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⚽ | FC Ryukyu, Kofu 0-1 Soccer J2 Section 33


FC Ryukyu, Kofu 0-1 Soccer J2 Section 33

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The next round will be played against Ehime FC on the 16th at Tapic Kenso Hiyagon Stadium in Okinawa City.

Soccer Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 33 On the 1th of the first day, FC Ryukyu vans at the JIT Recycled Ink Stadium in Yamanashi Prefecture ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Tapik Province

Ehime FC

Ehime FC(Ehime FC,Ehime FC) IsJapan OfMatsuyama CityCentered onEhimeHometown in all prefectures[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1970 FoundingMatsuyama Soccer Club(Matsuyama Soccer Club) is the predecessor[1].. Joined the J League since 2006[1]. Home stadiumNinnia stadium[1], The practice areaLove field Baishinjiな ど[1] (Details are#Stadium/practice fieldSee).Also, the operating companyEhime FC Co., Ltd..[1].



2001-2005 (JFL)

  • 2001
    • March:National Federation of Adult SoccerJFL promotion is decided by the recommendation of[1][5].
    • Separate the working team from the main body,Voluntary group"Ehime FC" was launched as[1][5].
    • Onishi retired from active duty and became the director to assist Ishibashi, the general director who also works as a school teacher.In addition, Tomochika, who played for one season at Ehime FC in 1998, joined the team.
    • In the first year of JFL, he ranked 16th out of 12 teams.
  • 2003 : Ehime FC Co., Ltd. established as a new operating corporation[1].
  • 2005
  • Onishi retired from the coach (later appointed as Ehime FC youth coach)Jubilo IwataFormer youth directorKazuhito MochizukiBecame the director.
    • June 6: Submitted a provisional application for J-League membership.
    • September 9: Submit a preliminary application for joining the league.
    • September 9: J-League is renovating Ehime FC's home stadium, Ehime Prefectural Sports Park Athletics Stadium2017 National Sports FestivalIt is scheduled to be completed in 2017 according to the event, the seats are chaise longues and it is difficult to sell annual seats, so stable entrance fee income cannot be obtained[4] As such, as it is2006 He expressed the view that it would be difficult to enter J2.
    • February 10:At the J League board, a new support plan on the Ehime prefecture side (using the profit from the sale of the governor's office), measures to strengthen the management base on the Ehime FC side, and a signing campaign for supporters (about 1 in a month and a half) Ehime FC has announced a policy of allowing promotion if it is within the second place in principle in this season's JFL by means of (signatures of all people).[Source required]
    • The league matchMay 11In (Late Section 14)Honda FCDefeated and confirmed within 2nd place in JFL.Also,May 12In (Late Section 15)DensoThe first JFL victory was decided.
    • May 12: Ehime FC unanimously approves J-League membership at J-League extraordinary board[1]..In the Shikoku regionTokushima VoltisIt became the second J-League club after (joined in 2005).

2006-2021 (J2)

Club slogan: "Speed ​​& Aggressive'

Mochizuki system second year.

HiroshimaからToshiya TanakaWith a complete transfer,oakからSuganuma Minoru, From HiroshimaYojiro Takahagi,Ryota Moriwaki,Yuki TamuraWas acquired by rental transfer. In the first match (March 3th) after joining the J-LeagueYokohama FCVictory.Also, former J1 KashiwayaTokyo VThe final ranking is 2th, with more points than all J9 teams.

Club slogan: "ACTION & MOVING'

Mochizuki system second year.

Suganuma returns to Kashiwa, Takahagi and Tamura return to Hiroshima when the rental transfer period expires.On the other hand, from EhimeDaisuke Aono(OriginalNiigata) AndSusumu Oki(Former Hiroshima) was won by tryout.

League matchTomoya Kanamori, Moriwaki, Tanaka,Kohei Matsushita,Hideto Inoue,Toru ChishimaMany of the players who played an active part in the final stage of last season broke down.In addition, Oki was temporarily off the bench due to injury.

As a result of a large number of injured people, the result was 1th, down from last season.

Emperor's cupIn the third roundAFC Champions League 2007WonUrawa, In the third roundYokohama FCAnd defeated the J1 team.As a team in Ehime prefecture, it was in the top 55 for the first time in 8 years.

Club slogan: "STRONG WILL ~ Unwavering Will ~'

Mochizuki system second year.

C OsakaからDaisuke Tada,京都からTakuya Mikami,TosuからYuji MiyaharaFrom UrawaYokoyama TakuyaAcquired by complete transfer.further,OitaからMasaharu Kawahara,G OsakaからHirotada Ito,Yokotani Shigeru,KobeからKim Taeyeon,OmiyaからWakabayashiWas acquired by rental transfer, but the ranking is 15th out of 14 teams.

It is also a sister city of Matsuyama City on October 10nd.FreiburgBased in (Germany)SC FreiburgConcluded a friendship agreement with[7].

Club slogan: "E-Spirit ~ EHIME ~ Fight as one ~'

Mochizuki system second year.

Kim, Ito, Wakabayashi, Kawahara,Ryota MikiRental transfer player leaves the group due to the expiration of the transfer period, MiyaharaFukuokaTransferred toYuzo Minami NagasakiTransferred to, Daisuke TadaC Osaka15 players, including loan transfers, have left the group.

On the other hand, Hiromasa Yamamoto from C Osaka,OitaからKeihiro Uchimura,KofuからDaiki Tamori,Jogimar,UrawaからMt. Ooyama ShunsukeAcquired by complete transfer.From TosuYuichi ShibaoyaAcquired by rental transfer. In the past in MarchShimizuWas enrolled in KofuAlairJoined.

8 month 5 dayKumamotoThe battle was held outside the prefecture for the first time because Ningineer could not be used (Kochi Prefectural Haruno Sports Park Athletic Field).In the Kumamoto match, there were a series of injured people and suspended players, so there were a total of three players, two GKs and one field player in the reserve (all starting members were full-time players).For this reason, Ehime FC Youth andEhime FC ShimanamiPlayers were registered in the top team in a hurry.

さ ら にHiroshimaFrom Youth Japan National TeamKenta UchidaWith a rental transfer,BrazilianDFThiagoAnd FWDodoAlso won.AlsoMay 9, Mochizuki is dismissed from the coach and becomes the club's first foreign coachIvica BarbaricWas appointed as manager, but the final result was 18th out of 15 teams.The Emperor's Cup is eliminated in the second round.

Club slogan: "E-advance ~ Ehime Evolution! ~'

The second year of the Barbaric system.

Yuichi Shibaoya(OitaReturn to),Yokotani Shigeru(G OsakaReturn to),Shinya Kato(KofuTransferred to) but withdrew due to the expiration of the rental transfer period.Keihiro Uchimura(Sapporo),Toshiya Tanaka(Kanazawa),Dodo(G Osaka) transferred,Toru Chishima,Shunta NagaiRetired.

on the other hand,Ionikos FCからKenji Fukuda(Return to J-League for the first time in 6 years),SapporoからKengo Ishii,YamagataからShogo KobaraFrom KofuTatsuya TsurutaEarned by full transfer,(I.e.からKyohei SugiuraJoined by rental transfer,Hiroshi AzumaAlso joined.In addition, it was decided to extend the rental transfer period of Kenta Uchida.Regarding Kenji Fukuda, he was unable to participate in the opening round due to a problem with his former affiliation, Ionikos FC.[8] ..After that, he has been registered and participated from Section 2 due to provisional measures.[9]..Also, as a new foreign playerDouglasHowever, due to family circumstances, he returned to Japan and left the group on April 4th, early in the opening season.

Throughout the season, he was not involved in the promotion battle and finished in 11th place.However, by significantly reducing the loss, the goal difference became positive for the first time after being promoted to J2.The Emperor's Cup is eliminated in the second round.

Club slogan: "GROW UP EHIME 2011'

The second year of the Barbaric system.

Shogo Kobara (Fukuoka),Tatsuya Tsuruta(Toyama),Shinsaku Mochidome(Nagasaki),Hiromasa Yamamoto(Sagamihara) Etc. transferred,Kenichi EgoRetired.

On the other hand,SendaiからTatsuro Hagiwara,SapporoからYoshihiro Mitsushi,千葉からShohei IkedaWith a complete transfer,Yokohama FMからSaito ManabuAcquired by rental transfer, from youthTakanori Maeno,Yusei OgasawaraJoined.In addition, it was decided to extend the rental transfer period for Kenta Uchida and Kyohei Sugiura.

In May,KofuからKim SwimIn AugustNiigataからKazunari OhnoWas acquired by rental transfer.

The final ranking is 20th out of 15 teams.The Emperor's Cup defeated Hiroshima in the third round and advanced to the final 3.In addition, "Ehime FC Shimanami", which was a subordinate organization, was transferred to the outside of the group as of January 16 (currently:FC Imabari[10].

Club slogan: "BORBA -ALL FOR EHIME-'

The second year of the Barbaric system.

Jogimar,Yoshihiro Mitsushi Tokyo VToShohei Ikeda FC GifuCompletely transferred to, rental transferKenta Yoshikawa ToyamaComplete transfer toKyohei Sugiura((I.e.Return to),Saito Manabu(Yokohama FMReturn to),Kazunari Ohno(NiigataAfter returning toShonanRental transfer to),Kim SwimHas expired the rental transfer period,Tatsuro Hagiwara,Takeshi OkamotoLeft the group,Takuya Mikami,Tomoya KanamoriRetired.

The reinforcement isHiroshimaからTomich,TosuからNobuhisa Urata,YamagataからTakuya Sonoda,NagoyaからKuba light,京都からAlairFrom Yokohama FMYota AkimotoWith a complete transfer,KobeからKoki Arita, From NiigataDai KatoIs acquired through a rental transfer.Kenta UchidaMoved to full transfer,Takumi MurakamiIs a new member.

In the league match, in the opening matchMachida2-0 and at that point千葉,Tokyo VBecame the leader alongside.Although he once reached 10th place and moved up to 4th place at the end of Section 5, he was mainly around 10th place in the first half of the game, and was 21th at the end of the first half (Section 9).However, the 22nd section away of the first game of the second halfFukuokaAfter losing the game, he lost 2 games (3 minutes and 2 losses), including 13 losses in a row and 3 losses in a row, and fell into a slump.TochigiWhen he loses the battle and loses three consecutive games, he retreats to 3th place.But Section 18 HomeOkayamaAfter winning the match and stopping the record of unwinned games at 13, he finished the season in 8th place with no losses in eight games in a row (4 wins and 4 draws) until the final round.Emperor's cupIn the third roundShonanLost to.In addition, it should be notedJ League club license systemReceived a J2 license at.Barbaric retired after the season.

Club slogan: "Ichimaru -ICHIGAN-'

Ehime FC Youth Director at Club OBKiyotaka IshimaruBecame the director.

Takanori Maeno KashimaToDaiki Tamori 京都ToKenta Uchida ShimizuToMt. Ooyama ShunsukeIs in ToyamaYusei Ogasawara,Ryota TakasugiIs in NagasakiRyosuke Ochi KanazawaToKenji Fukuda Hong Kong League OfYokohama FC Hong KongComplete transfer toKuba light RyukyuRental transfer toShun Ito(Return to Yamagata),Koki Arita(Return to Kobe) has expired the rental transfer period,Yusuke Kawakita,Susumu OkiRetired.

Reinforcement from NagoyaKeiji Yoshimura,TochigiからKazuhisa Kawahara, Returned from Fukuoka for the first time in 3 yearsShogo KobaraWith a complete transfer,FC TokyoからKentaro ShigematsuFrom ShonanKohei MiharaFrom Yokohama FMSho Matsumoto, From TosuKyohei KurokiFrom KyotoYuta ItoAcquired by rental transfer,Dai KatoRental transfer period has also been extended,Ryota WatanabeIs a new member.Also,J League club license systemThe J1 license was issued at.The annual ranking was 16th, and the Emperor's Cup lost to Mito in the penalty shootout in the second round.

Club slogan: "One mind'

The second year of the Ishimaru system.

Takuya Sonoda KumamotoToHiroshi Azuma NagasakiToYota Akimoto ShonanToAkishige Kaneda YamagataToKengo Ishii SapporoCompletely transferred to.Dai Kato,Yuta Ito,Kentaro Shigematsu,Sho Matsumoto,Kyohei KurokiHas expired the rental transfer period.Tomich,Alair,RyukyuWas on loan transfer toKuba light,Shuichi AkaiHas expired.Akai next year,FC ImabariJoined the team.Shogo KobaraRetired.

The reinforcement isKanta Kondo,Nao Eguchi,Genta OmoteharaIs a new member,FukuokaからTakeshi Nishida,Kim Min Jae,KofuからMakoto RindoFrom SapporoYuya Hiji,NiigataからYusuke Murakami,HiroshimaからDaiki Nishioka,京都からGo KodamaFrom Kofu with a complete transferYuki Horigome,京都からHarakawa Riki, Acquired Mun Dong-ju from FC Seoul by rental transfer,Kohei MiharaThe extension of the rental transfer was also announced.

Also, from the middle of the season, use the Ehime FC striker fundTochigi-oak-千葉Have experience playing inRicardo LoboJoined.

In the leagueKazuhisa Kawahara,Takeshi NishidaInspired by scoring double digits in the season, but it was a difficult season throughout.The final ranking is 22th out of 19 teams, in the third round at the Emperor's Cup(I.e.In the fourth roundOmiyaLost to. On November 11th, it was announced that Ishimaru will retire for this season only.

Club slogan: "Full forward'

Until the previous yearKobeWas a coach atTakashi KiyamaBecame the director.

In January, it was found that inappropriate accounting treatment was carried out for two years, 1 and 24, due to the settlement of accounts in the black.[11] Severe punishment was expected, but it was judged that no organizational involvement was found, and the blame and sanctions were limited to 300 million yen.[12] Take responsibility for this scandalFumio KameiThe president resigned from responsibility, and as of March 3, he was born in Ehime prefecture and served as managing director and secretary general of the Japan Football Association.Yoshihiro ToyoshimaHe became president.[13][14]

Kazuhito Watanabe OkayamaToKim Min Jae Soul Eland FCComplete transfer toYuki Horigome,Harakawa Riki, Mun Dong-ju has expired rental transfer period,Ricardo Lobo,Eigo SekineHowever, Sekine retired after the contract expired.

For reinforcement, Takashi Kondo and Park Seong-su are new members.AndからMutsumi TamabayashiWas acquired by complete transfer, and was in the process of rental transferKohei MiharaEarned by full transfer,C OsakaからAkiyama Daichi(March 3-July 23),ShimizuからYuji Senuma,Breath Fujita,G OsakaからKenya Okazaki,KobeからKang JungAcquired by rental transfer,

In July in the middle of the seasonUrawaからHidehito KojimaWith a complete transfer,ShimizuHas experience playing in EhimeKenta UchidaWith a rental transfer, in AugustTokyo VからAkihiro YasudaWith a rental transfer, in AugustShonanからKosuke ShiraiWas acquired by rental transfer.On the other handKenji Dai YamaguchiMoved to rental.

リーグ戦は第6節から4連勝するなど、前半戦は9勝3分9敗の11位。後半戦は第26節からクラブ記録の5連勝を含む、第25節から9試合負けなし(6勝3分)。第41節のアウェーFukuokaLost in the battle, but 6th or higher is confirmed.The final ranking is 5thJ1 promotion playoffsI participated in for the first time.Promotion playoff semifinal is 4thC OsakaI was drawn and was eliminated by regulation.

Club slogan: "Advance with all your might ~ Fight for everything ~'

Kiyama system second year. A clubhouse was built in order to secure a natural turf practice area attached to the clubhouse, which is a condition of the J2 license.

Keiji YoshimuraRetired,Takumi Murakami Kumamoto,Yusuke Murakami NagasakiComplete transfer to,Ryota Watanabe NaganoRental transfer to,Kenya Okazaki,Kang JungHas expired the rental transfer period,Kanta KondoHas expired.Also, I was transferred to Yamaguchi for rental in the middle of last season.Kenji Dai ToyamaIt was a complete transfer to.

The reinforcement isAndSince last yearMitoWas rented toPark Kwangil,GifuからYuki Fukaya,KashimaからTakamasa SuzukiWith a complete transfer,UrawaからRikiya Mogi,Toyofumi SakanoAcquired by rental transfer.It was a rental transferBreath Fujita,Kenta Uchida,Akihiro Yasuda,Kosuke ShiraiIs a complete transfer,Yuji SenumaThe rental transfer period has been extended.

After the start of the season, the goalkeeperYuya Hiji,Park Seong SuWas injured one after another, so applying the rental transfer system due to the exception of the registration window due to the goalkeeper's injuries leavingKumamotoからYutaro HaraI joined the rental transfer. (Instead, Park Seong-su, who was injured in the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee, was deregistered, but his contract as a player continues.)

The final ranking is 10th.Kiyama retired from the coach after the season ended.

Club slogan: "Fast force'

Until the previous yearAkitaServed as the director ofShuichi MaseBecame the director.

Genta Omotehara Shonan,Kenta Uchida Nagoya,Go Kodama YamagataComplete transfer to,Rikiya Mogi,Toyofumi Sakano,Yuji SenumaHas expired the rental transfer period,Nao Eguchi,Yuya Hiji,Park Chan-yong(YamaguchiTransfer to),Naoya Fuji,Onishi(NumazuTransfer to),Park Kwangil,NaganoWas transferred to rentalRyota WatanabeHas expired.

The reinforcement isMeiji UniversityからNiwa ShienJoined the group.京都Will be the first return in two seasonsKoki Arita, From AkitaShuhei Hotta,SapporoからYumemi Kanda,C OsakaからKogure DaikiWith a complete transfer,千葉からJunki Koike,IwataSince last yearNagasakiPlayed inHiroto TanakaAcquired by rental transfer.In addition, it was acquired by applying the rental transfer system due to the exception of the registration window due to the injury of the goalkeeper last year.Yutaro Hara KumamotoI joined with a complete transfer from.In addition, this system was deregistered last year.Park Seong SuWas also registered again.

After the start of the season,Chinese Super League-Guangzhou constantからFeng JuFrom SapporoShunta AwakaWas acquired through a rental transfer.

The final ranking is 15th.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Omiya in the third round.

Club slogan: "Counterattack pursuit'

The second year of the Mase system.

Nobuhisa Urata,Breath Fujita Masaru Matsumoto FC,Hidehito Kojima Jeff United Chiba,Kosuke Shirai Hokkaido Consadole SapporoCompletely transferred to, was in the process of rental transferShunta Awaka Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo,Feng Ju Guangzhou constantReturn to.Takamasa Suzuki,Kohei Mihara,Akihiro YasudaHas expired,Yuki FukayaRetired Shuhei Hotta Blau Blitz AkitaTransfer to rental.

The reinforcement isMeiji UniversityからKosuke YamazakiJoined the group.Albirex NiigataからTakanori Maeno,Cerezo OsakaからIkeda tree thunder person,Hokkaido Consadole SapporoからShinya Uehara,Masaru Matsumoto FCからAkira Ando, FromYuji Takeshima, Was in the process of rental transferHiroto Tanaka,Junki KoikeIs acquired by full transfer. Shonan BellmareからYuta Kamiya,Jeff United ChibaからMasahiro Okamoto,Yoshida Makito,FC TokyoFromHideyuki NozawaWith a rental transfer, in the middle of the seasonFagiano OkayamaからYoshiki Fujimoto,FC GifuからWoo Sang-hoJoined by rental transfer

The tough fight continued from the beginning of the season, and by the end of Round 15, he was in XNUMXth place out of XNUMX teams. May XNUMX Due to poor performanceShuichi MaseThe director was dismissed in the middle of the season.Ehime FC U-18 DirectorKenta KawaiWas inaugurated.In the end, he escaped relegation in 18th place out of XNUMX teams.

Club slogan: "Forward'

Kawai system second year.

Junki Koike Tokyo Verdy,Akira Ando 京都Complete transfer to,Ikeda tree thunder personTransferred to Gahe rental. Shuhei Hotta,Shinya UeharaHas expired.

The reinforcement isKokoku High SchoolからHiroto Nakagawa,Biwako Seikei Sports CollegeからSasuga KiyokawaJoined the group.Avispa FukuokaからKoji Yamase, From, I was in the middle of the 2018 season for rental transferYoshiki Fujimoto,Woo Sang-hoIs acquired by full transfer.Sanfrecce HiroshimaからYoichi Naganuma,Takumu Kawamura,Masaru Matsumoto FCからYota ShimokawaIs acquired through a rental transfer. Yuta Kamiya,Masahiro Okamoto,Yoshida Makito,Hideyuki NozawaIs an extension of rental transfer, in the middle of the seasonKawasaki FrontaleからHiroki Mawatari,Urawa RedsからRikiya MogiJoined by rental transfer.In Section 17, he was demoted to J2 this yearKashiwa ReysolThe final ranking is 19th, although he shows a lot of high-ranking killer that he sometimes shows such as winning.

Club slogan: "Forward'

Kawai system second year.

Takashi Kondo Omiya ArdijaComplete transfer to,Hideyuki Nozawa,Yuta Kamiya,Yota Shimokawa,Hiroki MawatariHas expired rental transfer,Park Seong Su FC GifuRental transfer to, Yumemi Kanda,Makoto Rindo,Mutsumi Tamabayashi,Woo Sang-ho, Has expired and has been enrolled for 2013 seasons since 7Kazuhisa KawaharaRetired.

The reinforcement isBiwako Seikei Sports CollegeからKyoji Kutsuna,Meiji UniversityからTaichi Kato, FromShuma Mihara,Teikyo Nagaoka High SchoolからHaruki YoshidaJoined the group. Ventforet KofuからYokotani Shigeru,Yokohama FCからKazuhito Watanabe,Shugo Tsuji,FC RyukyuからTaishi Nishioka,Tokushima VoltisからCicinho, Was in the process of rental transferMasahiro Okamoto,Yoshida Makito,Rikiya Mogi, With a complete transfer,Yoichi Naganuma,Takumu KawamuraIs a rental transfer extension,Jubilo IwataからKentaro MoritaniIs acquired through a rental transfer.

October 10th during the season,Hiroto NakagawaHas been announced to be lifted under mutual agreement.[15].

The league match is Section 2TokushimaAlthough he got 3 points in the first half of the game, he got 4 points in the second half and won the game in reverse. In verse 3Yamaguchi2 wins in a row.However, the most consecutive wins throughout the season were only two consecutive wins. Section 2OmiyaEven in the battle, he showed an attitude of not giving up, such as catching up with 3 points from the 3 points behind in the first half, but on the other hand, verse 10KanazawaIn the game, he lost from a 3-point lead, and the remaining 5 games including alternative games were shut out and the season ended, Section 40.FC RyukyuIn the battle, he lost 0-6.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kenta KawaiThe director's retirement has been announced[16].

The final ranking was 21st,Impact of the spread of new coronavirus infectionIn response to this, J3 relegation was avoided because there was no demotion in all J League categories in the same year.[17].

December 2020, 12, new directorShigenari IzumiHas been announced.[18].

Club slogan: "Origin regression'

The first year of the Izumi system.

Coach, both from Ehime prefecture, 2020 seasonKyoto Sanga FCDirector'sYuta Tadashi,Montedio YamagataCoach'sShino AonoIs inaugurated.Aono will be the second top team coach.

Niwa Shien Zuegen Kanazawa,Kosuke Yamazaki Montedio Yamagata, Was in the process of rental transferPark Seong Su Daegu FCComplete transfer to,Yoichi NaganumaWith the expiration of the rental transferSanfrecce HiroshimaReturn toKoki Arita,Sasuga Kiyokawa,Cicinho,Yuji TakeshimaHas expired,Daiki Nishioka,Yutaro HaraRetired.

ReinforcementKofuからKenta Uchida,Masaru Matsumoto FCからNobuhisa UrataAre back, respectivelyOita TrinitaからRyosuke Maeda,Jubilo IwataWas on loan transfer fromKentaro MoritaniIs acquired by full transfer.Shonan BellmareからYota Akimoto,Machida ZelviaからNaoki Otani,Omiya ArdijaからTakashi Kondo,Nagoya GrampusからDaiki EnomotoAcquired by rental transfer,Takumu KawamuraHas been extended for rental transfer. 

In the opening gameTokyo VLost 0-3, lost 2 consecutive games after 3 consecutive draws, did not win 6 games from the opening, and on April 4 after becoming the lowest, director Izumi announced his resignation, and coach Noritada Saneyoshi succeeded. Became a director[19]。しかし、第41節でMito Holy Hookに敗れ、17年間所属したJ2リーグから降格することとなった[20].




League match



Stadium/practice field

Home stadiumNinnia stadiumIs.Until 2005, when I belonged to JFL,Ehime Prefectural Sports Park Stadium(Only the main stand can accommodate 3,000 people, no night game equipment)2003 Until then, the main focus was on the ball game field.In addition, Ningineer72th National Sports FestivalIt has been renovated for (2017), but details areEhime Prefectural Sports Park Athletic Fieldchecking ...

Practice areaLove field Baishinji[1] Besides, Ningineer Stadium[1], Matsuyama City Outdoor Activity Center (Rainbow Highland)[1], Hojo Sports Center Stadium / Athletics Stadium[1] Is[1].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)OrangeOrangeOrange
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestDaio papermakingelleair
2012 upper back
("Eliere" notation)
2016-2017 lower back
Left clavicleBenefit OneBenefit one2020-
Right clavicleHikariHIKΛRI2018-
Upper backIyo BankIyo Bank2014-
Lower backSky Techno EngineeringSky Techno Engineering2021-
sleeveMiura IndustryMIURA2006-2003-2004 is chest
2005 is back
(2003-in the middle of 2009
"Z boiler MIURA" notation)
Front of pantsFujiFUJI2006-(2006-2017 is written as "Fuji")
Back of pantsNone--

Uniform supplier

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
2021 -
FP 2nd
2021 -

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
2003Z boiler
Before banNets Toyota EhimeBefore banHOTTAEhime BankBefore banDIADORA
2005ElliereZ boiler MIURANisshin Steel
2006Solar oilZ boiler
2009SOLATOZ boiler MIURA /
2014Iyo Bank
2020Benefit one-
2021Sky Techno Engineering



Youth and junior youth are set up as subordinate organizations[1]..In addition to the subordinate organizations below youth, the women's teamEhime FC LadiesThere is.

Still more2009 ToImabari"Ehime Shimanami FC" (at that time), which is based in Ehime FC, was positioned as the second team of the men's first class of Ehime FC and was called "Ehime FC Shimanami".2012 Dissolved the alliance with, now "FC ImabariI am working as.




マ ス コ ッ ト

The club mascot of Ehime FC is "Ore-kun'[1],Tamahime-chan'[1],IyokanIs[1]..These mascots are from Ehime prefecture and are from the soccer manga "ORANGE』AuthorTatsunori NodaDesigned by[2], Citrus fruits, which are a special product of Ehime, like "Bonta-kun", the mascot of Nanyo Orange that appears in the same work.Orange,Orange,Iyokan) Is anthropomorphic[2]..Noda has posted a one-frame manga on the Ehime FC homepage for each away game, and at that time, he has set up to keep a cat as three pets.At the time of its birth, the names were "Orenjay," "Mandarinho," and "Iyo Khan," respectively, but due to trademark issues, they were renamed when they entered J1 in 3.

In addition, Ole is a field player and Kanta Iyo is a goalkeeper, and uniforms are worn according to each position.

At the beginning of their birth, the three had no costumes, only their heads were stretched, and the neck and bottom were real humans, but since 3, Ore-kun and Tamahime-chan, in 2006 Kanta Iyo has become a costume, and in the 2009th year since J entered the market, the "real" mascots are finally available.

Besides this, as an unofficial mascot,カ エ ルWith the motif of "IppeiThere is.


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