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⚾ | Hiroshima has notified 10 players including Imamura to a total of 47 people from 6 teams, and “Dora 1” is the 4th person.

Photo Hiroshima Takeru Imamura [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

A total of 10 people from 47 teams out of the field Hiroshima notified 6 players including Imamura, and "Dora 1" was the 4th person.

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It is said that Namiki in the first year will re-contract as a training player.

Takeru Imamura pitched 431 games in total, 115 holds and 36 saves, and Hiroshima has 3.4614 players including Takeru Imamura on the 6 XNUMX ERA ... → Continue reading


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Training player system

Training player system(Ikusei Senshu Seido) is a system in which young players are mainly assigned for the purpose of training players.Players to whom this system appliesTraining playerCall.



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