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🏊 | Keiji Mizumoto Tokyo Olympics Canoe Sprint Participation Report Meeting Commemorative tree planting <Iwate / Yahaba Town>


Keiji Mizumoto Tokyo Olympics Canoe Sprint Participation Report Meeting Commemorative tree planting <Iwate / Yahaba Town>

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Keiji Mizumoto, Japan National Team for Canoeing at the Tokyo Olympics
"(Yahaba Town) is a sports town.

Keiji Mizumoto from Yahaba Town, Iwate Prefecture, who participated in the canoe sprint at the Tokyo Olympics, will be at the town hall on October XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Keiji Mizumoto, representative of Japan at the Tokyo Olympics Canoeing

Yahaba Town

Yahaba Town(Yahabacho) isIwateLocated almost in the center ofShiwa-gunBelongs totown.Nusakaken Falls-Nanshozan-Yahaba Onsen-Tokutan CastleThere are many historic sites in the town, such as traces.


MoriokaAdjacent to the southBed townDevelopment progressed asMorioka OfRoadsideCommercial districtContact with.DepopulationIs seriousIwateInTakizawa-Kitakami CityIt is a municipality whose population is increasing at the same time.22CensusAccording to the report, the population density is the highest in Iwate prefecture.

There are several theories about the origin of the place name "Yahaba".[1].



Located in the central part of the prefecture, 10km south of Morioka city, it is a granary area in the center of the prefecture with natural conditions suitable for rice cultivation.

The terrain is flat in the central part, separated by the Kitakami River except for a part in the east, and in the north.Morioka, West continues to the Ou MountainsIwateShizukuishi Town, SouthShiwa TownTouch.


TypicalInland climateIt is hot in summer and cold in winter, but relatively mild.


Population distribution of Yahaba, Iwate, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Yahaba Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yahaba Town (2005)
■Purple-Yahaba Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yahaba Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 27 census, it increased by 1.74% to 27,678, and the rate of increase / decrease is the second highest among 33 municipalities in the prefecture.



Successive mayors

Unless otherwise specified, according to "2020 Edition Townsman Handbook Material-Yahabacho Seen in Numbers-"[3].

Mayor Yahaba (public election)
FirstShigehei TakahashiShowa 30 years 4 month 11 DateShowa 41 years 4 month 30 Date
Mayor Yahaba (public election)
FirstShigehei TakahashiShowa 41 years 5 month 1 DateShowa 42 years 4 month 29 Date
2Chozaburo TanimuraShowa 42 years 4 month 30 Date3oldTokuda Villagelong
3Ryuzo Takahashi311
5Shozo Takahashi27Incumbent

Town facilities

  • Yahaba Town Hall
  • Yahaba Town Community Center
  • Yahaba Townspeople General Gymnasium
  • Yahaba Town Cultural Center "Rural Hall"
  • Yahaba Town Activity Exchange Center "Yaha Park"
  • Yahaba Town Insurance and Welfare Exchange Center "Refreshing House"
  • Yahaba Town National Recreation Center
  • Yahaba Town Museum of History and Folklore
  • Yahaba Municipal Campsite
  • Yahaba Town Outdoor Athletic Field "Kakkou Ground"
  • Yahaba Town General Ground
  • Yahaba Town Saien

Prefecture facilities

  • Iwate Prefectural Disaster Prevention Center
  • Iwate Prefectural Rehabilitation Center
  • What is Iwate Prefectural Morioka?Support school
  • Iwate Prefectural Forestry Technology Center

National facility



License plate

In Yahaba Town, the "Iwate" number (Iwate Transport Bureau) Was issued, but from November 2014, 11Local numberThe "Morioka" number is issued.

Iwate number allocation area (-November 2014, 11)
  • All over Iwate prefecture
Morioka number allocation area (November 2014, 11-)


In agriculture, rice, wheat, soybeans, etc. are actively produced, and it has long been famous as a Tokuda rice producing area.In industryNational Route 4With the Fujisawa district alongIwate Prefectural Road 281 Yahaba Xianba LineIn the Hiromiyasawa area alongIndustrial parkHave.In commerceTohoku ExpresswayMorioka Minami ICClose toIwate Prefectural Road No. 13 Morioka Waga LineAdjacent to Morioka City across the border between cities and townsDistribution centerHas (Iwate Distribution Center)Wholesale trade-Retail trade-Transportation industryIt is a distribution base in the north-tohoku region where many offices such as are located.

またIwate Medical Universityas well as the Iwate Medical University HospitalDue to the relocation of the company, the medical and real estate leasing industries are also increasing.[4]..In the center of the townJRYahaba StationAnd contact Route 4Iwate Prefectural Road No. 207 Yabuki Stop LineThere are offices and various stores along the road.In the centerCooperativeWith a shopping mall operated by Yahaba Commercial DevelopmentMaxvalu,HomacYahaba Shopping Center withAEON TOWN) Exists, and commercial facilities are also open around the medical college and in the west exit area of ​​Yahaba Station.

post office

Collection and delivery business is only available at Ryutsu Center Minami (〒020-0891)Morioka Central Post Office(Morioka City) is in charge, others are in chargeShiwa Post Office(Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun) is in charge.

  • Yahaba Post Office (formerly a collection and delivery office, but due to the abolition of collection and deliveryShiwa Post OfficeTransferred to)
  • Post office in Iwate Distribution Center
  • Tokuda Post Office
  • Fudo Post Office
  • Kamiyatsugi Post Office



Cultural facility

  • Yahaba Town Cultural Center-Nicknamed "Rural Hall".It is the first full-scale music hall in Iwate prefecture.A performance of the handmade stage "Yahaba Townspeople Theater" by the townspeople is performed every February.The material related to the local area has been selected, and at the 2th performance in 2004, he was originally from the local area and was at the former Morioka Junior High School.Kenji MiyazawaA work dealing with Kenjiro Fujiwara, who was a friend of mine, was performed.
  • Yahaba Town Museum of History and Folklore(Tokutan CastleAttached to the ruins)

Sister city/friendship city



Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Mass media

News (Chinese)
  • Iwate DailyProduction Center (Hiromiyasawa, Iwate Prefecture)Local newspaper..Newspapers printed from here will be shipped throughout the prefecture)
  • In the townAM radio OfTransmitting stationIs placed. TV ・FM radioThe transmission station is Shiwa Town (next to the south)Johor)It is in.
  • In 30,Radio Miooka(Morioka City, FM) relay station set up in the government office.The town administration information is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6:6 pm (rebroadcast from Tuesday to Saturday at 5:XNUMX am. Condolences are broadcast for XNUMX minutes on Saturday and Sunday morning).It also distributes the terminal "Yaha Radio" for constantly receiving the broadcasting station.



high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Yahaba Municipal Yahaba Higashi Elementary School
  • Yahaba Municipal Tokuta Elementary School
  • Yahaba Municipal Kemuyama Elementary School
  • Yahaba Municipal Fudo Elementary School

Special school

  • Iwate Prefectural Morioka and What Support School

Facilities other than school education



Railway line


General route bus

Express Bus


Highway national road

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Famous people


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