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⚽ | Keisuke Honda and Hajime Moriyasu assert that they can't be dismissed ... What do you think isn't good?

Photo by Keisuke Honda Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Keisuke Honda and Hajime Moriyasu assert that they can't be dismissed ... What do they think isn't good?

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Among them, Keisuke Honda will carry out live distribution on his YouTube channel on the 16th.

The Japanese national team will play 12 in the final Asian qualifying match against Australia at the FIFA World Cup Qatar tournament held on the 2th of this month. → Continue reading

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Streaming(English: streaming) Is mainlyvoice,MovieSuch asマ ル チ メ デ ィ アFileTransfer / playDownloadIt is a kind of method.

Normally, the file is opened after the download is completed, but when playing a large file such as a movie, it takes a very long time to download, which causes a big problem especially in live distribution.Therefore, by downloading the file and playing it at the same time, the waiting time of the user is greatly reduced.This method is often loosely referred to as "streaming".

Progressive download

Similar transfer methodProgressive downloadThere is. It is the same as streaming in that it plays while downloading the file,HTTPSince it can be transferred byVendor Lock InnStreamingserverNo need to buy,Reverse proxy,Content delivery networkThere is a big advantage that it can be delivered on a large scale at low cost, such as good compatibility with.On the other hand, unlike streaming, after playback,hard diskHowever, there was a time when the service provider avoided it from the viewpoint of copyright protection because the multimedia file remained accessible.Flash video is a typical file format that can be downloaded progressively.YouTube,Nico Nico DougaPost type such asVideo distribution siteIt is also commonly used for free content distribution. Recently, streaming technology that adds bandwidth control to progressive download has also appeared (Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH, etc.),GYAO!,Yahoo! JAPANWas adopted by[1].

Streaming protocol

Browser standard compatible protocol

  • (HLS)
  • AppleHTTP-based streaming protocol by.IETFSpecifications have been published for standardization, and many servers andclientIs supported.Also someWeb browser(Safari,ChromeEtc.) can also be played directly. Flash Player also supports playback.Also, by using a script such as hls.js,HTML5 Of(English edition It can also be played on a browser that supports the API.
  • (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)
  • HTTP-based streaming technology developed by MPEG. In addition to VLC and GPAC playback support, you can also use dash.js to play on a browser that supports the HTML5 Media Source Extensions API, and use dash.as to play on Flash Player. be able to.
  • MP4Box and FFmpeg support the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments.

Protocols that require plugins for browser playback

  • It is standardized by IETF,RealMedia / QuickTime / Windows Media / GStreamer It can be played on many players, including.Also, from Flash Player, it can be played through players such as Locomote Video Player.However, many browsers do not support it directly,PluginAnd need to use an external player.
  • Most streaming software can send this.
  • Windows MediaUsed for streaming delivery of. Due to EU antitrust issues, protocol specifications including DRM using elliptic curve cryptography have been published. Many players can play MMS, but some have compatibility issues. Also, many browsers don't support it directly, requiring the use of plugins and external players.
  • Some streaming software can do this.
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • By MicrosoftSilverlightStreaming protocol for. Using HTTP progressive download technology[2].VLC media player 2.1 or later supports this playback. It can be played from Flash Player by using Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF. Many browsers don't support it directly, so you'll need to use a plugin or external player.
  • FFmpeg supports the generation of ISMV fragments used for smooth streaming.
  • AdobeStreaming protocol for Flash Video by.reverse engineeringMany because the spec has been parsed byOpen source softwareCorresponds to this reproduction and transmission.However, many browsers cannot play directly and require the use of plugins.This is especially problematic for mobile devices that don't support plugins.
  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Adobe's HTTP-based streaming protocol for Flash Video.The method of dividing the file and downloading it for each fragment is used.Many browsers do not support it directly and you need to use a plugin.
  • FFmpeg supports HDS fragment generation.

P2P multicast delivery protocol

  • It is a P2P protocol for Flash developed by Adobe, and the protocol specification is published as RFC 7016. Supports P2P multicast distribution[3].
  • PeerCast protocol
  • The protocol used by PeerCast.
  • It is a Web standard P2P API that enables P2P multicast distribution, and is directly supported by browsers. The P2P delivery protocol itself is not standardized. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are browsers that support WebRTC.

In addition, P2P multicast distribution using Java applets is also used.

Communication path encryption

The HTTP-based protocol can encrypt the communication path by passing HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • An encrypted streaming protocol for Flash based on RTMP and SSL developed by Adobe.Many open source software supports this playback and transmission because the specifications have been analyzed by reverse engineering.
  • RTMP and developed by AdobeDiffie-Hellman key agreementAn encrypted streaming protocol for Flash based on.Many open source software supports this playback and transmission because the specifications have been analyzed by reverse engineering.There is a flaw in the design that allows a man-in-the-middle attack.[4][5].
  • Clear Key
  • HLS encryption
  • Encryption using AES-128.

DRM for streaming

For streaming purposes in streaming formatCopy guardIs often provided, making it difficult to save video and music to a file. However, copyguards have been criticized for deliberately creating design flaws that narrow the viewer's viewing environment, hinder the viewer's legitimate use, and even eliminate competitor products.Defective by Design), new media aiming to be viewed on demand on any device anytime, anywhere (New media) Is often not used.


  • Google Widevine DRM
  • DRM using AES-128 CTR. Based on Common Encryption (CENC, ISO/IEC 23001-7)[6]. It can be used with MPEG-DASH. Chrome and Android support decryption. Open source Bento 4[7][8] Supports encryption. FFmpeg[9] And edash-packager and MP4BOX[10] Supports both encryption and decryption.
  • As of 2016, a problem has been found in Google's implementation of Widevine DRM[11].
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • DRM using AES-128 CTR. Based on Common Encryption (CENC, ISO/IEC 23001-7)[6]. It can be used with Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH. Decryption is supported by Internet Explorer, Windows Phone and Silverlight. Microsoft Expression Encoder, Azure Media Services samples, open source Bento4[7][8] Supports encryption. FFmpeg[9] And MP4BOX[10] Supports both encryption and decryption.
  • Adobe Primetime DRM
  • Old Adobe Access DRM. It can be used with pRTMP and PHDS. 38-bit binary for Windows after Adobe Flash Player or Firefox 32[12] Corresponds to decryption. Adobe Media Server supports encryption.
  • Marlin DRM
  • Many IP-TV support decryption. Based on Common Encryption for MP4 container of MPEG DASH and based on Marlin BBTS for MPEG2-TS container of MPEG DASH[13]. Open source Bento 4 supports encryption[7][8].
  • OMA DRM v2.0
  • Many feature phones support decryption. DCF and PDCF exist in the file format[14]. PDCF is based on 3GPP PSS[14]. Except for syntax(English editionCompatible with[15].


These are legacy, and Hollywood Studios (excluding Disney) is promoting DRM for Ultra Violet.

  • DRM using elliptic curve cryptography. It can be used with MS-RTSP and MMS. Windows Media Player and Windows Phone support decryption. Windows Media Rights Manager (WMRM) supported encryption.
  • With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, WMDRM decryption has been removed, making it impossible to watch media encrypted with WMDRM[16].
  • Helix DRM
  • Can be used with RealRT SP. Real Player supports decryption. Helix Universal Server (Discon[17]) Supported encryption.
  • Fairplay
  • QuickTime Player supports decryption. 2016, Microsoft Azure supports FairPlay encryption[18].

Main streaming server

Currently, with the spread of HTTP-based streaming protocols, it is becoming mainstream to fragment videos and send them on HTTP servers.

  • A streaming server for Windows and Linux provided by Adobe.Today, it was the only way to deliver copy-protected videos to the most popular multi-platform Flash Player on PCs.De facto standardIt has become. It also supports distribution to iOS, which cannot use Flash Player, and can be played from a browser by using the Protected HLS protocol.Similarly, for distribution to Android 4.1 or later, which cannot use Flash Player, it is necessary to install the Adobe Air application on the playback side.To use copy guard, you need to use the professional version or higher.Since there are license restrictions on the maximum number of simultaneous connections and the number of processes depending on the version, it is necessary to purchase multiple licenses for one server and stack the licenses for large-scale distribution.
  • A video streaming server developed by Wowza Media Systems. Although it can communicate with Adobe Flash Player using RTMP, it also supports remote procedure calls between client and server, in which case the server side is written in Java. From version 4.0, it is equipped with a GUI that can be managed on a web browser basis.
  • A multi-platform streaming server for open source Flash Player written in Java.The license is Apache License 2.0 (changed from LGPLv3). It supports not only video distribution by RTMP and encrypted video distribution by RTMPE, but also Flash shared objects and Remoting.However, the programming language is Java, and server-side scripts written in ActionScript for FMS cannot be run directly.
  • An open source streaming server based on NGINX. It supports not only RTMP but also live streaming by HLS and MPEG-DASH.
  • WinampIs known as the development and distribution destination ofNullsoftWas provided free of charge, but was acquired by Internet radio station Radionomy.
  • Platforms from Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 to FreeBSD, Linux,MacOS A wide range of servers, Solaris 2.x servers (Sparc version) and supported OSbinaryIt is distributed in.
  • MP3Format data can be transmitted by streaming. In addition, you can perform live transmission by combining the plugin installed Winamp and SHOUTcast server.
  • MP3An open source streaming server capable of streaming formats.
  • An open source multimedia player developed by the VideoLAN project.GUIだ け で な く,INIt also has a web interface and supports streaming. Streaming output is possible with protocols such as HTTP, MMSH, RTSP, and Icecast.

Major development-stopped streaming server

  • Helix Universal Server
    RealServer's successor product,Real networksWas on sale. Discon[17].. The media types that can be distributed are Real Media, Windows Media,Quick TimeThere are abundant and OS types as platforms are Windows NT, Windows 2000,Linux,FreeBSD,Solaris,HP-UXAnd so on.
    It does not support copy protection of other companies' products. Although it has its own copy guard, Helix DRM, it is rarely used because it can only be viewed with Real Player. In addition,Real networksAlthough the player has developed Harmony technology to support copy protection of other companies' products in order to ensure DRM interoperability, it has stopped development due to possible lawsuits from Apple.
  • Helix DNA Server
    An open source version of Helix Universal Server developed by Real Networks. It applied its own license. The final version is 2006 released in 11.1.
  • VLS (VideoLAN Server)
    An open source streaming server developed by the VideoLAN project. Currently, most of the VLS functions are also implemented in VLC, and development of VLS has been completed.
  • Darwin Streaming Server
    An open source streaming server.
  • QuickTime Streaming Server
    OS X ServerStreaming server installed in.
  • rtmplite
    An open source streaming server for Flash Player written in Python. The license is GPLv3.
  • C ++ RTMP Server
    An open source streaming server for Flash Player written in C++. The license is GPLv3.
  • PeerCast
    An open source streaming system using P2P technology. It has no transmission function and has only a relay function. It supports RTSP and MMS relay.
  • FFserver
    FFmpegAn open source streaming server included in. It was compatible with HTTP and RTSP. Abandoned[19].
  • IIS Media Services
    MicrosoftIt is a streaming server for Windows provided by(English editionSuccessor product of. Encoders for content development are distributed free of charge. It is difficult to deliver videos with copy guard enabled to PCs and mobile devices other than Windows because they cannot be viewed on other than Microsoft products.
    Not updated and requires workaround for installation on Windows Server 2016 or later[20].

Main fragmentation software

  • MP4Box
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments and MPEG-DASH compatible MPEG-2 TS fragments. Open Source.
  • FFmpeg
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments, MPEG-DASH compatible WebM chunks, HDS fragments, and ISMV fragments used for Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Open Source.
  • edash-packager
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments. ISO Common Encryption and(English editionWidevine DRM encryption/decryption, which is one of the above. Open Source.
  • TITAN File
    ATEME video conversion software. It supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and HLS compatible fragment generation.


  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS[21].
  • Azure Media Services
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS[22].
  • Akamai Media Services Live / On Demand
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS, HDS[23][24].
  • Arkena Cloud4TV

Major web-based streaming media players

HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
Shaka Player
HTML5-based web player from Google. Open Source.
Strobe Media Playback
Flash-based web player from Adobe. It is based on OSMF (Open Source Media Framework). Open Source. Updating is stopped.
For OSMF, Microsoft has released Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF that supports Smooth Streaming.
Locomote Video Player
Flash-based web player. Open Source. It also supports RTSP.

Live streaming

Live streaming (en: Live streaming) Is to stream live media. More specifically, computerized (live) media recorded on the fly.networkReal-time streaming delivery via (Live distribution). The following are examples of live-delivered media.

  • Live cameraVideo (Weather, scenic spots, disaster areas, astronomical observation (comet))
  • Live music video
  • Existing media (radio, TV)

Live streamingLive broadcast (en: Live broadcast) Is considered.Live streaming, which is a live broadcast using the Internet, does not require complicated broadcasting approval procedures, examinations, and acquisitions unlike TV media that uses public radio waves.Therefore, it is possible to open pseudo radio broadcasting and TV broadcasting on the Internet, and it will be broadcast on TV by individuals, small corporate groups, and existing radio broadcasting stations (live camera images in the broadcasting station studio). ) Is also actively participating in live broadcasting.As mentioned above, there are almost no regulations (as long as the copyright of the broadcast content is cleared).Media formTherefore, if you prepare the equipment刑 務 所It is also possible to relay to the inside of the network.

The disadvantages include the following.

  • In the case of live streaming, it is possible that the viewer forgets the broadcast time and misses the target program, as with existing broadcast media.
  • As a common drawback of live streaming and non-live streaming (streaming transmission of on-demand contents without restrictions on broadcast time), when setting the image quality specifications on the Internet TV broadcast side, priority is given to the acquisition of many viewers (low specification). I am worried about whether or not to reduce the image quality, image size, and number of video frames so that I can withstand viewing even on a PC or a PC connected to a low-speed narrowband communication line.

Delivery platform

There are various live streaming platforms. See the link below for details.

Live streaming transmission

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
Open Source.
(English edition ((English edition)


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Related item

Keisuke Honda

Keisuke Honda(Honda Keisuke,1986 May 6 -) isJapan Ofsoccer player,directed by.リトアニア-A lyga-SuduvaBelongs.position TheMidfielder.. ExRepresentation from Japan.Cambodia representative OfGM・ Act as a director.

Asia(Japan),Europe( Netherlands-ロシア-イタリア-アゼルバイジャン-リトアニア), North and Central America (メキシコ),Oceania(Australia),South America(Brazil) Played in the professional leagues of 5 regions and scored points.

During his time as a representative of Japan, he scored three consecutive goals for the first World Cup tournament in Japan (the oldest scorer in the World Cup for the Japanese), became the highest scorer in the World Cup for Asians, and became the first three World Cup tournaments for Asians. Achieved continuous assist.Rudy Ferrer,David BeckhamHe became the sixth player in history to record both points and assists for the third consecutive World Cup tournament.[3][4].FIFAReceived the highest number of Japanese "4 times" in the number of "Man of the Match" of the World Cup selected,Miroslav Klose,Eden Hazard,James Rodriguez5th place in total number of awards[5].

Selected as "2020st Century Japan National Team Best Eleven" selected by British media "90min" in 21[6]Selected as "Best Asian Eleven" by German media "SPOX"[7]Selected as "World Cup Best Eleven" by the "Asia Football Confederation (AFC)" and "Opta"[8].

Although he is an active player, he is also active in activities other than players, and in 2012 he opened a soccer school "SOLTILO FAMILIA" produced by himself all over Japan.[9].. Since 2015, he has been the actual owner of several professional soccer clubs.[10], In 2018Cambodia representativeGM・ I became a director.

Club career

Before entering professional

Born in Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture. Her parents divorced Honda in the spring of the second year of elementary school, and he was taken over by his father, but because he was busy with work, he was raised by his grandparents.[11][12].. As a childTorikai Satsuki GardenTo go to[13].Totsuka Kita Elementary SchoolFrom 2 years, he joined the local Settsu FC and started playing soccer.Settsu City Fourth Junior High SchoolEnrolled in. Nickname is Gori[14]. afterwards,Gamba OsakaBelonging to junior youthAkihiro Kaname,Yasuda University,Higashiguchi NoriakiI played with[14]However, at that time, because of stamina and speed difficulties, promotion to the youth team was postponed[15],Ishikawa OfSeiryo High SchoolWent on to[16].. At one yearTakamado Palace All Japan Youth ChampionshipAs a captain at the 3rd yearThe 83th National High School Soccer ChampionshipAnd contributed to Ishikawa Prefecture's first best four[16].. In high school,Yohei Toyota,Koji HashimotoPlayed with. In 2004Specially designated playerAsNagoya Grampus EightParticipated in the practice of and was held on July 7thNabisco Cup OfJubilo IwataPlayed the first official game in the battle. The uniform number is "39". At the same timeYokohama F. MarinosI also participated in the practice of, but the acquisition was postponed[17].

Nagoya Grampus Eight

Received offers from multiple J League clubs when graduating from high school[16], Was enrolled as a specially designated player in the previous yearNagoya Grampus EightAnd signed a professional contract. The uniform number is "24". At the request of the person himself, the contract at the time of enrollment included a clause that "If you have an offer, you can transfer to an overseas club."[18].. July 2005, 3,Jeff United ChibaHe made his professional debut with the opening starting member of the high school graduate rookie, the fourth member of the club history in battle, and decided to assist. April 4, Section 4Tokyo VerdyHe scored his first professional goal in the battle. He became a regular player in the second year of his professional career and played in positions such as left side half, left wingback, and left sideback.

VVV Venlo

August 2008, 1,Eredivisie(Dutch First Division)VVV VenloTransferred to. Two and a half year contract + one year option with uniform number "2"[19].. On the January 1th recruitment conferenceDutchWas greeted at and was held immediately after the conferencePSVParticipated in the battle from the beginning of the second half[20].. March 3, Section 15FeyenoordI decided the direct FK that will be the first score after transfer in the battle[21].. It was established as a regular, but the teamEerste Divisi(Dutch Second Division League) has been decided to demote.

2008-09 seasonIn JanuaryUrawa RedsReceived an offer from, but Honda declined the offer and decided to remain[22][23]..背番号を「10」に変更し、攻撃の軸として首位を独走するチームの原動力となり、2009年3月20日のThe jersey number was changed to "XNUMX", and it became the driving force of the team that runs alone as the axis of attack, March XNUMX, XNUMXFortunaFrom the war, he was appointed as a captain. April 4,HaremAnd led the team to the league title and return to the first division[24][25]..He participated in 36 league games, scored 16 goals and 13 assists, and won the Player of the Year Award (MVP) by the manager and captain of each team in the second division.[26][27].

2009-10 seasonIn JanuaryZicoLed byRussian Premier League OfCSKA MoscowReceived an offer from, but Honda declined the offer and decided to remain[28][29]..He started in 18 games in the first half and scored 6 goals and 7 assists.Section 3UtrechtIn the battle, I made an exciting middle shot from a distance of 30m[30].. This goal was ranked 2017th in "Super Middle TOP 10" born in Eredivisie in the past 10 years in "FOX Sports" in 5[31]Was ranked No. 2019 in the ``Top 10 Best Japanese Goals'' born in Eredivisie in 1[32].. Offer arrived from CSKA Moscow, PSV in December 2009[33][34].

CSKA Moscow

On January 2010, 1, with a transfer fee of 1 million euros (about 900 billion yen)Russian Premier League OfCSKA MoscowTransferred to. A four-year contract has a uniform number of "4". Became the first Japanese player to play in the Russian Premier League[35][36][37].

August 2010, 2,UEFA Champions League(CL) Final tournament 1st round 1st legSevillaHe started in the game and made his first appearance in the CL.Only in this tournament, the uniform number is "18". On March 3th, in the 16nd leg match against Sevilla, he assisted the opening goal in the 2th minute of the first half, and in the 39th minute of the second half, he scored a direct FK, which was the final point from a distance of 10m, and scored his first CL goal. CSKA won a total of 30-2 in the two races, becoming the driving force for the CL Best 3 for the first time in Japanese, the first in club history, and the first in Russian league team history.[38].. In this match, he was named "Man of the Match", and both 1st leg and 2nd leg were elected CL Week Best Eleven by several European sports newspapers.[39][40].. In the quarterfinalsJose MourinhoLed byIntelHe started in both the 1st leg and the 2nd leg, but the team lost.Intel won the tournament.

The 2010-11 season is the opening round of the opening round on March 2010, 3.AmkarHe started in the match and scored the final score, which will be his first goal after transferring to additional time in the second half.[41]..Although he often participates in unfamiliar voluntary games, he scored four goals in league games and was highly evaluated as the 4th place among all players with an average score of 6.02 in the Russian newspaper "Sports Express".[42], Contributed to the acquisition of the right to participate in the CL main race next season.UEFA Europa LeagueIn (EL), in the group leaguePalermoHe contributed to the breakthrough of the group league by showing such achievements as 1 goal and 2 assists in the battle.[43][44].. In the second round of the EL final tournament in March 2011Fluffy,Radhamel Falcao,James RodriguezTo holdAndre Villas-BoasLed byPortoPlay against. Both the 1st leg and the 2nd leg started in the starting lineup, but the team lost and finished in the 16th best.Porto won the tournament. May 2011, 5,Russian CupOf the finalAlaniaAssisted the final points in the battle and contributed to CSKA Moscow's first victory in two seasons.

In the 2011-12 season, the opportunity to get involved in the score increased because he was appointed by the right side half, which he is good at, not Volunteer. Day'sSpartak MoscowThe right knee meniscus was injured in the battle and underwent surgery on September 9st, and it was announced that the maximum cure would be 1 months.[45].. April 11Rubin KazanAlthough he made a full start in the game and returned for the first time in two and a half months, his right knee injury recurred after the game and he was withdrawn for a long time again.[46],CLMissed all matches in the group league. January 2012, ItalySerie A OfLazioThe transfer was discontinued because CSKA declined the offer after being offered the highest amount of transfer money offered by Italians in the winter transfer market.[47][48].. February 2012, 2, CL Final Tournament 21st Round 1st Legreal MadridParticipated in the middle of the game and returned to the official game for the first time in three months.However, the 3nd leg was missed due to an injury to his left thigh, and the team was also eliminated. April 2stDynamo MoscowHe returned for the first time in a month and a half in the war. On May 1, the team lost the team after scoring for the first time in nine months against Rubin Kazan in the final round, and missed the right to participate in the CL next season.

In the 2012-13 season, he was used under the top and was showing 18 goals in 7 games in the first half of the game, but in February 2013 he left the team due to injury to his left ankle. After that, he was forced to undergo treatment for a long time, and he also missed the World Cup Asian final qualifying round against Jordan in March, and returned to his position after two months in the Spartak Moscow round on April 2. On May 3, 4, CSKA Moscow won the league title for the first time in six seasons, making it their first-ever title in the first division of Europe. June 21st, Russia Cup FinalAnjiHe started the game and contributed to his first victory in two seasons, achieving two crowns. Selected as Best Eleven for the 2-2 season selected by Russian newspaper "Sports Express"[49].

2013-14 season first matchRussian Super Cup OfZenitHe showed his success in scoring two goals and contributed to CSKA Moscow's first victory in four seasons.[50][51]. Also,CLIn the group leagueBayern MunichBattlePlzenHe showed 1G2A activity such as scoring one goal in the battle, but the team lost in the group league. On December 2, 2013, CSKA Moscow departure was announced.

AC Milan

August 2013, 12,Serie A OfAC MilanTransfer announced[52].. With a three and a half year contract, the uniform number was decided to be "3", which he had desired. January 10, 2014, Section 1SassoloParticipated in the second half of the game and made his Serie A debut[53].. But the next dayMassimiliano AllegriThe director was dismissed.I was planning to use it in the shadow that I am good at under Allegri[54]Of the new directorClarence Seedorf TheKakaWas placed under the top and Honda was appointed on the right side. On January 1, it was the first startCoppa Italia5 RoundSpeziaThe first score after transfer in the battle. April 4, Round 7GenoaScored the first league match score in the match.

2014-15 season TheFilippo InzaghiWas appointed as the coach and was appointed in the right wing of the top three.Of the opening roundLazioStarted in the game and scored the first goal[55].. Section 2パ ル マIn battleGiacomo BonaventuraAssists the first goal ofInazio AbateScored 1 goal and 1 assist with the cross[56][57][58].. Section 7VeronaHe scored two goals in one game for the first time since he transferred in the match. November 1, 2Milan DerbyToIntelBelongingYuto NagatomoWith him, the first Japanese confrontation in Milan Derby was realized[59].

2015-16 season TheShinisha MikhailovichIs appointed as a director. October 2th, when the team lost two games in a row without having a chance to play in two games in a rowNaplesAfter the war, he made a statement that could be received as criticism of the team[60]..From the next sectionAlessio CerciWas appointed in the right wing, so the chances of participation decreased sharply[61].. May 12, Section 20FrosinoneHe was selected as the right side half due to the system change in the game, and became the starting lineup for the first time in 12 games in the league game.[62]..After gaining the trust of the director, he became a regular on the right side half. Assisted the final point at the Milan Derby on January 2016, 1, and was given the highest score by the I-30 newspaper.[63].. On February 2th, they scored their first mid-shoot this season in Round 14 Genoa. This goal was selected as the best goal of the season by Milan supporters[64]..In Coppa Italia, contributed to the final advance by scoring 7G1A in 4 games, in the final matchJuventusHe made a full start in the match, but the team lost in overtime and missed the victory.[65]..Juventus have also won the league, so runner-up Milan has qualified for Supercoppa Italiana next season.

2016-17 season TheVincenzo MontellaBecame the director,Suseo,Mbei Nian,Gerard DeuropheuBecause the young and speedy wing was appointed, there were few opportunities to participate. December 2016, 12,Super Coppa ItalianaThe team entered the bench but did not participate, and the team won the penalty shootout against Juventus and won the first title after transferring to Milan. January 2017, 1, England on the final day of the winter transfer marketPremier League OfHull CityReceived an offer from, but Honda declined the offer and decided to remain[66].. May 2017, 5BolognaIn the match, he decided the direct FK, which is his first score this season. It was also a score that determines Milan's EL appearance next season, and this FK was selected as the best goal of May by Milan supporters[67].. After the match, own formulaTwitterAt the same time as opening the[68].. On the 5th of May, the final round of the last match in MilanCagliariIn the battle, he played the captain's mark for the first time after the transfer and played full participation.[69].

The Milan information site "Pianeta Milan" commented on Honda, saying, "He has a good technique, is a tactically valuable player, is smart, and is a very professional player." It was labeled as an acquisition, and was not loved by Tiffge (supporters). If Honda had chosen a number other than uniform number 10, Milan's supporters' attitude might have been different." .. "All of the coaches who coached him were impressed with being an exemplary professional player, striving to stay in good shape, and he wasn't very successful in Milan, I left the footprints firmly.”[70].


August 2017, 7,Riga MX(Mexico 1st Division)PachucaTransfer to[71][72].. One year contract with uniform number "1"[73]..The uniform name is "KSK".This "KSK" is the name of the brand that it develops, and it is a pun on the name Keisuke.[74].

The 2017-18 season was delayed due to the right calf being cut off, but the 8th semester of the first half on August 22ndVeracruzParticipated in the middle of the game from the second half and scored the first goal after transfer[75].Copa MXThen in the first round of the final tournamentZacatepekScored the first two games in a match after transfer[76], QuarterfinalTijuanaIn the battle, he scored four goals from the front halfway line and was praised.[77][78].. July 2017, 12,North and Central America Caribbean KingChallenged asFIFA Club World CupSo in the quarterfinalsWidard Casablanca(African champion) Contributed to victory by starting full participation in the match[79].. January 2018, 2, Section 3MoreliaScore a direct FK that will be the goal for two consecutive games in the battle[80], Section 14PueblaIn the battle, I scored two goals in the first league match[81].. Played in multiple positions, including 1 top, bottom top, right inside half, and right wing, and participated in 29 league games, scoring 10 goals and 7 assists, leading the team's attack.This activity is described by the North American media "ESPNPraised "the most impactful player in the Mexican League this season"[82].

Melbourne Victory

August 2018, 8,A league(Australia 1st Division)Melbourne VictoryThe transfer to was announced. The one-year contract has a uniform number of "1". No annual salary limitMarquee playerBecomes a contract as[83].

The 2018-19 season was appointed as the right inside half of the opening game on October 10th.Melbourne CityHe started the game with the captain mark and scored the first goal, which was his first goal after the transfer.[84].. 7 games from the opening, 4G3A, was selected as the best player of A League Month in October and November.[85].. In December, the right thigh was injured and left the team. February 12, 2019, Section 2Perth GloryHe returned for the first time in two months in the war.AFC Asian Champions League(ACL) Group Stage Section 1Daegu FCHe made his first appearance in the tournament. On March 2019, 3, as a club team player, Section 12 was the first Japanese triumphal match in 11 years and 3 months.Sanfrecce HiroshimaACL scored first in the match and was selected as the best eleven in Section 2[86][87].. The team reached third place in the regular season and decided to advance to the final series. In the final series, he participated in two full games and scored two assists, but in the semifinalsSydney FCLost to[88].

Vitesse Arnhem

After leaving Melbourne Victory in June 2019, he remained independent, but since October 6st of the same year, he has been a teacher of CSKA Moscow era.Leonid SlutskyLeadEredivisie OfSBV VitesseParticipate in the practice. On November 11th, the transfer to Vitesse was announced.The uniform number is "6" with a one-year contract until the end of the season. Return to Europe for the first time in two and a half years, return to the Netherlands for the first time in 1 years[89][90]..Although he was only planning to participate in the practice, he cites a change of heart as the reason for the transfer because he was eager to acquire it from Slutsky.[91].

January 2019, 11, Section 24SpartanIt was the first time in half a year since he started in the battle.[92].. Section 15HeerenfänAlthough he started in the match, the team lost and took responsibility for five consecutive losses after the match, and Slutsky resigned.[93].. December 12, announced that Fitesse will leave[94]..He cited the fact that he was unable to change the slumping team situation and invited his teacher, Slutsky, to retire.[95].


August 2020, 1,Campionato Brasileiro Serie A(Brazil 1st Division)BotafogoAnnounced transfer to[96].. The uniform number is "1" with a one-year contract.

August 2020, 3,Rio de Janeiro State ChampionshipSection 3 ofBangooHe started in the match, scored the first goal PK, and scored his first goal after the transfer.[97].. With this score, we achieved a total of 100 club career scores.[98].. In addition, it became the first player in history to score points in professional leagues on five continents: Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and South America.[Annotation 1][99][100]..But after the matchNew coronavirusAll official games were suspended due to the spread of the infection.The suspension drastically reduced the club's income, worsening the financial situation of the club, which had been in huge debt for some time, and continued to delay salaries to players and club staff. In May, Honda offered not to receive the late March salary, but the club announced that it would pay all players.[101].. Round 6 of the Rio de Janeiro State Championship, where official games will resume on June 29Cabo FrienseI was assigned the game captain from the war[102].. Section 10 of the Brazilian National Championship, October 11thSportScored the first national championship goal in the match[103]..The goal of the Japanese national championship isChiura Miura(1990),Maesono MasakiBecame the third person following (1998)[104]..The team sank into the relegation zone, and four managers (eventually five in a year) were dismissed in a year.Dissatisfied with the front team who dismissed the manager who did not take command in one game on the 1th, suggesting that he will leave Botafogo.[105].. April 12CollicivaHe injured his left thigh in the war, was diagnosed for 6 to 8 weeks, and left the team.

On December 2020, 12, he announced his departure from Botafogo on his Twitter account.[106], Announced to leave the group on January 2021, 1.Although he was injured even if he remained in the team, it was difficult for him to participate in the remaining games of the season, but supporters and the media made harsh voices about leaving the team while the team was in the relegation zone.But of my teammatesSalomon KalouPointed out the problem of Botafogo and showed understanding to Honda's departure[107]..He was criticized for holding his own farewell party with his teammates and team staff as the infection with the new coronavirus became more serious.[108].


February 2021, 2, Premium Voice ServiceNowVoicePrimera Liga(Portuguese 1st division league)PortimonenseReported the transfer to[109]..With a half-year contract, the uniform number is "4"[110]..He revealed that he had signed a contract two minutes before Primeira Liga's winter transfer deadline.However, at a later date, it turned out that the player registration was not in time, and it was also found that when the transfer market in the summer of 2 closed due to league regulations, it would not be recognized as a free agent that can be additionally registered unless it is an independent. Until January 2020, Honda, who belongs to Botafogo, did not fall under this category, so player registration was not permitted and he was unable to participate in the official competition this season, so he left the team.[111].

Neftçi Baku

August 2021, 3,Azerbaijan Premier League OfNeftçi BakuThe transfer to was announced.The uniform number is "4" in the contract until the end of this season[112]..Became the first Japanese player to play in the Azerbaijan Premier League[113].. May 4, Section 4SumqayitHe participated in the race from the beginning of the second half, and became the official race for the first time in three and a half months.Section 3KeslaScored the first goal after transfer in the battle[114], Section 26SabailScored for the second consecutive match in the match[115].. May 5th, the leader among the 19 consecutive league titlesKarabuffThe team started in the final round to win the championship, defeated Karabakh, and achieved the league championship for the first time in eight seasons in a reversal.[116].

Suduva Mariyanpole

August 2021, 9,A lyga(Lithuania 1st division league)SuduvaTransfer to was announced[117]..The uniform number is "3" in the contract until the end of this season[117].. March 9, Section 26BangaHe started in the match and scored his first goal after the transfer in the match that was the first actual match in four months.[118].

Representative career

In the 3rd year of Hoshiryu High School, as a Ishikawa prefecture selection, he played as a left side back instead of the original volunt, and with a strong kick without steps, it was very easy to change sides and the U-19 Japan national team coach was acting.Kiyoshi OkumaWas noticed and was elected to the Japanese national team for the first time in 2004.[119].. Held in June 2005FIFA World Youth Championship/NetherlandsWas called as U-20 Japan National Team and was injured.Yohei KajiyamaIn place of, he started in the first round of the Group League against Holland with Volante.[120]..However, the Netherlands overwhelmed the match in the first half, and Japan also got a time to catch the pace in the second half, but Honda was replaced on the way and the team lost.After this, the team advanced to the 16th best, but there was no chance to participate due to Kajiyama's demodulation.

Held in 2007Beijing Olympic Asian QualifyingIn the left half, left wing back, and left side back, he made full participation in the final five qualifying games and contributed to the right to participate in the Olympics. Held in August 5Beijing OlympicsSo I played for 3 matches,Hiroyuki TaniguchiAlthough he led the attack as a main force with them, he was defeated in all three losses of the group league.

2006 year 11 month,Representative AWas elected for the first time, but did not participate. June 2008, 6,2010 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying OfバーレーンA representative debut in the battle[2].. July 2009, 5,Giraffe cup OfチリIn battleNaoki YamadaReceived a pass from and scored the first goal of A representative[121]. On the right sideShunsuke NakamuraWas reigning, so Honda was in a position of refrain, but in 2010 it became a regular.

Held in October 2010FIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentThen I participated in 4 games in full.Immediately before the tournament, he was selected as a center forward (1 top) who had no experience before, and was the first match of the group league.カ メ ル ー ンScore the final points in the battle,FIFASelected for "Man of the Match"[122][123].. Round 3デンマークIn the battle, I scored the first goal with FK directly,Shinji OkazakiAlso contributed to the Japan national team's final tournament advancement, and was selected as "Man of the Match" in this match as well.[124].. Of the first round of the final tournamentパラグアイAlthough he made a strong impression in the fight, such as shooting a strong middle shot, the Japanese national team lost at the end of the PK match (a record draw). However, he was elected to the "Man of the Match" by the losing team, which is the third time for this tournament.[125].

Held in October 2011Asian Cup 2011Then start 5 games. Group League Round 2(I.e.In the match, he scored the 1000th international A-match of the Japanese national team in PK.[126].. Semi-final South KoreaIn the match, he showed a play that led to a total of two points, and was selected as a "Man of the Match" in these two games. Quarter-finalQatarIncluding the vertical pass that leads to two goals in the match, he contributed to the Japan National Team's first Asian Cup win in two tournaments by contributing to 2 points out of all 9 points that the Japanese representative gave in the game that he participated in. ) Was elected[127][128].

February 2011th, 2Footballer of the Year (Best Player of the Year)First voted out of 202 valid votes out of 75[129].. This is an award with a history of 50 years, but Honda is the first time that a player belonging to an overseas club receives the award.[Annotation 2].. Charity match held on March 3Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake Recovery Support Charity Match Ganbaro Nippon!In the “,” he showed his success in winning the FK that triggered the first goal and assisting Shinji Okazaki in the final. In August 2011, he injured his right knee meniscus and was forced to leave for a long time.2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 QualifyingMissed all games. May 2012アゼルバイジャンHe returned to the national team for the first time in nine months.

August 2012, 6,2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying OfJordanIn battlehat trickAchieved[130]..Honda's hat-trick is the first since high school and since he became a professional, and the hat-trick of Japanese players in the World Cup Asian final qualifying isChiura MiuraThis was the second feat in history since (1997 against Uzbekistan).[131].. July 2013, 6,AustraliaIn the additional time in the second half of the game, the Japanese national team decided on a penalty shootout that would be the same as they had won.2014 FIFA World CupI decided to participate. Honda, who scored 5 points in the final qualifying, renewed the highest score ever, surpassing Tomoyoshi Miura's 1 points in the total score in the World Cup Asian final qualifying in one tournament.[132].

Held in October 2013FIFA Confederations Cup 2013Then start 3 games. Group League Round 2イタリアThe penalty score was used to score the first goal, but the team lost the lead. Lost in all three losses of the Group League. Honda becomes Best Eleven in Group League selected by FIFAAndres Iniesta,Mario BalottelliAnd was the only one selected from the group league defeated countries.[133].

Held in October 2014FIFA World Cup Brazil TournamentThen full play in three games. Of the first match of the group leagueコ ー ト ワ ワ ー ルIn the match, he scored the first goal and renewed the Japanese World Cup highest score, but the team lost the lead. Round 2GreeceAlthough the team ended in a draw in the match, they were selected as the "Man of the Match" by FIFA.[134].. Round 3コロンビアIn battleShinji OkazakiHelped the team to lose but the team lost to the group league.

Held in October 2015Asian Cup 2015Then I played for 4 games. Score 3 points in the group league (2 points are PK),ASelected for Best Eleven Group League[135].. In the quarterfinals against UAETakeshi AmagasakiAssists the tie-breaker of, but with Honda in the PK gameShinji KagawaMissed PK and team lost[136].

August 2015, 11,2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying OfCambodiaScored points in the match and scored the first consecutive five consecutive World Cup qualifying goals in Japanese soccer history[137].(I.e.Scored goals in the match and scored 6 consecutive goals[138].. July 2016, 9,2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying OfUAEScore the first goal in the game and record seven consecutive goals[139].ThailandNo points could be scored in the match, and consecutive goals stopped in seven games.Participated in 7st place for the first time in 4 years against AustraliaGenki HaraguchiAssists the first goal of(I.e.In battleYuya OsakoAssisted in the first goal.

He started the match against Saudi Arabia on September 2017, 9, but was replaced after the first half.After the matchVahid Haril Hosic"I knew that Honda was lacking in intuition, so I used it for 45 minutes only. It is not at the top level in terms of rhythm, I want you to try hard to recover it"[140].. Underplay that he himself admits "Nothing at all"[141], "Honda unnecessary theory" erupted from soccer fans and the media.In response to this, Honda said on Twitter, "Thank you to all the soccer fans, the media, and other harsh voices such as" I don't need it anymore "." "I think the stage is set up with a good feeling. Thank you for the criticism.[142].. On September 2017, 9, except for injuries and matches organized by domestic teams, he was excluded from the national team for the first time in eight and a half years since March 28 due to poor performance in the national team and clubs. In March 2009, he was returned to the national team for the first time in six months after being evaluated for his success in the club.

Held in October 2018FIFA World Cup Russia TournamentThen, as a super-sub player, he played in the middle of 3 games. From CK in the first match of Group League against ColombiaYuya OsakoAssisted in the finals and achieved the first assist in three World Cup tournaments for Asians.[143].. Round 2セネガルIn the match, he scored a tie, achieved the first Japanese goal in three World Cup games in a row, and renewed the Asian World Cup score.[144].. Became the sixth player in history to score both goals and assists for the third time in the World Cup[3], The goal at 32 years 11 daysMasafumi NakayamaBecame the oldest goal of the Japanese World Cup, surpassing the score scored at the age of 30 and 277 days (against Jamaica in 1998).[4]..Honda's success in advancing to the final tournament of the Japanese national team was unexpected even for those who advocated "Honda unnecessary theory", and words of apology such as "Mr. Honda, I'm sorry" overflowed on the net.[145].. Also, British public broadcasting"BBC"Was selected as the best eleven in the group stage[146].. Of the first round of the final tournamentベルギーIn the match, in the latter half of the additional time, when they scored at the same score, a direct FK reminiscent of the South African World Cup match against Denmark was released from a long distance, but GK'sTibo kultwaWas blocked by the good defense of.Immediately after that, Courtois caught the kicked CK and scored a goal at the counter, and the team lost the game.After the match, Honda said, "I myself will be the last World Cup. I would like to expect young people who will pass the baton to the next generation and pull with the goal of winning the World Cup." I entrusted it to the next generation and stated that I would not aim for the World Cup four years from now.[147][148].

Honda and the Japanese national team, who went to aim for a goal in the additional time in the second half of the match against Belgium, had pros and cons, and immediately after the match.Fabio CapelloCriticized Honda who had kicked the CK, saying "I should have kept the ball and brought it to the extra time," in the book "Rostov's 14 seconds", "Without raising two CBs in front of the goal, one person himself I should have prepared it for the counter".[149].. But in the same bookAlberto Sackeroni"I made the right choice to kick the CK. I would have instructed me to aim for the goal like a Japanese national team if I was a director." "If I could score on the CK, the Japanese national team would praise me from all over the world. On the contrary, if you choose to spin the ball and lose, you may have been told, "I wish I had had the courage to fight". ""It was Japanese soccer culture that kept on attacking."[150].. Also, "Gekihaku!" which was broadcast on NHK BS1. Akira Nishino x Takeshi Okada"Takeshi Okada"I think it's definitely different because I take my time in the short corners to extra time. I should go to the game here," he said.Akira NishinoAlso said, "Because it's a big chance."One year after the match against Belgium, "The number one cause of losing was the first goal, and the second goal." "The third goal was painful not to delay Courtois' throwing."Japan Football AssociationPart of the analysis by the technical staff was revealed[151][152][153].

2018 year 8 month,2020 Tokyo OlympicsToOverageDeclared to aim for participation as[154]. But,Global pandemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)As a result, the Olympics have been postponed for one year. In June 1, the U-2021 Japan National Team was announced for the Tokyo Olympics, and as an overage, A representative is the main player.Maya Yoshida,Hiroki Sakai,Ko EndoWas elected, and Honda's participation in the Olympics did not come true.

As a leader

Cambodia national team coach

On August 2018, 8, a press conference was held in Cambodia, where despite being an active player,Cambodia representativeGM・Announced to take office as director[155].. However, since Honda itself does not have the qualification of supervision, in reality Honda takes the command, but in registrationFelix Augustin Gonzalez DalmasBecame the director. November 11,2018 Southeast Asian Football Championship OfLaosFirst victory of the director in the battle[156].. Representative of CambodiaSoutheast Asian Football ChampionshipThis is the third victory in all, and this is the first victory in 3 years since the 2002 Games.

August 2019, 6,2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 1 QualifyingPakistanWin the race and decide to advance to the second qualifying[157].. July 2019, 9,2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingHong KongDraws to and scored points in the first second qualifying round in Cambodian football history[158]..The Olympic team also serves as the actual coach, and in 2019Southeast Asian GamesIt was the first time in history to break through the group league and achieved a record high of 4th place.

On March 2021, 3, the contract extension until the 24 Southeast Asian Games was announced.[159]. Also,Felix Augustin Gonzalez DalmasAnnounced the retirement of the directorTeikyo High SchoolIt was announced that Ryu Hirose, who has led the team, will be appointed as the director.[160].

Achievements as other leaders

In May 2012, he opened his own soccer school, SOLTILO FAMILIA, in his hometown of Osaka.[9].. It opened in Kobe in November of the same year. SOLTILO is a coined word from Spanish "SOL = sun" and "ESTILO = style", and FAMILIA means a family.

On August 2015, 8, "HONDA ESTILO Co., Ltd." announced that it will establish new youth and junior youth[161].

On June 2016, 6, he was appointed as "Global Advocate for Youth", an educational business of the UN chaebol. Also in the United StatesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBecame the first Japanese athlete to become a special researcher at Media Lab[162].

As a business

  • 2017 year 12 month,HR Brain Co., Ltd. "KSK Angel Fund LLC", which is represented by Keisuke Honda. We plan to join investors and jointly develop unique methods to achieve our goals and collaborate on publicity.
  • 2018 year 4 month,Will SmithIn collaboration withInvestment fundEstablished "Dreamers Fund"[163].. Raised about 1 million dollars from investors around the world,American startupPlan to invest in[163]. On September 7,Nomura HoldingsAnnounced that it will participate in the investment in the fund[163].
  • In April 2020, we released the voice call service "Now Voice",With Darvish,Kei NishikoriMany celebrities participated[164].
  • In May 2020, a business fund that invests, etc.WINEEstablished "Challenger FUND"[165].

Characteristics as a player

Play style

During the Nagoya era, he wasn't so conscious of shooting, and once said that “the aesthetics of himself was a pass”, but after moving overseas, he thought that leaving the number of goals was a shortcut to career advancement, Established a style aiming at[166][167].

Free kickIs said to be good at[168][169]I am good at a slightly distant position[170].

Previously, it was sometimes pointed out by the Japanese national team that the amount of exercise during defense was low.[171].. Also allMidfieldPosition and wings, sometimesCenter forward,Left side backBut play[Annotation 3],ユ ー テ ィ リ テ ィIt has excellent properties.

2010 yearsFIFA World Cup South Africa Tournament OfパラグアイIn the battle, he recorded the fastest run of 29.43 km / h among both teams.J SPORTSWeb-based columnist Kimiki Harada wrote, "I don't know how long this number lasted, but at least Honda is not slow."[172].


As a Japanese player, his success in the South African World Cup and CL was highly evaluated in 2010.Shinji OnoThe second person since (2002)UEFA Team of the YearWas nominated by[173][174].

Selected as "2020st Century Japan National Team Best Eleven" selected by British media "90min" in 21[6]Selected as "Best Asian Eleven" by German media "SPOX"[7]Selected as "World Cup Best Eleven" by the "Asia Football Confederation (AFC)" and "Opta"[8].

I coached Honda for 4 years as the national coachAlberto Sackeroni"I have a great professionalism with great technique. It is a rare type of Japanese player and has a strong physicality. It has outstanding personality and requires many balls in the match." "On the pitch I know I can be a leader in my own way."[175].. Honda in 2016-17 seasonAC MilanHe was skeptical that he would be used in the side position when he was put in a standstill, "This is what I've been saying for a long time. He takes the ball under his feet and gives him an idea from there. He has to send 100 passes and he never gets tired."[176].. "It was not a failure. Milan had various problems and could not make use of the player named Honda," he said.[177].

Leonid Slutsky TheCSKA MoscowDuring his time as a coach, “Honda is a player with the best technique. He also has a strong mental strength to be able to do well in big clubs. A high-precision last pass, a strong shot, and the qualities required of a modern soccer commander. A player who has all of the above. Honda is suitable to play at a big club.[178]. Also,FitesseWhen I was a director, “Kesuke is a robot. Everything is proper, such as eating, sleeping, training, preparing, and conditioning. Sure, he is not a fast and fast player, but quality other than speed is sufficient. One of the best players in my life as a leader"[179][180]. 

2010 yearsFIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentImmediately after being defeated,ArsenalDirector'sArsen WengerTherefore, "genius" "best player so far" "certainly top level" "For further growth in Japan, we should train clone players who have the same abilities as Honda. If that is impossible, further Honda To make use ofVillaI should look for a partner like"[181].. In the report of the World Cup South Africa Tournament prepared by the FIFA Technical Research Group,Daisuke MatsuiAnd the dribble technology was evaluated as high[182].. In October 2010, the world-famous soccer information site "goal.com" published an article praising "the best Asian soccer player."[183].

2014 yearsFIFA World Cup Brazil TournamentAlthough criticized by Japanese media after the defeat,[184][185][186]The match against Ivory Coast in ItalyGazzetta dello Sport[187],FrenchLe Monde[188],Lequip[189]Fights Colombia with Brazilian Placar magazine, Gazzetta Esportiva, Lance[190], Follya paper[191] Was given a high rating. After the end of the group league, using the official analysis system, FIFA announced the ranking of all 736 participating players with a maximum of 10 points, and Honda scored 8.96 points overall with 37 points and the highest rank among Japanese players.[192][193][Annotation 4].

At AC Milan, who transferred during the 2013-14 season,Alessandro Costacurta"I have to say that at the present time Honda is at a level that cannot be recognized as "a member of Milan" rather than "Milan No. 10"."[194], Of the same OBPaolo Maldini"Unfortunately Honda does not have the ability to be a savior," given Milan's stagnation.[195] Was described.

However, in the OB, Milan's directorFilippo InzaghiSince 2014-15 season, "Honda is a player who can show the spirit necessary for victory everywhere. (Italian media) can not be convinced to report underestimation to Honda," Honda reported in Italy unnecessary Kick the theory[196].. Former Italian national team defender after 2014-15 seasonFulvio Collovati"I was surprised at Honda. He is a player from a different football. He has a good quality."[197], Milan OBMaurizio Ganz"I'm really doing a great job. I have improved the quality of Milan."[198], Italian luxury paperCorriere de la SerraIs Honda's scoring powerCheckerino(Cecchino: Master of Shooting)"[199], Gazzetta dello SportIs "a man with virtue and courage"[200], The people concerned and the mass media changed their evaluation one after another.


FatherKumamotoSakamotoFrom[201].. MotherHiroshimaBackground[202].. My brother-in-law Hiroyuki is also a former soccer player, and in 2005Oita TrinitaIt was decided to join, but due to injury, he retired from active duty and is currently in Honda.AgentIs serving.

Big uncle OfDaisaburo Honda The1964 Tokyo OlympicsCanoeParticipated in a Canadian pair of competitions. The son'sHonda Tamon(Keisuke's parents' cousin, Keisuke's cousin is different)wrestling OfFree styleActive with experience of participating in three consecutive Olympic gamesProfessional wrestlerIs[16].

Former nursery school employee in July 2008ChildminderMarried to a woman[203].. The first eldest son was born in the autumn of 2012[204][205].

From 1999 to 2004Weekly Shonen SundayWas serialized inSoccer cartoon"FantasistaIs a fan of the author in 2009Michiteru KusabaTalk with. With this as a trigger, I participated in the sequel "Fantasista Stella" serialized from October 2012 to 10 in the form of a draft and appeared as the person himself.[206].

He had black hair in the Nagoya era, but has been blonde since the transfer to the Netherlands and is now a trademark of Honda.[207].

In private, always on both arms腕 時 計Wearing[14].. In October 2011, we signed a sponsorship agreement with Italian watchmaker "GaGa MILANO"[208].. About why you wear them on your arms in 2008Yasuda UniversityWhen he asked, he was wondering, "Who decided to wear a watch with one arm?"[14]When I was interviewed by Russian magazine "Futbol" in 2013 (while I was in CSKA Moscow), "It's my style, but it has another meaning. One is Russia time, the other is Japan time. Don't call or email me."[209].. This episode is about an entertainer who imitates HondaJunichi DavidsonIs also used.

SpikeMizunoUses "Ignitas"[210].. It is said that this spike sold rapidly due to Honda's success after the World Cup.By the way, the size of the right foot is 26.5 cm and the size of the left foot is 27.0 cm, and at the 2010 World Cup, the point of the right foot is replaced and the left foot is fixed.In addition, even after transferring to Europe, maintenance has been requested to Noriyuki Matsuura, who is in charge of equipment for the old nest and Nagoya Grampus, and according to Matsuura, "about 10 to 15 pairs are consumed annually."[211].

Fashion is often featured in the media. Of 2010South Africa World CupWhen I returned from Japan, I was the only person in the team to appear in the arrival lobby wearing sunglasses.[212].


  • The dominant foot and the date of birth are the sameAkihiro KanameAndGamba OsakaHe is a junior youth student and has a relationship of respecting each other as a best friend.[213].
  • Honda respectsHidetoshi NakataIsRepresentation from JapanOften compared as the old and new ace under the top of. At the age of 21, he moved to the European League and is active, and he has a strong physical and mentality away from the Japanese.FashionThere is a common point such as their original commitment to. Two peopleSouth African World CupI met for the first time in a dialogue that was broadcast just before. Nakata expects Honda to be a player who is greedy and wants to be better, and who will bear the future of Japan.[214].
  • Beijing OlympicsIn the digestive match after being defeated in the group league of, with several playersKoji SorimachiRevealed that he was against the direction of the director[215].
  • VVV Venlo"When releasing HondaTransfer feePart of the newStadiumIt will be used for construction."NHKIn response to the interview, supporters said, "The name of the new stadium should be "Kesuke Honda Stadium"."Bronze statueVVV Venlo's commentary that says Honda's achievements and centripetal force(Dutch version"I will leave Keisuke's achievements for the club in some way," the president said.[216].. On September 2018, 9, a portrait was painted on the exterior wall of VVV Venlo's home stadium as one of the three successive players[217].
  • channel 2IncludingInternet bulletin board,twitter,mixi,Nico Nico DougaIn the comment section ofHonda △(Meaning: Honda Triangle → Honda-san → → Honda-san is cool)Net slangHas spread[218], 2010New Word/Buzzword AwardWas also nominated[219].
  • Following the success of the 2010 World Cup,FC BarcelonaIt was revealed that several European clubs including the above were moving to acquire under the surface.
  • 2011 year 3 month,Great East Japan EarthquakeAs a contribution toJapanese Red Cross SocietyDonated 5000 million yen through[220]. Also,soccer ballDonated 200 to children in the disaster area[220].. In addition, we established the “Notice of Honda Disaster Support Fund” to collect donations, operate over ¥950 million of the collected funds, andMiyagiIshinomakiToFutsalBuilt a place[221].
  • In VVV Venlo, August 20112008-09 seasonThe second hometown where I spent my high school days in honor of the MVP's successIshikawaKanazawaFor children in 42Meters× 28 metersArtificial grassCourt "Keisuke Honda Life Coat" was installed[222].. DutchNPO corporationJohann Cruif FoundationFrom Venlo President Belden, a request from the Japan Football Association to donate the court arrived. After that, the association of Japan was realized with the cooperation of the Ishikawa Prefecture Association and Kanazawa City.
  • CapcomPopular game ofMonster hunter] As a fan of the series, the total play time is over 2013 hours as of 185. In 2013Nintendo 3DSSoftware "Monster Hunter 4Was the commercial image character[223].
  • Elementary schoolGraduation collection"Become the best soccer player in the world"Serie AI'm writing a dream for the future.[224].. April 2014,AC MilanJoin a club in multiple clubs[225] While receiving an offer from, he answered the question "Why did you choose AC Milan?" "When I asked" Little Honda "in my heart, I said I wanted to play for Milan."[226]Commented, "One dream has come true"[227].
  • "Milan'smanagementThen the good partOn the other hand, a teacherI am directly looking at the part that should be done. This will surely live in future business. SoManagementEven so, playing in Milan is worthwhile," he professes to be involved in the soccer business as a manager after retirement.
  • April 2016, occurred in the same monthKumamoto earthquakeReceiveKumamotoDonated 1000 million yen to[228].
  • August 2016, the day beforeCentral Italy earthquakeReceiveItalian Red Cross SocietyTo 2EuroDonated (230 million yen)[229][230].
  • September 2017, two occurrences in the same monthMexico earthquakeReceived 50 in the Mexican Red CrossMexican pesoDonated (310 million yen)[231].
  • I disliked the name of "Former Japan National Team" and sent it out on my SNS to write "National Challenger"[232].

As a manager

Soccer school

In 2012, a soccer school that started for elementary school students counted 65 in Japan, clubs for junior high school students totaled 3 in Kanto and Kansai, and youth clubs for high school students were 1, which is Japan's largest soccer in just 4 years. Become a manager who runs a school (April 2016)[9].

“Talent is not something that was born, it is refined by the environment. The environment necessary to develop talented people who have big dreams and can work hard when things go wrong, and to develop their talents. The mission of the school is to give an opportunity. It is unusual for an active player to participate in the sports business in such a full scale in home Europe. The aim is to run a school that embodies Honda's philosophy of “challenge what nobody else has done”.

2017 years,2025 International ExpoAppointed as special envoy[233].


On June 2015, 6, his management office "HONDA ESTILO Ltd."SV hornAnnounced that it will enter the management of. It was reported as "club acquisition" by many media, but this was a false alarm, and it was announced on the German official website of SV Horn that "HONDA ESTILO is a new business partnership partner to invest in our club". .. SV Horn Chairman Rudolf Roudon said the agreement with Honda Side is three years and that he has a partnership agreement by the end of the 3 season.

In Europe, even in the lower league, there is a chance to be scouted by the top team, so I intend to increase the number of players who play in Europe at a young age[234].. Since Honda is playing as an active player, he can not be involved in the club's work locally, but he not only keeps in touch with the staff every day and listens to the latest status reports, but he is not limited to being on the pitch himself, and is a detailed idea of ​​attracting customers, etc. Is issued.

In addition, Honda and HONDA ESTILO are working to strengthen players and improve team performance by using IT.SAPIn cooperation with, we announced the start of "", an initiative to analyze players' training and data during the game and to lead to training. In the projectBayern Munich,Yokohama F. MarinosBut it is also adoptedSAP HANAAs a data analysis tool[235][236].. The tool contributed to the German national team's victory at the 2014 Soccer World Cup, and HONDA ESTILO's efforts have received a great deal of attention in the sports business and IT industries.[237][238][239][240][241][242].


August 2016, 12,CambodiaAnnounced that it will be involved in the management of Siem Reap Angkor FC. Club management is the second club following SV horn[243].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

On September 2017, 9, we acquired the first team in Africa andUganda Super LeagueBecame the actual owner of (Part 1).The third club to become the actual owner[10].

Affiliation club

Youth career

Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
Japan[244]League matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
NetherlandsLeague matchLeague cupKNVB cupTotal period
2007-08 Tourist29Eredivisie142--142
2008-09 10Eerste3616-103716
2009-10 Eredivisie186-22208
ロシアLeague matchRussian CupOpen cupTotal period
2010-11 CSKA Moscow7Russian Premier28450-334
2011-12 25810-268
2012-13 23731-268
2013-14 18100-181
イタリアLeague matchItalian CupOpen cupTotal period
2013-14 Milan10Serie A14121-162
2014-15 29610-306
2015-16 30171-372
2016-17 8110-91
メキシコLeague matchCopa MXOpen cupTotal period
2017-18 Pachuca02Riga MX291053-3413
AustraliaLeague matchLeague cupFFA CupTotal period
2018-19 Melbourne V4A league187-00187
NetherlandsLeague matchLeague cupKNVB cupTotal period
2019-20 Fitesse33Eredivisie40--40
BrazilLeague matchBrazilian CupOpen cupTotal period
2020Botafogo4Serie A18291-273
PortugalLeague matchLeague cupPortugal CupTotal period
2020-21 Portimonense4Primera---00
アゼルバイジャンLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
2020-21 Neftçi Baku4Premier72--72
リトアニアLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
2021FK Suduva3A lyga--
ロシアRussian Premier942091-10321
イタリアSerie A819112-9211
メキシコRiga MX291053-3413
AustraliaA league187-00187
BrazilSerie A18291-273
リトアニアA lyga--
Other official games
International competition individual results FIFA
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscoreParticipationscore
2009-10 CSKA Moscow18-41-
2010-11 771--
2011-12 -10-
2013-14 -62-
AACL-Club world cup
2019Melbourne V441--
Other international official games

Japanese representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

International A Match 98 games 37 points (2008-2018)[2]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


  Scoring in the FIFA World Cup
#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.NovemberJapan, OsakaChilean flag チリ○ 4-0Giraffe cup football 2009
2.NovemberYokohama, JapanScottish flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-0Giraffe challenge cup2009
3.NovemberJapan, MiyagiTogolese flag ト ー ゴ○ 5-0
4.NovemberJapan, ToyotaBahrain flag バーレーン○ 2-0AFC Asian Cup 2011 Qualifying
5.NovemberBloomfontein, South AfricaCameroon flag カ メ ル ー ン○ 1-02010 FIFA World Cup
6.NovemberRustenburg, South AfricaDanish flag デンマーク○ 3-1
7.NovemberQatar, DohaSyrian flag (I.e.○ 2-1AFC Asian Cup 2011
8.NovemberJapan, SapporoRepublic of Korea flag South Korea○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2011
9.NovemberJapan, SaitamaOman Flag Oman○ 3-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
10. NovemberJapan, SaitamaJordan flag Jordan○ 6-0
13. NovemberJapan,KobeLatvian flag ラトビア○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
14. NovemberJapan, SaitamaAustralian flag Australia△ 1-12014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
15. NovemberBrazil,RecifeItalian flag イタリア● 3-4FIFA Confederations Cup 2013
16. NovemberJapan, MiyagiUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 2-4Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
17. NovemberJapan, OsakaGuatemala flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 3-0
18. NovemberYokohama, JapanGhana flag ガーナ○ 3-1
19. Novemberベルギー,GenkDutch flag Netherlands△ 2-2International friendly match
20. NovemberBelgium,ブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBelgian flag ベルギー○ 3-2
21. NovemberAmerica,TampaZambia flag Zambia○ 4-3
23. NovemberBrazil, RecifeCote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル● 1-22014 FIFA World Cup
24. NovemberJapan, ToyotaHonduras flag ホンジュラス○ 6-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
25. NovemberAustralia,NewcastlePalestinian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0AFC Asian Cup 2015
26. NovemberAustralia,BrisbaneIraqi flag (I.e.○ 1-0
27. NovemberAustralia,MelbourneJordan flag Jordan○ 2-0
28. NovemberJapan, OitaTunisia flag チュニジア○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2015
29. NovemberYokohama, JapanIraqi flag (I.e.○ 4-0
30. NovemberJapan, SaitamaCambodia flag Cambodia○ 3-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
31. November(I.e.,TehranAfghanistan flag アフガニスタン○ 6-0
32. NovemberOman,MuscatSyrian flag (I.e.○ 3-0
33. NovemberSingapore, KaranSingapore flag Singapore○ 3-0
34. NovemberCambodia,Phnom PenhCambodia flag Cambodia○ 2-0
35. NovemberJapan, SaitamaSyrian flag (I.e.○ 5-0
36. NovemberJapan, SaitamaUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates● 1-22018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying
37. Novemberロシア,YekaterinburgFlag of senegal セネガル△ 2-22018 FIFA World Cup

Chronological Table

Teaching history


ク ラ ブ

VVV Venlo
AC Milan
Neftçi Baku



Starring program






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  4. ^ The other MFs who came in 100th place from JapanYamaguchi fireflyOnly, the Colombian MF ranked first overallJames RodriguezScored 9.79 points[193].


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