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⚾ | [MLB] Ball pointing trout is "really disappointing" Fans are complicated to "enjoy off" a little earlier

Photo Mike Trout of Angels [Photo: AP]

[MLB] The trout of excitement of pointing at the ball is "really disappointing" and the fans are complicated to "enjoy off" a little earlier

If you write the contents roughly
Fans responded all at once when US media posted a video on Twitter that captured a joyful trout in the audience.

Appearing in an American football game, the appearance that seems to be fun is publicly the Angels' main gun, Mike Trout outfielder is an American football NF ... → Continue reading


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audience seat

audience seatIs theSportsFacility,theater,concertVenue,EventsAt venues, etc.audienceForseat.Bleachers(Kanranseki).


The seats of the spectators are arranged so that the heads of the spectators do not overlap with the front spectators, and the rows are alternately shifted by half seats.StairsIt is often the case.

Arena,Baseball fieldLarge equipment such asstandAlso called[1].

In the Middle Ages France, there is Jeu de paume, which is said to be the prototype of racket sports, and a trial was held.ConventMany games were held in the courtyard (CoatsOf etymology)[2].

Although it is not called the audience seat, as a seat for those who pay attention to a certain object,ChurchSeats,裁判 所There is a listening seat.University OfLecture hall,Large classroomAlso,Lecture-concertMay be used as a venue.

Seat type and name

"Pair sheet" "wheelchairSome facilities have seats and attendant seats.

Grand SumoIn addition to "chair seats,"MasuThere is a "Taisei" (sand cover) under the ring.

JapanesePublic competitionInstalled inPayThere are "special seats" (special seats) in the seats (reserved seat system). Mainly bigガ ラ スIt is tensioned.

volleyballIn many international competitions in Japan, multiple games are often held at the same venue, but there are times when tickets are sold only for games excluding Japan (which is the final match of the day).[3].

Seats on the upper floors may be closed depending on ticket sales for both sports and live performances.[4].

Special seats for a limited number of people include the guest seat and press seat.

Seats on the second floor and above
There are many names such as upstairs seats, galleries, balconies, porch, loggia, balcony seats, etc.[5].. People gathered to watch sports and trials in the corridor on the second floor of the monastery, but there are paintings, sculptures, and other works of art on the corridor.GalleryBecame the origin of (gallery)[2].
  • OperaThen,(English editionIt is called (Opera Box) and is a guest room.The front seats of the theater are called Mittelloge and royal box, and are the highest-class guest rooms.The seats near the ceiling with the heavenly scenery written on them(English editionIt is the cheapest seat called.
  • kabukiThen, the seats near the ceiling are called "Tenjo Sajiki" and are the cheapest seats.
  • Heisei NakamurazaThen, there are "Sakura seats" that you can see from behind the stage and "Big seats" that you can see from the front.[6][7].

Inclination angle

Yokohama StadiumThe maximum inclination angle of the audience seat is 30 degrees.Yokohama ParkBuilt inCity Park LawBecause of this, there was a limit to the building coverage ratio, and there was no choice but to make it steep. Also,Jingu StadiumIs about 13 degrees in front of the infield seat and about 28 degrees behind[8].

Conversely, intentionally, soccer or rugby[9] Etc., steep inclination ("Inclination angle exceeds 40 degrees, which is the highest level in Japan.[10], Etc.)[11] There is also a direction to sell.

Ota City GymnasiumNoji Osamu was involved in the design of the mortar-shaped spectator seat approaching the courtNBAIt was ideal to have a style like this, but in Japan it was not possible to make it steep due to legal restrictions.[12].

Wheelchair seats

International Paralympic Committee(IPC) stipulates that the proportion of wheelchair seats in professional sports venues is 0.5% (In addition, there are regulations such as gradients of 2% or less.[13]). There is also information that the IPC is 0.75% or more in the Olympics and the Paralympic is 1-1.2% or more.[14].

According to a NHK survey conducted in July 2015, it was found that 7% of the 30 stadiums in professional baseball and J.League meet the criteria of 0.5% or more.MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima,Tokyo stadium,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Sendai StadiumThere were only four[15].. Aug. 7,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismGuideline for setting up wheelchair seats in 0.5% of the total[16].. In addition to stadiums, it covers theaters, movie theaters, meeting venues, etc., and included guidelines such as the width of passages and turning spaces, but it is not legally binding.[17][18](A supplemental version was announced on May 5[19]).

2020 Tokyo OlympicsRegarding related facilities, the national government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, etc. are considering a draft guideline of 0.75% or more of the total.[20].



Regulations may be set at large international competitions.サ ッ カ ー OfFIFA World CupThen,2002 competitionThe invitation required that more than 4 people be accommodated (more than 6 in the final) and that two-thirds of the audience seats be covered with a roof. As of 2, the venue for the finals became more severe with a capacity of over 3 people.[21].

Rugby World Cup 2019However, it was said that the opening game and the final match required the accommodation of more than 6 people.[22].

In stadium designs such as Europe and FIFA, there is a value called "C-VALUE" as a quality evaluation of the view from the audience seats.

C = N(D+R) / D+TR

  • D: Horizontal distance from a certain spectator seat to the playing surface
  • N: Steps in the audience
  • R: From the audience seats to the competition side
  • T: Depth of audience seats[23]

Movable seat

Surrounded by athletics track around the pitchSoccer stadiumSo, the distance from the spectator seats becomes far, and the inclination of the stand tends to be shallow compared to the soccer stadium.[24][25].. In order to compensate for the weakness of the presence, we sometimes set up movable spectator seats.

Live venue

LIVEAt a (concert) venue, seats where a part of the stage is difficult to see, for example, seats at both ends of the stage may be (additionally) sold as "side seats". It is sometimes called "out-of-place seat" or "out-of-place seat", including seats that are hard to see or difficult to hear due to the equipment etc.[26].2012 OfAKB48At the concert, there is a "blind spot" and a "seat" that is completely invisible behind the stage[27][28] Was sold[Note 1][Note 2].

To prevent the fall of the audience, the front row of the second floor seats,No standingIn some cases, In addition, seating-only seats may be installed in some areas with names such as "family seats" (only for parents with children)[29] And including elderly customers[30] There is). There are "reserved seats" depending on the equipment and production.[31].

ア リ ー ナ

JapanThen,Baseball field,gymnasiumFor example, a specially prepared seatArena seatsCall[32].

Originally,Ancient rome OfAmphitheater(It may be translated as an amphitheater in Japanese). Is one of themColosseumThen the audience seatsidentityIt was divided by (the seat on the first floor is the Senate and the member of parliament, the seat on the second floor is a knight, the one above it is a citizen, and the one on the top floor has no citizenship)[33].



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