”,“ Soccer family reaches 8 million people To beAchievement(2015 as of 526) ”,“Representation from JapanHas achieved the top 10 teams in the world for the women's A national team, but not for the men's A national team.Not AchievedAnnounced[23]..Based on the issues raised in the summary, we have newly set "JFA Goal 2050" toward the realization of "JFA Promise 2030".[24]..After that, we will organize the activities that we will put particular effort into promoting in the eight years up to 2022, and this "JFA Medium-Term Plan 8-2015" ("JFA Mission 2022-2015")[157], "Action Plan 2022"[158])[23].

Related organizations

Higher level organization

Organization nameRelated competitions
International Football Federation(FIFA)FIFA World Cup
Asian Football Federation(AFC)AFC Asian Cup
East Asian Football Federation(EAFF)East Asia Cup (former East Asia Soccer Championship)
International Olympic Committee(IOC)Olympic
(Public goods)Japan Olympic Committee(JOC)
(Public goods)Japan Sports Association(JASA)National Athletic Meet

* The Japan Sports Association will be renamed to the "Japan Sports Association" from 2018, and the "National Sports Festival" will be renamed to the "National Sports Festival" from 2023. JOC is independent of JASA and has the same rank, but is a NOC (National Olympic Committee) under the IOC.It is also one of the NOC aggregates for each region between the IOC and JOC.Asian Olympic CouncilThere is (OCA),Asian GamesSponsor.


"Formality, etc." influences the eligibility decision for JFA-directed competitions such as the Emperor's Cup[Note 3].

Organization nameRelated competitionsForm, etc.
(Public corporation)Japan Professional Soccer LeagueJ1 / J2 league[Co-sponsored]1 kind of manPro 1 and 2
J3 league[Co-sponsored]1 male professional 3rd division
(One company)Japan Football LeagueJFL[Co-sponsored]One kind of man amateur part 1
9 regions (Hokkaido-Tohoku-Kanto-North Shinetsu-Tokai-Kansai-Chugoku-Shikoku-Kyusyu) Football AssociationRegional league1 type of man, 2 amateurs (3 parts)[Note 4]
Women's regional leagues, etc.
47 Prefecture Soccer AssociationPrefectural league1 kind of man amateur 3 copies or less[Note 4]
Women's Prefectural League
(One good)Japan Club Youth Soccer FederationU-18 / U-152 types and 3 types of men
(Public corporation)Japan Women's Professional Soccer LeagueWE League[Co-sponsored]Women's professional
(One company)Japan Women's Soccer LeagueNadeshiko League [Co-sponsored]Women's Amateur 1st and 2nd Division (Nadeshiko League)
(One good)Japan Futsal FederationF League[Co-sponsored]Futsal

Another organization

Although it is an independent organization, it is a collection of organizations that work together in competition management.Mainly student competition groups

Organization nameRelated competition categories
National Self-Defense Forces Soccer FederationSelf-Defense Forces Soccer
(One good)National Federation of Adult SoccerAdult soccer
(One good)Japan University Football AssociationCollege soccer
All Japan University Women's Soccer Federation
National Vocational School Soccer FederationVocational school soccer
(Public goods)National High School Athletic FederationHigh school soccer
(Public goods)Japan Junior High School Athletic FederationJunior high school soccer
(One good)Japan Beach Soccer FederationBeach soccer
(One company)Japan Inclusive Football FederationSoccer for people with disabilities


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