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⚽ | Tochigi SC's rough play is controversial!Following Matsumoto Yamaga GK Tomohiko Murayama, Iwata GK Ryuki Miura also has dangerous eyes ...

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Rough play of Tochigi SC is controversial!Following Matsumoto Yamaga GK Tomohiko Murayama, Iwata GK Ryuki Miura also has dangerous eyes ...

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"The J-League should warn Tochigi SC," some have accused Tochigi SC of continuing to play dangerously against the opponent's goalkeeper.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J2 League Section 34, Tochigi SC vs. Jubilo Iwata was held on the 17th, resulting in a 1-1 draw ... → Continue reading

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Tochigi SC

Tochigi SC(Tochigi SC, Tochigi SC)Japan OfTochigiUtsunomiya CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club. The registered team name isTochigi soccer club.


The predecessor of the Tochigi Kicking Team, founded in 1953[1]. In 2007J League Associate ClubApproved as[4], Joined the J League since 2009[1].. Since before joining the J.League, mainly due to trademark registration[Note 1]A change in the team name was considered, and a new name was solicited, but when joining the J-League, the team name was not changed and the activity continues as "Tochigi SC". In February 2013, he became a senior advisor to Tochigi SC.Ikuo MatsumotoIs (Utsunomiya specialtyThunderHe commented that he was thinking of adopting a nickname that is easy to associate with the region, such as "Tochigi Thunders".[6]. Home stadiumTochigi Green Stadium[1], The practice field is Kawachi Sports Park[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee). The operating companyTochigi Soccer Club Co., Ltd.[1], The mascotmonkeyWith the motif2011 Was born inTokkiIs[1].



2000-2008 (JFL)

  • 2000 : Japan Football LeaguePromoted to (JFL)[1].
  • 2003 : Takahashi Takahashi becomes director[1].
  • 2005 May 3: Announced membership in J League[7].
  • 2006
    • June 6: Established Tochigi Soccer Club Co., Ltd. as an operating company[2].
    • March:J League associate memberApply for[7].
    • August 8: Continued deliberation by the J.League board of directors as the management system (financial plan) of the operating company is insufficient[8].
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,The 86th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipJ3 in the third roundTokyo VerdyVictory.In addition, in this game, it was reported by the media companies that "defeat the teacher group Verdy" and "breast teacher corps".[Note 2].
  • 2007
    • February 2:Gainale TottoriApproved as a J-League associate member[4].
    • June 6: Takahashi resigns as director due to poor performance (19th place at the end of Section 16 of the previous term)[1].
    • March:Koichi ShitaniIs appointed as director[1][9].
    • December: Most of the amateur contract players are released in order to change from a mixed professional / amateur team to an all-professional team.Ryosuke TakayasuAll but the other amateurs have signed professional contracts, but all other amateur players have left.
  • 2008
    • Start with a total of 19 people, including 8 new members, 1 remaining people, and 28 rental person.
    • May 11 : Arte TakasakiWinning the battle, JFL 4th place or less, which is a condition for joining the J League, is confirmed.
    • December 12: At the J-League Extraordinary Board of Directors2009 Approved to join the J-League[1].
    • After the season, Hashiratani retires as director[9].

2009-2015 (J2)

Team slogan: monolithic
Fukuoka,KobeFormer directorHiroshi MatsudaIs appointed as a director. While 13 players left the groupKofuからYuki Inoue,千葉からNorihiro Kawakami,Atsushi Ito,YamagataからTakumi Motohashi,KobeからKeisuke Kurihara,京都からHiroki Okubo,OmiyaIt will be the first time in four and a half years sinceWakabayashi,NagoyaFrom originalRepresentation from Japan OfMt. Yoneyama AtsushiWith a complete transfer,NiigataからKazuhisa KawaharaTheTransfer with time limitObtained at.In the middle of the seasonToru Miyamoto, Was acquired by a loan transfer.The season result is 18th out of 17 clubs.
Team slogan: Previous new
Matsuda system second year.2 players, including rental transferees, have left the group.Miyamoto, who has been transferred for a limited time since the previous year,Kenmi Iida(Yokohama FC),Kazumasa Takagi(Gifu),Hiroyuki Hayashi(Tokushima),Koji Hirose(Tosu) Is acquired by a complete transfer.Masaru Nasugawa,Hashimoto Masato,Ricardo Lobo,Yeo Hyo-jinIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Hirokazu Usami,Makoto Sugimoto,Tatsuya Onodera,Takayuki FunayamaIs a new member.Leonardo's rental period has also been extended.In the middle of the seasonYokohama FMからKouta MizunumaWas acquired by a loan transfer.In the 14th section, he was ranked 4th, and the final ranking was 10th, which was higher than the previous year.
Team slogan: To J1
Matsuda system third year.From MitoMasashi OwadaFrom KusatsuNishizawa Daishiya,Tokyo VからTomoyuki Suzuki,Arsenal FCからTriposiWas acquired by complete transfer (contract canceled on June 6).oakからHirofumi Watanabe,KashimaからSuzuki Hisato,NiigataEnrolled in 2009Kazuhisa KawaharaWas a loan transfer from Tokyo V for a limited timeMasaru NasugawaAcquired by complete transfer. July,FC FadousからSabiaFrom Urawa with a complete transferShunsuke TsutsumiWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.
This year, the back stand seats at Tochigi Green Stadium were completed.But,May 3ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe joint part of the bridge, which is the aisle for the audience seats, was damaged due to the occurrence of[10]..Therefore, repair work was carried out, and a temporary gate was installed in another safe place during the work.[11].
リーグ戦は第9節(3試合目)、第10節、第11節、第17節(11試合目)、第18節(12試合目)で首位に立ち、9月4日の第4節FC TokyoThe match ended in a draw, but in that matchPaulinhoIs rightfibulafractureIf you leave the front line, the ranking will drop, and the final ranking will be 10th.J1Although it was not promotedNorth Kanto DerbyWon for the first time.
Team slogan: To J1
Matsuda system third year.Takashi Kamoshida,Choi Kun-soo(KumamotoTransfer to),Toshikazu Irie,Masayuki OchiaiLeft the group,Ricardo Lobo oakWhat,Masaru Nasugawa,Hiroki OkuboCompletely transferred to Tokushima,Shunsuke Tsutsumi(Transferred to Fukuoka),Hirofumi Watanabe(Return to Kashiwa),Kouta Mizunuma(Return to Yokohama FM ⇒ Transfer to Tosu for rental) left the group when the rental transfer period expired.
As a new forceKobeからMasaki YanagawaFrom Yokohama FCKenji Arahori,FC GifuからKazunori Kan,KashimaからTakefumi Takuma,ShonanからKohei Usui,Tokyo VからTakuro Kikuoka,(I.e.からSatoshi KukinoFrom FukuokaTatsunori YamagataWith a complete transfer,(I.e.からYuuki NatsumeAcquired by rental transfer,Kazuhisa Kawahara,Suzuki HisatoMoved to full transfer,Yoo Dae HyunIs a new member, before the home openerCar ageJoined on the way. (Along with that, due to the foreigner quota, this seasonCA MetropolitanoObtained by rental transfer fromgyroWas deregistered[12]).In the middle of the seasonKohei UsuiLeaved from Kashima in June with a loan transferRyuta SasakiBut in August from KawasakiYudai TanakaJoined.
In addition,PaulinhoBecame the team's first foreign captain.
Section 3Tokushima7th place at the end of Section 8 without losing 7 consecutive sections from the battle.Section 10YamagataRetreated to 3th place after losing 13 consecutive games, but Section 21AndHe won 6 consecutive games and moved up to 8th place at one point, but in the final 10 games he was sluggish with 2 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses, and finished the season in 11th place.Emperor's cupIn the third roundYokohama FCDefeated.
The official store "TOCKEY SQUARE" opened on March 3th.[13][14].
Team slogan: Impressed!
Matsuda system third year.Hiroyuki Takeda,Kazuhisa Kawahara7 people left the group,Yuuki NatsumeThe transfer of three people has expired.
The new force is Tochigi PrefectureNikkoFromYosuke Yuzawa(Komazawa University),Tatsuya Enomoto(Tokushima),Yoji Nakano(Yokohama FC),Yoshinori Katsumata(Machida),Yusuke Kondo(Sapporo), originalRepresentation from Japan OfSanto Lord Alessandro(Nagoya) Is a complete transfer,Cristiano(Red Bull Salzburg),Daiki Nishioka(Hiroshima),Keisuke Harada(Sendai) Was acquired by a loan transfer, and started with a system of 27 people.Also,Utsunomiya CityI'm fromTosuFormer director / GMIkuo MatsumotoHowever, he became a senior advisor and became a director on April 4.
From Section 9 until the end of Section 23J1 promotion playoffsAlthough he kept within 6th place within the range, he has not won 19 games in a row (4 minutes 1 losses) including 11 loss in 6 consecutive games since the 5th round.[15]、順位も第27節終了時点以降14位まで低下する。雷雨によって中止再試合となった9月11日の第26節愛媛戦に0-1で敗れた直後の9月13日、松田が監督を退任し、松本が後任監督に就任。監督交替後はリーグ戦でホームゲーム4戦全勝を含む10試合7勝1分2敗の成績を挙げ、結局9位でシーズンを終える[16]..The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Yokohama FM in the third round.A management problem emerged in November (see details).#Management problemsSee).Matsumoto retired from coaching after the season (dedicated to directors).
Team slogan: Challenge-Everything for Tochigi-
Head coachYuji SakakuraIs appointed as a director.Was the core force of the clubPaulinhoIs a loan transfer, the team's top scorerSabiaCristiano,Takefumi Takuma,Kazumasa Takagi,Takuro Kikuoka,Santo Lord AlessandroThey left the group.
The new force isUtsunomiya CityFromKeiya NakamiRyota SakataTwo college graduates,Oita TrinitaからTakuma Nagayoshi,FC TokyoからKentaro ShigematsuJoined the transfer.Shimizu S-PulseからNaoya Okane,Lee Min Soo,Yuji Senuma3 people,Yokohama FCからTetsuya Okubo,Kashima AntlersからTakamasa Suzuki,CA MetropolitanoからDuduJoined with a loan transfer, and a total of 25 people will face the season[17]..The club changed its policy to a "cultivation type club" due to the problem of insolvency.[18].
In the first half of the league, he achieved good results and kept in front of the PO area, but he lost 22 consecutive games from the 27nd round against Chiba to the 6th round against Shonan and finished 12th.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Gunma in the second round.Management problems have been improved, and insolvency has been resolved by acquiring new sponsors and raising funds from citizens of the prefecture.After the season, Matsumoto resigned as a director.
Team slogan: Enthusiasm-Everything for Tochigi-
The second year of the Sakakura system.Kentaro Shigematsu Machida,Tatsuya Enomoto FC Tokyo,Tomoyuki Suzuki And,Cha Young Fan Kanazawa,Yusuke Kondo KitakyushuTransferred to each.AlsoPaulinhoIs a loan transfer destination(I.e.After returning from千葉Completely transferred toTakamasa Suzuki,Tetsuya Okubo,Naoya Okane,Lee Min SooHowever, he left the group due to the expiration of the transfer for a limited time.Kunihiro ShibasakiRetired from active duty.
New playersAtagoからHan Hee Hoon,HiroshimaからLee Dae Hong,SendaiからShigeru Sakurai,MitoからKei Omoto,IwataからYasuhiko Takeshige,Kanoya University of Physical EducationからDaisuke Yoshimitsu..Also from SendaiFelipe, From HiroshimaPark Hyung Jin,KofuからAkito Kawamoto,UrawaからToyofumi Sakano,KobeからRyo MatsumuraJoined for a limited time.
He couldn't earn points due to three consecutive losses from Section 5 and five consecutive draws from Section 3, and in Section 11 he fell to 5th place on the verge of relegation. Sakakura's resignation as director was announced on July 24th.Yasuharu KurataAs a new director.And new Brazil(Portuguese versionからJonathan,Korea·(Korean versionからLee Joo YoungEarned,ShimizuからShota KanekoWas added with a loan transfer.On the other hand, he released Felipe and Lee Dae-Heon,Takuma NagayoshiTheSC SagamiharaTransferred to for a limited time[Note 3].
Head coach in SeptemberUeno YusakuResigned, but commented in an interview with the Shimotsuke Shimbun, "I didn't intend to quit and I felt like trying hard to stay in J2. However, it was difficult under the current system."[19]..There was no victory at the end of the 29th round against Yokohama FC, and he fell to the bottom in the 33rd round. Inspiring the team by distributing special T-shirts and installing banners as part of the "Crawl up from here! J2 Death Guard Total War" project, but in the final sectionConsadole SapporoLost to, and ended up at the bottom,J3 leagueIt was decided to be demoted to.Also, the Emperor's Cup is in the first roundRyutsu Keizai UniversityWas defeated in a penalty shootout.After the season, Kurata took responsibility for the demotion and resigned as director.In addition, the president and chairman resigned. GM and strengthening manager were dismissed[20][21].

2016-2017 (J3)

Team slogan: Yusho-Everything for Tochigi-
ShonanHead coachYokoyama YujiBecame the director.Kenji Arahori Yamagata,Yosuke Yuzawa Mito,Keiya Nakami Tosu,Tatsuya Onodera Nagasaki,Yudai Nishikawa Toyama,Lee Joo Young 千葉Transfer toRyo Matsumura,Shota Kaneko,Akito Kawamoto,Park Hyung Jin,Toyofumi SakanoHowever, he left the group due to the expiration of the transfer for a limited time.
The new force is(I.e.からKyotaro Yamakoshi,FujimoriからOtoshi Otoshi,TokushimaからDaisuke Saito,TottoriからYamamoto Daiki,AndからTatsuya Wada,京都からHayato SasakiWith a complete transfer,CA MetropolitanoSince last seasonKanazawaWas transferred to theJane MoselFrom ShonanKenta Hirose,OmiyaからShuhei KawadaFrom NagasakiYosuke KamigataIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Takuma NagayoshiHas returned from a loan transfer destination.Enrolled until 2011 during the seasonRicardo LoboHas returned.
J3リーグでは、開幕から5試合で1勝1分3敗と開幕ダッシュに失敗するも、第6節以降、第10節からの10連勝を含む17試合負けなし(13勝4分)で、前半戦最後の第15節終了時に首位に立って以降、後半戦は常に首位をキープし続けた。しかし、第29節で長野に敗れ、4連勝した大分に勝点で並ばれ、得失点差で優位に立つ大分に首位を明け渡す。最終節、アウェーで盛岡に引き分けで終わったため、同節も勝利し5連勝で終えた大分に及ばす、結局2位でJ2・J3 replacement gameHe played against Kanazawa in 2st place in J21, lost 0-1 at home and 0-2 away, and missed his return to J1 in a year.
Emperor's cupThen, I participated in the qualifying session due to the relegation to J3,Verfe Takahara NasuHe lost in the semi-final with and missed the Emperor's Cup.
Team slogan:Concentration must-all for Tochigi-
Yokoyama system second year.Takuma NagayoshiRetired,Isao Honma Niigata,Daisuke Yoshimitsu,Otoshi Otoshi YamaguchiComplete transfer to,Shimakawa Toshiro,Jane MoselHas expired the loan transfer period, has been enrolled since 2008 in the JFL era, and from the middle of last yearSagamiharaWas transferred to with a deadlineHideyuki AkaiIncludingDaisuke Saito(KochiTransfer to),Hayato Sasaki,Tatsunori Yamagata(Transferred to Toyama),Kyotaro Yamakoshi,Yamamoto Daiki,Yohei Nishimura(Transferred to Fujieda),Ricardo LoboLeft the group when his contract expired.
The new force isMoriokaからTaku Ushinohama,NaganoからRen Sengoku,Ryosuke Kamata,Johnny Leoni, From YamaguchiNaoto Ando,ShonanSince last yearFukushimaEnrolled inShota Fukuoka,G OsakaからKenya Okazaki,JFL-UrayasuからTakenakaIs acquired by full transfer.Yazaki Miyazaki,Yosuke Kamigata,Shuhei KawadaHas transitioned from a loan transfer to a full transfer.During the season, Austria 3rd DivisionSV hornからShota SakakiFrom OmiyaNetz PetunikFrom Omiya with a complete transferTakumu FujinumaWith a loan transfer.On the other handNinohe Tochigi 1st Divisionof,TakenakaIs JFLHachinoheTransferred to a deadline.
中断期間前の第16節から、3連勝6連勝各1回を含む13試合連続負けなしを記録、第24節終了時からは首位をキープするが、第29節から最終節までは逆に6試合連続未勝利で失速、最終的に優勝は逃したものの2位を死守し、3年ぶりのJ2I decided to be promoted.


Club Philosophy:KEEP MOVING FORWARD ↑ -Always keep moving forward-
From this year, the club philosophy has been defined in place of the annual team slogan, and the annual team slogan will not be set.
Yokoyama system second year.FujimoriからRyosuke Hisadomi,SendaiからSatoshi Ishikawa,GifuからHenikandMasaya Tashiro,C OsakaからOnui Hayato,Yokohama FCからShinichi Terada,Mohun Bagan ACFrom (India)Diogo Ferreira,oakからKoki OshimaJoined with a complete transfer,京都ThanMasashi Oguro,Yokohama FCThanShogo NishikawaJoined the transfer with a deadline.Kento KawadaWas switched from a training-type loan transfer to a loan transfer, and the period was extended.From Tochigi YouthRen Yamamoto,Ryuta Honjo,Tatsumi SotomeWas promoted,SendaiFrom youthShuga Arai,Sendai UniversityThanSeiji Kawakami, From Sanno UniversityAkira HamashitaIs a new member.On the other handTakamasa Taneoka FujimoriComplete transfer to.Kei Omoto(AkitaTransfer to),HachinoheWas transferred to theTakenaka(Tochigi City FCTransferred to), had a loan transfer toNinoheHas expired, and againKenta Hirose,Takumu FujinumaResigned after the loan transfer period expired.Also,Koki OshimaIn Gunma,Seiji KawakamiShuhei Kawada FujimoriToRen Yamamoto,Ryuta Honjo,Tatsumi Sotome,Shuga Arai4 peopleBrandue Hirosaki FCTransferred to each of them with a training-type loan transfer.
In the early stages, he suffered three consecutive losses at the opening, but in the fourth section where the system was changed from 3 backs to 4 backs.SanukiWin the first victory after returning to J2 in the battle.After that, in Section 9NiigataIn the match, he achieved 2 home wins in J50 and pushed up the ranking to 7th place at one point, but in JuneEmperor's cupLost all 6 races including, and fell into a slump.
From (Germany) in the middle of the seasonYuki Nishiya,SapporoBelonged toPaulonWith a complete transfer, alsoTokyo VからTakahiro Futagawa,NiigataからHayama Go,Kagoshimaからア レ ッ ク スWith a loan transfer.I was transferring with a training-type loanShuhei Kawada FujimoriReturned from.On the other handRen Sengoku TottoriWhat,Taku Ushinohama KagoshimaTransfer to each for a limited time.Also,Netz Petunik,Diogo FerreiraLeft the group.
After the summer, Paulão, a new force, has been active, and from July to August, he has recovered by achieving four consecutive victories without losing nine races. Even after September, it was difficult to win at home, but they accumulated points away and scored 7 points.KofuJ2 remained in the battle.It will be the final game of the homeAndBefore the war, it was announced that Yokoyama will retire for this season only.The final ranking is 17th.The Emperor's Cup lost to Tokushima in the second round (first round).
FukushimaDirector'sKazuaki TasakaBecame the director.FC TokyoからTasuku Hiraoka,AndからYudai Iwama,VONDS Ichihara FCからRyuji Ito,TokushimaからKotaro Fujiwara,YamaguchiからJunya Osaki,FC SeoulFrom (Korea)Yoo Hyun,EC BahiaFrom (Brazil)Jonas,EC VitoriaFrom (Brazil)Vinicius,ShimizuからTakuma Edamura,NagasakiからKensuke FukudaJoined with a complete transfer,C OsakaからMorishita ReyaJoined with a training-type loan transfer.京都I had a loan transferMasashi OguroJoined with a complete transfer,Kento KawadaThe loan transfer period has been re-extended.AlsoGunmaWas transferred to a training-type loanKoki Oshima,Brandue Hirosaki FCWas transferred to theShuga AraiHas returned and once belonged to Tochigi YouthHayato KurosakiIs a new member from Hosei University.On the other handKohei Hattori AndWhat,Paulon NiigataWhat,Shota Fukuoka TokushimaWhat,Kenya Okazaki YamagataWhat,KagoshimaWas transferred to with a deadlineTaku Ushinohama KagoshimaWhat,Yosuke Kamigata HachinoheWhat,Yasuhiko Takeshige Yokohama FCCompletely transferred to each.Nishizawa Daishiya(Okinawa SVTransfer to),Makoto Sugimoto(VONDS Ichihara FCTransfer to),Ryosuke Kamata(AkitaTransfer to),Yazaki Miyazaki(HachinoheTransfer to),Johnny LeoniAnd last seasonTottoriWas transferred to theRen SengokuHas expired, and againShogo Nishikawa,Hayama Go,Takahiro FutagawaHas left the group after the loan transfer period has expired.Also,Seiji Kawakami SagamiharaWhat,Ren Yamamoto Arterivo WakayamaWhat,Tatsumi Sotome Brandue Hirosaki FCTransferred to each of them with a training-type loan.
The beginning is in Section 4Tokyo VAlthough he won his first victory in the battle, he could not easily win at home and verse 13KofuHome unwinning continued for eight months before winning the battle.The team status did not improve easily, and at the end of Section 8, the ranking dropped to the bottom.After that, although it picked up a little, it remained in the position just before the relegation zone, and in the first half of the game it will return to 12th place.
Mid-seasonPohang SteelersFrom (Korea)Lee Lejun,Jeju United FCFrom (Korea)Kim Hyun,Fortuna Dusseldorf U-23From (Germany)Kaito Miyake,YamaguchiからKazuki SegawaIs a complete transfer,Yokohama FCからInui Daichi,SagamiharaからSuguru Asanuma,EC BahiaFrom (Brazil)YuriJoined with a loan transfer.On the other handTosuSatoshi IshikawaIs a complete transfer,Tokyo United FCRyuta HonjoTransferred with a training-type loan.AlsoJonas,ViniciusLeft the group.
The team status did not improve even after the summer, and most of the latter half of the season will be spent in the J3 relegation zone, but in Section 33KagoshimaThe fact that the starting lineup was changed significantly in the battle was successful, and the team status gradually improved.Especially in November, he left a record of 11 wins and 4 minute in 3 races, and in the final round千葉By winning the match, Kagoshima, who was in 41th place at the end of Section 20, was reversed by the goal difference while having the same points, and finally escaped from the J3 relegation zone.J20 remained in the final ranking of 2th.The Emperor's Cup is in the second roundYamagataVictory, but in the third roundKashimaLost to.
The second year of the Tasaka system.Koji Hirose,Ryota SakataRetired from active duty.OmiyaからHitoshi Shioda,NiigataからKisho Yano,AtagoからWoo Sang-ho,京都からEscudero Race Flying King,GunmaからSho Sato,NagasakiからRyota TakasugiJoined with a complete transfer,NiigataからYasutaka Yanagi,千葉からYuji MizobuchiandCholhwan Ono,AndからYuta HanJoined with a loan transfer,KashimaからKotaro ArimaJoined with a training-type loan transfer.Arterivo WakayamaWas transferred to theRen YamamotoReturns,Aoyama Gakuin UniversityからRyoya Ikeniwa, Once belonged to Tochigi YouthToshiki Mori,Takahiro AkimotoRespectivelyHosei University,Kokushikan UniversityMore new members.On the other handKazuki NishiyaandAkira Hamashita TokushimaWhat,Ryosuke Hisadomi FujimoriWhat,Henik YamaguchiComplete transfer to.Lee Lejun(Ansan Greeners FCTransferred to (Korea)),Yoo Hyun(Suwon FCTransferred to (Korea)),Kensuke Fukuda(Kyoto ACTransfer to),Shinichi Terada(Kyoto ACTransfer to),Tatsuki Kohatsu(Tochigi City FCTransfer to),Takuma Edamura(FujimoriTransferred to) has expired, and againSeiji Kawakami,Kaito Miyake(KagoshimaTransfer to) is canceled,Yuri(EC BahiaReturn to (Brazil)),Inui Daichi(AndTransfer to),Morishita Reya(C OsakaAfter returning toAndTransfer to training type time limit),Suguru Asanuma(SagamiharaReturn to),Kento Kawada(OmiyaAfter returning toNaganoTransfer to training type time limit),Kim Hyun(Jeju United FC(Returned to (Korea)) left the group after the loan transfer period expired.Also,Ryuta Honjo Cobalt-Le OnagawaWhat,Kotaro Fujiwara KagoshimaTransferred to a deadline.
The beginning of the season is the opening roundNagasakiAfter losing 0-1 to the battleNew coronavirusEnter the suspension period due to the influence of.During the breakKashiwa ReysolからKeita IdeWas a new member and was transferringRyuta HonjoRetired and retired from active duty. After a break of more than 4 months, the second section of the first match after resumingYamagataAlthough the battle was defeated 0-1 but Section 4千葉He won the match 1-0 and won his first victory of the season.After that, he suffered two consecutive losses, but he kept a good performance with 2 wins and 8 draws in 12 races from Section 5 to Section 3 mainly with hard work.
Mid-seasonYokohama FMからObi Powell ObinnaJoined the training-type loan transfer, but Section 29AtagoAfter the end of the war, he returned to Yokohama FM ahead of schedule.
Although the ranking went up to 15th place in the 20th, 22th and 7nd sections, it changed between 9th and 7th place after the 13th section, and finally finished the season in 10th place.Of the 15 wins in the season, 12 wins are 1 point difference, 8 games are 1-0, and 14 losses out of 11 losses are 1 point difference, 9 of which are 0-1. The goal was 3, which is the third lowest in the league, the same as Nagasaki in 3rd place, while the goal was only 39 in Thailand, which was the worst 4th place.The team's top scorers were Akimoto and Yano, who scored seven goals.


The second year of the Tasaka system.Kazunori KanRetired from active duty.OkayamaからKota Ueda,京都からJuninho,KofuからOka University studentJoined with a complete transfer,YamagataThanKenya Onodera,AndThanMasaya YoshidaandInui Daichi,Yokohama FMThanKeita Ueda,oakThanDaisuke Kikuchi,NagasakiThanJunki HataIs a time-limited transfer,NagoyaThanEast John,C OsakaThanNagi MatsumotoJoined with a training-type loan transfer.NiigataWas transferred for a longer periodYasutaka YanagiJoined with a complete transfer,Kotaro ArimaThe transfer period with a training-type time limit has been re-extended.Also, from Tochigi SC U-18Kobori SoraWas promoted,Keio UniversityThanMatsuoka Rimu,Tokai UniversityThanYukuto OmoyaIs a new member.On the other handWoo Sang-ho Saigon FC (Vietnam)What,Hitoshi ShiodaandTakahiro Akimoto UrawaWhat,Kazuki Segawa Criacao ShinjukuWhat,Hayato Kurosaki OitaWhat,Masaya Tashiro TosuCompletely transferred to each.Ryuji Ito(VONDS IchiharaTransfer to),Tasuku Hiraoka(ImabariTransfer to),Onui Hayato(MitoTransfer to),Yudai Iwama(FujimoriTransfer to),Shota Sakaki(NaganoTransfer to),Junya Osaki(ToyamaTransfer to),Shuga Arai(Okinawa SVTransferred to) has expired,Tatsumi SotomeIs the contract cancellation,Cholhwan Ono,Yuji MizobuchiResigned after the loan transfer period expired.Also,Ryoya Ikeniwa J.FC MIYAZAKITransferred to theKagoshimaDuring the transfer toKotaro FujiwaraTransfer period was extended.



League match



Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

Home stadiumTochigi Green StadiumIs. In addition, the past home game holding stadium is "The item"checking.

In line with Tochigi SC's accession to J2, Tochigi Green Stadium has been carrying out renovation work such as lighting equipment maintenance and back stand renovation for night game games for a total of 2008 million yen for three years from 3. In the year season, due to the renovation work, Section 15 (March 5,500, against Fukuoka, which was a night game on weekdays during the initial period of the season,National Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics Stadium, Section 8 (April 4th,TokushimaBattle,National Nishigaoka Soccer Field), Section 19 (June 6rd)SapporoBattle,Kumagaya Sports Park Athletic Field) Was held outside Tochigi prefecture.In addition, Section 23 (June 6,SendaiThe war) was also planned to be held outside the prefecture, but the lighting equipment was set up and it was held at the Tochigi Green Stadium.

In 2018, Tochigi Prefecture decided to start the lawn repair work on the main ground. The lawn will be replaced in front of the Tochigi National Athletic Meet scheduled to be held in 2022 to improve the environment of the competition venue.The turf in the stadium has become more and more damaged year by year, and even in the game, the deterioration of the turf has been regarded as a problem by the people concerned and supporters. The policy is to include approximately 2018 million yen as lawn repair costs in the initial budget for the 8,700 general account. It will be renovated over two years from 2018, and the total project cost is expected to be about 2 million yen. In 2, we will carry out survey design, and in 500, we will improve the soil and replace it with warm-season turf.The renewal time is expected to be about 2018 months from December 2019, which is the off-season, so as not to affect the game.[22].

On the other hand, Tochigi Green Stadium still has a large number of stadium roofs and toilets.Stadium standards for club licenses required by the J LeagueDoes not meet.

Tochigi SC is located in Nishikawata, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture (Tobu Utsunomiya LineNishikawada Stationnear,Utsunomiya RacecourseWas built around the site)Kanseki Stadium TochigiConsidering the possibility of relocating the stadium to, we will consider the direction of future renovation.[23].

2020 J2 LeagueOf the 21 home games hosted by Tochigi SC, on May 5thOmiya Ardija5 games with the battle dropped[24] Was decided to be held at Kanseki Stadium[25] But,Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionThe official game hosted by the J-League was suspended for a long time, and the shavings of Kanseki Stadium itself were postponed.[26] Is, because the doors open prospect is not set, a new schedule was revised in June (the first 6-2 Section confirmed the venue filled)[27][Note 4]Then, it was announced that the hosting event at Kanseki Stadium will disappear once and all games will be held at Grista.After that, the match schedule after the 10th section of November and December announced in October[29] Announced that it will host two games in December at Kanseki Stadium.

2021 games hosted in 21[30] Of these, 12 games are scheduled for Kansta and 8 games for Grista (1 game is being adjusted).The registered base remains Glista.

Practice field

In addition to Kawachi Sports Park, there are practice areasTochigi SC Utsunomiya Field,Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park,Tochigi Sports Park Athletic Field,Ichikai Town Shiromigaoka Athletic Park, Sakura City Kinugawa Sports Park, etc.[31].

The club held a press conference on April 2015, 4, and announced that it plans to build a clubhouse on land owned by Utsunomiya City, which is adjacent to Kawachi Sports Park. The clubhouse, which will start construction in June, is expected to have a total construction cost of about 24 million yen, and plans to raise funds through a subsidy of 6 million yen from Utsunomiya City and fund-raising activities by the "Clubhouse Construction Cooperation Association". Was advancing[32].

After that, the clubhouse was completed in about half a year.The total construction cost is about 8,000 million yen, the site area is 756,35 square meters, and the total floor area is 390,02 square meters.It is equipped with a training room, locker room, shower room, and medical room.There is also a multi-purpose room used as a base for hometown activities that convey the joy of soccer and sports while communicating with local people, such as health classes, care prevention projects, taping classes, and nutrition classes. Complete[33][34].

Ashikaga Theater

In the pastAshikaga Athletic Stadium Athletics StadiumIt was called "Ashikaga Theater" because the games played in Japan were often dramatic.[35].

It was 38-0 until the 3th minute of the second half, but after that he returned 3 points and drew 3-3.
1-2 at the end of the first half.In addition, although there was only one person sent off, he scored two points with two shots and won the game in reverse.
The second half greeted by 1-1Additional timeScored the final goal and the match ended at the same time as the whistle.
  • October 2009, 10, J3 Section 2 Ehime Battle △ 43-1
The first and last home game in Ashikaga after joining the J-League. An event was held under the theme of "Ashikaga Theater"[36].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)yellowtagyellow
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)blackblackblack
GK (2nd)pinkpinkpink
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
  • In the prefectural league era, uniforms were based on green and navy blue, but with the promotion to JFL in 2000, the shirt was changed to yellow, the pants were changed to blue, and the stockings were changed to red.
  • In 2008, the color of the stockings was changed to blue.
  • From Section 2014 of 7, the catchphrase "Utsunomiya is fun to live in" will be included on the right sleeve of the uniform.

Team color

  •     yellow[1]

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
2007-2007-2013 is written as "TKC"
2014-2015/2017 is "TKC" KEEP ON FIGHTING"Notation
2016 is "50th TKC KEEP ON FIGHTING"Notation
Summer 2019 Uni is TKC Keep Moving Forward"Notation
clavicleAshikaga BankAshikaga Bank2019-Posted on the left
2018 lower back
Toyota Woodyou HomeTOYOTA WOODYOU HOME2018-Posted on the right
2017 lower back
2018 clavicle left and right
Upper backKawachi chemicalKawachi chemical2007-
Lower backNew morning pressNew morning pressFebruary 2019-July 2018-December is pants
2018-2020 is written as "monmiya"
sleeveNorthern Kanto Integrated Security SecurityALSOK
Northern Police
2015-2010-2014 is written as "Mamoru-kun North Kanto General Security"
2015-2016 is "ALSOK" North Kanto Integrated Security Security Co., Ltd."Notation
Front of pantsKansekikanseki2021-
Back of pantsNone--

Uniform supplier itinerary

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
2021 -
FP 2nd
2021 -

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
2004Sato cameraBefore banSakata ShimbunBefore banKikuchi groupOrthopedic clinic
Before banMizuno
2006EyelineSato cameraSakata
Newspaper store
2007TKCKawachi chemicalI LineTochigi Shinkin Bank
2008Tochigi Shinkin Bank(Sun mark)
Depression only
Northern Kanto General Security
North Kanto Integrated Security Security Co., Ltd.
201650th TKC
Northern Police
Keep Moving Forward
2021New morning presskanseki



2002 Juniors in elementary school (U-12, U-11) and junior youth in junior high school (U-15, U-14, U-13), youth in high school in 2006 (U-18, U-17, U-16),2007 In February, the parent was Blanca FC (U-2), who belonged to the Tochigi Women's Soccer League Division 1 (at that time).[Note 5], Women's team Tochigi SC Blanca (→ Tochigi SC Ladies[Note 6]→ Tochigi SC Ladies U-15) was launched.In addition, there is an amateur club by an alumnus of Tochigi SC,Tochigi Prefecture Soccer LeagueBelong to.

Tochigi SC Academy Center
  • Youth
  • Junior youth
  • ジ ュ ニ ア
  • Ladies U-15

Business problems

  • September 2013, uniform sponsorKojimaWill withdraw from the sponsorship of four professional sports clubs in the prefecture including Tochigi SC in the 2013 seasonShimono ShimbunReported by.The sponsorship fee for the four clubs by Kojima is said to be tens of millions of yen per year, which may affect the management of Tochigi SC.[37].
  • December 2013, 9, 30J League licenseAlthough the J1 license was decided to be issued, due to the new insolvency, a worse "correction notice" was issued than the "individual notification" issued at the time of the 2013 license issuance, and in order to resolve the insolvency. (1) Report the details of the profit and loss outlook for the current term and receive guidance from the J.League (2) Receive advance guidance from the J.League when formulating the budget for FY2014.[38]..Club license managerMasaaki Okawa"Tochigi wanted to move up to J1 last season, so he invested more than he was tall to reinforce his strength, but he missed the promotion and fell into insolvency. It is a bad case for the J League. Tochigi is new. I'm very worried that I've fallen into insolvency, "he said.[39].
  • Tochigi Soccer Club Co., Ltd., the operating company, held a press conference on November 2013, 11, and a deficit of about 5 million yen is expected in the 2013 financial results, and about 9,000 million yen at the end of the same year.Debt overrunAnnounced that it will fall into. If the insolvency cannot be resolved in FY2014, the J.League license may be deprived, so the company plans to reduce labor costs and increase the number of spectators, which will lead to increased income.[40].
  • On September 2014, 9, a press conference was held for the 12 interim financial results report, and operating income turned into the black due to cost reduction and increase in advertising revenue. Report outlook[41][42].. On September 9th, the 29 season J2015 license was issued.[43].
  • According to a press conference held on April 2015, 4, the financial results for FY2 were sales of about 2014 million yen, ordinary profit and loss was about 9 million yen, and the insolvency was resolved.The main improvement factors areDonation(Approximately 4300 million yen) and reduction of labor costs by releasing foreign players (1 million yen compared to the previous year) and transfer fee income (approximately 2000 million yen)[44].

Cheering style

Prefectural song

Before the start of the game, instead of the team's cheering song,Prefectural song, And the lyrics of the prefectural song are displayed on the video equipment of Tochigi Green Stadium.2011 Since then, it has been sung even after the winning match.

Official cheering song


tv set


  • FM Tochigi(RADIO BERRY)
    • Tochigi SC ROCK THE GOAL (B-BOX18:XNUMX Sports Topics Monday corner)
    • SC_FM "Yoneraji" (Mt. Yoneyama Atsushiがパーソナリティー。2010年8月3日~2011年1月25日終了、火曜日20:55~21:00)
    • SC_FM "Masaraji" (Masashi Owadaがパーソナリティー。2011年3月1日~2013年12月31日終了、火曜日20:55~21:00、2013年2月5日から火曜日20:00~20:30)
    • SC_FM "Radican" (Kazunori KanIs a personality. January 2014, 1-, Tuesday 7: 20-00: 20)
  • Tochigi Broadcasting(CRT)
    • Tochigi SC live broadcast (part of Tochigi SC sponsored game)
    • Tochigi SC Hot Wave (Thursday 21: 45-22: 00)
    • Tochigi SC Hot Wave (End)

Local contribution activities

  • Dream project
Japan Football AssociationUnder the slogan "DREAM-Because I have a dream, I will become stronger", Tochigi SC staff and athletes visit elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture and give lectures and practical skills to actively promote the healthy development of children's mind and body. A project to get involved and contribute. Outline announced on April 2008, 4[45], The first meeting was held on May 2008, 5[46].
  • Kids smile caravan
The staff of Tochigi SC Academy Center visits kindergartens and nursery schools and holds soccer classes for the purpose of "telling children the joy of physical activity (sports) through soccer".[47].. The first meeting was held on June 2009, 6[48].
  • Lively health soccer class
Utsunomiya CityAs a business commissioned by Tochigi SC, we hold events for the elderly to maintain and improve their health and prevent nursing care by conducting simple exercises with Tochigi SC managers, athletes, and staff. The first meeting was held on June 2011, 6[49].
  • Tochigi Prefecture Agricultural Products Report
2011 Year of 3 MonthFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentTo Tochigi Prefecture agricultural productsHarmful rumorIn order to dispel the problem, we are conducting activities to promote agricultural products and encourage producers in collaboration with the Agricultural Administration Division of the Tochigi Prefecture Agricultural Administration Department, and the pattern is announced on the Tochigi SC official website. The first report was published on August 2011, 8[50].

In addition, participation in a soccer clinic sponsored by the Prefectural Soccer Association, holding of "Tochigi SC Health Class" and "Tochigi SC Care Prevention Class" for the elderly, lecture on "Comprehensive Study Time" at junior high school, Tochigi Prefecture Guidance of the soccer club in cooperation with the Junior High School Athletic Federation, elementary school visit business in cooperation with the Tochigi Prefecture Soccer Association, lectures by the director for business owners, participation in cleaning activities and greening activities, etc. Is[51].


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注 釈

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  5. ^ Blanca FC itself Active as of 2020.
  6. ^ In 2017XebioA separate organization from the women's team "Tochigi SC Ladies", which was jointly established with.


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