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⚾ | Second year of high school graduate, “Roki generation” during breaks Already produced 2 win pitchers and regular shortstops

Photo Orix / Hiroya Miyagi, Lotte / Roki Sasaki, Yakult / Yasunobu Okugawa [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

In the second year of high school graduation, the "Roki generation" who is breaking has already produced 2 win pitchers and regular shortstops.

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After making his debut in the 11st Army at the Rakuten match on November 3, last year, he has become a shortstop since the opening of the season.

Pitchers steadily achieved results at Orix vs. Lotte (Kyocera Dome) on the 14th ... → Continue reading


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November 11, last year


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