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⛳ | Hiroshi Iwata of tournament record "63" takes the lead Tomohiro Ishizaka 2nd, Keita Nakajima 46th

Hiroshi Iwata (Photo: Kei Sasaki) who decided to take the lead in the photo tournament record "63"

Hiroshi Iwata of the tournament record "63" takes the lead Tomohiro Ishizaka 2nd, Keita Nakajima 46th

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Last year's champion Yuki Inamori was 2 under and 36th place tie.

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Inamori Yuki

Yuki Inamori(Yuki Inamori,1994 May 10 -) isJapanThe boyProfessional golfer.KagoshimaKagoshimaI'm fromKagoshima Josai High Schoolgraduate.International Sports Promotion AssociationBelongs.

From 2015 to 4 seasonsfairwayIt keeps the 1st place in the keep rate and is called "the man who does not bend in Japan"[3][4][5][6].


Before entering professional

KagoshimaHioki-gunMatsumoto Town(CurrentKagoshimaKagoshima) From.The Inamori familyGolfI run a driving range[7]Since his father was also an amateur golfer who has participated in golf, he became familiar with golf from an early age and holds a club.[8].

I decided to play golf seriously because I couldn't play as I expected at the tournament that came out when I was in the first grade of elementary school.Work hard with your father on a three-legged race and create a swing under the father's teaching of "hit straight"[9].

Kagoshima City Matsumoto Junior High SchoolWhen he participated in the "14th Japan Junior Golf Championship [Men's 12-14 years old]" (2008)Takamitsu Tokimatsu(Tokimatsu Genzo), etc., and participated with players who will become professionals later.[10].. Also in 200964th National Sports FestivalIn golf competitions, in boys and boys team competitionsHideki MatsuyamaembraceKochiSecond place as a member of the Kagoshima team after the team[11].

In 2010Kagoshima Josai High SchoolGo on to school.Passed the 2 Professional Golfers' Association of Japan protest in the second year of high school[12]At that time, he became the youngest professional player[13].

After entering the professional

After becoming a pro, he won the 2014 Challenge Tour "seven dreamers challenge in Yonehara GC 2014".[14]..In addition, although he did not win the JGTO Tour from 2014 to 2017, he has won the prize seed right for the fourth consecutive year.[15].

From March 2018th to 10th, 11Yokohama Country ClubThe 83rd held atJapan Open Golf ChampionshipThen, in the 8th year of professionals, he won his first domestic major victory.[5], The first victory of the tour at the Japan Open of the domestic major2009 OfRyuichi OdaIt was the eighth feat in history since then.[16][17][18]..On the last day of the tournamentfairwayAchieved 100% keep rate[18][19], Recorded 4% in total for 86.7 days[20][21]..This year was a fulfilling season, with the fairway keep rate, par save rate, and recovery rate ranked first and the prize money ranking ranked third.[22].

In addition,2020 May 10From 18thPurple Country ClubIn the 85th Japan Open Golf Championship held at the Sumire Course, he won the championship for the second time in two years.[23][24]..Also, in the men's golf world ranking announced on October 10, the next day, it jumped from 19th place last week to 499th place.[1].

Championship history

Japan tour

No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
12018 May 10Japan Open Golf Championship-14 (68-67-67-68 = 270)2 strokesSouth African flag
22020 May 10Japan Open Golf Championship-5 (70-68-68-69 = 275)1 strokesJapanese flag Hideto Tanihara


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