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⚽ | [Kansai Student Soccer League Part 3 Section 8] Kobe Gakuin wins the retreat with Osaka Prefectural Government

Photo Soccer Match Summary

[Kansai Student Soccer League Part 3 Section 8] Kobe Gakuin wins the move with Osaka Prefectural Government

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At the end of the first half, Kobe Gakuin scored 0 points and Osaka Prefectural scored 0 points, and both teams will draw in the second half.

Kansai Student Soccer League Part 3 Section 8 is Wednesday, October 10th, Osaka Prefecture University (Men) vs Kobe Gakuin University (Men ... → Continue reading


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At the end of the first half

Kobe Gakuin University

Kobe Gakuin University(Kobe University, UniversityEnglish: Kobe Gakuin University) IsHyogoKobe CityChuo-kuHeadquartered in 1-1-3 MinatojimaJapan OfPrivate universities.1966 Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheShrine University-Shrine-College-KGU.


Whole university

1912 (Meiji45) Founded by Kazusa Mori with eight studentsMori Sewing Girls' SchoolIt starts with ".1923 (Taisho12 years) Five-year systemMori High School for GirlsAnd,1945 (Showa20 years) Established Kobe City Mori High School for Girls.1952 (Showa 27) Established Kobe Mori Women's Junior College due to school reform.By Wasa's eldest son, Shigeki Mori1966 (41)Faculty of nutritionEstablished Department of NutritionCollegeKobe Gakuin University was established and became the first president.Graduate School of Independenceas,1979 (Showa 54)Pharmacyas well as the NutritionWe have established the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, which is unique in Japan, as a doctoral course only for the third year of the master's course.[1].2007 Opened Port Island Campus (Chuo-ku, Kobe City) in 192019 (First year of Reiwa) Port Island 2nd Campus and Kobe Sannomiya Satellite are established.

Social science4 facultiesHumanities3 facultiesnatural ScienceThere are a total of 3 faculties and 10 departments and 14 graduate schools in 7 faculties.University..The Faculty of Natural Sciences is characterized by having a faculty of medical and health science elements such as pharmacy, nutrition, and rehabilitation.Also, in social sciences,Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeBecause it is a disaster-stricken area, we specialize in disaster prevention, which is rare in Japan.Faculty of Contemporary SociologyThe Department of Social Disaster Prevention has been established.Port Island Campus in Kobe City (Chuo-ku), Port Island 2nd Campus (Chuo Ward), Arise Campus (Nishi-ward), Kobe Sannomiya Satellite (Chuo Ward) has three campuses and one satellite, and the headquarters has been located on Port Island No. 3 Campus since April 1.The total number of students is 2015 (as of February 27)[2]..Largest private university in Kobe[3].

Founding spirit, etc.

Founding spirit "Truth lovers and respect for individuality'
Educational Goal "Fostering independent, unique and sensible members of society'
Operational motto "Universities that will remain in posterity(No matter how the times change, the meaning of a university that is always valuable at that time, and therefore always future-oriented)
Operational knowledge "Be clean and clear.(Presidents of the past have been managing the university by making it public in all aspects, including accounting and entrance examinations.)[4]

Education and research

One of the features of Kobe Gakuin University's education is "practical interdisciplinary education" and "practical interdisciplinary education" across faculties, in addition to specialized education in the faculty.Literacy,Liberal ArtsThe point of implementing "comprehensive education in consideration of the above" (for that reason, an educational mechanism for cross-faculty education will be established separately from the faculty organization).Also, in the field of life scienceIndustry-academia collaborationWe will focus on enhancing the industry-government-academia collaboration system, such as opening a research base.As a common education regardless of facultyTOEICKobe Gakuin College (Super English Class) has been established with the aim of improving English proficiency over 600 points.

The Faculty of Science has a passing rate of 83.67% in the national pharmacist examination.[5] Starting with thatNational Examination for Management Nutritionists-National Examination for Clinical Laboratory Engineers,National Examination for Physical Therapists-Occupational therapist national exam,National pharmacist examHas a track record in such cases.Pharmacy-Faculty of nutrition-Faculty of Comprehensive Rehabilitation-Faculty of PsychologyIn the Professional Cooperation Education (IPE) operated by the four medical and welfare faculties ofKobe City College of NursingIPE is accredited in cooperation with.

Focus on qualification education through extracurricular courses.Approximately 20 courses such as national civil servant employment examination course, administrative scrivener course, FP skill test course[6].. Especially,Police officerHighly adoptedHyogo Prefectural Police HeadquartersIt is the number one university in Japan.In addition to junior high and high school teacher licensesKobe Shinwa Women's UniversityWe are also developing a kind of elementary school teacher license acquisition program in partnership with.2018 (30) is a national qualificationCertified psychologistEstablished the Faculty of Psychology with a curriculum for training.



Founder of Kobe Mori Gakuen, the predecessor of the school corporation Kobe GakuinWasa MoriThe eldest son of, was an authority on constitutional medicine and pathology.Shigeki Mori(Kyoto UniversityHonorary professor,Yamaguchi Prefectural Medical University(CurrentYamaguchi UniversityFaculty of medicine) Former President) As Japan's first coeducational college of nutrition, with the intention of "creating a university that will survive in posterity"1966 Mori was appointed as the first president.At the time of the establishment of Kobe Gakuin University, the member of the House of Councilors, the chief priest of Fukukaiji Temple, and later the president of Kobe Mori GakuenBunmon NakanoThere was a great deal of effort.The following year, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics were opened.The intention of the forest was "Universities that will remain in posterityIs still inherited as the university management motto of always being future-oriented.

Chronological Table

  • 1912 --Founder Wasaga Mori founds a private Mori Sewing Girls' School
  • 1918 --Renamed the school name to Private Mori Girls' School
  • 1923 --A private Mori High School for Girls
  • 1924 --Renamed Private Mori High School to Kobe City Mori High School
  • 1937 --Addition of commercial department to Mori Girls'School, renamed to Kobe Mori Girls' Commercial Home Economics School
  • 1945 --Established Kobe City Mori High School for Girls
  • 1949 --Renamed the corporation to Kobemori Gakuen, and changed the organization from a foundation to a school corporation.
  • 1952 - Kobe Mori Women's Junior College(Renamed to Kobe Gakuin Women's Junior College in 1966) Opened
  • 1954 --A part of home economics department and literary department are added to junior college
  • 1955 --Established a dietitian training course at a junior college
  • 1966 - Kobe Gakuin UniversityOpened, Faculty of Nutrition Department of Nutrition opened
  • 1967 --Faculty of Law, Department of Law, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Liberal Arts Department opened
  • 1972 --Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Biopharmaceuticals opened
  • 1974 - Graduate SchoolsGraduate School of Law (master's course), Graduate School of Nutrition (master's course) opened
  • 1975 --Opened Graduate School of Economics (Master's Program)
  • 1976 --Opened Graduate School of Law (Doctoral Program) and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master's Program)
  • 1977 --Graduate School of Economics (Doctoral Program) opened
  • 1979 --Opened Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences (Doctoral Program)
  • 1990 --Faculty of Humanities Department of Humanities and Culture opened
  • 1993 --Opened Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration
  • 1994 --Faculty of Law, Department of International Relations, Graduate School of Human Cultures (Master's Program) established
  • 1996 --Graduate School of Human Cultures (Doctoral Program) opened
  • 1997 --Established Graduate School of Economics, Department of Business Administration (Master's Program)
  • 1998 --Opened the Graduate School of Law, Department of International Relations Law (Master's Program)
  • 2000 --Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Human Behavior established
  • 2001 --Corporate name changed from "Kobe Mori Gakuen" to "Kobe Gakuin"
  • 2002 --Held a commemorative ceremony and lecture as a project to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the corporation
  • 2003 --Former Soviet President's project to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the corporationMikhail GorbachevInvited him as a special guest and held an open campus meeting in which general students and local residents can also participate
  • 2004 --Transferred the Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration to the Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Humanities Department of Human Psychology, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Medical Pharmacy (Master's Program), Graduate School of Practical Law (Graduate School of Practical Law)Law School) Open
  • 2005 --Established Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Department of Social Rehabilitation, Faculty of Comprehensive Rehabilitation.Of the seriesKobe Gakuin Women's Junior CollegeIntegrated
  • 2006 --Reorganized the Faculty of Humanities and established the Department of Humanities, reorganized the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and moved to a 6-year system, integrated the Faculty of Law, Department of Law, and Department of International Relations Law
  • 2007 - Port IslandCampus opened.The faculty will be relocated, and all grades of the Faculty of Pharmacy will be relocated to the Port Island Campus. ..Faculty of Nutrition, Faculty of Comprehensive Rehabilitation, and Faculty of Humanities remain on Arise Campus for all grades
  • 2008 --Opened the Graduate School of Human Cultures, Department of Psychology (Master's Program)
  • 2009 --Established Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation (Master's Program)
  • 2011 --Faculty of Economics Department of International Economics suspended from recruiting students (integrated into Department of Economics)
  • 2012 --A commemorative ceremony was held as a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the corporation.
  • 2012 --Decision to suspend student recruitment for law school (from 2013)
  • 2014 --Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies Department of Contemporary Social Studies / Department of Social Disaster Prevention opened
  • 2015 --Established Faculty of Global Communication.With the construction of Building D on the Port Island Campus, the school campus was reorganized.The Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Law will study all grades at the Port Island Campus, and the Faculty of Economics will study all grades at the Arise Campus.
  • 2016 --The Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Nutrition, was separated into the Department of Management Nutrition and the Department of Life Nutrition.Minatojima StationPrevious seriesKobe Gakuin University High SchoolMoved
  • 2017 --Kobe Gakuin University Junior High School established on the premises of Kobe Gakuin University High School
  • 2018 --Opened Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology
  • 2019 --Established Graduate School of Psychology, Department of Psychology (Master's Program / Doctoral Program)
  • 2019 --Opened Kobe Sannomiya Satellite on Port Island 2nd Campus

basic data


  • Port Island 1st Campus (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)Chuo-kuMinatojima 1-1-3)
  • Port Island 2nd Campus (1-3-11 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)
  • Arise Campus (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)Nishi-wardIkawadanichoArise 518)
  • Kobe Sannomiya Satellite (7th floor, Mint Kobe, 1-1-17 Kumoidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)


School emblem

It represents the sunlight that creates and nurtures all things and the four seas that connect to the world.


A seagull, a bird that symbolizes the port city of Kobe, flies in the sky.Externally, this emblem is used rather than the school emblem.

Character "Manaby"

The scholarship is based on a circle with large "eyes" and "ears" created from the idea that it begins with "seeing" and "listening."

School songs, hymns, cheering songs

It defines school songs, hymns, and cheering songs, and is sung at entrance ceremonies.

Education and research



Graduate School

Research / educational institutions, facilities

  • Library
    • Arise Library
    • Port Island Library
  • Information processing center
  • Center for Education in Liberal Arts
    • Common Education Center
    • Education Development Center
    • Teaching profession education center
  • Interdisciplinary Education Organization
  • Career center
  • Life Science Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center
  • Clinical Psychological Counseling Center
  • Area Studies Center
  • Locomotion Biology Education and Research Center

な ど


Private University Academic Research Advancement Promotion Project

  • Academic Frontier Promotion Project
    • Life Science Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center
      • Development of preventive / therapeutic agents and functional foods for age-related diseases in an aging society
    • Area Studies Center
      • Practical research on the new role of the university aiming for coexistence with the local community after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
  • Open research center maintenance business
    • East Asian Industrial Economy Research Center
      • Analysis of actual conditions of business-to-business relationships and local human resource development in East Asian countries
      • Technology transfer and human resource development centered on ASEAN
    • Asia Pacific Research Center
      • Empirical and academic research on "Asian values" in the age of globalization


Center for Education in Liberal Arts

The University-wide Education Promotion Organization is a university-wide education management organization established for the purpose of "promoting the quality improvement of educational practice throughout the university" and "further enhancing common education and teaching profession education". It supervises the Common Education Center, Teaching Profession Education Center, and Education Development Center.

Interdisciplinary Education Organization

The Interdisciplinary Education Organization is a unique educational system that goes beyond the framework of the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Humanities. From the second year, you can select either "Disaster prevention / social contribution (for students enrolled before 2)" or "Sports management" in addition to the specialized area of ​​your faculty. * The "Disaster Prevention / Social Contribution" unit was reorganized into the Department of Social Disaster Prevention, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies in April 2013.

Student life

Extracurricular activities

Only clubs and circles officially recognized by the university are active, with 4 independent groups, 35 athletic associations, 26 cultural associations (1 of which is closed), and more than 55 voluntary groups. (As of April 2015, 4).The baseball club, women's relay race club, and tennis club are certified as strengthening clubs, and the softball club and volleyball club (women) are certified as semi-strengthening clubs.It should be noted thatRigid Baseball Club TheKansai Roku University Baseball FederationBelong to.

List of cultural affiliates

(As of June 2019, official website posting organization)

  • Student broadcasting station
  • Newspaper society
  • Brass band club
  • Orchestra
  • Mixed Chorus Pandora
  • Cultural Association Headquarters
  • SSW
  • Folk song club
  • American Folk Song Study Group
  • Movie study group
  • Theater department
  • Music Study Group "Acoustic Notes"
  • Flower arrangement
  • Guitar section
  • light music club
  • Kobe Gakuin University Volunteer Activity Fund VAF
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Photo Club
  • Shogi club
  • Novel Creation Study Group "Uguisu"
  • Biological Study Group B ・ R ・ G
  • Art club "Koufukai"
  • food global communication Fubaru.com
  • Bruce Study Group
  • Volunteer group “Fair Way”
  • Law Study Group Libra
  • Pharmacy Study Group (during holidays)
  • Youth Hostel Club (closed)
  • History Study Group
  • Jazz Player's Club

List of athletic organizations

(As of June 2019, official website posting organization)

  • Women's Ekiden Club
  • Softball part
  • Volleyball club
  • Soccer club
  • tennis Club
  • American football club
  • basket Club
  • Kendo club
  • Judo section
  • Badminton club
  • Baton section
  • Rugby club
  • Cheerleading club
  • Iaido Club
  • Table Tennis Department
  • Faculty of Pharmacy Semi-rigid baseball club
  • Ski club
  • Yobow
  • Student Trainer Department
  • Aikido Club
  • Karate club
  • Archery
  • Martial arts karate club
  • Golf club
  • Shorinji Kempo Club
  • Swimming club
  • Soft tennis club
  • Taido Club
  • Softball baseball club
  • Handball club
  • Phishing department
  • Boxing club
  • Lacrosse part
  • Athletics part
  • Pharmacy soccer club

University festival

Held every year in early November.The Arise Campus, which was once the only campuseast longitudeIt is called "135 FESTIVAL" because it is located near the 135 degree line.It is currently held on two campuses, but both campuses have the same name.Focusing on the main stageMock shop-Free Market・ The contents are enjoyable not only for students but also for local residents, such as exhibitions and amusement parks for children.

University personnel and organizations

List of university personnel


Port Island Campus 1

Kobe PortOverlooking the cityPort IslandLocated on the west bank and nearbyHyogo Medical University-Kobe Women's University-Kobe Women's Junior CollegeGather,Port Island 4 UniversitiesThere are exchanges such as credit transfer between universities and mutual use of libraries and cafeterias.

This campus is located in the central area of ​​KobeKobe AirportIn addition to being close to the governmentSpecial area for structural reformCertified as "Advanced Medical Industry Special ZoneSince it is located in the International Minato Special Economic Zone, it is expected to participate in industry-government-academia collaboration projects.

There is a quay where large cruise ships can berth at "Poaishiosai Park" on the west side of the campus, and when passenger ships from overseas berth, it will be inside the university.CIQEquipment will be temporarily installed.

With the campus reorganization in April 2015, the corporate headquarters was moved from the Arise campus to the Port Island 4st campus.

Port Island Campus 2

A campus located near Port Island Campus 1. It was installed in September 2019.For some time, there have been concerns about further enhancement of educational facilities and extracurricular activities facilities at Port Island Campus 9.School corporation Shukugawa GakuinThe purchase was decided in response to a proposal to sell the school site and school building, and it was opened in September 2019.

Arise Campus

Akashi StraitAwaji IslandIt is located on a hill called Urushiyama, which overlooks the area.From the opening of the university until the establishment of Port Island No. 2007 Campus in 1, the Arise Campus was the only campus.

* The two campuses are directly connected by a fixed-route bus (Shinki Bus).The minimum travel time is 2 minutes by direct bus and 30 minutes via Sannomiya Station.But pass on the wayHanshin Expressway-Daini Shinmei RoadIs a congested area, so it often takes longer.

In addition, a law school was once establishedNagataCampus facilities from April 2019Kobe Education Junior College(Renamed from Shukugawa Gakuin Junior College)[7].

Kobe Sannomiya Satellite

Located in the center of KobeMint KobeSatellite installed on the 17th floor. It was opened in September 2019.As a new base for education and lifelong learning, we are holding lectures, courses, lectures, and various events for the general public and adults. It has two seminar rooms and a conference room.

Foreign relations

Agreement with local government

  • HyogoBoard of educationHigh school-university cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2003)
  • Akashi CityCooperation and cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2005)
  • Nishi-wardCooperation and cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2007)
  • Kobe CityDisaster countermeasure stockpiling base agreement with (concluded in 2007)
  • Chuo-kuCooperation and cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2008)
  • Kobe CityBoard of educationCooperation and cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2010)
  • KagawaAgreement on employment support with (concluded in 2012)
  • EhimeKochiAgreement on employment support with (concluded in 2013)
  • Tottori, Cooperation agreement on employment support with Tottori Prefectural Settlement Organization (concluded in 2014)[8]
  • TokushimaAgreement on employment support with (concluded in 2014)[9]
  • WakayamaEmployment support agreement with (concluded in 2016)[10]
  • FukuokaRitsumeikan University,Senshu University,Tokai UniversityAgreement on employment support (concluded in 2016)
  • Awaji CityComprehensive cooperation agreement with (concluded in 2017)

Agreements with other universities

  • University Consortium Hyogo Kobe
  • Port Island 4 Universities(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Strategic University Collaboration Support Project)
  • TKK3 University Collaboration Project (Development of social contribution education centered on disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and volunteering)
  • Kansai Student Law Federation
  • Kobe City College of Nursing(Educational cooperation agreement)

Business-to-business collaboration

International exchange agreement school

VISSEL KOBE partnership business

2004 (16)VISSEL KOBE RakutenWhen the management is transferred to the holding company of2014 Concluded a partnership agreement in (26).Crimson Group(RakutenCEO OfHiroshi Mikitani(Personal asset management company) conducts internships and special lectures by staff members twice a year.

Affiliated school


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