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⚾ | Shimizu, most updated with 48 holds Professional baseball season record

Yakult Shimizu who pitched in the 8th photo.Raised the 48th hold this season and set the record for professional baseball with the most holds in the season = Yokohama

Shimizu, most updated with 48 holds Professional baseball season record

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He has been confirmed as the best pitcher for the second consecutive year since last season, the second year.

Yakult pitcher Noboru Shimizu raised his 17th hold this season in the 24th round of DeNA held at Yokohama Stadium on the 48th. → Continue reading

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2 consecutive years


In baseballRelief(relief),relief(Kyuen) orContinuous castingWhat is (Celosia)?Starting pitcherAfter the falling of the otherpitcher PitchingTo do.

In Japan, pitchers responsible for relief workRelief pitcher"Or"Rescue pitcher"The United States of America(In the United States)Reliever(Reliever)" etc., and a special name may be used depending on its role (#Types of relief pitchersSee).


Relief pitcher during the matchbull-penPractice pitching in and prepare for the turn in advance. The number of relief pitchers registered on the bench varies depending on the team,Japanese professional baseballIn the case of (NPB), there are about 6-8 people. The number of games per season is 160 or more, and in principle there are no draws, so it is easy to become a long gameMajor league baseballIn the case of (MLB), about 10 people are on the bench. The starting pitcherStarting rotationWhile pitching at intervals of more than 4 days, relief pitchers often pitch several games in a row (for pitching records,Pitching #Records concerning pitchingSee).

The idea that "the pitcher's shoulder is a consumable item" persists among baseball players.[1], Especially in the case of relief pitchers. As mentioned above, relief pitchers basically pitch every day, and as a result, it is necessary to always be prepared for the game even if they do not pitch, so in some cases multiple pitches may occur in one game. In order to practice, a substantial number of pitches will be repeated[2].. In addition, climbing in a more tense situation may cause exhaustion of mind and body, eventually causing a major breakdown related to player life.[3], There are many players who are forced to retire as young people and who show a decline after a short number of years of actual work[4][5].

It is not easy to express the relief pitcher's activity as a clear numerical value because it is difficult to meet the prescribed number of pitches, and the number of wins andStrikeoutIt is practically impossible to exceed the starting pitcher with the pitcher record traditionally regarded as the main sector. However, as the “pitcher division of labor system” has become widespread and the starting pitchers' total pitches have decreased, the presence of excellent relief pitchers has had a greater impact on the winning rate of the team.[6][7],LaterAs a result, various titles for recognizing relief pitchers have been established, and their evaluation is gradually increasing. On the other hand, in Japan, when the pitcher who was mainly the starter turns to relief due to relocation etc., the expression “replacement of the intermediate relay” is often used.[8], The tendency to see reliefs downgraded compared to the starting lineup is strong. However, in the case of holding pitchers, they are often lifted up to "guardian god" and tend to underestimate the value of "intermediate relay" in relief.[Source required].

In Japan, in the latter half of the 2010s,high school baseballAlso, in the case of the[9][10][11][12][13].



Philadelphia PhilliesDirector's pitcherJim ConstantyThe1948 I started to use it for more relief. Constanty is1950 Showed 16 wins, 7 losses, 22 saves, and an ERA of 2.66,Best playerWas also chosen. Furthermore, the Phillies are of this yearNational leagueWon.

With the advent of relief pitchers, MLB1960 Informal but commend the most outstanding pitcherFireman AwardWas enacted. further1969 ToMost savesWas established as the official title.

1974 ToMike MarshallBecame the first relief pitcher with 106 wins and 15 wins and 21 savesSai Young AwardWas won.

In addition,1976 ToLow Rays Relief Man Award,2005 ToDHL Delivery Man of the YearThe awards were started.

1979 ,New York Yankees7 to 8 timesRon DavisTo 9 timesRich gossageEstablished a continuous casting pattern[14].. Davis, who won 14 wins this year,Setup manPioneered the1981 ToRelay pitcherFor the first time everMLB All-Star GameWas elected to[14].

1986 Byホ ー ル ドInvented the index to evaluate the middle pitcher,1999 Officially started counting from. However, it is not the official record of MLB, nor has it been officially awarded for the most holds and the most hold points.

American Baseball Hall of FameThe relief pitcher who is entering the1985 OfWight WilhelmStarting withLaurie Fingers(1992 ),Dennis Eckersley(2004 ),Bruce Suter(2006 ),Rich gossage(2008 ),Trevor Hoffman(2018 [15],Mariano Rivera(2019 ) Are 7 people. In addition, the pitcher who achieved a total of 300 saves300 Save ClubIt may be called.


The pioneer of relief pitchers in NPB is1965 Of the giant who got 20 wins and took the nickname of "A man at 8:XNUMX"Masanori Miyata(Because Miyata's pitching was about this time), he also pitched in 1965 games in 64, and 18 of the 17 wins he gave in the season were relief wins in Hiroshima.Kenichi Ryu,Sadao Kondo1966 years in a row from 2, embodying the "pitcher division of labor system" advocated byAll star gamesChunichi who participated inEiji BandoIs mentioned.

1970 eraUntil then, many ace pitchers were throwing like horse-drawn horses who were able to pitch even when savepoints were attached (Takeshi Yasuda,Toshio ShinuraSuch). On the other hand, it is a typical early relief pitcherNankai Hawks OfMichio SatoAndChunichi Dragons OfTakamasa SuzukiSuch pitchers are also able to “fill in holes” such as starting the valley and long reliefs, so the maximum number of saves may be on the starting pitcher, and the relief pitcher may reach the prescribed number of pitches.[16](In NPB1974 Was established in the official title of the most save, but due to such usage, it was revised to the most save points until 2004).1979 Japan SeriesThe pitch in the seventh round is "21 balls of EnatsuWas published as a bookYuka EnatsuWon the first season MVP as a suppressed pitcher in the year.

1980 eraIn LotteKuramochi AkiraBut, "One strokegoodbyeIt surpassed the big loss of "loss" five times and was described as a "flame stopper".1985 ToNakanishi Kiyoshi Hanshin TigersContribute to Japan's No. XNUMX[17],1988 ToGenji GuoAs a pitcher, he won the second MVP.

1990 eraToNagashima ShigeoWill continue the relief pattern of winning patternsVictory equationAnd operate it,1996 FromBest relay pitcherThe award has been established. Until this time, rescue pitchers pitched over multiple innings in a single game.Inning matagiWas not a few (in an interview in 2015Go YodaIs referring to[Source required]),recent years[When?]Then, inning matari is often subject to criticism, and "1 inning limited" and "one point" became popular.[18][19].1998 Served as pitcher coachHiroshi GondoIs the director and has introduced a succession investment measure, also known as "intermediate rotation"Yokohama Bay StarsWas the number one in JapanBuzzword Award"The Great Genie of Hama"Kazuhiro SasakiIs the third MVP award as a pitcher. After that, the activity in Sasaki MLB attracted attention,2003 ToJapan Professional Baseball MeetupThe rules will be revised. With Sasaki (Japan and the U.S.) who was allowed to join 250 save pitchers and achieved 250 saves at that timeShingo TakatsuHas joined (in 2010Hitoki IwaseAlso join).

While the relief position was gradually improving,2005 In the director of HanshinAkada OkadaHowever, he introduced the pitching division of labor system and established the pitcher division of labor system to win the league title by introducing the continuous pitching measures often found in MLB, such as finely controlling the number of balls in one game, pitching innings, catch ball and pitch interval. The central equation for victory is "JFKOf three (Jeff Williams,Fujikawa Koji,Tomoyuki Kubota) Has a good record for a long time, and other teams have promoted the pitcher division of labor system accordingly, and the pitcher division of labor system has become widespread throughout the world. In China in 2011Takuya AsaoIs the first MVP award for a relay pitcher.

It is an index praising the relayホ ー ル ドIt is,2005 It has a short history because the current regulations were introduced in 2014, but in XNUMXYamaguchi TetsuyaBut in 2016Miyanishi NaoHowever, Takuya Asao achieved a total of 2017 holds in 200.

Types of relief pitchers

Hold down

In the final round of the game, when the teammates are leading or extremely close to the opponent, the pitcher to throw at the end is "Hold down(Hold)" or "Closer(British : closerorclosing pitcher)”. Sometimes called a "stopper" (not currently used in English)[20][21]..In addition, "fire extinguishing" or "fireman (English: English::fireman=FirefighterMeaning)”[21]In Japan, in the sense of protecting the lead of my team to the end,Guardian deitySometimes called.

Normally, regardless of whether it is in the extension, in the situation where the score is up to 3 points in the final round, one inning or one death behind the back throws, and the role of ending the game without being caught up with the opponent team. Until then, in principle, starters and relays throw, but depending on the game development, the pitcher may pitch in the inning stride. Also, if the coach wants the starter to get a perfect pitch victory, there may be no turn. Suppress the opponent's counterattack and lead the team to victory Suppression is the role of the most reliable relief pitcher in the team[22].

With a runner from the opponent team,Sacrifice fly,Home runIf you allow the RBI due to such reasons, you may lose the lead. Therefore to suppressStrikeout rateHeight will be required.

While the number of innings per game is small, the number of pitching games tends to increase, so recovery, stability, and good start-up are required rather than stamina. At the end of the game, it is necessary to assume an urgent appointment almost every game, for example, when the ally team will reverse the game eight times or be caught up behind the game nine times.

Depending on the tactics of the team, the role of restraint may not be fixed to one person, but two or more persons may be restrained. In that case, who controls the pitch changes depending on the pitching interval and whether the opponent batter is right or left.Double stopper(Japanese-made English)", and in the case of two or more people in the United States, "Closer By Committee(closer by committee= Closer by committee)”[20].

The index of evaluation isDefense rate,Number of winsIn addition,saveIs used (it used to beSave pointThere was also a record). Regarding the defensive rate, since it is often used in situations where no goal can be allowed, a lower number than the other pitchers is required.


The pitcher who is in charge of between the starting pitcher and the hold down pitcherRelay(Nakatsugi)" or "Middle relief pitcher(Middle relief pitcher)". Unlike restraining, not only when the teammates are leading, but also when they are tied or lead. Especially for intermediate relays with great abilityIntermediary ace","Relief aceIt is distinguished from a pitcher who pitches in a situation where a large number of points are open regardless of whether the lead is allowed or whether the player wins or loses.

In addition to the number of pitches, defensive rate, number of wins,ホ ー ル ド,Hold pointIs used (it used to beRelief pointThere was also a record).

Achieved "5 or more pitches, 50 or more holds" for 20 consecutive yearsYamaguchi Tetsuya[23],Miyanishi Nao[24]It can be said that such pitchers are valuable (Yamaguchi achieved a total of 2014 holds in 2016 and Miyanishi in 200 respectively).

Set upper

Especially in Japan, the middleman who pitches in principle at the end of the game at the time of lead or tie is ``Set upper(Japanese English)," in the United StatesSetup pitcher(Setup pitcher)" or "Setup man(Setup man)”. As the name implies, it connects the starting pitcher to the suppression pitcher (mainly the pitcher who throws 8 times), and a pitcher with the same ability as the suppression is appointed.[14].

One point relief

Pitchers pitching in limited situations such as one or two battersOne point relief(Japanglish)","Short relief(Short relief), or "Spot reliever(Spot reliever)". Especially, based on the theory that "left-handed hitters are hard to hit left-handed pitchers", the one-point relief of a left-handed throw often used to suppress a left-handed hitter in a pinch is called "left kill" or "left killer" in Japan. "The left specialist"[25],in America"Situational lefty(Situational lefty)" "Left Hand Specialist(Left handed specialist)" "LOOGY(Left-handed One Out GuY) "and so on.

The NPB pioneered this role in the late 1970s and 1980sSeibuPlayed an active part inPermanent fire protectionIs. Also, in HanshinToyama Toshi TheHideki MatsuiHe was called "Matsui Killer" because he was very competitive. Director at that timeKatsuya NomuraIs not strong on right-handed hitters because he doesn't immediately drop ToyamaMinoru KasaiRaised to the mound and turned Toyama to the first base, pitching Toyama again to the left batter that appeared after suppressing the right hitter, Kasai to the first base, and used an irregular tactic. After the 2000s,Masato Kobayashi(Chunichi)[26],Tomoki Hoshino(Seibu etc.)[27]Has been active as a "point on the left" for a long time. In the current NPB,Takanashi Yuhei,Yoshihiko Morifuku,Shinya KayaFor example, There is also a "point on the right",Atsushi Kizuka,Shigeru Kaga,Miki HigaAn example is one-point relief for right-handers. In addition, one point relief of the main task is to confront a few battersPitching inningIs often 1/3 or 2/3 innings,Four dead balls,HitEtcFirst baseIt is not uncommon to get off the board with 1/0 innings, which does not take even one out if you allow it (because, according to the rules, once you get on the board, you cannot get off unless you compete with at least one batter).If a subsequent relief pitcher is struck and the runner who allows the base to go on base scores and losesDefeated pitcherAnd more points were takenSelf-responsibilityIs added asDefense rateJumps up. On the other hand, even if the pitcher before the substitution allowed a runner to score a goal, it will not be recorded as his own responsibility and will not be a losing pitcher even if he loses, so a one-point relief that is often expected to be used in pinch situations. It is difficult to evaluate the defensive rate and win/loss. 1 It is the number of runners around the pitch.WHIPIs suitable for one-point relief evaluation.

In major leaguesAthletes' associationAgreement with2020 After that, the pitcher will be required to "play against three batters" or "throw until the third out of that inning" is taken, making it difficult to use one point[28].. NPB announced that it will consider this rule after the 2020 season[29].. As a response to this, Isao Harimoto broadcasts on December 2019, 12Sunday Morning"It's a good thing. If there is a left-handed batter, a left-handed pitcher will come out and throw only one person. This is not a good thing."[30].

Long relief/handyman

Especially the relief pitcher who pitches when the starting pitcher gets off early and keeps throwing more than 2 to 3 innings.Long relief". In recent years, it tends to be difficult to use in so-called "Inning Matagi", so pitchers with stamina enough to handle the starter tend to play this role.[31].. In addition, if the starting rotation pitcher makes a long relief for reasons such as pitch adjustment,Second starterIs called. The second starter is often used in the post-season and other short-term decisive battles because there are more starters.

In addition, depending on the team circumstances, pitchers who can respond to both starting and reliefHandymanSometimes called[32].. As a main pitcher,Kazuhisa Makita,Kentaro Nishimura,Daisuke Yamai,Hirotoshi MasuiAnd so on. Long time agoYutaka Ono,Shinji SasaokaIs close to this role and exceeds "100 wins and 100 saves" as a total record,Go Shimoyanagi(Mainly Daiei and Nippon Ham era) also spent a long and active life focusing on this role.

Defeat process

In Japan, a relief pitcher who pitches when the starting or first relief is driven and the opponent is allowed to lead a large amount of leadDefeat process"In the United States, it means "cleaner who cleans up".Mop up man(Mop up man)".

As the word "defeat process" implies, it is used when the bench gives up the game halfway. Therefore, the pitcher who is a little dull is appointed because he saves the intermediate joint and the restraint that is prone to pitching over a long period of time. It should be noted that such pitchers are often used for the same reason even in games with a large number of leads. Also, in the case of running out of pitchers in overtime or the second half of the double header,fielderIn the Marlins vs. Phillies on October 2015, 10,IchiroIs an example. This is often the case with MLB, where it's not uncommon to continue playing until midnight without a draw rule and win or loss.[33].NPBBut2020 May 8 OfHanshin Koshien StadiumMade inHanshin TigersversusYomiuri GiantsIn the 11th inning and 8 out of Hanshin 1 point leadDaiki MasudaHas pitched. (The result is 0.2 times 3 people 1 ball no run)

Since it can be thrown with relatively little pressure, it may be used as a test place for young pitchers, or may be pitched for the purpose of adjusting pitchers after a failure or when there is a gap between pitches. Even if the defeat process is good, if you make a good throw, you may be appointed as a middleman in the starter or close battle. Fortunately, if the team reverses with the support of the batting line, you may be a winning pitcher.

HoweverChiba Lotte MarinesExperienced directorBobby valentineIn consideration of the possibility that a young pitcher who was defeated and struck down might lose confidence, he left the veteran pitcher to deal with the defeat.Satoru Komiyama, But its representative, Komiyama was often used in close competition and tie development).


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