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⚾ | Ori Nakajima vs Lotte Iguchi Pacific League A thorough dissection of the two commanders who are engaged in a fierce V battle

Photo Can V be achieved for the first time in 51 years? (C) Nikkan Gendai

Ori Nakajima vs Lotte Iguchi Pacific League Thorough dissection of two commanders fighting a fierce V battle

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By the way, 29 years of actual work is the oldest record of professional baseball along with Kimiyasu Kudo and Masahiro Yamamoto.

Lotte Director Tadahito Iguchi XNUMXnd place Lotte with the magic "XNUMX" lit up with the leader Orix who is fighting for a fierce victory ... → Continue reading

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Kimiyasu Kudo

Kimiyasu Kudo(Kudo Kimiyasu,1963 May 5 -) isAichiNagoya cityTenpaku Ward(Old:Showa Ward[Note 1]birth[1](The same prefectureToyoake CityThere is also a document that says that he is from.About the place of originLater) SourceProfessional baseball player(pitcher[2].

Kudo has won the league 14 times and is the best in Japan 11 times as a player.[3],Seibu Lions-Fukuoka Daiei Hawks-Yomiuri Giants(Giants) in 3 teamsJapan seriesConquered,Winning contractorWas called[4][5]..Holds the record for the most strikeouts in the Japan Series (102 strikeouts)[6].. furtherHighest win rateHas also won four times, which is the most NPB tie record.

Active dutyRetirementAfter that,2012 - 2014 For 3 yearsBaseball commentator-Baseball criticAct as2015 から2021 Until then, he was in charge of the director (21st generation) of Softbank, the successor of Daiei.[7][8]..As a director2020 By Softbank 3 timesPacific League(Pacific League) victory[9], Leading to Japan's No. 5 (Japan Series championship) XNUMX times[10].

The eldest sonKudo Asuka(An actor[11], The eldest daughterKudo Haruka(Professional golfer[12].


Before entering professional


1963 May 5ToAichiNagoya cityTenpaku Ward[Note 2](At that timeShowa Ward[Note 1]Born in[1].. Was the third son of three brothers[15]..father[Note 3] TheNagoya City Transportation Bureau OfbusBy the driver[1]Divorced with his wife (Kiyasu's mother) at the age of two[15]..When Koyasu was six years old, he remarried his second wife (Kiyasu's stepmother) and lived in a family of seven, including his wife's stepchildren and a son born between them.[Note 4][15].

I'm from elementary and junior high schoolNagoya City Takasaka Elementary School-Nagoya Municipal Hisakata Junior High School(Tempaku-ku, Nagoya)[Note 5][13][20], Koyasu's high school days, his family was in Tempaku WardTakasakachoI lived in the municipal housing "Takasakaso"[21], In 1984 (Showa 59) when Koyasu was enrolled in Seibu, the prefectureToyoake CityMoving to Futamuradai[Note 6][1].

"Home run』(Japanese sports publisherKosaido Publishing)ofPlayer DirectoryAccording to the 1982 edition, Kudo's birthplace was "Tempaku-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture" in the 1984 edition.[23][24][25], 1985 and 2015/2020 player directory says "Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture"[26][27][2].

Elementary and junior high school days

Koyasu started baseball in the third grade of Kosaka Elementary School[28]..First of all, my father taught me baseball[29],togetherCatch ballI used to do things like, but Koyasu in his childhood[Note 7]Did not like baseball[30]..This is enthusiasticYomiuri Giants(Giants) The father of Koyasu who was a fan[17]When the giant lost, he was in a bad mood and scattered around the children, and when his son couldn't throw the ball well, he didn't go to pick up the ball himself and yelled, "Get it quickly!"[30]..On the other hand, Koyasu becomes a fathercurveWhen I was taught and threw it, it changed to a drop, so my father said, "You may be a pitcher."[29].

Kimiyasu joined the baseball club of Kosaka Elementary School in the 4th grade, and from the 5th grade he played an active role as an ace with a curve as a weapon.[1].. As a 6th batter (pitcher) in 4th gradeChunichi ShimbuncupYouth baseballParticipated in the tournamentMeijo ParkHe hit a full-base home run and led the team to victory in the tournament.[29].

When I was a boy, I bought a weekly baseball magazine to study the pitching form of professional baseball players.Batting centerI went to baseball and devoted myself to baseball[31], Immediately after entering junior high school, not the baseball clubhandballJoin the club[32]..However, he was transferred to the baseball club by a teacher (adviser of the handball club) who paid attention to Koyasu's baseball sense.[32]Become an ace soon[1]..When he was in the third year of junior high school, he became the winning pitcher of the Nagoya City Tournament.[33]However, he was unable to participate in the national tournament because he was eliminated in the final match of the Aichi prefectural tournament.[1].

Nagoya Electric High School

Graduated from Hisakata Junior High School in 1978 (March 1979)[34]..The Kudo family was financially poor and could not afford to unconditionally send all five children to high school.[Note 8]Therefore, my father told Koyasu, "If you speak to me as a scholarship student in baseball, I'll let you go (to high school). If not, I'll work." A prestigious baseball school in NagoyaNagoya Electric High School(Currently: Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School <Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden>)Kyoei High SchoolWas scouted from[Note 9][35]..At that time, he did not have the dream of "aiming for Koshien" or "becoming a professional baseball player," but Kimiyasu eventually decided to use baseball as a means of going to high school.[36]..Nagoya Electric was still a new school at that time, but it was just appointed as a director at that time.Go NakamuraFell in love with Kudo's talent and scouted and enrolled[37].. As an ace from the fall of the first gradeUniform numberI wore 1[33]..同期にはFor synchronizationMinoru Nakamura(No. 1 batter / shortstop / laterNippon Hamenter)·Masahiro Takahashi(2nd batter, second baseman / laterOceanenter)·Koji Yamamoto[Note 10](4th batter / catcher / later巨人Enter)[33]..In high school, to train the ball control ability, between the school and the ground (about 13) km) Was run every day, and pitching practice was repeated with Yamamoto.[33].

In high school, the same grade and draft synchronizationHiroki Makihara(Obu High SchoolNominated from Giants No. 1) ・Kazuo Hamada(Aichi High SchoolからChunichi2nd place)AichitrioCalled[26],FastballIt breaks greatlycurveActive as a weapon[38].. At the Aichi Prefectural Tournament in the fall of the second gradeRestraintWith bad throwNishio Higashi High SchoolLost to[33].

1981 April 4, Spring Aichi Prefectural Tournament Quarterfinals (Atsuta stadium) Play against Obu High School, which has Makihara[Note 11]Then, hit an out-of-field home run from Makihara and win 7 to 1.[33]..He won the prefectural tournament and advanced to the Chubu tournament, but in the second round (Shizuoka representative,Gotemba Nishi High SchoolIn the match with), he suffered a reverse goodbye defeat with 12 walks in a row from 5 deaths in the XNUMXth inning.[40]..As a result, Director Nakamura fell into a slump that he thought about entrusting the summer tournament to his second-year left arm, Hasegawa, but he was inspired by Makihara's success and Hasegawa's growth and recovered.[41].Summer Aichi Prefectural TournamentThen the 5th round (Atsuta stadium, vs.Toho High SchoolWhen he stood at bat in the war), he received a hit by pitch near his right eye and was taken to the medical office, but he volunteered for continuous throwing even though he was in a state of consciousness.[41]..Nakamura also made him continue to throw, saying, "I don't want to end it as it is for the future," and won the shutout with only 4 hits.[42]..And he also threw at Hamada, and the long-awaited Koshien (The 63rd National High School Baseball Championship) Played[39].

Koshien debut matchNagasaki representative OfNagasaki Nishi High SchoolMatch with[1](Round 2, August 8)[43]..Recorded 16 strikeouts in this match[1], 18th person in history (19th time ・Metal batFirst time after adoption)No hit no run[Note 12]Record (4 to 0)[43].. Round 3 (vs.Hokuyo High SchoolWar) ButNobuhiro TakagiAnd throw[45], The speed of the fastball is 138 km / hThe[39], Pitching results also extended 12 times 21 strikeouts[Note 13]Record[1]..The team is in the bottom of the 12th inningMinoru NakamuraVictory by hitting a goodbye home run[44],Quarter finals·Shido Commercial High School(Representative Kagawa) In the game, he hit a solo home run in the top of the 5th inning and recorded a shutout victory by suppressing the opponent's hit line to 2 hits.[47](12 strikeouts)[1]..This will lead the team to the first ever best 4 advancement[47],Kanamura YoshiakiTo holdHyogo representative-Hotoku Gakuen High SchoolTowards the semi-final (August 8th)[21]..However, due to accumulated fatigue, the upper arm feels uncomfortable.[48], 7 strikeouts, 13 hits[1], The match was also lost 3 to 1 and missed the finals[21]..The number of games in the tournament is 4[49]-Throw timesThe number is 39 innings,StrikeoutThe number is 56 (at that time, 5th place in the tournament history)[38].

Draft nomination

After playing an active part in Koshien, he got a high reputation as "one of the best southpaw".Kumagai Gumi-Licker-Tokyo Gas-Honda Gikenな どAdult baseballTwenty-odd teams had asked Nagoya Denki High School to join Kudo.[50]..On the other hand, in the professional spherescoutAlso evaluated as "the left arm of immediate fighting power"[39],Draft meeting of the same year (1981)It came to be noticed as a featured player in the meeting, and just before the meeting, "Mainichi Newspapers] With Kanamura and Makihara"Large pitcher trio" "High schoolBig three'[Note 14][49],Chunichi Sports』(Chunichi Shimbun) Said, "It's gaining popularity in the draft, and the No. 1 nomination is certain ((Pacific League<Pacific League>)Seibu LionsEleven teams, excluding, have completed a preliminary survey. "[46].Nippon Ham Fighters-Yokohama Ocean Whales-Lotte OrionsNine teams, excluding the three teams, had given Kudo a nomination greeting in advance.[51]However, it is based in Aichi prefecture (local)Nagoya Stadium) PutChunichi DragonsEspecially strongly solicited Kudo[52]Makihara, who was also called "Aichi Three Crows"[Note 15]・ Hamada andAkira Onoue(Chuo University)・Tsunemi Tsuda(Kyowa fermentation[Note 16]Was listed as the 1st place nomination candidate[56](Ultimately, Onoe was nominated for 1st place)[55].

On the other hand, Kudo himselfCentral League(Central League) Baseball team[49](Especially giant)[Note 17]Was hoping for[46]Suddenly declares "denial of professional entry" four days before the draft meeting (November 4st)[57]..On the same day, Kudo's father also sent a document saying "Nomination refused" to the 9 teams that had greeted the nomination.[51]..This is Kudo's father[Note 18]However, he thought, "My son seems to be proud after he went to Koshien. He should get a job to form a human being."Kumagai GumiBecause I tried to get a job[51], Kudo was persuaded by his parents[Note 19], Declared refusal to enter the professional at one time[57].

However, on the day of the draft meeting (November 11), Seibu nominated Kudo in 25th place.[51]..Immediately after Kudo's nomination, he said, "I have decided my course. I was surprised that I was nominated even though I said'I will not go to a professional'." Was[59],Rikuo NemotoImmediately after the management manager was nominated, he went out to greet him, and after that he continued to negotiate persistently with the West Scout at the center.[60]..As a result, both Kudo and his parents eventually turned around.[Note 20]However, Kudo announced that he would join Seibu on December 12 and signed a contract with Seibu.[60]..After that, Kudo's father turned around and said, "The Kumagai Gumi, who was supposed to enter once, did not approve (with Seibu).[Note 21]It turned out."The promise is different," he stiffened his attitude and demanded that the contract be withdrawn.[62]On March 1982, 1Kumagai baseball clubMr. Motoo Otsuka (Senior Managing Director of the company) said, "Unless Kudo himself and his father indicate that they will not join Kumagai Gumi, the promise of joining the company with our baseball club is valid, but Kumagai has made this matter. The pair will not put pressure on them. "[63]..Kudo's father visited the Kumagai Gumi headquarters on the 8th of the same month and requested to cancel Kudo's in-house appointment.[64], Obtained approval from Seibu to join Meiden High School[Note 22]Therefore, Kudo officially announced that he would join Seibu on the 12th of the same month.[67].

Regarding the background at the time of joining the group, the manager of the management department (organization manager)Rikuo NemotoIt is said that Kudo was nominated as a draft and led to joining the team, and it is considered to be one of the events commonly called "fundamental magic".[68]. But,Hirooka Tatsuro(1982 (Became the director of Seibu) said, "At the time of the draft meeting, Nemoto was in a position to oppose Kudo's nomination, and I strongly recommended the nomination as I was just appointed as the director of Seibu. I decided to do it. "[68][69].. Uniform number47So, it was the first draft of the same yearIto workWas a contract with a contract fee of 5000 million yen and an annual salary of 300 million yen, while Kudo was more expensive than Ito with a contract fee of 6000 million yen and an annual salary of 480 million yen.[70]..When he joined Seibu, he said, "There are no target players or rivals. I want to have my own unique pattern."[51]On the other hand, as a "respected person", the same left armShoichi KanedaWas listed[67][1]..High school third grade summer weight is 3 kg(He said, "best weight"), but when he entered the pro, he gained 7 kg.[71].

In addition, Chunichi, who had given high marks to all of "Aichi Miwakara", finally nominated only Kazuo Hamada out of the three as "No. 3 among the three".[72], Kudo / Makihara[Note 15]Both have won more than 150 wins in total at NPB[74][75]On the other hand, Hamada left the ball world without a win.[76]..In addition, Chunichi had announced that he would refuse to enter the pro in 5th place in the draft.Tomoaki Hamada(Denden Tokai)[Note 23]However, regarding this, in "Chunichi Sports", "This year's draft is said to be" poor crop "and" shortage of frames ", and since the number of nomination slots has increased, there is a team saying" Let's secure the right to negotiate alone ". It wouldn't be strange if it came out. Yamamoto was nominated second by the giant and Minoru Nakamura was nominated third by Nippon-Ham from Meiden. I wanted you to do it. "[79].

Seibu period

Second year of joining1982 From the directorHirooka TatsuroFrom "boyWas loved[80]On the other hand, he received strict guidance from Hirooka.[Note 24]Was greatly influenced[82][83][84][85][86][87][88]..Hirooka praised him as saying, "I don't slap on the mound. The power of the ball is professional, and I can use it for short innings."[89].. June 8 vsNippon Ham FightersLate 9th round[80](Seibu Lions Stadium) For the first professional victory[90]..In the same year, he was appointed as a middle pitcher and pitched in 27 games, leaving a good result with 1 win and 1 loss and an ERA of 3.41.[91].Pacific League playoffs of the yearに登板し、第2戦では勝利投手になっている[Note 25]。なお前期後期制時代のプレーオフはこの年が最後であった。

Second year1983 Is "Newcomer KingIt attracted attention as "the first candidate", but its voice faded after the start of the open game.[92].. Around March, the sharpness of the curve, which is a weapon, became dull, and the person himself was about to lose confidence, but on May 3thKintetsu BuffaloesPitched as the 3rd pitcher in the battle (Fujiidera Stadium) and won the season for the first time[93]..In the same year, it was mainly used as a middleman, and the ERA was 3.24.[91], Started in two games.However, the third year of joining the group1984 Finished pitching only 9 games[91]Hirooka, who felt that "(Kudo) has a sweet side," wants to acquire a hungry spirit.America OfMinor leagueI sent him to study abroad at (1A class San Jose Giants)[94]..Kudo is a study abroad destinationMajor LeagueAfter returning to Japan, it was a turning point to see the players who are seriously working on baseball.Masanori MiyatacoachBecame the main pitcher under the guidance of[95].

1985 When I was playing catch on January 1th (the start date of voluntary training), I hurt my shoulder and was in danger of the player's life.[92]..Therefore, immediately after the openingSecond army(Eastern League), But even after being promoted to the 4st Army in mid-April, he pitched with a middle pitcher and one point.[92].. The first complete game victory for a professional player on the Nankai Hawks line on July 7 was recorded as a complete game victory against Nippon-Ham Fighters on August 9 and Kintetsu on August 8 for three consecutive games.[96].Starting rotationJoin[61], 34 games pitched[92]・ 8 wins, 3 losses, ERA 2.76[61],Best defense rateContributed to Seibu Hirooka's third Pacific League victory[91].

1986 The first victory was delayed from the match against Kintetsu on May 5th, but in the match against Kintetsu on July 8th, he showed a good throw to keep it to a no-hitter no-run until one death in the ninth inning.[61]..After that, he got better and won double digits (2 wins).[61]..The number of complete games was also 10.Japan Series with Hiroshima Toyo CarpThen, in the 1th inning of the 3th round, which Seibu greeted with 5 consecutive losses after drawing the 12st round, pitcher KudogoodbyeRecorded a hit.After that, Seibu came back to life and won the best in Japan with four consecutive victories. Kudo, who scored 4 win and 1 saves, was selected as a series MVP.

1987 Won 15 wins and recorded 23 complete games, the most in the season, and the second best ERA.Highest win rateBest nineAlso won the title of.But this yearMVPWas active with 9 wins and 1 loss in the second half of the battle for victory.Osamu HigashiWas elected.Even so, in this year's Japan Series, he won the MVP for the second consecutive year with 1 wins and 2 S including 1 shutout against the giant, and became a left-handed pitcher representing the Pacific League in both name and reality.

1988 Although the opening game was a shutout victory, the games that were driven in continued after that, and the second army fell in June.After returning to the first army, he recovered and recorded 6 wins, 10 losses and 10 save, but recorded 1 complete games, which was a double-digit complete game for 11 consecutive years.1989 He got sick and ended up with a record of 4 wins, 8 losses and 2 saves, and sometimes pitched as a middle pitcher.The final number of pitches was 33.

1990 Has withdrawn from the breakdown and won nine wins, but ended the season with less than 9 pitches since 1984.1991 He won his best 16 wins in the season and recovered to get the highest winning percentage.1992 Also won 11 wins, contributing to the team's league victory and number one in Japan.

1993 In this season, he won 15 wins and 3 losses, the best ERA, the highest win rate, the best nine, and his first Pacific League MVP.It started from the off-season of this yearFARemains in Seibu even though he acquires the rights of.

1994 Also scored 11 wins and recorded double-digit wins for four consecutive years, but when the contract was renewed in the fall, he continued to appeal for improvement of the training equipment that had been aging until then, but the team did not return a good answer. Announced the exercise of FA rights on November 4, and left Seibu on November 2.Nemoto is the president of the team,Sadaharu OhBecame the directorFukuoka Daiei HawksThe transfer to was announced on December 12th.same year,Hironori IshigeAlso transferred to Hawks in FA, but it was the first case in history that two players of the same team transferred to another same team in the same year.Supporting Seibu's golden ageKoji AkiyamaI became a teammate again and was entrusted with rebuilding the team.

I did not forget to thank Seibu, saying, "Thank you for 13 years."

Daiei era

1995 , The first pitching after the transfer was the starting lineup of the opening game with Seibu Furusato, and Kudo also threw 4 times in this game and scored 8 goals, but the team won the game and was spared the loss.In the season, although there was a breakdown in June for about a month, he won 6 wins at the top of the team, but the team was sluggish and tasted his first B class.

1996 Served as the opening pitcher for the second consecutive year, starting in 2 games, recording 29 complete games and scoring 9 wins, with the first 8 strikeouts.Most strikeoutWon the title.On the other hand, since the opening of the season, there has never been a monthly win ahead of Kuroboshi.After all, the results of the same year were 29 games pitched, 8 wins and 15 losses, 202 innings 2/3 innings pitched, ERA 3.51 (Pacific League)Regular pitch time20th out of 12 reachers)[97], The most 15 losses in the league (Kintetsu-Hiroki SakaiAnd the same number)[98]..Meanwhile, of a colleagueKazuhiro TakedaThe ERA (3.84, 20th out of 16) and the number of pitches (171 times) were lower than Kudo, but 3rd in the league.[Note 26]15 wins[99](8 losses)[97].

1997 Returned the number to 47, the same as in the Seibu era[100]..In the same year, he scored 2 wins, the first double-digit win in two years, but ended the season with a complete game of 2 for the first time since the establishment of the first army.

1998 Was the opening pitcher for the first time in two years, but due to a breakdown, he only won seven wins.However, the team entered the A class for the first time after the transfer of Daiei,Orix Blue WaveKudo himself entered the A class for the first time in four years since 3 when he was in the Seibu era.

1999 Kudo won 11 wins as an ace, the fourth best ERA, and the second.Most strikeoutWon the title.He contributed greatly to Daiei's first league title after moving to Fukuoka and was selected as an MVP.Chunichi DragonsPlayed againstJapan seriesHowever, in this game, which started in the first game and shut out 1 strikeouts, which was a new record in the series, he increased his total number of strikeouts in the Japan Series to 13.Kazuhisa InaoRewrote the record (84) that he had[101]..Chunichi'sSenichi Hoshino"I don't like to praise the enemy, but Kudo kept my score to 0, so it's a big deal," he commented with regret.Kudo himself described the pitching of this game as "the best result of his life," and later wrote in his own book that he was able to strike out and strike out as he wanted. Daiei, who gained momentum with Kudo's shutout, shined the best in Japan with 4 wins and 1 loss, and Kudo was also selected as an excellent player in the series.It was reported that the FA was declared on November 11st after the end of the season, and at one point it was narrowed down to the Chunichi Dragons or major transfers.[102],FinallyYomiuri GiantsThe transfer to was announced on December 12th, and the uniform number "47I declined the 4-year contract and signed a single-year contract[103].. In FA, he said, "I wanted to do more (with Daiei)."

In 2008Weekly baseballIn the interviewAuckland AthleticsIt was revealed that there was also an offer from.As a result, I chose Japan after consulting.Hideo Nomo"If you're wondering, that's because you want to stay in Japan. If you're wondering, you shouldn't cross the sea."[104].

At the time of the transfer, 17 signatures were gathered in Fukuoka hoping for Kudo to remain.Kudo sent a thank-you letter with his address and address to all the fans who participated in the signature for about 3000 years after the transfer.[105].

Giant age

Second year of transfer2000 Pulls the pitchers as a "winning contractor" and wins well from the beginning of the season, accumulating stars and showing 10 wins in the first half alone.Although he broke his right calf at the end of the season and temporarily withdrew, he contributed to the league title with 12 wins.Best pitcherAwarded.Japan seriesThen, after a breakdown, he started the first game and defeated Daiei, who had belonged until the previous year, and became the best in Japan for the second consecutive year.But the next year2001 Suffering from a left shoulder injury, he pitched in five games.

2002 For the first time since the transfer, he has a ERA of 1999 points since 2 (clearing the last regular pitching times in active duty), but he is not blessed with support and contributes to the team's league championship and the best in Japan while losing 9-8.Japan seriesThen, play against Seibu of the old nest.Starting in the 3rd round, he made a good pitch with 8 runs and 2 strikeouts in the 8th inning.The team won as it was, and he himself became a winning pitcher, extending his series strikeout Japan record to 102.2003 Partly left the battlefield due to a breakdown, and ended up with a record of 7 wins and 6 losses and an earned run average of 4.23.

2004 March 8, vsYakultAchieved a total of 2 wins with a complete game of 200 goals in the game, the 23rd person in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, and 41 wins at 3 years and 200 months, the oldest record in history at that time.Also, the first professional player in this matchHome runRecorded, 41 years old, the first home run in the 23rd year of entering a professional is the oldest record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.However, as a batter, he has set a Central League record of 2000 consecutive at-bats without hits from 2002 to 84 (Japan record isKenshiro Saga90 at bats).In his own book, "It seems that there was an image of hitting in the Japan Series a long time ago, and when I entered the giant, I was asked to say,'I'm expecting batting,' but from the middle," Batting is already good. Only the bunt is firm. I've come to be told to do it. "In the same year, he won a double-digit victory for the first time in four years, despite his ERA of four points.

2005 May 5th vs.SoftbankSet the record for the longest complete game victory in the Central League (at that time). August 2005, 8 vs.HanshinIn the battle, he broke the oldest double-digit victory record (at that time). As of 2, all of them, including the oldest 2021 winsYamamoto MasaIs breaking the record.Kudo won 11 wins that year, but couldn't reach the prescribed number of pitches.

2006 Won three wins in the first half of the season and in JulyYutaka OnoBecame the first active left-handed pitcher in the history of professional baseball for more than 43 years and 2 months.However, he suffered a total of 6 goals in the two games from June to July, and suffered shoulder pain and was deregistered.The season ended with a record of 7 wins and 2 losses and an ERA of 20. In the contract renewal in December, the company was put on hold after being presented with an annual salary reduction that exceeded the limit.Over the years, I was traveling to the United States for training.Off, three giant young growth stocks (Aida volunteer,Yamaguchi Tetsuya,Shota Kimura) Was accompanied by Arizona's voluntary training, and he taught the importance of personal life and training as a professional from the beginning, and made his talent bloom.During this voluntary training periodKen KadokuraWith human compensation due to the transfer to FAYokohama Bay StarsIt has been decided to move to.

Yokohama era

2007 On January 1, it was revealed that Kadokura, who had transferred to the Giants from Yokohama as a free agent, did not enter the 7 protection slots for human compensation, and Yokohama evaluated the experience of 28 wins and left arm and was a candidate for acquisition. It was reported in advance that he was considered to be one of them.In addition, the Giants front side expressed "regret" for the fact that the negotiations that were supposed to be conducted in secret were preceded by the press. On January 215, the transfer to Yokohama was officially decided.It was in 1 that he transferred to FA and became a personal compensation for FA.Satoshi EtoThe second case following.Eto transferred to Giants in 2, the same as Kudo.Even after transferring to Yokohama, his uniform number is 2000.

From the media, I also transferred to Yokohama by tradeToshihisa HitoshiIt seems that a "fateful confrontation" with the giant was expected, but it was broadcast on January 1th.News stationIn an interview with, he showed his understanding of the team situation of the team he was enrolled in, saying, "If I was the front desk, I wouldn't put a 43-year-old player in the protection frame." "He said brightly.He sent a message to the Yokohama team, "A team with a bright image. I want to contribute other than just throwing."KroonI met him, "he said as early as a message to his teammates. At the official press conference on January 2007, 1TBSannouncer-Yuko AokiIn response to the question "What do you want to call Hama?", He answered with a lot of playfulness, "Then, Hama's uncle is fine."The annual salary was 2 million yen (up to 9000 million yen in volume payment), a decrease of 2 million yen from the previous year's 9000 million yen, the largest salary reduction in the history of professional baseball (at that time) (estimated amount).

On April 2007, 4, he pitched for the Giants and has been working in one army for 1 years.Katsuya NomuraLined up with the longest record of professional baseball.However, at the beginning of the season, unstable pitching was conspicuous, and he volunteered to go to the second army after losing three games in a row. On May 3, he started the game against Seibu and became a winning pitcher.Yoneda TetsuyaHe broke the 22nd consecutive victory record and achieved the 23rd consecutive victory.In addition, the winning pitcher over 44 years old is the second record in history.

In the bottom of the 7th inning against China and Japan on July 12, the same yearKenichi NakataHe set a record for the oldest hit in the Central League at 44 years and 2 months, and in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Hanshin Tigers on September 26th.Kentaro HashimotoHe hit the left front from the ball and set his own record at 44 years and 4 months.[106].. It was the first time in history to become a winning pitcher in advance of the match against the Giants on July 2007, 7.KintetsuIncludingWinning stars from all 13 teamsBecame a pitcher.Although he did not reach the prescribed number of pitches, he scored 4 wins with an ERA of 4 points, which lasted for 3 years, in the 7 points range.In the same year off contract renewal, it was renewed with an annual salary of 2000 million yen, an increase of 1 million yen.

2008 , April 4 vsYakultHe started in the war with 27 years of actual work, renewed 26 years of actual work alongside Nomura, and became the first place in history alone, but he broke his elbow and was demoted to the second army only in this one game. September 1thNippon HamversusShonanBattle (Kamagaya) Throw 16 innings in advance of the 5th round,Lee LeagueBecame the oldest winning pitcher.However, one army could not win even one, and it ended in the first unwinning army in 1 years since 1984.In the same year off contract renewal, the renewal was made with an annual salary of 24 million yen plus a piecework payment, which is a 55% reduction that exceeds the reduction limit stipulated in the baseball agreement.

2009 The number 47, which has become synonymous with, has reached 26 years, setting a new record for professional baseball. On April 4th, he started the game against Giants in the old nest and set his own record of years of actual work in 8 years.When he was KO'd with 28 goals in this game, he changed from the team's policy to relief after adjustments by the second army.Kudo's full-scale relief was the first in 8 years since 1989. In the match against Giants on May 20, he was the firstホ ー ル ドRecord.In the match against Rakuten on May 5, he pitched in the top of the 25th inning in 4th place and held down with no runs. The long victory record was set at 9 years and 44 days.With this victory, a total of 4 winsMurayama Minoru13th place alone.In addition, it was the 40th win since the age of 37, and it was lined up with 36 wins.Every step OfTadashi Wakabayashiを上回り単独1位となった。7月1日の対ヤクルト戦で1-2とリードされていた6回表二死から登板し打者1人をわずか4球で抑え、その裏チームが逆転しそのまま9-5で勝利したため通算224勝目を挙げた。この試合は地方であるYamanashi / Kose StadiumSince it was held in Japan, it was a pitching that also served as a fan service, but as a result, this was the last victory in professional baseball life.He pitched in 46 games, the most of his own this year, but on September 9th, from the baseball team headquarters who wanted to rejuvenate the players.Out-of-force notificationAnd at the end of the seasonFree contractYou will be notified thatSeibu of the old nest showed his intention to acquire it, showing his intention to continue working.

Second Seibu era

On November 2009, 11, Kudo stated, "As a result of the family meeting, I decided to take care of Seibu," and will return to the old nest for the first time in 14 years.The uniform number 16, which he has been wearing almost every year since his debut, is the main pitcher's left arm pitcher.Kazuyuki HoashiIs worn.Hoashi showed his intention to return, saying, "(Jersey number 47) was originally Kudo-san's number," but Kudo himself said, "I don't want to care for young and seasonal players."[107].. On November 11th, the uniform number was "55Was announced[108].

2010 On July 7, he was registered as an army for the first time after returning just before the end of the first half of the war. July 18th pairSoftbankBattle (Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome), Starting in the bottom of the 7th inningRyoma NogamiAfter that, he pitched in 2nd place and set his own record of years of actual work in 29 years.However, since then, he has 10 wins and 0 losses in 2 games and an ERA of 10.50. In the match against Lotte on August 8, he pitched in a tie, but was hit by a home run and was deregistered on the 25th. Received an out-of-force notification from the team on September 28, and left the team on October 9.[109].

After Seibu retired, announced retirement

Although he had expressed his intention to continue working after leaving Seibu,2011 In the season, no team appeared to claim to win, and while continuing training, he was a ronin for a year with a view to challenging the major leagues.[110]..While training to continue working,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Also served as a guest commentator for.Around this time, his father died and he was so busy that he couldn't show up at the farewell ceremony.[111].

Major League Baseball in July and FallTry outExpressed that he intends to take the exam[112]However, as will be described later, the wound on his shoulder did not heal, so he did not take the examination.

2011 year 11 month 22 daySports reportIn the interview, he made a statement suggesting retirement from his mouth because his shoulders did not feel well, such as having inflammation in his shoulder labrum.The final decision to move forward or backward was decided by discussing with the family.[113]..After that, we acquired Yokohama BayStarsDeNAWas requested to take office as a new coach, but it was revealed on December 12 that the negotiations did not reach an agreement and the talks were broken.[114]..Kudo at this timeYoshitaka ShikatoriMitsuo TatsukawaI requested to enter the cabinet,Takada ShigeruRejected by GM[115].. On December 12th, he announced on his blog that he had decided to retire because his shoulder injury did not heal.[116]..After Kudo's retirement,Chunichi OfYamamoto MasaBecame the oldest player in Nippon Professional Baseball (retired in the 50 season at the age of 2015). He was also the last active player to have won from the Hankyu Braves Nankai Hawks, which was sold by the team in 1988.

2012 On April 4, before the Seibu vs. Softbank match at Seibu Dome, Kudo held the opening ceremony and retirement ceremony, and Seibu director Hisanobu Watanabe, who supported the Seibu golden age with Kudo, was the catcher and Softbank director Koji Akiyama. Stood at the bat[117]..Kudo's large, loose curve bounced and commented, "It's the first time I haven't reached from the mound."[118].

After retirement

From 2012,Nikkan SportsCriticsNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc."Lions Nighter』Acting as a commentator[119].TV Asahiof"News station"Also,Nippon HamBecame the director ofHideki KuriyamaAs a successor, he regularly appears as a sports caster in charge of professional baseball.[120].

In addition,2011 Kuriyama served untilAsahi Broadcasting"Enthusiastic fight! High school baseball navigator" is inherited.National High School Baseball ChampionshipDuring the qualifying and main tournament, the tournament-related programs produced by the same station (""Breaking news! Road to Koshien''Heat fight Koshien』Etc.) in charge of moderator and coverage[121].

2013 October 7th, my ownBlogUniversity of TsukubaGraduate SchoolsAnnounced that it passed[122]..In April of the following year, he joined the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences.Toshihisa Hitoshi-Yoshii RihitoEnrolled with[123].

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks coaching era

2014 On November 11, following the retirement of Koji Akiyama, who was also a senior of Seibu and Daiei and was the predecessor director, it was decided to take over and take over as director of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.Sadaharu OhAn inaugural press conference was held with the chairman of the team[7][124][8]..The Hawks coach from the pitcherTadashi SugiuraThis is the first time in 26 years since then.In addition, when he became the director, Kudo's uniform number was initially worn by the king when he was in charge of Daiei / Softbank.89It was reported that "" will be added.[125], "Weared by his predecessor Akiyama81Will be taken over[7][124].

2015 In the season of the first year of his inauguration, the interleague game ended with 1 wins and 12 losses, and the second place behind the leader Nippon-Ham by 6 games, but due to the loss of Nippon-Ham in the Hanshin-Nippon-Ham fight on June 0.5th, Softbank's exchange win rate 2st place confirmed[126][127].. Team batting average 287, team home run 23, 90 points are all 12 teams top[128]..Magic 38 lights up fastest after moving to Fukuoka[129], Won the match against Rakuten on September 9th 6-5 and was confirmed to be within 3rd place, deciding to advance to the climax series with the first rider in both leagues[130].. On September 9, he won the battle against Seibu at his home base and decided to win the league championship fastest in the Pacific League.[131].Climax seriesIn the final stage, play against Lotte, the winner of the first stage. With 3 consecutive wins, 1 wins and 4 losses, including 0 win of advantageJapan seriesIt was decided to proceed to[132].. October 10thJapan seriesIn the 5th round, the guardian deity's final round, which was 5-0Dennis SafateConcludes with the regular season in the first year of his inauguration,Climax series, Achieved a complete victory in the three divisions of the Japan Series. January 3, 2016,Baseball hall of fameEntered[133][134][135].

2016 Runs alone in the lead, and at one point was behind the 2nd place by a maximum of 11.5 games, but stalled and was reversed by Nippon-Ham to finish in 2nd place.CSHowever, he was eliminated, and the consecutive championship of the Japan Series, which had continued since the days of coach Akiyama, was cut off at 2.To be a fielder general patrol coachKoichi SekikawaWas appointed, but repeated trial and error in terms of strategy during the match, cooperation with the bullpen, and the elevating and lowering of players.[136]..Sekikawa was dismissed in a year.

2017 Become a staff memberMitsuo TatsukawaInvited to the XNUMXst Army Head Coach,Hiroyuki MoriThe bench was strengthened by selecting the XNUMXst Army Operation and Assistant Battery Coach.[137].. 2nd place Seibu won the league with 13.5 games behind. CS became the best in Japan with 4 wins and 2 losses against Rakuten, and the Japan Series with 4 wins and 2 losses against DeNA.In addition, with this victory, through the player manager, it was decided to raise the number one in Japan from all the teams that belonged to the player era.afterwards,2018 -2019 Has achieved the third consecutive title in the Japan Series, having been ranked second in the season for the second consecutive year.In the five years since he took office, he has won the league twice and won the number one in Japan four times, and it was announced that the contract will be extended until 2 after the end of the 2 season.[138].

2020 は中盤から首位に立ち一時は独走状態となりながら、10月に入り9日には2位ロッテにゲーム差なしまで迫られたが、直後の12連勝で2位以下を突き放し、10月27日、2位ロッテとの直接対決に勝利し3シーズンぶりのリーグ優勝を果たす。そのままの勢いで6連勝を記録し、日本プロ野球新記録となる月間22勝を達成[139]..Only the 2rd place first win system with the 3nd place teamCSWon Lotte in a row and broke through, and became a match against the giant for the second consecutive year.Japan seriesThen, except for the first round of the 4th round, he won the championship with 1 consecutive victories following the previous year without allowing the giant to lead, 4 consecutive wins of the team in the Japan Series that continued from the 2018rd round of 3, and the 12th of 2011. The record of consecutive wins in the Japan Series, which has continued since the war, has been extended to 7.

2021 March 3 against Lotte (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), With the victoryAfter the warBorn andDraft systemAfter introduction[140]Achieved a total of 837 wins in 500 games, the fastest for a manager who took office[141][142]..Against April 4 of the same yearHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIn the 6th round, he won a total of 513 wins for the coach.Katsuya NomuraOvertakes the 512 wins that the Hawks era gave, and is the number one team in history.Tsuruoka alone1773 wins, 2nd placeSadaharu OhThe number of wins was the third highest in the history of the Hawks team, following the 968 wins of the Hawks.[143].. It was reported that he intends to resign as a coach on October 10 after his first B-class confirmation has become more intense.[144], Retired from the coach with the final round on October 10th.This was the only B-class (25th place) and season loss in the 7 years of Softbank's coaching life.Sadaharu OhThe team chairman commented, "It was really different from what I was thinking. I thought this year was this year and next year. I always had a strong intention, so I had to accept it." Admitted to resign[145]..Kudo demonstrated his strength in the maintenance of pitchers, including direct guidance.[146]..From trainingChiga UniversityRaised into an ace,Higashihama Giant,Hiiragi IshikawaEstablished in the starting rotation[146]..Young people emerged almost every year as middle pitchers and built a pitcher kingdom.[146]..In the fielder, he has been trained since 17.Takuya KaiWas appointed as a regular catcher and grew to become the cornerstone of the Japanese national team fan.[146].

Characteristics as a player

Maximum ball speed 149 for professionalskm / h OfstraightAnd a big spincurveIs a weapon[147].

Kudo thoroughly manages his health and body during his active career[148]It is famous for being careful about physical condition management, such as eating nutritious meals and drinking green juice.[88]It happened after I got married, and before that, Kudo had been repeating an unhealthy life of drinking and walking until morning and pitching with a hangover.[149]..It accumulated and fell into a slump from the middle of the 1988 season, and in 89 he developed liver dysfunction.The doctor told me that I would die before the player's life, and in the 1989 season, I was prepared to be notified outside the force with a terrible record of 4 wins and 8 losses and an ERA of 4.96. It is said that it was done.When I got married off the same year, my proposal was "Let's live in the mountains (quit baseball)", but Kudo's wife said, "I want to make my husband a body that can play baseball again and see a happy face in baseball. I persuaded Kudo, who was thinking of retiring, and began to work on improving his constitution with a couple and a tripod.Kudo revived after about a year of rehabilitation, and since then he has become very careful about physical condition management.[150][151].

In the active eraHip jointI focused on training.The trigger was when Kudo caused a strain on his thigh in 1992 during the Seibu era.University of TsukubaProfessor and sports trainer Hitoshi Shiraki[Note 27]Was to visit[153]..In the off-season of the same year, Shiraki will be training the hip joint in addition to shoulder training under Shiraki.GermanyLearned in Legland[Note 28], Waist split[Note 29]I did training such as.According to Shiraki, Kudo did not move his hip joint at all when he started this training, but as a result of the training, his hip joint became softer and his legs were raised, which improved his movement when pitching.The effect of improving running (becoming easier to run) appeared, and Kudo continued to incorporate hip splitting during running.[153].. ExWrestlerFrom the first ring of 1983 to 46, when he retired from active duty at the age of 11 years and 2007 months, the oldest wrestler since the Showa era, he went up to the ring of sumo wrestling for 24 years.Mitsuru IchinoyaIn a conversation with Shiraki, Kudo said that his hip training could have set various oldest records in the baseball world.[153].

In the Kintetsu War on September 1999, 9 during the Daiei era, Kudo was a batter in the scene of eight innings and two deaths with no hits and no runs.Takahisa Suzuki3 balls 1 strike, catcherKenji KijimaCame to the mound and said, "Let's walk.Let's play with the next batter.No hit no run, let's challengeWhen you say, "I'm not on the mound to do a no-hitter no-run.I'm up to win.I can win today's game with this.Okay, sit downHe refused stubbornly, and although the fifth ball was carried to the left wing stand and became a home run, in the end, he won with only one hit of this solo home run.Regarding this, Kudo wanted to win rather than achieve a no-hitter no-run, and he hated to walk a runner, so he chose the game.Kudo recalls, "The moment I was hit, Jojima was disappointed. I was throwing without thinking. Anyway, I always wanted to make the Hawks a winning team by winning."[155].


In "Chunichi Sports" before the draft meeting, "My favorite professional team is巨人..My favorite professional baseball playerTatsunori Hara-Kazunori Shinozuka(Both are giants) ", and he himself" to the neighbors (local)ChunichiIt's often said that you should enter, but I like giants.Giants are often broadcast on TV ... "[46].

From the face[61], In the first year of joining the group,CalimeroWas nicknamed[71]..Also, in 1982, the new year, the big mouse[Note 30]Known for, one year seniorKoji Akiyama-Kazuyuki OnoWas seen as "a strange guy"[156]..In 2004 off during the Giants era, at my alma materNagoya Municipal Hisakata Junior High SchoolA lecture was given at the school, and students asked about their dreams for the future.majorTo go to[34].

Baseball players in the 1980s usually wore golf shirts, vests, and slacks with large collars.enamelCrew cut shoes and hairstyles,Punch permWas commonplace,DC brand, Jeans, sneakers,Hero interviewWhen you laugh or decide to winTorsoWithout joiningカメラHe often performed performances such as frolicking toward.Therefore, it was sometimes criticized by seniors, etc.1986 OfNew Word/Buzzword AwardThen, symbolizing the buzzword "new human beings" of the yearKiyohara Kazuhiro,Hisanobu WatanabeHe was a pioneer who was commended with and brought a new breeze to the ball world.[158][159]..Next to Watanabe1987 During the spring campTV Asahi"News station"so"Kudo-chan Nabe-chan's Camp FridayI have had a corner called ".

Yomiuri Giants baseball team officialサイトFor a long time, a youth baseball coaching section called "My Baseball School" was posted inside to convey the importance of "correct training" to baseball boys.Due to the popular corner flooded with questions from baseball boys nationwide, the amount of data accumulated was enormous.Kudo published a book with the same title in 2006KodanshaPublished by.After transferring to Yokohama, the data and rights were taken over on the Yokohama baseball team website.

Since 2000, he has visited elementary schools nationwide as the founder of the "Dream Extracurricular Class", an activity that gives children dreams.The Charity Kids Baseball School, which is held off every year at the indoor ball game field in Jingu, will be held 2009 times by 15 (sponsored by the XNUMXst Century Club).

Human relations

After transferring to the Giants, he was a colleague of the Daiei era and had a close relationship with both public and private.Fujii MasaoDied, but attended the funeral in a suit despite the season.He carried the casket with a player wearing a Daiei uniform.At that time, only a small number of people concerned were informed about Fujii's true medical condition, and Kudo later said, "If I knew the true medical condition, I might not have been transferred to FA."[Source required].

I was a teammate in the Yokohama eraKosuke KatoSaid that he was made to study a lot by seeing Kudo and became the driving force of his success when he transferred to Hanshin after being notified that Yokohama was out of force.[160]..Kudo himself made a statement in the "Hodo Station" broadcast on July 2013, 7, praising Kato's struggle.

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1982Seibu270000110--. 50012228.22202121291011113.411.50
198490000010--. 0005312.11011001800442.921.62
19853414801830--. 727554137.0841373221041144422.761.15
1986222010211150--. 688586145.11112256311381053523.221.15
1987272623221540--. 789899223.21811864421752065602.411.10
19882420112010101--. 500694159.0164187061944077673.791.47
19893317400482--. 333540118.0126127642949070654.961.71
19901313410920--. 81835985.258114612894033323.361.21
1991252310411630--. 842705175.11241775101514055552.821.13
199225246301150--. 688645150.21401769331334060593.521.39
199324234001530--. 833697170.01291065421305046392.061.14
199424224111170--. 611554130.21201244031242154503.441.26
1995Daiei22226111250--. 706652163.01371548001384069663.641.13
199629299108150--. 348867202.22071770211786094793.511.37
199727270001160--. 647670161.11531448231462061603.351.25
19981514101740--. 63638693.29082812650135323.071.26
199926267321170--. 611754196.11431234111966156522.380.90
2000巨人21211111250--. 706545136.01271416011485053473.111.05
200155000130--. 25010321.135371082021208.441.97
20022424110980--. 529681170.11572126321515061552.911.07
20031818421760--. 538483117.01171522231151056554.231.19
200423232001070--. 588596138.21602733111283078724.671.39
2005242410011900. 550595136.01592644311304073714.701.49
200613130003200. 60029570.069121903520041354.501.26
2007Yokohama19180007600. 538442103.211862814732046453.911.41
2008330000200. 0007013.22135017201385.271.90
200946100023010. 40017237.153111410242130276.511.79
2010Seibu1000000200. 000336.01114007007710.502.50
total:29 6354721162412224142310. 612138903336.23056362112848432859815137912793.451.25
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league,Red boldIs the best ever in NPB




Regular season
  • 29 years of actual work (1st place in history Thailand. OthersYamamoto Masa,Satoshi Nakajima. )
  • Most wins by age (42 wins at 11 years old, 44 wins at 7 years old)
  • Number of double-digit strikeout games since age 40
  • 23 consecutive victories (1st place in history)

In addition, the total number of wins 224 is the second highest in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball as a pitcher who has never won the title with the most wins, and the highest number in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball as a player who has never won more than 2 wins in the season.[162].

Japan series
  • Number of appearances: 14 (series tie record)
  • Total strikeouts: 102 (series record)
  • Strikeout in one game: 1 (13 Round 1999, series record)
  • Inning 3 people 3 strikeouts (1994 Round 2 3 times, first in series history)
  • Both league winning pitchers (8 wins for Pa, 7 wins for Seibu, 1 win for Daiei, 1 win for Giants, 1rd in history)
First record
  • First pitching: July 1982, 4, vs.Hankyu Braves1th round of the previous term (Seibu Lions Stadium), Relief climbing in 6nd place in the top of the 2th inning, 1/3 times no runs
  • First strikeout: Same as above, two times in the tableWayne Cageから
  • First victory: June 1982, 8, vsNippon Ham FightersLate 9th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), 5th inning, 2nd death in 3nd place, relief pitching, 1rd inning 3/XNUMX no goal
  • First start: June 1983, 8, vsNankai Hawks16th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), 3rd inning 1/3 2 goals
  • First starter victory, first complete game victory: July 1985, 7, 9th round against Nankai Hawks (Osaka Stadium), 9 runs in 2 runs
  • First shutout victory: June 1986, 6, 18th round against Nankai Hawks (Seibu Lions Stadium)
  • First save: June 1988, 6, 5th round against Hankyu Braves (Seibu Lions Stadium), rescue pitched and completed in 11th place in the 9th inning, 4st no goal
  • First hold: July 2009, 5, vsYomiuri Giants4rd round (Tokyo Dome), 7th on the back of the 2th, and 1st without a goal
Batting results
Record of milestone
  • 1000 Throws: September 1991, 6, vsLotte Orions8rd round (Miyagi Stadium) * 241th person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: August 1992, 8 vs.Kintetsu Buffaloes17rd round (Fujiidera Stadium), back three timesAlvin DavisFrom ※ 85th person in history
  • 100 wins: April 1993, 9, vs.Fukuoka Daiei Hawks21st round (Seibu Lions), 9th inning 1 goal complete game victory * 109th person in history
  • 1500 innings pitched: September 1994, 7, 17rd round against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (Fukuoka Dome) * 138th person in history
  • 1500 strikeouts: June 1996, 6, 29th round against Kintetsu Buffaloes (Fukuoka Dome), 14th inningEiji MizuguchiFrom ※ 39th person in history
  • 2000 Throws: September 1997, 6, vsChiba Lotte Marines10rd round (Fukui Prefectural Stadium) * 75th person in history
  • 150 wins: September 1998, 9, 9rd round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Chiba Marine Stadium), 7 runs in 1/3 of the 4th inning (earned run 3) * 43rd person in history
  • 2000 strikeouts: August 1999, 9 vs.Orix Blue Wave25rd round (Green Stadium Kobe), back three timesYasuo FujiiFrom ※ 16th person in history
  • 2500 innings pitched: August 2000, 8, 17nd round against the Hanshin Tigers (Tokyo Dome) * 41th person in history
  • 500 games pitched: August 2004, 4, vs.Yokohama Bay Stars2rd round (Tokyo Dome), 4 runs in 1/3 of the 7th inning (earned run 3) * 73rd person in history
  • 2500 strikeouts: August 2004, 6 vs.Yakult Swallows9rd round (Meiji Jingu Stadium), back three timesBilly MartinFrom ※ 8th person in history
  • 200 wins: August 2004, 8, 17th round against Yakult Swallows (Tokyo Dome), 20th inning, 9 runs, complete game victory * 2th person in history
  • 3000 innings pitched: May 2005, 5, 12rd round against Orix Buffaloes (Tokyo Dome) * 3th person in history
  • 600 games pitched: August 2009, 7, vs.Yomiuri Giants12th round (Tokyo Dome), 8st in the bottom of the 3th inning, 2rd place for relief pitching and completion, 3/34 times no runs * XNUMXth person in history
Other records
  • 1 inning 4 strikeouts: August 1996, 8, 2th round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Fukuoka Dome), 17th inning * Third person in NPB history
  • Oldest Hold: 46 years and 4 months-September 2009, 9, vs.Chunichi DragonsIn the 23rd round (Nagoya Dome), he died in the bottom of the 8th inning and was pitched in 3rd place.
  • All star games出場:10回(1986年、1987年、1991年、1993年、1995年、1997年、1999年、2000年、2004年、2005年)
Record as a director
Record of milestone
  • 500 wins: September 2021, 3, 27rd round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Fukuoka PayPay Dome), Victory 3-2 * 31st person in history (4th person in the history of the team) --The fastest in 837 games, 3rd place in history[163]

Uniform number

Active age

  • 47(1982-1994, 1997-2009)
  • 21(1995-1996)
  • 55(2010)

21Until 1995 except 1996 and 2009 during the Daiei era47Because I continued to carry47Is a uniform number that can be said to be synonymous with Kudo or the left-handed pitcher.[164].. 2010 is the number55I chose

When transferring to Daiei in 1995, the same uniform number as in the Seibu era47I hoped, but from the middle of 1994Kevin ReimerIt was unavoidable because it was given to21I put on.After that, Limer was dismissed only in 1995, but in 1996Scott lydy 473rd year of transfer1997 As desired47Was given.21Was a senior in the Seibu era and was taught the attitude of a professional playerOsamu HigashiWith the same number as when he was active, he is also a teammate when he was enrolled in Seibu.Hisanobu WatanabeWhen he transferred to Yakult in 1998, he had the same uniform number as Kudo.21Is on.

21It is said that he felt a lot of discomfort during the two years he was wearing, and even when he transferred to the Giants after the 2 season.47Hope.at that time47Was attachedHitoshi Ono The13Changed to.Even when transferring to Yokohama, attach a uniform number 47, until the previous year47Takeshi Tsutsumi36Changed to.

Uniform number47Is given to the left-handed pitcher, Daiei is the left-handed pitcher who joined after Kudo left the team.Toshiya SugiuchiIn addition, it was Kudo's uniform number47However, in addition to their left arms, they have something in common, such as not being able to win the championship while recording a no-hitter no-run at Koshien in the summer, being good at curves, and tending to get sick every other year.When he joined the team, Sugiuchi said he respected Kudo and said he was the player he was aiming for.In addition, Sugiuchi had a uniform number when he transferred to the Giants in 2012.18Given (47It was the left-handed pitcher who was wearingYamaguchi Tetsuya).The left arm, which is a junior at SeibuKazuyuki HoashiMany times since joining the group in 200147It was finally approved in 2006 after appealing for a change to.After that, the sail foot2009 When Kudo decided to return to Seibu off, his uniform number47Showed his intention to return to Kudo, but Kudo refused to do so.55I chose.In addition, Hoashi transferred to Softbank in 2012 and changed his uniform number.11However, since 2013, the uniform number has been changed.47It is said.Also, the left-handed pitcherShigeki NoguchiIn the Chunichi era (1995-2005)47I added,1999 Japan Series・ In the first round, "Jersey number47It was a starting pitcher showdown between them.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySaitama Seibu LionsAt the time of the enrollment meeting of55He was a teammate of the Hawks era and died suddenly at the young age of 2000 in 31 when he was active.Fujii MasaoThe uniform number that he wore before he was alive15"I'm glad that his number 5 will come in. I decided to continue playing baseball for him," he said."The kids told me it was'Ikeike Go Go'and my birthday is May 5th," he said.

The alphabetical notation of the name above the uniform number is "KUDOHHowever, even though there were no players with the same surname around 1 and 1985 when Seibu (1986st) was enrolled, "K.KUDOH(For visitors, it was confirmed to be worn when pitching the 1985rd round of the Japan Series in 3, and for homes, it was confirmed to be worn when pitching against Lotte on October 1986, when the league championship was decided in 10).

Director era

  • 81(2015-2021)

The alphabetical notation of the name above the uniform number is "KUDOIt is.

Supervision results by year

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2015Softbank1 bit14390494. 647-141. 2673.1652
20162 bit14383546. 6062.5114. 2613.0953
20171 bit14394490. 657-164. 2593.2254
20182 bit14382601. 5776.5202. 2663.9055
2019 2 bit14376625. 5512.0183. 2513.6356
20201 bit12073425. 635-126. 2492.9257
20214 bit143606221. 4928.5132. 2473.2558
Total: 7 years97855837842. 596Class A 6 times, Class B 1 times
  • TaiziIs the best in Japan
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2015SoftbankPacific League Climax Series
Final stage
Chiba Lotte Marines(3rd place in the Pa League)4 wins 0 losses= Advance to Japan Series
(* 1)
Japan seriesTokyo Yakult Swallows(1st place in the Central League)4 wins 1 losses= No. XNUMX in Japan
2016Pacific League Climax Series
First stage
Chiba Lotte Marines (Pacific League3nd place)2 wins 0 losses= Advance to the final stage
Pacific League Climax Series
Final stage
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(1rd place in the Pa League)2 wins 4 losses = final stage defeat
(* 2)
2017Pacific League Climax Series
Final stage
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(3rd place in the Pa League)4 wins 2 losses= Advance to Japan Series
(* 1)
Japan seriesYokohama DeNA Baystars(3st place in the Central League)4 wins 2 losses= No. XNUMX in Japan
2018Pacific League Climax Series
First stage
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (Pacific League3nd place)2 wins 1 losses= Advance to the final stage
Pacific League Climax Series
Final stage
Saitama Seibu Lions(1rd place in the Pa League)4 wins 2 losses= Advance to Japan Series
(* 2)
Japan seriesHiroshima Toyo Carp(1st place in the Central League)4 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw= No. XNUMX in Japan
2019Pacific League Climax Series
First stage
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Pacific League 3rd)2 wins 1 losses= Advance to the final stage
Pacific League Climax Series
Final stage
Saitama Seibu Lions (Pacific League 1st)4 wins 1 losses= Advance to Japan Series
(* 2)
Japan seriesYomiuri Giants(1st place in the Central League)4 wins 0 losses= No. XNUMX in Japan
2020Pacific League Climax SeriesChiba Lotte Marines (Pacific League 2nd)3 wins 0 losses= Advance to Japan Series
Japan seriesYomiuri Giants (1st in Central League)4 wins 0 losses= No. XNUMX in Japan
  • Win or loseTaiziIs the winning series
* 1 Includes one advantage given to the team that won the league.
* 2 Includes 1 loss of Disadvantage.
* 3 In 2020New coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, the first stage was not carried out, only one stage was held by the 1st and 2nd place teams in the regular season, and the number of games was reduced to 1 races and 4 wins first because the initial schedule was changed.

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  • "Rivals over 18.44 meters, talked by smasher Kimiyasu Kudo" (written by Tetsuji Iio,Take Shobo, December 2015,ISBN 4801901468


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  • Cooking daddy(Morning 2015 issue 35, July 2015, 7) --Appeared as the person himself[166], An original setting called a relative of the character Kudo Sanpei in the work.


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  9. ^ According to Baseball Magazine (1987), it was first solicited by Kyoei High School and then by Nagoya Denki High School.[1]..Kudo himself was in the same city of NagoyaChukyo High School (currently Chukyo University Chukyo High School)I was waiting for a solicitation from, but in the end I was not solicited from Chukyo[1].
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