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🥋 | <Wrestling> 10.2-10 World Championship (Oslo, Norway) Men's Freestyle Team Departs


<Wrestling> The men's freestyle team participating in the 10.2-10 World Championships (Oslo, Norway) departs

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Men's Greco-Roman will be able to strengthen at a higher level toward the Paris Games by the appearance of players who may threaten the two players (Kenichiro Fumita and Shohei Yabiku) who won medals at the Tokyo Games. Even in the men's freestyle, there are players who can feel the momentum approaching the representative players of the Tokyo Games.

Men's freestyle team heading to Norway ahead of the Japanese team = Team offer October 10nd (Sat) ... → Continue reading

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Yabiku Shohei

Shohei Yabiku(Yabiku Shohei,1995 May 1[1] -) isOkinawaFromwrestlingGreco-Roman style player.The class is 77 kg.


OkinawaNagobirth[2].1989 ,1991 OfAll Japan Wrestling ChampionshipChampion of1989 World Wrestling ChampionshipsFather who was also a representative of Japan(Polish version)When,1986 National Sports FestivalでSpear throwingBorn to a mother who set a new record for Japanese high school (at that time)[3][4]..Under the influence of my father, Ho, I started wrestling in earnest from the 4th grade of elementary school[1][3].

Ginowan Municipal Kaju Junior High School[5],Okinawa Prefectural Urasoe Technical High School,Nippon Sport Science UniversityCompleted the master's course at Nippon Sport Science University Graduate School.After completionIntegrated security guaranteeBelongs to (ALSOK)[1].. First victory in the All Japan Wrestling Championship in 2015[2].. Furthermore, for two consecutive years since 2017World Wrestling ChampionshipsParticipated in[2].2018 ToJakarta Asian Games OfWrestling competition・ Participated in the 77 kg class of men's Greco-Roman and won 5th place[6].

2021 Won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics and Asia qualifiers and got the right to participate in the Olympics[7].2020 Tokyo Olympics OfWrestling competition・ In the second round of the men's Greco-Roman style 77 kg classハンガリー Of(English edition)However, as Lerinz advanced to the final, he advanced to the 3rd place playoff.[1].. 3 in the 2018rd place playoffWrestling Asian ChampionshipIs the champion of(I.e. Of(English edition)Won the bronze medal.Athletes from Okinawa will win medals at the Olympics1992 Barcelona OlympicsWon a bronze medal in the gymnastics men's groupTakashi ChinenIt has been 29 years since then[1].


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