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⛳ | Total collapse just by changing one person ... Mr. Tatsunami who received a request from the coach of Chunichi next season "I thought it was difficult to organize ..."


Mr. Tatsunami, who received a request from the coach of Chunichi next season, "I thought it would be difficult to organize ..."

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Last year, Mr. Norihiro Nakamura of former Chunichi participated in place of Mr. Iwase, and this tournament was won by the Chunichi OB.

Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, who received a request to become the manager of the Chunichi Dragons next season, held a business at a golf course in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture on the 16th ... → Continue reading

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Chunichi OB

Norihiro Nakamura

Norihiro Nakamura(Norihiro Nakamura,1973 May 7 -) isOsakaOsakaYodogawa WardFormer originProfessional baseball player(Infielder), Amateur baseball coach,Baseball commentator,Professional baseball coach.2013 ToJapan Professional Baseball MeetupIs a member of.Nickname is "Nori. "

2014 ToYokohama DeNA BaystarsAfter being out of forceRetirement matchI was aiming to continue working in other teams, but laterNPBHe has stated that he has no intention of returning to the team (Later). afterwards,Hamamatsu Kaiseikan High SchoolAfter serving as a part-time coach in the baseball club,Chunichi DragonsServe as a batter coach[1].Athens OlympicsBaseball bronze medalist.

My family is my wife Hiroko (former businessman)volleyball-日立Player) and 3 girls.Former professional baseball playerTakayuki MurakamiIs my brother-in-law (my wife's brother).furtherHiroshima Toyo CarpBelongs toRen Nakata(Nakada's mother's sister is Murakami's wife, and Murakami's sister's husband is Nakamura).


Before entering professional

Played at Yodogawa Little Senior in junior high school. April 1985, 4Hanshin TigersversusYomiuri GiantsMatch (Hanshin Koshien Stadium),Back screen 3 barrageWas watching in the audience seats[2].Osaka Prefectural Shibutani High SchoolTimes are1990 OfNational High School Baseball Championship Osaka Tournament2 as a 4th batter while in 4nd gradeHome run, Even in defensethird basemanandpitcherAs a teamKoshienLead to the first appearance.KoshienAlthough he lost in the first round (second round), he was the first to participate in Osaka Prefectural High School in eight years.2 home runs in high school.For high school classmatesRei Otori(OriginalTakarazuka RevueFlower setThere is a top daughter role).

1991 Draft ConferenceAtKintetsu BuffaloesJoined the group after being nominated for 4th place.Uniform number The66.

Kintetsu era

1992 Participated in 11 games and recorded two home runs in the season (Pacific LeagueHigh school graduate newcomer with two or more home runsKiyohara Kazuhiro-Yukio TanakaIt's been 6 years since then).1993 Will only play in eight games.

1994 Broken downKanamura YoshiakiRise as a substitute for. September 9thNippon HamBattle (Fujiidera)soCycle hits, The first professional triple to lead to this record.This yearRegular turn at batAlthough it was insufficient, he participated in 101 games with a batting average of .280 and 8 home runs.

1995 Established regularly from.He played 129 games this year with a batting average of .228, but recorded his first 20 home runs.

1996 Suffering from a left wrist injury (I have had three left wrist surgeries so far).Although he participated in 3 games, which was lower than the previous year, he hit 110 home runs and batting average .26.

1997 Have a uniform numberHiroo IshiiWas wearing3Change to.In the same year, he participated in 128 games, but was unsuccessful and the number of strikeouts exceeded 100.

1998 He hit 2 home runs in 32nd place in the league and achieved 30 home runs in his first season.

1999 Achieved his first all-match appearance,Golden Grab AwardEarned.2000 ToSydney Olympics baseball competitionToRepresentation from JapanParticipation also ends in 4th place. There were many all-Japan members who cried immediately after the 4th place was decided, but Nakamura cried in an interview without hesitation even in front of the TV camera.Double Crown in the seasonHome run,RBI), But Kintetsu is the lowest in the Pacific League for the second consecutive year.Estimated after the end of the seasonannual salaryWith 3 million yen (up 1 million yen) plus piecework payment of 6,000 million yenContract renewal.Seattle MarinersTransferred toIchiroInstead, he will be the highest Japanese salary player in the Pacific League.

2001 Before the opening ofSeibu LionsBrother-in-law who transferred toTakayuki MurakamiWas wearing5Change to. He played an active part as the 4th batter and won the RBI king. 3rd and 4th total 101 home runs (Tuffy Rose55, Nakamura 46)1985 Hanshin (Randy Bath54,Masayuki KakefuThe highest number of records exceeding 40) was set.In addition, he played in all games, with a batting average of .320, the first batting average of 3%.In addition, he won the RBI king with RBI 132.In the next seasonFree agent (FA) rightsKintetsu will offer a multi-year contract (estimated 6-year contract of 35 billion yen).However, on December 12, he refused the multi-year contract, saying, "It was difficult to judge in one month," and signed a single-year contract with an estimated annual salary of 26 million yen and a piecework payment of 1 million yen.In December of the same yearIkeda Elementary School attached to Osaka University of Education(In November of the same yearChild murder caseThe consolation activity of) was evaluated, and the 3rdGolden spirit awardHas been awarded[3].

2002 Acquired FA rights on July 7th.Right ankle pain, chronic illnessLow back painThis is the first shot in 52 at-bats.Although he missed 3% this year, he played in all games, hitting 42 home runs and 115 RBIs, the same as the previous year.Around this time, he said, "I don't really think about major transfers," but after the end of the season, I was worried about "Is it okay to think about the brand Norihiro Nakamura and end with Kintetsu?" FA Declaration[4].. Two-year contract for $ 12 million plus $ 19 million for third-year options on December 700New York MetsIt is reported that the contract was agreed with, but on December 12th, when it was posted on the official website of Mets, he was furious that he could not trust such a team and returned the negotiations to a blank slate.Therefore, we renegotiated with Kintetsu and the directorMasataka NashidaOn December 12st, he announced that Kintetsu would remain (estimated 21-year contract of 6 billion yen + piecework payment).[5]).At this time, two years later (2 off)Posting systembyMajor League Baseball (MLB) I have a contract on the condition that I accept the transfer[6]..Regarding this matter, Nakamura commented, "It was true that I was on the verge of contracting with Mets, but the news of the agreement flew from the media relations. I can not contract with a team that violates the rules," and acted as an agent.Music producerMasami Shigeta also criticized Mets' stance at first, saying, "It was Mets' courageous foot that violated the confidentiality obligation." In addition to not being licensed by Mets, the article in question is based on information from a person unrelated to Mets. There are no Mets rule breaks regarding this negotiation, and Nakamura and his advisor Shigeta It seems that the team does not know that it is necessary to report the contents of the contract to MLB prior to the contract with the players. A binding agreement will be reached when the medical examination is passed, "Shigeta said. In response to this, he admitted that "as Mets says, there is no objection to the agreement," and said that Nakamura's comment "Mets's rule violation" was "that was not enough of his words." (Shigeta, whose main job is a music producer, acted as an agent because he was an auditor of a company established by Nakamura for the purpose of saving taxes.)[7].

2003 Right in mid-maykneeInjured the right knee on June 6thMeniscus damageHowever, he continued to participate, saying, "I can't afford to miss it, so I'll cure it while playing the game."However, due to injuries, he had a batting average of .117, 236 home runs, and 23 RBIs in 67 games, and his performance was significantly lower than the previous year, with less than 1994 hits for the first time in nine years since 9.And the team also finishes in 100rd place in the league.Athens OlympicsHe declined to participate in the Asian Baseball Championship, which also served as a qualifying round, and had surgery on his right knee on October 10.After that, the number of failures that are directly related to the results will increase.

小 惑星Was named after Nakamura on May 2003, 5.[8].

2004 Is on the right kneeRehabilitationAlso serves asLos Angeles Dodgers OfSpring trainingParticipated as an invited player.I had been treated for dentition before coming to the United States, but after returning to Japan, I received a knock on my teeth during defensive practice at the camp.Open battleWas absent and was treated.For baseball competitions at the Athens OlympicsRepresentation from JapanParticipated as and won the bronze medal.However, he was injured in the sole of his right foot at a banquet after the match and was absent until September 9.Partly due to the convocation of the Olympics and the injuries after the Olympics, he finished 10 games, but his batting average was .105, which was not as bad as the previous year, but his home runs were only 274 and did not reach 19 for the first time in 7 years.The RBI was 20, down one from 67 in the previous year.

During the absenceDanno VillageOn behalf of, he planned an MLB challenge with a posting system and announced his intention to enter the major leagues on November 11rd.[6].. April 11Orix Blue WaveWithPlayer distribution draft due to team mergerAs a result, it was distributed to Orix Buffaloes. The merged team was launched on December 12, and the team disappeared at the end of the second year of the 1-year contract, so it is equivalent to the annual salary (6 billion yen) for 2 years out of the remaining 4 years contract period. Requested a deposit from Kintetsu, of which 2 million yen was paid as a contribution[5]..The 307 home runs recorded during Kintetsu's enrollment became a team record.[9]..It also occurred in November of the same yearNara small 1 girl murder caseThen, since the victim's female child was a Kintetsu fan and was the same age as her daughter (second daughter), she gave the bereaved family autographed baseball equipment.[10], They were offered to the spirits during the night of girls[11].

2005 I applied for posting on January 1 and had a business alliance with Kintetsu.Los Angeles DodgersWon the bid.As a result, Nakamura became the last player to make a major transfer directly from the Kintetsu Buffalo team.

Dodger era

On February 2005, 2, he signed a minor contract with the Dodgers (estimated one-year contract of $ 3).The uniform number is the same as when he joined Kintetsu66Was decided[12]..Starting with this transfer, Nakamura is so-calledJourneymanAs a result, he will cross multiple teams.

March 4AAA gradePacific Coast League OfLas Vegas Fifty OnesHe was notified to join the club, but on April 4th, instead of being on the disabled list, he achieved his long-sought major promotion.But after the match on May 10thMexican leagueAlthough he was playing in, he was removed from the 40-person quota as he entered the 40-person quota.Waver AnnouncementHowever, he accepted the relegation to AAA class because the team he wanted to win did not appear, and played again in Las Vegas.

Las VegasThen, even though home runs hit 17 in the league 22th place,batting average.249 isRegular turn at batOPS.90 was a batter-dominated base and was mediocre for a team with an average OPS (including pitchers) of .85 in defense, the most in the teamfaux pasRecord. The AAA class season ends on September 9th.He canceled the agent contract with Don Nomura and aimed to return to the Japanese baseball world.

Orix era

On December 2005, 12, he announced his return to Orix, where he was temporarily enrolled between the distribution draft and joining the Dodgers.[Note 1]..A single-year contract with an estimated annual salary of 2 million yen plus a piecework payment of 5,000 million yen.The uniform number is8[Note 2].

2006 , A catch phrase poster saying "I'm back" was produced.ド ラ フ トI returned to my hometown of Kansai for the first time in 20 years since I joined Seibu.Kiyohara KazuhiroCo-starring with is talked about, but before the opening, a strain was caused on the right foot, and on April 4, the left thumb was put on.sprain..Furthermore, in the match against Yakult on May 5thYuu KidafromDead ballWas injured on the left wrist.It will be a season of continuous breakdowns in which the right wrist is also hurt while participating while protecting the injured part. On August 8th, he received a hit by pitch on his left elbow and was replaced on the way.matchParticipation, 328Number of strokesThe season ends with 76 hits and a batting average of .232.double22 and 12 home runs recorded second place in the team. Surgery on the left wrist in September.In the contract negotiations, Nakamura claimed that the left wrist injury was a "public injury", but the team did not admit it and was offered a one-year contract of 2 million yen (estimated), a 9% decrease.

2007 Six contract negotiations will be held by January 1, but no agreement has been reached and the team abandoned the contract renewal.Nakamura's departure is decided.After that, he tried to trade, but there was no winning team, and officially on January 12th.Free contractBecame a player.Nakamura is waiting for contact from 11 teams except Orix, and each team's spring seasonキャンプAfter February 2st, when the event started, we will continue our voluntary training under the name of "fictitious camp-in".In addition, this case triggered on September 1, 2008.Japan Professional Baseball OrganizationJapan Professional Baseball Players AssociationBetweenOut-of-force notificationRules have been set for.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Chunichi DragonsCalled me to join the camp as a test student, and from the 15th, I joined the team's camp.[Note 3], I did an enrollment test here.

Chunichi era

August 2007, 2,Training playerIt is decided to join Chunichi in the frame (annual salary 400 million yen).The uniform number is205..This is because the training players of Chunichi are given the 200s as a convention, and the uniform number in the Kintetsu era.5To Nakamura who was wearingHiromitsu OchiaiIs considered[13].

When he joined the Chunichi team in the training frame, he left a result in the open game, and on March 3, just before the start of the league game, his annual salary was 22 million yen.[Note 4]Concluded a player contract under control and also a uniform number99[Note 5]It was changed to.He participated in the official race from the opening round, and in the early stages he experienced 5th and 6th, and at one point he experienced a fall in the second army, but in the latter half of the season he withdrew due to a breakdown.Kousuke FukudomeNo. 3 as a substitute forClimax seriesJapan seriesでは主に5番を任された。広角に打ち分けるバッティングで130試合の出場で3年ぶり規定打席に到達、打率.293(チーム3位)、4年ぶりの20本塁打(同2位)、79打点(同3位)で日本一に貢献した。9月10日にはBeijing OlympicsHe was selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team in the Asian qualifying final league.Japan seriesThen I have a sicknessLow back painWas getting worsePainkillerHe made a strong appearance while shooting, with a batting average of .444 (18 hits in 8 at bats) and 4 RBIs. Decided the best in Japan in Round 11 on November 1stJapan Series MVPEarned[Note 6]..In the hero interview after the decision of the best in Japan, he cried.Asia seriesThen I returned to JapanTyrone WoodsHe was appointed as No. 4 as a substitute for, and contributed to the victory for the third consecutive year as a Japanese team. The contract renewal with Chunichi on November 3 is up 11% from the time of the new contract in March.[Note 7]After receiving an annual salary of 5,000 million yen, he accepted it in one shot and renewed his contract.At a press conference, he said, "I'm grateful that you just signed the contract. I was going to press the judgment without looking at the amount."

2008 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Father's DayToThe Men's Fashion Unity of Japan・ "2008" sponsored by the Japan Father's Day CommitteeBest Father Yellow Ribbon AwardWas selected from the 12 teams one by one from the same year, and was selected from Chunichi.Kyocera Dome OsakaAt the award ceremony held before the Orix vs. China-Japan match at Orix, he said, "I thought it was an award for entertainers. I'm glad I didn't have a connection." ColleaguesHirotoshi KitagawaWas commended with.Just before the game, I took a commemorative photo with my three daughters. He acquired his second FA right on April 3, but initially said in a negative attitude to the FA declaration, "I'm worried about whether he will sign a contract next season." He said he didn't know that it was time until the reporter asked him that he had reacquired the FA right. He will appear from May 4thHamaotomeRadio CM (Tokai Radio Guts NighterOnly) started broadcasting. June 6,Ishikawa Baseball StadiumIn the battle against SeibuKoji Onuma2 run home runs from, 100 in totalSmash hit awardAchieved.At the next turn at bat, a former colleagueShinya OkamotoHe hit a goodbye solo home run from, and the total number of goodbye home runs was nine.Sadaharu Oh-Tsutomu WakamatsuBecame the 3rd place in history.This year, he played 140 games, which was higher than the previous year, and although his batting average was .274, which was lower than the previous year, he released 24 home runs, showing the same strength as the previous year. In November, he exercised his FA right for the second time, saying, "I would like to hear the evaluations from other teams," with a view to remaining in China and Japan. On November 11thTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesWe negotiated for the first time to join the group.

Rakuten era

Officially announced the transfer to Rakuten on November 2008, 11 (estimated annual salary of 29 million yen plus a two-year contract with volume).Became the first FA member of the Rakuten baseball team. December 1thSendai cityPress conference inside.The uniform number is the same as in the Chunichi era, with his own wishes.99".

2009 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sapporo DomeAt the pairHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIn battleBrian SweeneyFirst home run after transfer from.It was a big hit with 4 hits and 5 RBIs on that day, but after that, the batting average was low with no home runs, and the back pain of chronic condition worsened, so the registration was canceled from June 6th to June 9th. ..After returning to the first army, in the game against Softbank on July 6Makoto SatoHe hit a home run for the first time in 71 games.At the end of the first half of the seasonKatsuya NomuraSaid to Nakamura, who had a sluggish batting average of around 2% and only two home runs, "Nori was miscalculated. I thought I would hit a little more ...".After that, he didn't get back on track, and when he was deregistered on August 2, the season ended without being re-registered.In the end, in the first year of joining, he finished 8 games, with a batting average of .3, two home runs, and 1 RBIs, which was far from what he expected.

2010 He was in good shape in the early stages, and in the first half he was assigned the 4th position in the interleague game because he was suffering from poor team striking.At one point, he recorded a batting average of 3%, but after the second half, it gradually declined.Also, in the defensive, the lackluster play becomes more noticeable in the second half.At the end of the season, he was strained while running and was deregistered as an army. After reaching the prescribed seat for the first time in two years, he participated in 2 games with a batting average of .129, 266 home runs, and 13 RBIs, but from the team on October 64st.Out-of-force notificationReceived and left the group.It is extremely rare for a Japanese player who has reached the prescribed seat to receive an out-of-force notification that year.12 teams joint tryoutAlthough he did not participate in the event, he waited for an offer from another team while practicing independently in his hometown of Osaka.

2011 In 2 monthTokushima Indigo SocksParticipated in the joint voluntary training[14].

Yokohama/DeNA era

2011 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yokohama Bay StarsAnnounced to join[15]..The next day, the 24th, we held an enrollment meeting at the baseball team office.The story of joining the group was on the 22nd the day beforeTakao KajiIt was revealed that there was a phone call from the president of the team[16]..The uniform number is the same as in the Chunichi and Rakuten eras.99It became. Registered as an army on June 6th, the Rakuten match on the same day (K studio) In the starting lineup with "7th first baseman". June 6thYokohama StadiumAtFukuoka Softbank HawksParticipated in a pinch hitter in the battle,Toshiya SugiuchiFirst home run after transfer from.With this home run, I caught up with the tie andThamel SledgeThe team won with a home run.This year is initiallyHittingThe main staff was the staff, but the starting lineup and defensive use when pitching against the left increased. October 10th Hanshin Tigers (Yokohama Stadium), He suddenly entered the pro and participated in the starting lineup as a second baseman for the first time (although he participated in the official game as a second baseman in the major era, at this time he protected the second baseman from the middle of the game).He was not deregistered as a member of the 62st Army until the end, and although he participated in 209 games, he finished with a batting average of .1, 14 home run, and XNUMX RBIs.

2012 TheYomiuri GiantsHave been transferred sinceAlex RamirezHowever, he started on the bench due to a breakdown, so he participated in the opening starting lineup with "4th and 4rd baseman".After that, he played in the starting lineup mainly with third baseman and first baseman.Maintaining a high scoring area batting average immediately after the opening, April 15Yomiuri GiantsIn the battle, extended 11 times,Goodbye home runRelease. In the match between China and Japan on May 5thHitoki IwaseThe 22nd person in history to hit a tie home run fromHome run from all teams(4th person in the record excluding the interleague game). He was also selected as the All-Star for the first time in eight years since 2004, and the first round of the All-Star Game on July 8 (Kyocera Dome Osaka), He hit a two-run home run in the reversal final and won the MVP in both leagues, which is the fifth player.It remained strong even after the start of the second half of the game, but it was against August 2th.Hanshin TigersIn the war, stolen base at his turn at batKensuke UchimuraI was careful on the bench.However, from the leaders to UchimuraGreen lightNakamura's rebuke is a criticism of Saihai because he is given the right toKiyoshi NakahataStrict attention was paid by the director.In addition, he complained of right elbow pain in the game the next day, and disappeared behind the bench in the middle of the game, which was considered to be a rebellion, and his registration with the XNUMXst Army was deleted.[17][Note 8].. Re-registered with the 9st Army on September 4th.Although the number dropped in the second half, the team participated in 126 games while running alone at the bottom, achieving the prescribed number of seats for the first time in two years.The home run was the smallest 2 home runs in the year when it reached the regular batting average, but it was active as a main player with a batting average of .11.Second place with two votes as first baseman in the Golden Glove Awards vote[18].

2013 The opening card was a pinch hitter, but soon it became a regular third baseman.[19].. Achieved a total of 5 NPB / MLB hits with home runs in the match against Yakult (Yokohama Baseball Stadium) on May 1.This total of 2000 hits in Japan and the United States is Ichiro,Hideki Matsui,Matsui KazuoIt was the fourth record in history as a Japanese player after that, but the ceremony was not held with the intention of "I want to hit 4 hits only in Japan" ("2000 hits in the Dodgers era are added". I don't want to. "[20]..And on May 5th, in the old nest Chunichi match at Nagoya Dome, 5 timesKenichi Nakata2 points to break the middle left fromdoubleIn the 2162th game in total, the 43rd person in history achieved 2000 hits in total for NPB.[21]Achieving 5 hits belonging to 2000 teamsEiji KatoThe second person after.In addition, the arrival in 2 games is the fourth slowest in history, and the arrival at 2162 years and 4 months is the eighth slowest record.By the way, teammate Ramirez also achieved 39 hits in total for NPB in the same year.[Note 9].. In the Chunichi match on June 6thYamamoto MasaHe hit a solo home run in the first place, achieved 18 home runs for the 400th person in history, and hit a goodbye hit in the bottom of the 9th inning.[22]..In the end, he participated in 122 games and achieved stable results as in the previous year.

2014 TheArrom BaldilithJoined with a one-armed commitment contract,First basemanToToni BlancoAt the beginning of the season, he was not a member of the 4st Army, but due to a swing failure, he was promoted to the XNUMXst Army in April.[23]..However, in the match against the Giants on May 5, he was deregistered as "there were words and deeds that did not follow the team policy."It was regarded as a criticism by Director Nakahata that he consulted with the coach, "I want you to concentrate on the turn at bat without moving the runner depending on the situation."[24]..Since then, he has never been promoted to one army. Received an out-of-force notification from the team on October 10[25].. The DeNA team reaffirmed that their achievements in the ball world and their contribution during enrollment were particularly high, and proposed a retirement ceremony in the final game against China and Japan, which is the final game of the base, but Nakamura said that he has a strong intention to continue active duty. Refusal.In the end, he had a batting average of .13 in 245 games, and although he tried to do case batting in the at-bats, he scored 10 RBIs at the RBI king's pace, but in the Japanese baseball world, he recorded 1993 home runs for the first time in 21 years since 0. Free contract announced on December 12nd[26].

After leaving DeNA

After the free contract from DeNA, he announced that he would continue to be active,NPBThere were no offers from member teams.

On May 2015, 5, a baseball class "N's Method" was opened for boys and girls in the upper grades of elementary school and junior high school students at a studio in Nishinomiya City, where they live. On April 5, he reported the opening of the school on his Facebook official account and announced that he was a "lifelong active player".[27]..After that, I continued to wait for an offer from the NPB12 team,Controlled player registrationNo teams announced their acquisition by the deadline (July 7st).In response to this result, Nakamura reiterated his strong intention to continue working. "If you continue to enjoy the challenge, you will never give up and will always try," he said.

He appeared on television the same year and confessed that he had been very rough on his money, spent a lot of money on meals and entertainment, and had canceled his insurance because he couldn't pay taxes, according to himself and his wife.[28][29].

In October 2015Kochi cityOpened inSan Diego PadresParticipated in the sponsored baseball class as a temporary coach. On the 28th, he participated in an NPB-sponsored Osaka workshop with a view to recovering the student baseball qualifications necessary for teaching students by experienced professional baseball players.After the workshop, he said, "Even if the elementary and junior high school students who are currently teaching in the baseball class go to high school, they cannot set foot in high school from their current position. I want you to teach in high school too) ”, so I want to recover my qualification somehow."Regarding his own advancement and retreat, he only says, "I don't know yet."[30].

In 2016, on January 1thFukuoka Yahoo Auctions! DomeHeld inMeikyukaiParticipate in the festival.Alex RamirezHe won the home run competition with two home runs.In addition, in the subsequent Central League match, he pitched as a pitcher in the final round.Tokuhiro KomadaWas shot to the left with one ball[31].

In late January 2016,All Japan Baseball AssociationAt the 2015 baseball coaching seminar hosted byHiroku OkuboIn charge of batting practical training instructor. As of February 2ndJapan Student Baseball AssociationReceived aptitude certification for regaining student baseball qualifications[32].

As a baseball commentator in 2016Tokai radioHe also appeared as a guest commentator. From 2019 as a Chunichi OBJ SPORTSAct as a commentator for.

At Suntory Dream Match 2016The Premium Malt's TeamHe participated in the game as a player of the game and was selected as an MVP by playing an active part in scoring 4 RBIs.

Since 2020,DAZNWas newly established as a special sponsorProfessional Baseball Best Battery AwardServe as a selection committee member for the Pacific League at the Monthly Awards[33].

Former professional baseball player / sports writerYuki TakamoriCoverage[34]According to Nakamura, "No matter what. I will continue to compete for the rest of my life. That means that I will be active all my life." The policy that standing on the ground as a baseball player is not the only one is "active all my life." It is said that it is included in the word.

The fact that "lifetime active duty" does not mean active duty as a baseball player also appears in an interview received in 2018, and instructing in the baseball classroom "N's method" that he manages about returning to active duty in professional baseball. In order to concentrate, even if there is an offer from the baseball team, it is clearly stated that "I will not go"[35].. In April 2021Kansai TV"Koyaburu SPORTS SuperWhen he appeared in the movie, he reiterated his lifelong career in line with the conflict of "whether I need to say retirement myself" and said, "When retirement is dead. You can continue to challenge while your body moves. "The original way of life"[36].

To junior high and high school baseball leaders

August 2017, 4,Hamamatsu Kaiseikan High School(Shizuoka) Announced that Nakamura was hired as a part-time coach of the baseball club on the 1st of the same month.[37]..Like himself, in 1991, the NPB team (Chunichi DragonsAfter entering), I changed to the director of the same departmentSanoIt is unusual for high school baseball coaching by experienced major league baseball players.Nakamura has recovered the student baseball qualifications necessary for coaching, so he teaches defense and batting once or twice a month.[38]In addition, I will also be in charge of guidance at the softball baseball club of Hamamatsu Kaiseikan Junior High School, which is annexed to the school.[37].

Teaching junior high school baseball is also provided outside of Hamamatsu Kaiseikan Junior High School, and in 2017, the junior high school baseball tournament "Norihiro Nakamura Cup" was held by himself.[39], Also served as a commentator.

Chunichi coach era

2021 New on October 10th, starting next seasondirected by-Kazuyoshi TachinamiUnder, Chunichi's blowcoachWas announced to serve[1]..As a result, he will retire as a part-time coach at Hamamatsu Kaiseikan High School for the same month.[40][41][42].

Characteristics as a player


With a narrow stance, hold on to the top of the bat and raise your legs to take the timing.Also use a longer than average 88 cm / 900 g bat[43]..He later revealed that the style of throwing a bat high was conscious of Kiyoshi Nakahata during his active career.[44].

The grip strength of the left hand is about 5 kg due to the influence of 40 left wrist surgeries.[45].

Hiromitsu OchiaiI was longing for.In 1997, when Ochiai belonged to the same Pacific League, Nippon-Ham, during the Kintetsu era.[46]At the time of the match with Kintetsu, to which Nakamura belonged, Nakamura came out on base, and when Ochiai, who was on the first base, asked, "How was your turn at bat?", He said only one word, "It's late."The next time I hit the base, there was only one word, "slow."Nakamura wondered, "What's the matter?", But later this meant "swing start was slow", and the cause was "more than 90% of the weight on the back right foot when entering the stance." It's too late to move your weight according to the pitcher's motion. "[47].


third basemanAsGolden Grab AwardHas been awarded seven times.this isNobuhiro MatsudaThis is the second record in NPB history after the 8th inning.[48]..Good grab handling in response to reverse singles and irregular bounds[49]..He is particular about third baseman, and he made the FA declaration from Chunichi in 2007 and 2008, and won the golden glove of third baseman, but Ochiai, who was the director of Chunichi at that time, said that the range of defense is narrow.[50]One of the reasons was that he was disqualified as a third baseman for that reason.[51].

In 2012, when he was in Yokohama, he started 75 games as first baseman, so he was eager to win the Golden Glove as first baseman.[52]..However, in 2013, he also made a statement aiming for the position of third baseman due to the burden on the left knee, which also has a breakdown.[53].

He also participated as a shortstop during the Osaka Kintetsu era.[54]..During the Yokohama era, he also served as a second baseman in two games.[54]..In the major league era, he held all the infield positions in a small number of games.

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1992Kintetsu11272746102135000000080. 222. 222. 481. 704
199381291100011000121040. 111. 250. 111. 361
199410121519223541318933600221910492. 281. 343. 484. 827
1995129528470621071912018864013151139212. 228. 307. 400. 707
199611045441160112151262076741003934897. 273. 341. 504. 845
19971285194555410922319194683223545510513. 240. 325. 426. 751
19981325644817412514132237901122743511412. 260. 363. 493. 856
19991356015148313423031250953013790411621. 261. 362. 486. 848
200012756447682132260392751101105805311217. 277. 381. 578. 959
20011406375251091682504633113232031048410626. 320. 434. 6301.064
2002140602511871502714230511521008610513610. 294. 400. 597. 997
200311745638154901412317567110272419618. 236. 357. 459. 817
2004105462387591061611918166000173818813. 274. 390. 468. 857
2005LAD1741391520073000020073. 128. 171. 179. 350
2006Oryx8535932839762201213445010226237010. 232. 292. 409. 701
2007Chunichi130521457641342402021879214851308718. 293. 359. 477. 836
200814055749356135200242277201103504111911. 274. 340. 460. 800
2009Rakuten77294263165811027526011129204111. 221. 297. 285. 582
2010129521473511262301318864011244218418. 266. 329. 397. 726
6212611562431132140102900271. 209. 262. 278. 540
2012126500442501212411118061110650127214. 274. 346. 407. 753
2013122473431371211911418461100532156620. 281. 334. 427. 761
201413564951220014100001600103. 245. 321. 286. 607
NPB: 2222679048789010762101363134043702134822172653103064471691257. 266. 352. 469. 824
MLB: 11741391520073000020073. 128. 171. 179. 350
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league
  • Yokohama (Yokohama Bay Stars) changed its team name to DeNA (Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars) in 2012




First record
Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: August 1998, 9, vs.Chiba Lotte Marines25rd round (Osaka Dome), back three timesIkuyuki KawamotoFrom Chuetsu reversal goodbye 3 run * 201st person in history
  • 150 home runs: May 2000, 5, 26th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Osaka Dome), 9 runs from Hiroshi Shintani in the bottom of the 1st * 2th person in history
  • 200 home runs: June 2001, 6, 13th round against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (Fukuoka Dome), 7 timesShuji YoshidaTo Uekoshi solo *72th in history
  • 1000 games participation: September 2001, 9, 2th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Tokyo Dome), No. 4third basemanStarts with *The 375th player in history
  • 1000 hits: May 2002, 5, against Chiba Lotte Marines 29th round (Osaka Dome), in the bottom of the 10thNathan Minchi3 runs from to the middle left * 209rd person in history
  • 250 home runs: May 2002, 8, 18th round against Seibu Lions (Seibu Dome), 1 timesZhang Magazine2 runs from left to left[Note 11] *43th person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: July 2003, 7, against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 30th round (Fukuoka Dome), 18th inningKazumi SaitoFrom ※ 33th person in history
  • 300 home runs: August 2004, 6, 4th round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Chiba Marine Stadium), 6 timesKoji TakagiTo Uchigo 2 runs * 29th person in history
  • 1500 games participation: July 2007, 5, vsYokohama Bay Stars9rd round (Nagoya Dome), 5th and 151rd baseman in the starting lineup * XNUMXth in history
  • 1000 RBI: September 2007, 7, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp10st round (Nagoya Dome), in the bottom of the 4thJared FernandezFrom the left wing fence direct hit 2 points timely second base ※ 29th person in history
  • 1500 Hits: August 2007, 9, againstYomiuri GiantsRound 24 (Tokyo Dome), Round 1Takanashi TakanariFrom left front hit ※95th person in history
  • 350 home runs: June 2008, 6, against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters 7th round (Nagoya Dome), in the bottom of the 4thHoshino YachihoFrom 2 runs to Sakoshi ※22th person in history
  • 100 Smashing Award: June 2008, 6, 17rd round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Ishikawa Baseball Stadium
  • 300 doubles: September 2010, 5, 8nd round against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (Hakodate Ocean Stadium), 5 timesWith DarvishTo the right wing double hit ※ 55nd in history
  • 1500 strikeouts: August 2010, 8, against Orix Buffaloes 18st round (Skymark Stadium), 21th inningKazuki KondoFrom ※ 10th person in history
  • 2000 games participation: October 2011, 10, Yomiuri Giants 4st round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 21thFirst basemanParticipated in * 43rd person in history
  • 1000 points: May 2012, 5, against Chiba Lotte Marines 20nd round (Yokohama Stadium), in the bottom of the 2stYuuki KaragawaFrom 2 runs to Sakoshi ※38th person in history
  • 3500 base hits: September 2012, 9, 28th round against Yomiuri Giants (Yokohama Stadium), in the bottom of the 20ndTetsuya UtsumiTo right front hit ※26th person in history
  • 1000 walks: April 2013, 4, against Hanshin Tigers 27th round (Yokohama Stadium), in the bottom of the 5thYusuke KawasakiFrom ※ 14th person in history
  • 2000 Hits: August 2013, 5, againstChunichi Dragons9th round (Nagoya Dome), 8th roundKenichi NakataFrom left middle 2 points timely doubles * 43rd person in history
  • 350 doubles: May 2013, 5, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 23nd round (Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome), 2nd inningKenji OhneiTo Nakaetsu second run *36st in history
  • 400 home runs: June 2013, 6, Chunichi Dragons 30th round (Yokohama Stadium), in the bottom of the 12ndYamamoto MasaTo Saikou solo *18th person in history
Records across NPB and MLB
Other records
  • Total bases loaded home runs: 14 (3rd place in history Thailand
  • Total goodbye home runs: 10 (3rd place alone in history[Note 12]
  • Total goodbye hits: 17 (3rd place alone in history[22]
  • Cycle hits: September 1994, 9, 18th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Fujiidera Stadium) * 25th and 45th in history
  • Pinch hitter full base home run: October 2007, 10, against Tokyo Yakult Swallows 6th round (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 6 timesMasato Hanadaから
  • Season full-base home runs: 3 (2000, 2001)
  • 17 consecutive hits (May 2010, 5-July 4)
  • Five consecutive home runs (July 5, 2000-July 6, 3)
    • Achievement at a stadium with both wings of 100 m or more is the first in history
  • 1 RBIs per game: May 9, 2001, 5th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Tokyo Dome)
  • 1 game 5 walks: May 2003, 5, 3th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Osaka Dome) * League tie record
  • 1試合3本塁打:4回(1997年9月20日、2000年9月7日、2001年5月29日、2008年7月29日)
  • 3打席連続本塁打:4回(1997年9月20日、2000年9月7日、2001年9月8日 - 9月9日、2008年7月29日 - 8月3日(Ball banquetAfter the period))
    • The records on September 1997, 9 and September 20, 2000 are both home runs with three at-bats in a row, divided into left center right, which is the first in history and can be said to be a proof of wide-angle hitting.
  • Same team 40HR combination (2001 KintetsuRose55 home runs, Nakamura 46 home runs, 2002 Kintetsu Rose 46 home runs, Nakamura 42 home runs)
  • Home run from all teams[Note 13]: May 2012, 5, 4th round of Chunichi Dragons (Yokohama Stadium), back three timesHitoki IwaseFrom left field tie solo * 22th person in history
All star games
  • All star gamesParticipation: 9 times (1995, 1996, 1999-2002, 2004, 2012, 2013)
  • Home runs in both leagues: 5th in history
    • Participated as an all Central League player2012 Round 1 (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 2 timesYuki SaitoAchieved by hitting a home run from.
    • As an all Pacific League player2001 Round 1, Round 2, Round 3,2004 He has hit four home runs in the first round.

Uniform number

  • 66(1992-1996, 2005)
  • 3(1997-2000)
  • 5(2001-2004)
  • 8(2006)
  • 205(2007-March 3, the same year)
  • 99(March 2007, 3-23, May 2010, 2011-5)
  • 74(2022 -)


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注 釈

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