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⚽ | Omori Gakuen defeats Nihon Univ. 1-0 to the quarterfinals!Tokyo 2nd qualifying B block 2nd round 2nd day

Photo Omori Gakuen Eleven (Photo = Kimihiko Yajima)

Omori Gakuen defeats Nihon Univ. 1-0 to the quarterfinals!Tokyo 2nd qualifying B block 2nd round 2nd day

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Omori Gakuen defended that one point and won 1-1, advancing to the quarterfinals where Waseda Jitsugyo was waiting.

The second day of the second round of the second tournament B block of the 100th National High School Soccer Championship Tokyo Qualifying will be held on October 2th ... → Continue reading

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Waseda University Affiliated School Waseda Business School Elementary School/Secondary School/High School

Waseda University School of Business(The number of words) isTokyoKokubunjiLocated in Honmachi XNUMX-chomeprivateprimary school-Junior high school-high school.. The popular name is "Quick fact"(So, really).

Elementary, middle and high school consistent educationAndWaseda UniversityToAdmission on recommendationThere is a system.Waseda University OfAffiliated schoolHas established its own recommendation frame. Externally enrolled students from the High School mix classes from the first year of the High School with internal admitted students from the Middle School or the Elementary SchoolMixed type junior and senior high schoolIs[1].


1901 (Meiji34 years),Waseda UniversityIs the predecessor ofTokyo CollegeWas the founder when he established the foundation as a universityOhte ShigenobuBased on its founding spiritSecondary educationIt was established by the people around Shigenobu Okuma aiming at.

The official school name is "Waseda Jitsugyo."Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularBut, "Waseda JitsugyoUniversityIs often misunderstood, and it is not uncommon to be mistakenly written in media such as magazines. In addition, at present only ordinary departmentBusiness educationIs not applied.

There has been a tradition since its inceptionCommercial Department The2002 No longer accepted, but once a year entrance examinationmagnification ThestudentThere are nearly 10 times the recruitment limit,BookkeepingAnd so onLessonIt was said to be "the most difficult commercial course in Japan" because the level of the course was high and the recommendation criteria for Waseda University were not much different from those of the regular course.

Even now, you can choose "Beginner Accounting" and "Law and Economics" as subjects in the 3rd year liberal arts course, and even in club activitiesAbacusWhile in a department or schoolbookkeepingThe club aiming to pass the second grade is active.

As a school creed, in order to cultivate "a person who has individuality and high academic ability, and who has strong mental strength to overcome hardships"Yuka"(Leave the glamorous thing and get it),School lessonAsThree respect(Respecting others, respecting myself, respecting things) has been raised from the beginning. Also manyOld secondary schoolWas adopting a five-year system, and was conducting its own six-year education.

TaishoAt the beginning of the period, we will enhance our sports activities andSchool styleWas established.afterwards,War damageThe school building was abandoned, but it was reconstructed by the efforts of the people concerned.Second World WarIt was revived later.

2001 Until the 100th anniversary of its foundingShinjuku wardWaseda Tsurumaki TownThe campusKokubunjiMoved toMiddle schoolWas renamed. Furthermore, since April 2002,High SchoolBothCoeducationAnd alsoElementary schoolEstablished. In principle, students can go to Waseda University if they meet certain requirements, making it one of the most difficult exams in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Regarding the circumstances before and after the establishment of the schoolIshibashi TozanIt is described in "Zoyama Recollection," an autobiographical memoir.

Chronological Table

  • 1901 -Waseda University Junior High School (3 year system) by the founders of Waseda UniversityVarious schools)ButWaseda Junior High SchoolOpened in the school building.
  • 1902 --Renamed Waseda Business School.Class A Commercial SchoolOrganized inTraining periodThePreparatory courseBachelorMajorChanged to 2 years. Taiseikai established.
  • 1903 -Set up a school building on the campus of Waseda University.
  • 1904 -Changed the training period to 3 years in the main course and 2 years in the major.
  • 1907 - Waseda Tsurumaki TownMove the school building to. The term of study was changed to 4 years and the major was abolished.
  • 1908 -Established 2 years preparatory course.
  • 1912 - Night club(Handling of two-year schools)
  • 1913 - school songEstablished.
  • 1917 - Waseda riotLeaves the university.
  • 1925 -Change to 6-year regular course (preliminary abolition). The night club is also extended to 4 years (at the same time promoted to Akko commercial school).
  • 1926 -Annexed Waseda Business School (various two-year schools).
  • 1928 -Change the daytime section to the first course and the night section to the second course.
  • 1929 -Change Waseda Commercial School to 3 years.
  • 1933 -Changed the training period of the second course to 5 years.
  • 1937 -Ground construction at Musashiseki.
  • 1942 -Shortened the training period to 5 years.
  • 1943 -Shortened the training period to 4 years.
  • 1944 -Suspend students from Waseda Business School. Established Hayashi Technical School instead (closed the following year). Waseda Commercial School abolished.
  • 1945 - Wartime Education OrdinanceAfter that, the class was stopped. The school building was destroyed by air raids. Immediately after the end of the war, borrowing the Waseda Junior High SchoolBlue sky classroomAnd resume the class.
  • 1947 - School reformDue to the establishment of a new system, Hayami Junior High School (renamed to Junior High School the following year).
  • 1948 -Due to the reform of the school system, the first department has been reorganized into a 6-year system for junior high and high schools, and the second department has been reorganized into a second high school department with a four-year system (as before).
  • 1957 - Cheer song"Young strength", "Traditional flag", "Song of victory" announced.
  • 1961 -Taiseikai, newly establishedstudent councilIncluded in.
  • 1963 -Signing of "Agreement regarding transfer of Waseda University of Business to Waseda University". Returned to its original form and returned to Waseda University. Second High School abolished[3].
  • 1964 - general courseInstalled.
  • 1966 -Transition to two semesters.
  • 1975 -Komagane school building and ground completed.
  • 1999 -Musashiseki ground closed.
  • 2001 -Renamed middle school to secondary school. Moved to the new school building in Honmachi, Kokubunji city. Announcement of the XNUMXth anniversary song "Waseda Shine".
  • 2002 - Commercial DepartmentRecruitment suspended. Co-education. Opened elementary school.

school event

April-Entrance ceremony
May-Orientation for 5st year middle school and 1st year high school (Komagane Dormitory, Nagano Prefecture)
July / August-Comprehensive study time for the second year of middle school (Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture), Canada training (7 weeks)
October-Middle and High School Sports Festival, Inaho Festival (Cultural Festival)
December-Comprehensive study time for the third year of middle school Kokyo classroom (Kyoto / Nara), Comprehensive study time for the second year of high school (Okinawa classroom)
March-Graduation ceremony

School facility

Kokubunji Campus (Headquarters)
  • Building No. 1-Tetsuya Komuro Memorialhole-Normal classroom-Special classroom(Art room, music room, seminar room,Japanese-style roomSuch)
  • Building No. 2- gymnasium(2 places) ・ Running gallery ・Cafeteria,Lounge・ Ordinary classrooms / special classrooms (judo hall, kendo hall, cooking training room, clothing training room, etc.)
  • Building No. 3- library・ PC classroom (CALL classroom) ・ Ordinary classroom ・ Special classroom (physical laboratory, chemistry laboratory, biological laboratory, geological laboratory, etc.)
  • Building No. 4-Indoor playground, driving range,Kyudo hall-Club room-Darkroom
  • Building No. 5 --As an elementary school building, ordinary classrooms and special classrooms (technical room, art room, home economics room, library, science room, music room)
  • Building No. 6-Gymnasium (for elementary school) (corresponding to basketball and volleyball) (equipped with floor heating and air conditioning)
  • Other,Ground(Installed separately for middle/high school and primary school) or outdoorsPool(Elementary school, adjustable water depth) ・ As a multipurpose court, there are courts for tennis and handball.
In the elementary sectionTrack,サ ッ カ ーCoatsand so on.
In addition to tracks, the middle and high school grounds are also compatible with soccer, rugby, and American football.
Before the relocation of the school buildingNippon SteelThere was a related facility. The school building was designed and constructed by Nippon Steel under the concept of "environmentally friendly steel-framed eco-school."[4][5].
Komagane school building
NaganoKomaganeLocated in. A new student with an accommodation functionOrientationAnd each clubTraining campIt is used for. Rebuilding work was completed in 2008.
Sadaharu Oh Memorial Ground
TokyoHachioji CityMinami OsawaIt is in.mainlyBaseballUsed by the club for practice and games. Used since 2004.

Facilities that existed in the past

Former School Building (Waseda Tsurumakicho Campus)
April 1907-used until March 4. It was inherited from the former dormitory of Waseda Junior High School. Currently, as Building 2001 of Waseda University, it has a research and development center and a university history material center, and is also used for university classes.
Musashiseki Ground
TokyoNerima-kuWas located in. It was used as a playground since 1937, but it was closed in 1999 due to relocation to the Kokubunji campus. When I was a hardball baseball memberSadaharu Oh,Araki DaisukeIt was a place where I sweated. During the war, students used to grow vegetables to increase food production. Currently, the ground remainsApartmentThere is a "Hayami Ground Memorial Park" near it.

Extracurricular activities

In 1902, "Taiseikai" was established with the aim of "to promote mutual friendship among students, exchange knowledge, encourage physical education, and create a school atmosphere." Second generation principalTamano AmanoBut"Big instrumentIt was named after the word. Since then, regardless of physical education or cultureClub activitiesIs thriving.In addition, since 2005, we have assigned athletic trainers who are qualified as US Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) so that they can quickly and appropriately deal with athlete injuries and sports injuries that occur during club activities.

Rigid Baseball Club

List of clubs and clubs

  • * As of 2021
Physical education
  • ice skate
  • American football
  • karate
  • Archery
  • kendo
  • Golf
  • サ ッ カ ー
  • Mountain
  • Shorinji Kempo
  • judo
  • 水 泳
  • Ski
  • soft ball
  • Table tennis
  • Soft tennis
  • Rigid tennis
  • basketball
  • badminton
  • volleyball
  • handball
  • ボ ー ト
  • Youth baseball
  • Baseball
  • Baseball
  • rugby
  • land
Cultural system
  • English
  • theater
  • Music
  • 科学
  • archeology
  • 写真
  • Abacus
  • Commercial economy
  • calligraphy
  • Brass band
  • Art
  • Literary arts
  • light music
  • ダンス
  • tea ceremony
  • Shogi Go
  • Railway research
  • Equestrian
  • Cartoon study
  • Mathematical research

Entrance exam

  • The entrance examination for junior high school consists of 85 boys and 40 girls, and the admission is judged in four subjects: arithmetic, national language, science, and society.
  • The high school entrance examination is for a maximum of 80 males and 40 females, and is passed or rejected in three subjects: English, Japanese, and mathematics.

Monument of "the birthplace of Japanese space development"

KokubunjiIs JapaneseSpace developmentIn order to pass on the fact that it is the birthplace, in 2005, the "Japan Space Development Birthplace Awards Society" was established, and in 2006 a monument was erected in front of the school gate.

Hideo Itokawa OfPencil rocketCommemorating the 50th anniversary of the experiment, attended by the alumni association of Waseda Business School, the city's tourism association, and the business and industry association. Monument It is a 1.3m image of the shape of a pencil rocket, and the figure of Professor Itokawa performing an experiment is engraved. After the unveiling ceremonyJAXALecture by Yasunobu Matagawa, Director of Space Education Center, and Professor Itokawa taught cello for 50 yearsShuya MatsushitaThe cello concert was held[8].. A time capsule was also installed.

To commemorate the 2012th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Hideo Itokawa in XNUMX, the staff members of the staff will use the pencil rocket.SupersonicAn experiment was conducted.


  • In the years since the opening of the elementary school in 2002, during the interview for the second exam, the interviewerTakayasu Okushima(At that time, President of Waseda University and President of Waseda University) He himself requested all the accompanying parents to make a large donation that far exceeded the amount of the recruitment requirements.afterwards,TokyoI ignored the improvement notification ofPrivate school grant2% of the amount was returned to the school corporation. MiyakoyaMinistry of EducationNot only did he start to be glared at, but his parents also paid strict attention to the money worship of Mr. Okushima, who was in charge of Waseda Business School and President of Waseda University.[9][10].
  • From 2017 to 2019, by staff who are not in Waseda Jitsugyo School but have been hired for a short timeSteal,Forced obsceneAnd scandals such as problematic behavior by baseball team members continued[11][12][13].

List of school personnel


Waseda University, Waseda College of Business, Elementary School, Secondary School, High School (Tokyo)
Waseda University Affiliated School Waseda Business School Elementary School/Secondary School/High School
  • Kokubunji Station7 minutes walk from the north exit
  • From the north exit of Kokubunji Station, take the following bus and get off at Waseda Jitsugyo School bus stop.
    • Temple 85/86 system --For Kodaira housing complex, for general medical center, for Kokubunji station north exit
    • Take 42 system-Musashi Koganei station north exit, Kokubunji station north exit
    • Bun Bus-Honda Route

Related books and videos

  • Waseda College of Business, "Hayami Seventy-five Years Magazine," published in 1976
  • Waseda College of Business, "Hasumi, Student Activity, 1989 Years of History," XNUMX
  • Published by Hayami Baseball Club OB Association Production Committee, "Hayami Baseball Club History" 1990
  • Published by Nakaine-kai (The 1996th Annual Synchronous Society), "Record of mobilization of Nakajima airplane students who walked with the war" XNUMX
  • Published by Waseda Business School, "Developing a hundred years", 2001
  • Published by Waseda Business School, "People who color the hundred years", 2001
  • Waseda College of Business Taiseikai Shimbun, "Sahayami Shimbun, Pressed Edition No. 1 (April 24, 4)-No. 15 (March 213, 12)", 3
  • Toho"Cheering songs of the spirits』Published in 1979


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