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⚾ | Super diving catch near the ground Tsuyoshi Nishioka also praised it as "impressive play"


Tsuyoshi Nishioka, a super diving catch near the ground, also praised it as "impressive play"

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Former major leaguer Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Tochigi Golden Braves) also commented on this, saying, "Nice spray!

[US Major League Baseball] Astros 5-4 Red Sox (October 10, Japan time 15 / Houston) USA ... → Continue reading


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Tochigi Golden Braves

Tochigi Golden Braves(Tochigi Golden Braves)Professional baseballIndependent League-Baseball Challenge LeagueBelong to (Route-In BC League)TochigiProfessional baseball team.2016 Membership.


The name of the team is "GOLDEN" which is the team color, and the player is "BRAVES" as a brave man who challenges his dreams. [3]In other words, he said that he wanted to become a team that gives courage and hope to Tochigi citizens as a "hero of Tochigi".

As with the existing league teams, we prioritize regional contributions, and the team is to provide the citizens with "a hot team where Tochigi citizens can become one", "great pride", "strong courage", and "challenge to dreams". It is a philosophy[4].

From 2017 to 2019, the first year of league entry, he belonged to the eastern district (FUTURE-East).[5].. In 2020Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionDue to the change in the holding method due to the influence ofIbaraki-埼 玉-KanagawaAnd "East district" was composed, and the league match was carried out in the form of entering "Group A" with Ibaraki.[6].. In 2021, belong to the eastern district with the same district allocation as the previous year[7].. In 2022, the district name will change with the conventional district allocation, and it will belong to the South Division.[8].

January 2017Oyama CityAnnounced to be a home town[9]..As a practice base, the ground and gymnasium of the former Oyama City Ritsu Elementary School, which was closed only in March 2017, was constructed during 3 with the support of Oyama City and others.This practice facility is named "Oyama Baseball Village"[10][11].

As of 2020, no mascot character has been set[12]However, the team president said in an interview in 2018 that he plans to make it.[13].


"Held at all stadiums in the prefecture that conform to the BC League regulations"[9], Like many league teams, it does not have a home base.

The number of official games held by stadium by 2021 is as follows (postseason games are not included).

  • () Is the abbreviation used in this section, and [] is the common name associated with the naming right.
  • TaiziIs the most held stadium of the year.
  • The background of the stadium, which has a season of five or more games, is yellow.
  • Source is League Website (-2018)[14][15]And the official battle schedule of "Ichikyu Bulletin.com" (2019-) where official records remain[16].
Number of games by stadium
Stadium name2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 5 years total
Oyama Sports Park Baseball Field (Oyama)152519191694
Sano City Sports Park Baseball Field (Sano)6231214
Tochigi City General Sports ParkBaseball field (Tochigi Municipal)
[Tochigi Konohana Stadium]
Tochigi Prefectural Sports ParkBaseball field (Tochigi prefectural management)10032318
Utsunomiya Kiyohara Stadium(Kiyohara)3420110
Kanuma Sports Park Baseball Field(Kanuma)
[Yaohan Strawberry Park]
Yaita Sports Park Baseball Field (Yaita)011013
Ashikaga City General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball Field(Ashikaga)002226
Ohira Sports Park Sakura Stadium (Ohira)
[Agekke Sakura Baseball Stadium]
Kuroiso Athletic Field Baseball Stadium (Kuroiso)
[Ishikawa Sports Ground Kuroiso]

In 2017, the first year of entry, games were held at Oyama, Sano, Tochigi Municipal, Tochigi Prefectural, and Kiyohara stadiums.[17].

In 2018, new lighting equipment was installed at the Oyama Sports Park Baseball Stadium.[18]Due to the renovation work, the Tochigi prefectural stadium became unusable, so the number of events held in Oyama increased significantly, and new official games were held in Kanuma and Yaita.[19][20][21].

In 2019, the event held in Tochigi Prefecture will be revived, and a new official game will be held in Ashikaga.[22][23][24].

In 2020, while the initial schedule (before the change due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection) was no longer held on the sheet pile,NasushiobaraOne game was scheduled at Nokuroiso Athletic Field Baseball Stadium (hereinafter referred to as Kuroiso)[25]..After that, in the changed schedule announced sequentially during the season from just before the opening, a new scheduleTochigi CityWhile it was held at Ohira Sports Park Sakura Baseball Stadium (Agek Sakura Baseball Stadium, hereafter Ohira)[26], It was not held at the Kanuma, Kiyohara, and Kuroiso stadiums that were originally included in the schedule.[27].

In 2021, the events held in Kiyohara, Kanuma, and Yaita were revived, and while new official games were held in Kuroiso, no games were set in Ohira, which was held the previous year.Initially, 1 games were scheduled to be hosted,[28], Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and unseasonable weather, undigested games occurred due to a series of game cancellations.[29][30], Eventually only held 30 games[31].

Once in 2019, in OyamaDouble headerHas a track record of holding[32][33][34].

Postseason games

For the postseason, where we first played in 2019 and hosted a home game, from the district championshipGrand ChampionshipAll games up to were held in Oyama[35]..It is the third team in the league to hold all post-season games up to the Grand Championship in the same year at one stadium, after Ishikawa and Gunma.On the other hand, there is no record of holding the Grand Championship at the prefectural capital, and this is the second participating team after Niigata.

The 2020 postseason game became a one-game system due to a change in the management system, but the East District Championship was held in Oyama as a game sponsored by Tochigi.[36].



  • May 3 --The league approves the associate membership of the "Tochigi Prefectural Baseball Team" on the premise of participating in the league match from 2017.[37].
  • May 6 --The Tochigi Golden Braves officially decided to join the league from the 2017 season[38].
  • May 8 --The team name is "Tochigi Golden BravesTo[39].
  • May 9 --Announced that the cap mark has been decided[40].
  • May 9 -The entry acceptance of the league joint tryout including our team will start[41].
  • May 10 ――By voting, the team's 1st uniform is decided. "Gold & White" was selected with a difference of about 2 votes in 120nd place.[42].
  • May 10 --Held a baseball team concept briefing session for youth baseball players in the prefecture.According to the team announcement, about 100 people participated[43].
  • May 10 -From existing teams by leagueDistribution draftIs implemented,Eri Yoshida(Ishikawa Million Stars) And 5 people are nominated[44].
  • May 11 --Established "Tochigi Prefectural Baseball Team"[45].
  • May 11 --Announced 6 successful candidates for the team joint tryout[46].
  • May 11 --Nominate 5 players at the league draft meeting[47].
  • May 12 --For players and battery coachesTakeshi Yagi(Gunma Diamond PegasusAnnounced the inauguration of[48].
  • May 12 --To the directorTakeshi Tsuji, To the head coachKatsuhiko MiyachiAnnounced that[49].
  • May 12 --It will be officially announced that you will belong to the eastern district (FUTURE-East) of the league in 2017.[5].


  • May 1 --For a pitching coachKim[50], Player-coach pitching coachYuta Nakazaki[51]Announced that he was appointed.
  • May 4 - Musashi Heat BearsHeld the opening round of the 2017 season with (win 3-2)[52].
  • May 6 ――The first term schedule is over.4 consecutive losses in the first half of April[53], 1 win followed by 10 consecutive losses[54], 1 consecutive losses after 5 win[55]In the end, the winning percentage of 7 wins and 28 losses was .200, and the eastern district was ranked 5th (lowest).[56]..In addition, the winning percentage of .200 is the half-year result after the two-season system, and at that time it was in the first half of 2.Fukushima HopesWas the worst league record (242 wins, 8 losses, 25 draws) below the record of .4 (in the first half of 2018).Shiga United Baseball ClubRecorded .152 and updated).
  • May 9 --The second half of the schedule is over.In the second half, he recorded four consecutive victories from the second race of the season.[57], Recorded 8 consecutive losses in August and interrupted the winning percentage of 5%[58]Finally, it was 4th place, which is one rank higher than the previous term.Both the batting average and ERA throughout the year are the lowest in the league, and it was pointed out that the lack of long hitting power shown by the small number of home runs (9th in the league) was also pointed out.[59]..Director Tsuji said, "The winning pattern did not fit and it became a daily fighting style."[60]..On the other hand, spectator mobilization recorded second place out of 10 league teams.[61].
  • May 12 --Announcement of Yuta Nakazaki's departure from player and pitching coach[62].


  • May 1 ――As a player and coach, I was born in Oyama City and was off the previous year.Tokyo Yakult SwallowsBecame a free contractHonorary IiharaAnnounced joining[63].
  • May 3 --Off the previous yearYomiuri GiantsBecame a free contractShuichi MurataAnnounced joining[64]..Immediately after the announcement, 10 accesses, which is more than 6 times the normal number, were concentrated on the official website of the team, and it was also hit by a situation where it went down for more than a day.[65].
  • May 3 --Official team song "Golden Hero" announced[66][67].
  • May 4 - Gunma Diamond PegasusHeld the opening game of the 2018 season with (7-7 draw)[68].
  • May 6 ――The first term schedule is over. With 9 wins, 19 losses, 7 draws and a winning percentage of .321, he finished 2th (lowest) in the eastern district for the second consecutive year.
  • May 8 --Shuichi Murata holds a press conference.He will remain on the team until the end of this season, but after the end of the season, he said it is unlikely that he will wear a uniform and play somewhere next year, and revealed that he will virtually end his active life in Tochigi.[69][70].
  • May 9 --Shuichi Murata officially announces retirement at the ceremony after the final war of the home[71][72]..On the same day, the second half of the schedule ends. Although he won 7 consecutive games from July to August[73], Suffering 5 consecutive losses in the final stage, etc.[74]15勝19敗1分・勝率.441、東地区3位で終わる。年間を通じた打率は.297(リーグ3位)、本塁打数は59本(リーグ2位)と打撃力が大幅に向上した一方、防御率はリーグ8位と低迷、数値も前年より悪化するなど投手陣に課題を残した。ホームゲーム観客動員は5万人を突破し、前年の記録(3万人強)を大幅に更新した[75][76].
  • May 9 - South KoreaProfessional baseballKBO League OfDraft meetingso,LG Twinsから(Korean version(Han Sung Tae) was nominated in 10th place[77].
  • May 10 --Announcement of player and battery coach Takeshi Yagi's retirement and appointment as coach[78].
  • May 10 - Professional baseball draft conferenceso,Tokyo Yakult SwallowsからTaishi UchiyamaWas nominated in 1nd place in training[79].
  • May 12 --Director Takeshi Tsuji and head coach Katsuhiko Miyaji announce their retirement[80].
  • May 12 --Former from Tochigi CityYomiuri Giants OfTakayuki TerauchiIs the new coach, and player-coach Yasushi Iihara is appointed head coach.Chiba Lotte MarinesFrom Takanezawa TownYukifumi OkadaWas also announced to be dispatched as an outfield defensive baseball coach.[81].




  • May 1 --Shingo Tatsumi, a pitcher coach, announces the retirement of Takeshi Yagi, a battery and training coach[108].
  • May 1 --Original to the battery coachNippon Ham Fighters OfKurobane ToshikiAnnounced that[109].
  • May 1 -YuanTokyo Yakult Swallows OfMuranaka KyoheiAnnounced joining[110](Enrolled in Tochigi for one season, the same yearMay 9Voluntary retirement is announced with attachment and retires from active duty[111]).
  • May 4 - Saitama Musashi Heat BearsHeld the opening game of the 2021 season with (defeated 2-3)[112].
  • May 5 --Yujo Kitagata, who had a free contract under the Dodgers, has returned and announced that he has signed a trainee contract.[113](After the end of the seasonMay 11Free contract is announced with attachment and withdrawal[114]).
  • May 8 --PitcherDaniel MisakiBut,Yomiuri GiantsAnnounced that they have signed a training contract with (leave Tochigi on the same date)[115].
  • May 8 --It was scheduled for the 1th and 20st because one team member was confirmed to have a positive PCR test for the new coronavirus infection.Yomiuri Giants Third ArmyAnnounced the cancellation of the interleague game with[116].
  • May 8 --The day before, three new PCR test positive respondents were confirmed, and the scheduled battle against Kanagawa on the 3th was cancelled.[117].
  • May 8 --Announced that the activities will be resumed from the 28th because all the staff and athletes except positive and close contacts had negative PCR tests.[118].
  • May 8 ――Because of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the league will announce the termination of the interleague game in other areas because the competition in the same area will be prioritized, and it is decided that 4 games have not been digested.[29]..After that, it was announced that some of the transfer games in the area would not be held, and finally a total of 10 undigested games occurred.[30].
  • May 9 ――Since both games in the eastern area were canceled in the rain and no transfer game was held, the first victory in the Saitama area was decided. It is confirmed that it will not exceed the number, and misses the district championship for the first time in two years and the advancement to the postseason game for the third consecutive year[119].
  • May 9 --Four teams from the East area gathered and "BCL East Area All-Star Game 4" was held at Oyama Sports Park Baseball Stadium.[120][121].
  • May 9 --The entire league match schedule is over.He finished 70 games against the 60 games originally scheduled, 31 wins, 23 losses, 6 draws, a winning percentage of .574, and finished second in the eastern district.Each record has a batting average of .2 (284th in the league), 7 home runs (42th in the league), and an ERA of 4 (4.25th in the league).The number of missteps is 7[122]Is the worst 3rd place in the league, the highest number in the last 5 years, and left a big challenge in defensive ability.
  • May 11 --Announcement of the departure of Tsuyoshi Nishioka, who was enrolled for 3 years[123]. (Kyushu Asia LeagueNew team ・ "Fukuoka Kitakyushu Phoenix(Because of the appointment of the first player-coach)[124][125]



年度perioddirected byRankingmatchvictorydefeatDrawWin rateGame differencebatting averageDefense rateHome run
2017Takeshi Tsuji5357280. 20014.5.241 (10th)5.84 (10nd place)25 (9nd place)
Later43612204. 37510.5
20185359197. 32110.0.297 (3th)5.93 (8nd place)59 (2nd place)
Later33515191. 44112.0
2019Takayuki Terauchi33418151. 5456.5.272 (8th)3.64 (4nd place)32 (6nd place)
Later1362295. 710※ 2.0
2020all16041136. 759※ 35.0.304 (1th)2.87 (2nd place)45 (1nd place)
2021all26031236. 5741.5.284 (7th)4.25 (7nd place)42 (4nd place)
  • The ranking is the ranking in the district (East district group A in 2020, the east district in other years), batting average, ERA, home run is the ranking in the league overall.
  • The game difference of the winning period is marked with * and the game difference with the 2nd place is posted.
  • Kinji won the league.

District Championship

  • 2019-District annual victory (2-0, Gunma match)
  • 2020-Defeated (competition is Kanagawa) * Tournament system this year

League championship

  • 2019-Winner (3 wins, 1 draw, Shinano match)

Grand Championship

  • 2019 ―― 2 wins and 3 losses (competition is Tokushima)
If it was held in 2021, one of the tournament teams (in addition, Route in BC League, Shikoku Island League plus,Kyushu Asia LeagueIt is reported that he was scheduled to participate as the 2021 winning team).[126].

Team image

The image color of the team isGoldenIs.On the website

"The rich nature of Tochigi, where the golden color of" Nijo Barley, "which boasts the highest production in Japan, spreads all over. "world Heritage·Nikko Toshogu ShrineThe gorgeous "Yomeimon Gate" that shines in golden color. "Thunder" that looks like a golden pillar of fire, a tradition of "Tochigi"

It is described that it imaged[4].


Team color "gold] Based on the richness of Tochiginatural environmentClimateExpressing "グ リ ー ン] Is the image of the design.Upper bodyThe part is gold, black, the hat part is green, black and cap mark,Lower bodyIs a design based on white[42].

Cap mark

Regarding the design, "The motif of the home base is that the initials of the team name are expressed in gold, which is the team color, and the ferocious horns of the stags that live in Tochigi prefecture are expressed in red, which reminds us of the liveliness and passion." To[40].


Cheering style

Before the match hosted by Corona, following the national anthem singing, the Tochigi folk song "Prefectural songWas singing[127]..In some cases, mainly in the case of local government-sponsored games, the city song of the venue was sung and soloed instead of the prefectural song.[128][129][130].

After 2020, when the new coronavirus spread, the pre-match national anthem singing was switched to brass band, and the singing and brass band of prefectural songs and city songs were omitted.[131].

Team song

  • Official team song "Konjiki no Yuusha" (sung by Ravins) --Announced in 2018[66][67]


The cheerleader performance team "GOLD LUSH" belonging to Ejeck Sports Management, a group company that is the management body of the baseball team, is active as the official cheerleader of the baseball team.[132].


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