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⚾ | [High School Baseball Autumn Hokushin'etsu District Tournament Quarterfinals] Toyama Commercial takes victory from Tokyo City University Shiojiri

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[High School Baseball Autumn Hokushin'etsu District Tournament Quarterfinals] Toyama Commercial takes victory from Tokyo City University Shiojiri

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Tokyo City University Shiojiri 3-4 Toyama Commercial High School, Toyama Commercial High School won by one point.

High School Baseball Autumn Kita Shinetsu Tournament Quarterfinals will be held on October 10th (Sun) at Shinkin Suwako Stadium in Tokyo City University Shiojiri High School ... → Continue reading


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4 Toyama Commercial High School

Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School

Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School(Toyama Kenritsu Toyama Shogyo Kotougakko)ToyamaToyamaLocated in Shotakadapublic OfCommercial high school..Common name, nickname is "Wealthy businessman(Let's see) ".


1897 Founded in.school songIt is,Takaoka High SchoolSame as團IkumaComposition,Horiguchi UniversityIt is written by the lyrics.Other than the new school, it is the first time in the prefecture that blazer and tie have been adopted for boys'uniforms since 1987 students (at the same time, women's uniforms have also been remodeled).

Installation Department

  • Department of Distribution Economy
Capacity 80 people.Department to learn about product distribution and economy.
  • Department of International Economics
Capacity 40 people.A department to learn about international product distribution and economics.
  • Finance department
Capacity 80 people.Department to learn about accounting for company management.
  • Information processing
Capacity 80 people.A department to learn about information processing in the information society.


Chronological Table

  • 1897 April --Opened as Toyama City Toyama Commercial High School.
  • 1899 April --Renamed to Toyama Commercial High School.
  • 1901 June --Renamed to Toyama City Toyama Commercial High School.
  • 1922 April --Renamed to Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School due to transfer to Toyama Prefecture.
  • 1948 April --Renamed to Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School due to school reform.
  • September 1948-Toyama Junior High School (currentlyToyama Prefectural Toyama High School) To become Toyama Prefectural Southern Toyama High School.
  • 1950 April-Independent and becomes Toyama Prefectural Toyama Eastern High School.
  • 1953 February --Renamed to Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School.
  • 1957 July-Moved to Gofuku, Toyama City
  • 1983 --Moved to your current location.
  • 1997 ――100th anniversary of foundation
  • 2017 -120th anniversary of foundation


As an educational policy, we give guidance with an emphasis on obtaining certification, especiallyNational Commercial High School AssociationIn the examination of, the award system is adopted according to the number of qualifications acquired.

2002 As part of the student training, we are implementing various initiatives as the "Jump out Tomisho series".

2001 More simulated every MayLtd."TOMI SHOP" was launched, and the studentsCapitalWith the cooperation of local companies, etc., we will develop original products related to Toyama Prefecture and Toyama Commercial High School on a department-by-department basis, and formulate dealer planning and sales strategies on a class-by-class basis on Saturday, late November. Sales training to general customers is held for two days on Sunday.The teachers are dedicated to supporting the students, and the management is centered on the students who are called the "headquarters".
Students sell students the day before the general sale, which is a de facto cultural festival at Toyama Commercial High School.[1].
Like a general corporation,Founding general meeting-General meeting of shareholdersIs carried out, and it is possible to learn the flow of accounting reports.
Experiential learning with disciples
Chuo-dori shopping streetSogawa StreetIt is to "apprentice" to a store such as a shopping district and learn about commerce directly from the manager.


  • 4 month - Social tour[2]
  • May-TOMI SHOP Founding General Meeting
  • 7 month - Sports ConferenceUnity ceremony
  • September-Athletic meet
  • November-TOMI SHOP
  • February --TOMI SHOP Shareholders' Meeting
  • March-Diploma Awarding Ceremony

Extracurricular activities

At Toyama Commercial High School, all members have an admission system, and club activities are regarded as important activities along with academics.

Sports Department

  • Rigid Baseball Club
A regular at Koshien, especiallyKoshien in the summerHas participated 16 times,Takaoka Commercial High SchoolSecond only.Spring selectionParticipated 6 times, the most in the prefecture[3].
  • Softball baseball club
National conventionRegular.National High School Softball Baseball ChampionshipIn 1993, he won his first victory.In 2007, he won second place.
  • Athletics part
National High School Ekiden,Inter HighRegular.
  • basket Club
Inter-High,Winter cupRegular.
Cheering club girlscheer leadingteam is,Cheerleading Japan ChampionshipIn 2006, ranked 3rd in Japan in the (Japan Cup).In addition, it ranked 2005th in Japan in 4, 2009th in 2011 and 6, and 2004th in 8.
  • Archery
1965 yearsInter HighThe boy won the championship.Girls are also inter-school athletic meetNational High School Archery Selection TournamentHas participated in.
  • Swimming club
  • Sumo club
  • Rigid tennis club
  • Soft tennis club
  • Badminton club
  • Softball part
  • Volleyball club
  • Soccer club
  • Gymnastics club
  • Judo section
  • Table Tennis Department

Ministry of Culture

  • Brass band club
⚪︎ Founded in 1940, before the warAll Japan Band CompetitionIs an old-fashioned school that first participated in the 1960th tournament in 8.
In addition, the All-Japan Band Competition has participated more than 30 times, and as of 2021, it is the most in Toyama Prefecture and the Hokuriku branch, and is in the top 10 schools in Japan.
⚪︎All Japan Marching ContestWon the gold medal at the first competition in 1988.
⚪︎ In 1999, there was an opportunity to perform overseasHungaryNo. 1 in the flower carnival parade performance category,America-OregonWon the 100rd place in the Out-of-State category of Flower Carnival for less than 3 people.
⚪︎ Regular concerts around June and hot concerts in December every yearOverdholeWill be held at.
  • Accounting department
Currently winning 29 consecutive prefectural tournaments.
  • Computer department
  • Word processor
  • English club
  • Commercial Art Department
  • Planning department
  • Zhusuan Department
  • Calligraphy club
  • Public relations department
  • Tea ceremony club

Cheer song

  • "Autumn is coming"
  • "Song of departure"
  • "Song of victory"


Famous people


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ There is no other cultural festival.
  2. ^ Held every year for 3 years (day trip).School excursionSince there is no such thing, the third year's social tour is a de facto school trip.
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